Lisa Whelan

The privacy problem with at-home DNA genetic testing

April 18th, 2022 in Blog, Privacy basics, Privacy deep dives

DNA companies are using, sharing, and profiting from millions of people’s genetic data in ways they can’t always control. Genetic testing companies have become very popular in the last decade as people seek to find out who they are and where their ancestors came from. However, the privacy implications of for-profit companies owning the genetic …

People overwhelmingly want #ChoiceOverDefaults in the DMA

March 17th, 2022 in Articles & News

The Digital Markets Act (DMA) is the EU’s chance to ban Big Tech’s self-preferencing via default apps in favor of a choice screen when setting up a new device. By letting you choose the core apps such as email on your device, the amendments on defaults in the DMA can stop Big Tech from locking …

The women leading the fight for a better internet

March 8th, 2022 in Blog, Opinion

This International Women’s Day, we’re taking the opportunity to talk to some of the world’s top female pioneers in data privacy and security. Here is just a small glimpse into the contributions that female academics, journalists, and scientists have made to the advancement of digital rights. Carissa Véliz Carole Cadwalladr Timnit Gebru Shoshana Zuboff Women …

How to write professional emails

February 7th, 2022 in Blog, For business

Using ProtonMail to send professional emails means that your business communications will be kept secure in the cloud. This means your outreach, agreements, meetings, and contacts are all kept secure with easy-to-use end-to-end encryption. However, before you can start making an impact with secure business emails, you need to know how to write professional emails …

cc and bcc email blog header

How to send an email to multiple email addresses

February 1st, 2022 in Blog, Privacy basics

There are lots of instances when you want to send the same email to multiple people. Sometimes, you want everyone to be part of the conversation and see each other’s responses. Other times, you want to send the same email to multiple people, but you don’t want them to know they are a part of …

Access Now interview

“The tide is turning on how the world sees internet shutdowns.” — In conversation with Access Now

January 18th, 2022 in Blog, Opinion

The internet allows people to easily express themselves, come together, and access information. It is also a gateway to education, information, communication, employment, and enjoyment. When oppressive governments shut down the internet, they are knowingly restricting their citizens’ rights and freedoms. Access Now is a non-profit organization that defends and extends the digital rights of …

create a new email account visual

How to create (and use) a new email address

December 7th, 2021 in Blog, Privacy basics

An email address is your portal to the internet. Without one, you can’t use most of the services available on the web. Research from the Radicati Group shows that most of us have multiple email addresses, with the number of addresses per email user increasing year-on-year. So whether you’re creating your very first email account, …

zoom logo with spy cam

Why you should care about Zoom’s $85m privacy lawsuit

August 12th, 2021 in Blog, Privacy news

Zoom has agreed to pay an $85 million settlement after falsely claiming calls were protected with end-to-end encryption and for handing over people’s data to Facebook and Google without their consent. This is the latest development in a list of privacy and security issues faced by the video platform that we first wrote about back …

“We are responsible for creating a culture in which we can remain private.” — Carissa Véliz on data privacy

July 28th, 2021 in Blog, Opinion

The widespread collection and monetization of citizens’ data used to fund companies like Google and Facebook is often referred to as the “data economy”. The vast amount of information that these companies hold has since been used to predict and influence people’s behavior on a huge scale. Calling for the end of the data economy …

Illustration of email encryption


June 3rd, 2021 in Blog, Privacy basics

若要暢遊網路世界,人們必須擁有電郵地址。要註冊成為YouTube、Facebook、Twitter、Reddit 用戶或使用其他線上服務,電郵都是您必填的資訊。電郵也是是我們辦理網銀業務、購物和進行商業交易的首要溝通媒介。因此,全球有超過一半的成年人是電子郵件用戶,人們也在電郵中提供了大量的個人資訊。 然而,電郵並不像大家所認知的那樣安全或私密。 電郵具有互通性,例如 Gmail 帳戶可以與 Yahoo 帳戶通信,Yahoo 帳戶可以與 ProtonMail 帳戶通信。 遺憾的是,這也意味著,無論您使用何種電郵服務,當您傳送訊息給隱私保護有待加強之電郵服務(如 Gmail)的用戶時,您的訊息都可能受制於其隱私政策。 所有主要電郵供應商都會提供一定程度的保護,以防止其用戶電郵被竊聽或篡改,但大多數的供應商都沒有提供最大程度的隱私與安全。 我們認為每個人都應享有電郵隱私和安全,意即沒有任何人可以存取您的電子郵件。因此,我們使用端到端加密 (E2EE) 保護您的電郵。 什麼是端到端加密電子郵件? 傳送電子郵件時,您的訊息會從一個伺服器行經另一個伺服器,直到抵達收件人的收件箱。 所有主要電郵供應商都使用 TLS(傳輸層安全協議),該協議會在電郵於伺服器間傳輸時加密路由,使您的訊息在傳輸過程中保持私密。 但使用 TLS 加密時,電郵並不是在到達收件人的裝置時才被解密,而是一旦到達電郵供應商的伺服器就會被解密。 這使得只使用TLS的電郵供應商能夠存取儲存在其伺服器上的所有訊息。 相比之下,端對端加密電子郵件的使用能夠確保除了目標收件人之外,任何人都無法存取該訊息,讓電郵更加安全。 端到端加密電郵在源頭(您的裝置)進行加密,並只有在到達端點(收件人的裝置)後才會進行解密。 由於只有對話的兩方可以存取和閱讀端到端加密電子郵件訊息,因此無論是您的電郵供應商、網際網路服務供應商或政府機構都無法存取所附資訊。 但是,端到端電郵加密僅在兩個人都使用 PGP 或使用相同的 E2EE 電郵服務(例如 ProtonMail )時才能發揮作用。 (我們使用 PGP 加密來確保 ProtonMail 的使用者可以與共用其公鑰的其他 PGP 使用者私密通信,即使那些使用者非 ProtonMail用戶。) 如果向使用僅採用 TLS 的電郵服務(例如 Gmail)用戶傳送電郵,您的電郵將受到其隱私策略之約束。並且,即使您使用 ProtonMail 帳戶傳送電郵,對方的電郵供應商還是可以存取您的郵件。 為了解決這些隱私問題,我們使用端到端加密和零存取加密,以保護您的電郵。 您還可以使用我們的「外部加密」功能向未使用 E2EE 電子郵件服務的使用者傳送端到端加密訊息 — 這些訊息會受到於 …

Illustration of email encryption

Why end-to-end email encryption matters

June 3rd, 2021 in Blog, Privacy, Privacy basics

You need an email address to exist at all in the online world. Signing up for YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, or any other online service requires one. It’s also our go-to method of communication for online banking, purchasing, and business deals. As a result, over half the world’s adult population uses email, and we trust …

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