For Black Friday 2020, new users can get up to 50% off as well as early access to ProtonDrive

An illustration of the ProtonDrive beta, which you can access with our Black Friday deals.

Now is a great time to take control of your privacy and support a free and open internet with limited-time Black Friday offers from Proton.

This is a special opportunity to get Proton services at a discount, and this year we’re including something new. In addition to getting up to 50% off a ProtonMail Plus and ProtonVPN Plus plan, you can also get free early access to ProtonDrive beta, our new end-to-end encrypted cloud storage service. 

We’re excited to provide ProtonDrive because it gives you the opportunity to protect more of your data with end-to-end encryption, while also supporting our mission to make privacy more widely accessible to everyone.

Proton’s Black Friday 2020 deals have been extended until Dec. 14. Here’s how you can take advantage of this offer:

New to Proton?

Get the deal here

Already have a Free Proton account?

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If you already have a paid account or you’re looking for information about other Proton products, keep reading for full details of this year’s Black Friday event.

This year’s Black Friday deals

During the 2020 Black Friday offer, you have the opportunity to upgrade to ProtonMail Plus, ProtonVPN Plus, or both, while also becoming one of the first to try out ProtonDrive beta.

  • Our best offer this year gives you ProtonMail Plus and ProtonVPN Plus for 50% off the normal monthly price, as well as early access to ProtonDrive beta. With this offer, you will pay just $7.50 per month, billed as $180 for two years.

We’re also offering:

  • 45% off a one-year subscription to ProtonMail Plus and ProtonVPN Plus, including early access to ProtonDrive beta ($8.25/month, billed as $99 for one year)
  • 35% off a one-year subscription to ProtonMail Plus ($3.25/month, billed as $39 for one year)

After the first year, the one-year subscriptions above will renew with a 35% and 20% discount, respectively. Two-year subscriptions renew with a 47% discount.

Because we are community-supported and do not earn revenue from ads, we rarely offer discounts. We hope that our Black Friday deals this year can help more people to take control of their privacy.

Just click one of the buttons above to get started.

What you get from Proton Plus plans

Proton lets you use the internet privately and securely, without anyone abusing your personal data or blocking your access to information. With Proton services, your data is accessible only to you. Not even we have the ability to read your emails, view your calendar events, or see your files on the cloud.

Plus plans let you do even more.

  • ProtonMail Plus gives you 5 GB of storage and adds premium features to your inbox. You will be able to create extra email addresses and use your own custom domain. ProtonMail Plus accounts also have full access to ProtonCalendar beta and all ProtonContacts features.
  • ProtonVPN Plus gives you our highest-speed servers in over 50 countries, support for streaming services (Netflix, Disney+, etc.), P2P/BitTorrent support, one-click Tor access, and many other advanced features. ProtonVPN allows you to keep all your online activity private and secure.
  • If you upgrade to both ProtonMail Plus and ProtonVPN Plus with a two-year or one-year billing cycle (or get our Visionary plan), you will also get exclusive early access to ProtonDrive, which is currently in beta testing with basic functionality that allows you to store files with end-to-end encryption. This is perfect for backing up sensitive documents securely online where they can be accessed at any time, from anywhere in the world. Early access to ProtonDrive is permanent, and you will also get access to the paid version of ProtonDrive after the beta period as long as your subscription remains active.

With our suite of services, you can communicate privately, keep your online activity private, and securely store your data with end-to-end encryption. 

You can help build a better internet

We believe everyone should have access to privacy, security, and freedom on the internet. We’re working toward this vision by creating online services that put people first, giving you the tools to protect your privacy, secure your data, fight censorship, and protect freedom of speech.

Our mission is possible thanks to the millions of people who support our work by upgrading to paid accounts. 

Throughout the rest of this year and into next, we will continue to build and improve on all our products, integrating them into a single encrypted ecosystem.

By upgrading during Black Friday, you will not only get the best deal, you will also directly contribute towards building a better internet that serves everyone.

Frequently asked questions

When does the promotion end?

The Black Friday offers have been extended and will last until Dec. 15 at 6:59 AM Geneva time (CET).

Who is eligible for the Black Friday promotion?

You can take advantage of this promotion if you are new to Proton or if you have a Free plan.

What is ProtonDrive?

