ProtonMail Lifetime Accounts Are Back for Black Friday!

From Black Friday until Cyber Monday, we are making ProtonMail Lifetime Accounts available again!

The ProtonMail Lifetime Account is the most exclusive ProtonMail account available, with only 150 accounts in existence worldwide. For the first time in over 2 years, we are making a small number of Lifetime accounts available between November 25th and 28th. A ProtonMail Lifetime Account is a special account that gives the account owner ProtonMail Visionary status for life. 

As you may already know, ProtonMail Visionary is our highest paid tier (priced at 288€ per year) and comes with a number of special benefits including:

  • Access to all features
  • Highest limits for options such as storage space, additional addresses, custom domain support, etc
  • Early access to new features (business accounts will first launch to Visionary users)
  • Priority customer support

The name visionary comes from ProtonMail history, from the original crowdfunding campaign that made ProtonMail possible. During that time, a select number of individuals donated for the Visionary level, which contributed a significant amount of funds to kickstart the project. Even today, many of our Visionary level users are upgrading just to support ProtonMail.

The ProtonMail Lifetime Account also comes from ProtonMail history, and since it was last offered in 2014, it’s become a mythical account that most ProtonMail users have never heard of. The Lifetime Account is not subscription based – instead, the account is purchased once and then it entitles the account owner to have Visionary status forever. The Lifetime Account has a few other perks as well:

  • Lifetime Accounts will automatically get lifetime premium accounts for other services ProtonMail may introduce in the future (file storage, calendar, etc)
  • Lifetime status can be transferred to any ProtonMail account (if you change username, you can move Lifetime status to your new account)
  • There are no restrictions on sale/resale of Lifetime accounts (we know of at least one incident of a resale of a Lifetime account on the secondary market)

Thus, not only are Lifetime accounts a great way to support ProtonMail (proceeds from this Lifetime Account offering will be used to fund 2017 infrastructure upgrades), they could also end up delivering a lot of value.

ProtonMail Lifetime Accounts were last available in 2014, when a batch of 150 were sold as part of our crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to scale ProtonMail. Back then, they were priced at $997 and all 150 accounts sold out. Without this critical support and trust from these early backers, ProtonMail would not have come into being.


protonmail lifetime account
ProtonMail Lifetime Account from our 2014 Crowdfunding Campaign

For Black Friday and Cyber Monday this year, ProtonMail Lifetime Accounts will be priced higher since the price offered for the crowdfunding campaign was a one time event. The 2016 Lifetime Accounts will be priced at 1337€, and only 50 will be available. In the unlikely event that we make Lifetime Accounts available again in the future, they will be certainly more expensive. (Nov 26 update: Since Lifetime Accounts sold out before all users were notified, we have added more Lifetime Accounts to this offering so the users who were notified late also have an equal opportunity to obtain one:

In order to purchase one of the 50 Lifetime Accounts available, you must first already have a ProtonMail account. If you don’t already have an account, you can get one for free here:

After logging into your ProtonMail account through our website, you can purchase a Lifetime Account by clicking on the special Black Friday Sale button. This button will not be available after Cyber Monday (November 28). If the button does not appear for you, please refresh the page and it will appear.


This will take you for a special page where you can purchase one of the 50 available Lifetime Accounts until they are sold out. If you have any questions, you can contact our team at The crucial funds raised through this limited time promotion will go towards the large scale infrastructure investments ProtonMail plans to make in 2017 to further improve reliability and resilience against attack. We’re grateful for our support and look forward to announcing some major features next month!

Best Regards,
The ProtonMail Team

ProtonMail Lifetime Accounts are also subject to ProtonMail’s standard Terms and Conditions. Unlike the 2014 Lifetime Accounts, the 2016 edition will not include a t-shirt or gift from CERN, as we no longer have inventory of those items.

About the Author


We are scientists, engineers, and developers drawn together by a shared vision of protecting civil liberties online. Ensuring online privacy and security are core values for the ProtonMail team, and we strive daily to protect your rights online.


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47 comments on “ProtonMail Lifetime Accounts Are Back for Black Friday!

  • Protonmail definitely lost its mind… ~1400€ for an email account?
    Good luck with that…
    My personal advise – stop drinking!

    • We are trying to get more stock. If you are a Lifetime Account user, send us an email and we will definitely try to accommodate, but we probably don’t have enough left to send to everyone.

