Black Friday 2017 – ProtonMail is available at a discount for the first time ever!

ProtonMail Black Friday Special

From Black Friday until Cyber Monday (Nov 24-27, 2017), it is possible to get up to a 45% discount on ProtonMail subscriptions!

This year, we are happy to offer again a special promotion for Black Friday! Last year, we had a very interesting promotion where we released a limited number of ProtonMail Lifetime accounts. While last year’s promotion was very successful and even made the news, we received complaints from many users who were unable to participate due to the high price of Lifetime accounts (1337€), combined with the small number available (they sold out immediately).

We have listened to your feedback and for Black Friday this year, we are offering a much more accessible promotion with the introduction of the two year plans for a very limited time. The special two year subscriptions we’re making available for this promotion come with very steep discounts. ProtonMail Plus, for example, is being offered with a 33% discount, which means that instead of 5€/month, you will only pay 3.29€/month. If you pair ProtonMail with ProtonVPN, there is an additional 20% discount, which means that it is possible to get a total discount of 45%.

In the spirit of fairness, this promotion is available to both new and existing ProtonMail users, and is available for all ProtonMail and ProtonVPN plans. It will be available for only 4 days between November 24-27, 2017. If you are new to ProtonMail, first sign up for a free account, and afterwards, you will get a popup which will allow you to subscribe to a paid plan at the Black Friday pricing.

Unlike our current plans which are either billed monthly or annually, two year subscriptions are billed once every two years. While it is only possible to subscribe to these special 2-year plans during the promotional period, once you have subscribed, your subscription will be forever discounted for as long as you keep it active.

In addition to providing a significant discount from the regular price, subscribing to a 2-year plan is also a great way to support ProtonMail. Last year, the incredible support we received through our Black Friday promotion provided us with enough funds to launch ProtonVPN this year.  The proceeds from this year’s Black Friday promotion will similarly be used to develop exciting new products in 2018.

To participate in this year’s Black Friday promotion, you simply have to log into the ProtonMail web app (, or if you are already logged in, click on the Black Friday sale button in the upper right menu (if you don’t see it, you may need to refresh your browser window). You can also view and select 2-year plans directly by going to Settings –> Dashboard.

ProtonMail is entirely community funded, as we don’t sell ads or abuse your privacy, and all proceeds will be used to further develop ProtonMail. Thanks to your support, in the past year, we were able to introduce features such as encrypted contacts, custom folders, auto-responder, two-factor authentication, and new Professional plans for businesses. We’re looking forward to continue improving ProtonMail and making the Internet a better place.

Best Regards and Happy Holidays,
The ProtonMail Team

Note: If you are new to ProtonMail, first sign up for a free account. Afterwards, you will get a popup which will allow you to subscribe to a paid plan at the Black Friday pricing!

About the Author

Irina M

Irina is part of ProtonMail's communication team. With a background in graphic design and digital communications, she strongly supports the protection of private data and wishes to help build a safer internet for generations to come.


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23 comments on “Black Friday 2017 – ProtonMail is available at a discount for the first time ever!

  • Excelent news! Just grabbed the deal with ProtonVPN included.
    Just be careful when clicking the button named “switch to 2 years plan” because the migration popup uses EUR, not US$ (even though past payments were made in US$) and you may end up paying more than you’re expecting.

      • Minus the time you have left on your original plan.

        You’re reimbursed for the remaining amount of time at the point of purchase.

        To be sure, this is completely fair and acceptable to me, but if I had my preference, I would choose to instead have the time added to my current plan.

        I realize that I benefit immediately from the discount doing it this way, but OTOH, my original renewal date was around tax return season, a time when I plan for several off-budget annual purchases, such as my Protonmail renewal.

        This (excellent) sale means that my renewal will now occur in November, a time when my finances are traditionally not as robust, nor ready for expenses outside the monthly budget.

        Mind you, the price is very reasonable and I am completely capable of making it happen, but $80 is still a “thing” to those of us that have to think of money month to month.

        Please don’t take this as any kind of criticism. Protonmail is awesome and I completely believe in its ideals and deeply appreciate what it is doing. 🙂 I am very grateful for this opportunity to support Protonmail and save a few bucks for myself. I just would prefer that I would be able to keep my original renewal date.

        Other than that quibble, keep up the great work guys!

  • If I subscribe to a 2 year plan, and in a few months then need extra storage, will the later storage upgrade get the 33% discount applied? I presume I’d pay for the extra storage in one playment that brings it to the end of the original 2 year plan?

  • Since early black Friday morning my protonmail account screen has been frozen with the advert. Nothing is clickable not even on the advert. I’ve been logging in and out for two days and can’t access my mail. Is it only my account or have you frozen the entire community out of their mail. Worst advertising campaign in history.

  • If I order a professional plan with 3 users at the 2 year discount, and then add another user later, will that new user also be at the discounted user rate? If not, can you explain how that would work? Thank you.

  • Very interested in this but what does the 5 emails mean? Can I upgrade my PM account and then choose which other PM accounts that I use that I want to sync to the paid one?

    • That would be great! I don’t use Protonmail that much but would love to support them and have the opportunity to use it more as a result. 😉

  • I’m new to Protonmail, and looking for a discount. Will I have to wait until the end of this year?

  • I have been with you folks since the early start and didn’t receive a promotion email about this discount. Did anyone receive a notice or are we suppose to have ESP.
    I am just learning that this happened right on my birthday. Will you ever do this again. I was about to purchase a bundle but, I will wait now and try to watch and catch something. You post on my Facebook page and there was nothing about this ever posted. If you are not going to post something like this then I need to block the post because I read proton’s post and I share with all my friends. All I have received have been about privacy and why someone should try proton.
    I am really upset that I never knew about this promotion. Those of us who have promoted you through Facebook and at church, etc. should have been notified and given the opportunity to participate.