During the current early access period, ProtonDrive beta provides end-to-end encrypted cloud storage, which secures your files with the same kind of encryption we use to secure emails in ProtonMail and events in ProtonCalendar. We continue to build more features for ProtonDrive, but the early access version is already ideal for some use cases:

– Securely backing up sensitive files, such as medical records, financial documents, copies of identity documents
– Storing files with end-to-end encryption in the cloud, so you can access them from any device

Additionally, by using the ProtonDrive beta, you can help guide product development by sharing your feedback with our designers and engineers. 

Learn more about early access to ProtonDrive here.

Can I pay for a Black Friday deal using Bitcoin?

You can pay in Bitcoin to get the Black Friday deal but not from the landing page or your account dashboard directly. If you have never used our service before, you have to sign up first. Then log in at and go to Settings -> Dashboard, click on the “Add credits” button, choose Bitcoin as your payment method, and add a sufficient amount for the promotion you’d like to get. After the credits appear in your account, you can then pick the plan you want, check out, and the credits will be automatically applied.

What if I don’t see the Black Friday deal in my Dashboard?

Try refreshing the page. If you still don’t see it, please contact Support.

Will I keep the discount when my plan runs out? What price will my plan renew at?

If you take advantage of a Black Friday deal, your plan will renew at the end of the period you selected at our greatest discounted rate. The renewal prices are as follows:

– The ProtonMail Plus for one year deal renews after one year at a discounted annual price of $48 (20% discount).
– The ProtonMail Plus + ProtonVPN Plus deal for two years renews after two years at a discounted two-year price of $190.40 (47% discount).
– The ProtonMail Plus + ProtonVPN Plus deal for one year renews after one year at a discounted annual price of $115.20 (36% discount).

How are discounts calculated?

The discount percentages are based on standard monthly pricing for services purchased separately.

Are there deals for users with existing paid plans?

If you are an existing paying user, you can upgrade to a ProtonMail Plus and ProtonVPN Plus bundle at a 47% discount on two-year subscriptions and get free early access to ProtonDrive beta. To get the promotion, please log in at and click on the Special Offer icon.

An illustration of where to find the Special Offer button.
If you already have a two-year ProtonMail Plus and ProtonVPN Plus bundle, we have already applied the 47% discount to your plan, and you also have early access to ProtonDrive.

Furthermore, all existing users are eligible for storage bonuses. Depending on when you first got a paid ProtonMail account, you could have received up to 20 GB of free storage.

Do you have professional or enterprise plans?

Yes, please contact our business sales team to check your eligibility.

If I upgrade to a new plan during Black Friday, what happens to my existing paid plan?

If you are already a paying ProtonMail or ProtonVPN user and you take advantage of the promotions for paid users mentioned above, the new plan you select will replace your existing plan. We will credit you the unused balance of your existing subscription as a proration credit.

Feel free to share your feedback and questions with us via our official social media channels on Twitter and Reddit.

About the Author

Ben Wolford

Ben Wolford is a writer at Proton. A journalist for many years, Ben joined Proton to help lead the fight for data privacy.

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55 comments on “For Black Friday 2020, new users can get up to 50% off as well as early access to ProtonDrive

  • My two-year subscription as a ProtonMail Plus and ProtonVPN Plus account holder is coming up for renewal in a few days. I notice that you once again are offering Black Friday deals, but those deals seem to be only available for users who are upgrading from unpaid to paid status. Are you going to offer some sort of Black Friday deal to folks in my account category, that of a paid user who wants to renew at a discount?

    • Hello! Thanks for your support. Your account will already renew at the discounted rate that’s applied for those with two-year billing cycles. We unfortunately don’t have a further discount this year.

    • Hi Steiner, I’m sorry, but the blog is currently only available in English. Eventually we intend to localize all the content on our website, but I don’t have a timeline for this.

  • Hi,
    Thank you all the team for the great job you have done so far and for continuous improvement.
    Are deals only available for personal accounts or also for professional or visionary plans ?

    • Thank you, Yann! This year’s deals are only for new users, free users and users with only one Plus plan (mail or VPN). You can, however, realize savings by updating your billing to a two-year payment cycle if you haven’t already.