  • not understanding why a life time account. the free account should be secure, so why pay for the same? not getting it

    • You can compare the features of free vs paid accounts when you log into your account. From simple things such as higher storage and traffic to more advanced things such as custom domain support for multiple domains. I’m considering springing for this myself but the cost is just steep. But aside from those features, I think the real “benefit” (if you will) is supporting the upkeep and development of the service. Their business model is a big different from other services like Gmail or Yahoo, after all.

  • Does access to new features include the promised new feature of allowing multiple users on a custom domain?

    If so, will there be limits to number of additional users (within reason)?

    Will there ever be a “catchall” email function for custom domains also?

    These two questions are holding up my purchase. If I can safely migrate my home email server to protonmail, while still allowing family members access to their mailboxes (private for them), and enable catchall email addresses to manage SPAM, I’ll be a lifetime member

  • Privacy like Freedom is not free. What is ones privacy worth? Count the costs and not just in money terms. There is a war raging on for our privacy and the loss of it! Here is a way we can directly contribute to the cause of privacy protections.for ll We took privacy for granted while trusting others would protect out rights.which we now are losing faster than most people realize. Reap what you sow!.I commend the Proton team for taking a stand for what is right and just. Whoa!

  • I might have been in for one if there was actual assurance that protonmail would be operating 10+ years from now and the price was not astronomical. Unfortunately, as we’ve seen with other private mail services, things come up usually on the legal side which can shut down a company in no time if they have you in their sights. Especially with constantly changing laws, its hard to say how long a company that protects our privacy will last. Pretty sad, as the conglomerates who GIVE UP our information are the ones who thrive (compliments, the gov).

    With this being said, can you guys not come up with something a little bit more reasonable for the crypto enthusiasts who use your system like its supposed to be used? We understand that you guys provide an excellent platform, and im sure we all here wish you guys many years of success but again, this isn’t always in the companies hands. The price is a substantial amount to pay for something that we dont know will last one year of 5 years. And i’m sure a refund would not be warranted, as there is no way to give a partial refund on something considered “lifetime”.

    There are many of us who could truly benefit from a lifetime membership, but at that price it really isn’t obtainable for 90% of the people using Protonmail. Could you guys not embellish the model a bit and allocate some more hosting resources (hopefully you guys are on a VPN clustered environment anyways, or Cloud which would be excessively more expensive in this case), and reduce the price down to, say, $99 or something but allow more than 50 customers to be blessed with something like this? Yes, we understand its much easier to have 50 large transactions and call it quits, but honestly, it would seem to attract the “Im rich and I have nothing better to do with my money but purchase bragging rights” type crowd instead of the ones that could truly benefit from such generous resources (like myself). Wouldn’t you guys want the customers who uses the cutting edge side of Protonmail to be able to reap these benefits as well? After all, we are the evangelists for Protonmail and are the ones using it for required secure communications and not to chat with our friend asking where to meet up to get high.

    Don’t take this the wrong way, as you guys provide an excellent service and I would love to give you guys my business. However, even if I had that type of money, I don’t know if I’d necessarily want to be a part of “that crowd”. Its ironic, as they will most likely be the type to brag about their lifetime membership when in reality the whole point of using Protonmail is to maintain anonymity & protect freedom of speech via encrypted communications. Again, you guys are great and you guys have convinced me to cease using my gmail accounts completely. That is quite a feat, as I’m sure you guys know that Gmail is THE #1 email system out there, yet the most compromised email platform in existence (well, maybe after Yahoo).

    Anyhow, there are a lot of us who would appreciate and utilize a lifetime membership if it was in our budget to afford one. Even if there were only a limited amount and it was first come, first serve that would be completely understandable. I think we can all agree for the most part as customers that the price is simply too high given all circumstances. And even if some of us could afford it, we don’t want to be singled out as “the 50”, it almost demotes anonymity. If you guys scale it out correctly, the target goal would still be the same. Yes, a few more payments to deal with, but it would truly be appreciated. Regardless of what you guys end up doing with it, I’ll be a protonmail user as long as you guys provide a secure encrypted email service as you have been. Great work everyone at Protonmail, keep up the fabulous work! Just please let the ones on the front lines be able to actually afford a lifetime membership! We promise we’d thank you more than 50 rich people would 🙂 (No offense rich people)

    • First off, thank you for your support and sharing your thoughts. In terms of overall vision, we are largely aligned with the sentiment expressed here, and we don’t want price to become a barrier to adoption. The issue that we run into however is scalability. ProtonMail operates on a model where the paid accounts are subsidizing the free accounts which are protecting users in countries where paying for email isn’t economically feasible. This model only works due to the generosity and financial resources of an important subset of our userbase.