    • Hi Pierre! Our blog articles are currently not localized, but this is a priority. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

    • Unfortunately no specific Black Friday discounts this year, but we’ve introduced other, permanent perks, such as storage bonuses and early access to Proton Drive. Thanks for your support!

  • Hi. Thank you for the explanation. However, I believe I miss a part of the story here. Excuse me for my ignorance.
    So, for ProtonMail Plus + ProtonVPN Plus for 2 years:
    If I am paid user (which I am) I have to pay 190.40 € (7.93 per month) with an applied discount of 47%.
    If I am new user I have to pay 180 € (7.50 per month) with an applied discount of 50%.
    Is that indeed the case? If yes, don’t you think that existing users should have a higher discount?
    Thank you!

  • Great discount when you using both VPN and mail in one account. but if someone like me have shared VPN account because don’t need VPN on 5 devices (per person) decide to divide costs of that (plus plan) account and share 5 devices between 2 persons. now guy who owning VPN account have great deal to prolong VPN account and protonMail at good price. now me who was waiting for great deal for Mail only, feel bit disappointed, because offer looks just normal, not great like for my friend. I hope you will think about people who sharing VPN / Mail account (plus / visionary plan) in the next black friday

  • Need to spend more and more money no real Black Friday deal with base service vpn only or mail only.

    I was pretty happy from your service but I think I will leave or stay with free account.

  • What storage space is in ProtonDrive beta, and what will it be once it is out of beta? Will drive storage be in addition to mail storage, or will it be combined? Will ProtonDrive have an App for an Apple Mac for drag and drop and/or sync folder? Ditto for Apple mobile devices?

  • Hey Proton folks,
    I would love to give ProtonMail accounts to my family (on our own domain) as Christmas gifts (hoping they’ll love it as I do!), but only viable option seems to be the Visionary plan, which is, well, not really affordable for me (I believe other so-called Central European folks can relate).
    Is there any (even tiny) chance of discount on Visionary plan?
    I understand that hardware as well as time of all of You hard working fine folks isn’t gonna pay out of people’s grateful feelings and I know about annual (20%) and biennial (33%) subscription discounts, but it’s still far from affordable for me, so I thought I would at least try to ask :)

    Thank You and Have a Great Weekend!

  • Hello,

    I have two questions:

    Will I be able to use ProtonCalendar with Business Calendar on Android?

    Will I be able to use ProtonDrive on Android?

    Thank you in advance.


  • This page is stupid. Any link I click to “activate” or go to the ProtonDrive deal prompts me to log into my ProtonMail account, which I’m already logged into, then redirects me to my mail page. I’m already in the mail page on another tab, which had the email of this deal to click into. This is a lame circle that goes nowhere. Very poorly put together.

  • I am not being funny, but you are offering free ProtonDrive when I upgrade to a VPN plan. You can hardly call it FREE, if we have to upgrade to VPN-plan that we don’t even need. Besides, you do not mention that essential features are actually missing, like sharing documents from the ProtonDrive. That makes the whole file storage useless. The whole point of cloud storage is the ability to share files with others. Besides, with it being a bèta product, we run the risk on losing the uploaded files, as its not a stable product yet. You should be paying US for testing your product.

    Also, you are offering only 5GB storage space, for which I have to pay 120 euro extra for 2 years. What on earth can i do with only 5GB space? Dropbox offers 10 GB for FREE and already my Dropbox space is full. That’s why I am looking for something better than Dropbox. I agree the privacy issue is the most important reason for switching to ProtonDrive, but if Dropbox offers DOUBLE the space, for FREE, then its a really easy choice.

    I am definitely not paying 120 euro extra, per 2 years, for an incomplete bèta product, that offers only a 50% fraction of the competitors offer. When this is a stable product, with all the features, with a decent storage size, then yes I would be interested in paying 120 euro on top. You shouldn’t charge people to pay for bèta features.

    I am disappointed in Protonmail. You should be focusing more on improving the features you already have. ProtonCalendar still is not working well. We still cant sync the calendar to our calendar apps on our phones. We still cannot share calendars online. Even the alternative webmail bèta feature started almost 2 years ago if I remember correctly and is still not stable enough to become the standard login, instead of the outdated looks GUI version from before.

    I am disappointed. I doubt I will renew my subscription this month.

  • I need help Please! I cannot login, I try and try and then finally give up and walk away. I bet the same message every time I try, that my credentials are wrong.