      For most users, ProtonMail Plus at 5€ per month covers all needs, is reasonably priced, and has been covering regular operating costs. What this promotion does however, is allow certain ProtonMail supporters and power users to contribute more. This allows us to generate a sizeable surplus to make the 6 figure infrastructure investments we have to make next year to keep the free accounts viable.

      This in essence is the community power behind ProtonMail. Collectively, millions of people contribute how they can (either financially, through spreading the word, or writing code), and together, we are able to make a real difference when it comes to online privacy.

    • I am not rich, and I will not be bragging about the fact that I purchased a lifetime account yesterday. (This post is no exception since I am posting anonymously.) To tell the truth I was mystified when, after I made the purchase, I was presented with buttons to announce the transaction on Facebook or Twitter. I suspect that most who feel moved to act on this offer will not wish to announce it. Rather, I simply have a strong desire and perceived need for secure email. ProtonMail has met that need for me recently, and I feel reasonably confident that it will be able to survive, and I hope even flourish, in the tricky space it seeks to occupy.

      The price is high for me. Personally, taking the offer this weekend has meant making some real sacrifices, including deciding not upgrading some aging computer hardware for another year at least. But after a trial period on the free service, I am ready to go all in with ProtonMail. This offer comes at a good time for me. The high cost makes it a bit of a risk, but if we’re all still using the service in five years then it will have been worth it. I hope that by reaching for this offer I can contribute meaningfully to its chances for success. If the venture fails, then I will be sad for more reasons than my sunk costs. Again, though, I am reasonably optimistic that ProtonMail can succeed in the medium term and beyond.

    • Hi, not rich either and I agree with most of your thoughts, especially about making that kind of a “lifetime” investment in a service that may not be in existence in 10 years (seriously, god forbid) if one acknowledges the context of other similar services that have ascended to the Aether.

      I would love to support this, but an expenditure of around 50% of my monthly income is not justifiable to my budget, so I assume I’m not among the targeted demographic of this promotion. And to be fair to ProtonMail, a “Lifetime” account IS a budget item that must be carried into all future budgets without end. So I understand them making sure its financially worth their time before assuming this responsibility. After all, while I would _love_ a $300 Lifetime account promo, I couldn’t possibly expect them to be buying usable DOS protection in 2030 if 70% of their users became Lifetime account holders for $300 in 2016 and consequently never paid a dime in after. So in reference to your fundamentally correct assertion that a lower amount would reach today’s financial goal and achieve greater appreciation, yes it would, but it would ultimately doom Protonmail.

      But there is a solution for us “crypto enthusiasts”. I, and possibly you, am a ProtonMail Plus user. The minimum price is set quite reasonably at $48 a year. (sorry, yes, American… why yes I am a little worried about that… but that’s another conversation) However, if you look at the Dashboard you will see that you can increase the amount of storage, number of custom domains, and number of addresses from the default provided, for a progressively increased cost.

      This is how those of us with more reasonable means can contribute to Protonmail, with much reduced risk that it will disappear, taking our investment with it. A lifetime guarantee that I didn’t have to worry about an annual fee would be nice, very nice indeed, but that’s really all the current promo offers me. Otherwise the Protonmail Plus default provides me exactly what I make use of, and I feel that I am carrying my weight in maintaining the service.

      So yes, I agree, I would love to see a more affordable lifetime account promo. But if you really want to support Protonmail, there are options available to you that won’t strain your budget, and won’t give their accountant a stroke in 2026.

    • I think you, chamele0n, have made some very gross assumptions and I must say your comment comes across as bitterness of not being able to afford the lifetime membership. I also can’t afford to purchase the lifetime membership however I’m not accusing those who can of being the type who would only do so to show off their ability to do so. Are you serious?


      the ones that could truly benefit from such generous resources (like myself)

      What make you different that specifically you could benefit from a lifetime membership any more than those who have been able to pay for it?

      You have really come across as someone with a chip on their shoulder. It’s rather sad.