    I know they are right. Please help me this problem has been going on forever!

  • Two years ago, when I paid for a bundle of email and vpn, I used a promotion code to get a discount. It was explained at the time, that if the account remains active, the plans would renewed at the same price, using the same code, at the end of two years.

    Today, I was charged the full rate, and the original promotional code that had always been visible in my subscription billing details was removed. Since I don’t think this was a one-off occurrence, there are probably many other active, paid subscribers who had this happen to them. I would like the original promotion code returned to my account. Please respond to this post with the solution you plan to apply to this issue. Thanks.

  • Also, I looked for the archived blog post for the 2018 Black Friday sale. Which is when many people used a promotional code, which was promised to remain valid at each subsequent renewal.

    When I click on it, it takes me to the 2019 Black Friday sale blog post instead of 2018.

  • It truly suck that you guys continue to treat people that are already paid subscribers in this manner. It’s very telling of how this company views us, it feels like you figure that since one is already a paid subscriber that they are already locked into your service and therefore don’t need to bother offering such discounts to because they will continue to pay for your service. Now, while this opinion is just that…an opinion and therefore does not mean that it is factual, a companies actions speak louder than words, this is not the first time such a thing is done…. it appears that you guys at protonmail are no better than the others….smh.

  • Early access to ProtonDrive is permanent, and you will also get access to the paid version of ProtonDrive after the beta period as long as your subscription remains active.

    Does that mean that, if I upgrade my subscription plan to ProtonMail Plus and ProtonVPN Plus, I will get the full version of ProtonDrive for free when it will be available?

    It is confusing since the ProtonDrive early access FAQ says otherwise.

    Because we are still adding features, the ProtonDrive beta will be free to all users who get early access. It will not affect the standard Visionary or Bundle plan pricing.
    We have not announced what the price for ProtonDrive will be once it is complete and released publicly.

  • Are you working on a Proton Office Suite which will include an encrypted word processor, spreadsheet and power point that is web based and interactive shareable?

  • I’ve been using the free plan since it’s inception but have had mixed feelings about the need for such levels of security. I’ve changed my mind. Recent events in the internet world have convinced me that to leave one’s self open to what I call vulture marketing when it is avoidable is not smart. Global censorship is not going to go away. Censorship is here to stay too. I want none of it.

    I am using this opportunity to purchase the two year plan. I just hope I can use it on all three of my computers.

    Thanks to Proton….

    James Simmons
    Washington State, USA

    • Yeah, that’s correct. However, we do offer an ongoing discount for Visionary users with a two-year billing cycle.

  • do you have any idea on how the price will evolve?
    I would expect that, with more poeple joning in and economies of scale, prices will come down.

    On the other hand, switching email is an important fixed cost. So if I switch, I will be “locked” with protonmail and I want to make sure prices don’t triple next year or the year after. Especially since there are no family plan (it’s expensive for a family of 4..)

    • Hi Marc, good questions. Our pricing has remained stable since we launched. We anticipate offering new types of plans as we add new products, but there is no plan to raise pricing at the moment.

  • Comparing the Black Friday promotion with existing choices to upgrade on the 2 year mail and VPN+, I only see an annual $10 (USD) difference in savings. The upgrade offer for 2 years is at a standard 47% discount, so your Black Friday sale is just increasing that discount by 3%, is this correct? the only difference other that the $10 for 2 years discount is early access to ProtonDrive. If you already have a paid subscription you have access (rolled out in batches) to the ProtonDrive Beta.

    I am hoping I am missing something. Is there any incentive to participate in the Black Friday Sale other than the $10 for 2 years savings?

    Standard upgrade options
    ProtonMail Plus + ProtonVPN Plus
    2-year plan-47%
    $7.93 /month, Billed as $190.4 /2-yr

    Black Friday Sale
    ProtonMail Plus + ProtonVPN Plus
    2-year plan-50%
    $7.50 per month, billed as $180 /2-yr
    Includes early access to ProtonDrive

  • What is catch all email. I have a free account and the emails disappear after a short time. If I upgrade to a paid plan will they remain there

    • Hi Michael! A catch-all email is for users with Professional and Visionary plans with organizations. This allows you to designate an email account to receive emails addressed to your custom domain but with a username that doesn’t exist (for example because they forgot the E on your last name). As for disappearing emails, this should not happen unless you’re receiving messages that are set to expire. On a free plan, you may max out your mailbox space and not be able to receive new emails. A paid plan will give you more storage space. Hope that’s helpful!