      • Its funny that you are the only one who mentions anything about me having a “chip on my shoulder” or anything of the like. Why would I be disgruntled when I already have a Protonmail account? I was merely providing feedback to PROTONMAIL, and was not expecting for anyone else to reply to this. It sounds like you just have too much free time on your hands and are one of those people going around looking for a fight. If you look down the list of comments, you will see that all of my points were addressed across the board so I guess everyone is just disgruntled. Your point makes no sense, as Protonmail does not require anyone to pay a dime if they dont want to. There’s something called constructive criticism, possibly something you’ve never heard of. Or again, maybe you just have too much time on your hands, which is most likely the case : )

  • so 4 years payments buys Lifetime Visionary for 1337€
    4 years of Pro plan would cost 223€, and that I would consider getting a Lifetime Pro for.
    but I see where small businesses might consider getting that

    • I wouldn’t have had a second thought if 100 Lifetime memberships had been offered (as Alex suggested) for 668.50 each. That much I could’ve swung at x-mas time. The marketing team missed their mark because if you sold 150 memberships in 2014 there is no doubt you could’ve also sold 100 in 2016. This leaves me with mixed feelings as I’m happy for the 50 people who basically are winning a very expensive lottery but at the same time wish I could do it for myself and family.

      I could be the poster child for identity theft for I am a real life victim via wire fraud. The world is not ready for the influx of wire/cyber fraud that will start hitting more and more regular people like me. Then perhaps there will be real police support, as in taking one seriously and not treating as though paranoid. When money disappears from your accounts and you find one charge claiming you took an Uber ride from San Francisco, CA to Baltimore, MD in one day (8 hours) for $3,000 to stay at a B&B, well, that’s not paranoia. Our local police has 12 detectives, only one is allowed to work with me because none of the rest have had cyber defense training. If that detective gets called to any other type of crime I am the least of his priorities. He told me this to my face.

      What has happened to me has been intermittently active for 11 months already. I have lost money as well as had to pay out too much $ to lawyers to the point that I just can’t make any unplanned purchases of that size.

      For those of you on the fence, who can afford it, maybe my story will help you to decide. In that way I feel I have supported ProtonMail. Merry Christmas! Lynn

  • Very interesting. Any comment on what will become of lifetime account holders in the event of ProtonMail shutting down (i.e. due to legal reasons like Lavabit)? Will they be able to get a prorated refund or anything? Lifetime accounts sound useful when you’re talking about Gmail but I imagine services like ProtonMail face a lot more legal pressure.

  • As someone who just purchased a one of these 50 Lifetime accounts, I wish to say my peace about this service after having used it for a couple of months. I made this purchase both as a statement for some of your principals as well as a statement against some of your practices.

    For starters, this is the ONLY feature that I desire at the moment:

    I will NOT be walled into this service as a walled garden, and I am not afraid to move service providers if this continues even with this monetary support. I MUST have the ability to get my private keys and have offline end-to-end encrypted storage of my emails.

    I don’t really care too much about the Gmail imports, but I’ll say that seems to be an important issue to many people as well. That being said, if people could import their Gmail accounts I could get more of my friends/family to use ProtonMail over Gmail and get some level of true end-to-end encryption of email communication.

    I do not care about encrypted cloud storage (I don’t trust any cloud, even encrypted), I do not care about calendar support (I don’t do cloud calendaring or cloud anything). I just MUST have the ability to store my email offline because email is an archaic transfer and storage mechanism that is unfortunately apparently here to stay. This service offers the best I have seen in terms of protection of that data, and I will wholeheartedly support your efforts to do the best you can with such a horrible, horrendous, and poisonous protocol to the internet itself.

    I will also say that the more you open your standards and support the ability for other services to come up and connect to you, the more likely you will succeed as a company. Open standards for your end-to-end encryption means that more email will overall be end-to-end encrypted.

    Thank you for your work on this issue, because you have basically saved me from writing what I was going to call GPG-Relay, which would sit on a private server and immediately GPG encrypt email to a public key and route it to any email address such as Gmail and they would only have had access to the ciphertext itself, then piggy back on their IMAP services to get the data locally where the private key existed exclusively. I tried to think of good ways to decentralize the reporting of support of the protocol itself (so relay stations could end-to-end encrypt), but MITM attacks on SMTP make this a very difficult thing to do. Support for DKIM/SPF/DMARC would have make this a much larger project than I would have wanted to embark on, and also the marketing required to get people to use it would have been horrible at best. So as a security researcher I thank you for this service and the inevitable alleviation of work I would have ended up obsessing over.

    Just stick to open standard principals and get us out of this walled-garden, and I think everyone will flock to you. If you do not support these ideas and features I have a feeling this company will go bust.

    • Import/Export and full PGP compatibility are both on the roadmap. We have a security roadmap here which shows what is coming up next from the security perspective:

      Regarding Calendar, that is also a planned feature. Thanks to your support, and the many others out there who are supporting the project, we now have more resources to accelerate the development of these features. They are also very important to us and are priority tasks for us. Thanks for our patience!

      • That is one strongly promising security roadmap, and based on my previous experience, personal evaluation of your current technology, and your attitudes to the service itself, it was fairly easy to make this leap of faith for me.

        Thank you for the work that you do. You are fighting a difficult battle technologically, and every thing that I’ve seen so far has been successful in design, implementation, and practical usage. Your engineers are extremely talented and dedicated individuals.

  • I purchased one of the lifetime accounts. I wasn’t aware of the 2014 offering, and I’d been thinking of suggesting that the ProtonMail Team create lifetime accounts. The price of these was much less than I imagined. It is paid for by the end of the fifth year according to the Visionary rate. It is a lot to pay at one time, but not surprising for a lifetime account.

    I love the ProtonMail philosophy that privacy is a human right, and the model of having paid accounts subsidize free accounts. I’m pleased to be able to support that, and although I now have a lifetime account, I intend to make an annual donation when I can afford it.

    The ProtonMail team seems to be doing a great job, and they have very fine plans for the future. Unfortunately, they have limited resources. The service is not perfect but is very good. I hope that the project and service will be able to be well supported and not only survive but also thrive.

  • Thank you for extending the sale. It was the difference between me making the decision to spring for the lifetime account (I needed to sleep on it).

    I consider it a $337 expenditure for the lifetime account (a bargain!) and $1,000 contribution to support your battle against those who would see privacy stamped out in the digital world. I mean it quite literally when I say it’s the least that I should do to support the ProtonMail Team’s efforts.

    As far as the ‘guarantee’ that ProtonMail is around in 3, 5, 10 years…. there are few guarantees in life, but hopefully my purchase today helps to push things in the direction of continued innovation and sustainability of the service.

    I would love to migrate off of iCloud for Calendar, Contacts and Notes, and off of Dropbox for cloud storage and syncing. I know that ProtonMail alternatives for these future services are already on the roadmap. Please consider this another vote of enthusiasm and appreciation for your efforts in that direction.

    Thank you so much for ProtonMail!

    • Only one thing is certain in life: Jesus Christ will return to judge the living and the dead. That could be tomorrow, so what should one do?

      “What does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.” – Micah 6:8

      I just bought a Lifetime account.

  • I am interested in purchasing a lifetime account, but in the unforeseeable future, ProtonMail gets shut down, what is the compensation for lifetime users considering it takes 5+ years to make this initial investment worthwhile. Someone mentioned that it wasn’t going to get shutdown, however it is not really an assurance to customers as it is impossible to really see that projection rate. If lifetime customers can get some assurance or at least some compensation if anything were to happen, then I’d gladly drop the $1337 to be the “LEET.”

    • It’s not possible to give a definitive answer on this since there are so many different possibilities when things go wrong. Companies big or small can go through changes for a variety of reasons. For example, Blackberry went from being the dominant smartphone manufacturer to being irrelevant, so there is always some element of risk. Being a Swiss company, we are pretty well insulated from external legal pressure, and we don’t see the need for privacy disappearing anytime soon, so these are generally good signs for ProtonMail’s continued growth and product expansion, which would greatly increase the value of the Lifetime Accounts. Most importantly though, the more the community supports the project, the stronger ProtonMail becomes, and this has taken the community from several thousand to several million users in under 3 years.

  • I love Protonmail, it makes me feel safe, Thank you for the wonderful work you do. Hopefully you will continue these ethos into the future, unlike google and other such companies that started with privacy in mind but waded through to deception in the name of privacy out of greed for money.

    I haven’t yet started using Proton Mail for day to day needs, but I am in the process of closing down every other accounts and migrating them here. I am especially looking for Calendar and other services in the future as I would love to use my Proton mail account to sync contacts and calendars instead of google or other accounts.

    I have no problem with your lifetime account pricing, as i understand your need for them and Although I can’t afford your life time accounts right now and I would love to get one in a year or two into the future.

    Please continue your good work.