  • Hi,

    are you planning to provide discounts for “multiple accounts”, e.g. a family? Such a packet would be much more attractive for me (us) than a package with VPN or a Professional Plan where I get multiple accounts but also a lot of features I don’t need.


    • Our best plan for families at the moment would be our Professional or Visionary plan, but it seems like this is more than you need. The best option for now I think would be to use Plus plans. We’re exploring other pricing options as we launch more products, so stay tuned.

  • I have really enjoyed my free Proton mail account, but I have been looking for an opportunity to upgrade within my budget. With the Black Friday sale extended, I am finally going to be able to upgrade my account, providing more support to your mission (which I strongly believe in), at the same time. Thank you!

  • Am I correct that if I upgrade to a two-year plan that ProtonDrive is included as long as I keep my subscription going – even years from now after multiple renewal cycles?

  • I was thinking about upgrading my free account. However, it is advertised as 35% off. The normal price is listed as $4.00 a month and the Black Friday deal is listed as $3.25 per month. That is not a 35% reduction.

  • I am confused regarding ProtonDrive.
    If I subscribe during the Black Friday promotion I will have access to ProtonDrive beta. The statement in the blog, “you will also get access to the paid version of ProtonDrive after the beta period as long as your subscription remains active”, leads me to believe that ProtonDrive is included as long as I maintain my subscription.
    So, if I subscribe now and maintain my subscription do I get to keep ProtonDrive without additional cost?

  • Ben,
    This is my third attempt to clarify whether or not ProtonDrive is permanently included in my subscription as long as I subscribe within the Black Friday deal and maintain my subscription in the years to come. Would you please reply to me or add it to this blog?


  • I am considering purchasing “ProtonMail Plus and ProtonVPN Plus, including early access to ProtonDrive beta.
    I usually connect my Laptop to internet using my smartphone’s “tethering” option although the mobile in question allows no direct connection since all inetrnet apps are disabled. I have two questions.
    1) Am I correct in assuming that the mobile can NOT reach the info traveling through its modem?
    2) I connect using three different SIM cards due to mobile plan data cost arrangements and also via various friends network connections. Am I correct to assume that the VPN will be operative regardless fo the methods I sue to connect to internet?
    Many Thanks, and please forgive my ignorance, I will await your reply before commiting myself to the upgrade.

  • I’m currently a free user and am interested in VPN and ProtonDrive, which would be used primarily to securely archive large photo files–and, I’m sure, video in the not-too-distant future. Would I be able to purchase additional storage or is ProtonDrive capped at 20GB (or some other capacity)?

  • Hello, a couple of questions for you. (1) what plan would you recommend for a large family of about ten or twelve people? (2) How much space is available on the beta Proton Drive and what will the pricing and space options be for the paid version? (3) Can Proton Drive access be given to multiple people without Proton Mail accounts? (4) is there a guide to administering Proton Drive (e.g., setting up folders, etc)?
    Thank you!

  • I tried to sign in for one of your Black Friday deals. I filled out all the areas (for username and password) but when I tried to enter a recovery email it wouldn’t acknowledge even the first letter of my recovery email. This would mean that I would have to start out with a mail account without a recovery email. Why did this happen? I want to sign up for a cost plan but seems I can’t do it safely. Please help.

  • I really like your project and have been using Proton Mail for a few months.
    I would like to upgrade to a two-year subscription Plus package, and purchase your VPN router. Can you offer me a package deal?
    I could really use one as a freelancer in Corona times, and I promise I will promote you widely among my contacts.
    C. Alberti

  • Hi Folks,

    What you people are doing is incredibly important. I can say this as someone who was recently hacked and doxxed to a degree.

    It happens – take precautions.

    Currently I have a free account (set up sometime ago but recently activated as my primary email address), and I’ve been looking to upgrade. I just read this email in detail now.

    Two questions:

    1) Is this deal still available or no?

    2) Is there some central place I can get information on how to completely transfer from gmail, by importing emails, importing all contacts, sending one email to all my contacts with my new email address?

    Thank you!