    Thank you.

  • What about the fact that during the Indiegogo campaign you wrote that you will never offer Lifetime accounts again:

    “Last week, Lifetime ProtonMail sold out again. By popular demand, we have finally increased the quantity by 50. This is the last increase and lifetime ProtonMail will not be offered again after the campaign ends.” – Andy Yen


    • This offering is a bit different because it comes at a 40% higher price. The origin offer also had the t-shirt and gift from CERN. We believe this offering also benefits the existing Lifetime account holders because it will provide more resources to develop ProtonMail quicker, which raises the value of the Lifetime accounts.

      • I think you are splitting hairs. Indeed, it is not exactly the same offer as in the Indiegogo campaign but it is “lifetime Protonmail”. I don’t see how an increase of lifetime accounts makes them more valuable – they used to be very extraordinary. As one of the first lifetime Protonmail owner, and thus supporter of Protonmail, I am disappointed of your move to put these kind of accounts back on the market.

        Never the less, may Protonmail live long and prosper!

  • So, will I get a glowy infinity symbol my lifetime unique # and a schnazzy UI for being a LifeTime member? Oh, and will my mobile app have a cool UI?

    & yes, I’d like a t-shirt.

    I believe in the lifetime visionary & awesome that it’s transferable. That is called an ASSET! Finally, someone getting it right. Now, make it unique and make it valuable to all supporters.

    Meaning, give lifetime to those folks that ALSO pay for 4 straight years, OR those that continually support and contribute a bit extra over time UP TO the 1337 or whatever it increases to — Meaning, make the lifetime visionary + plan something people can work towards. Encourage others… to help those that can’t pay all at once. A unique thermometer type gauge that says longtime-random-user is 80% of their goal. Give us something to aspire to be part of in the longterm – this is a community and we all care about the same thing. But yes, we that can afford to immediately pay and help y’all at protonmail out now do deserve a little bit extra but not much. …a glowy animated gif and awesome UI would make me f’ing happy (with a tshirt).

    Lastly, can you please uses our keys to incorporate quick messaging features FOR PAID members bc we all know Moxies signal is in bed with G and fb.

    did I say I want a glowly UI? and a tshirt?
    Proud to be able to afford visionary bc I couldnt afford that level when I supported indiegogo.

    Your visionary lifetime supporter now — i didn’t want the emoji bar crap mac version anyway.

    Privacy is not free y’all and not being mined for ads is what protonmail is here for.

  • I ain’t rich, and I’ll have to watch my finances this year to TRY and make up for it, but I took a chance on a lifetime account for only one reason, really: If I don’t help support online privacy when I can (almost, kind of, sort of) afford to do it, who will?

    I can’t say I have a need for custom domains or the ability to send thousands of emails a day, but I believe in Protonmail, dammit, so that’s worth what would amount to a year-long supply of beer. Go Protonmail!

  • I’d love to contribute to this, but is there any way to divide the cost and spread it out over 4 months? With the holidays upon us, that much money for email services is tough to stomach, but I truly want to help..
    Please let me know before the deadline. I’d be honored to pay for such a wonderful service. You guys are are amazing–don’t ever stop your work!
    Thank you in advance.

  • I did not even “know” about ProntonMail till after black Friday. I now have an account, and I am suffering through and trying to discern the gist of all the lifetime account comments.

    1. I’m not sure I understand the small limited number available on black Friday. That “is” a marketing decision.
    2. I don’t think some of the pricing criticisms are fair, especially since you “can” get this service free. Just because “you” would like, yet can’t afford the lifetime account doesn’t support reducing the price. I’d like a Lamborghini, but I can’t afford one. I don’t think they will reduce the price to the one “I” can afford. I realize this is a stark comparison, but the analogy is in the afford/or not part. Likewise, do you “need” the lifetime account for some good reason? I can think of some cases where it might be very wise to pay the price for it. Just as I don’t “need” a Lamborghini, I might not “need” the extras of the lifetime account or even the yearly paid account. I’ve always tried to evaluate practical purpose in pay-the-price decisions, unless I can unquestionably afford the luxury.

  • I purchased the ProtonMail Lifetime Account and don’t like it at all. I was promised that the IMAP bridge would be ready in 3 weeks. It has been 6 MONTHS!

    Please contact me if you would like to purchase my ProtonMail Lifetime Account for $1,200 USD (payable only through PayPal)

    smckibbe01 at