Proton Calendar beta is now available for everyone who uses ProtonMail

An illustration of Proton Calendar beta for web and Android

Proton Calendar, our privacy-focused calendar app, is now available in beta on Android and web for everyone who has a ProtonMail account. Protected by the same end-to-end encryption used in ProtonMail, this simple, easy-to-use, and intuitive calendar will help you stay on top of your schedule while securing your data.

If you already have ProtonMail, you can try Proton Calendar beta on the web and Android devices (with the beta app for iOS coming soon).

You can access Proton Calendar beta on the web by going to and logging in with your ProtonMail credentials. Or you can log in to and use the App Selector.

An illustration of the App Selector

You can download the Proton Calendar Android app beta from the Play Store.

Stay on top of your schedule with Proton Calendar beta

We’ve built Proton Calendar from the ground up, so you can spend less time managing your day and more time enjoying it. It takes a lot of work to stay on top of your schedule, which is why we’ve made Proton Calendar simple and easy to use with seamless integration across your devices. With the Proton Calendar beta, you can:

  • Create, edit, and delete events across devices
  • Set reminders
  • Send and respond to event invitations (web only for now)
  • Set up recurring events annually, monthly, weekly, daily, or on an interval of your choice
  • Also available in dark mode!

Proton Calendar is integrated with ProtonMail. You can respond to event invitations you receive in ProtonMail web, including invitations from Google or Microsoft calendars. 

You can also import your existing calendar to Proton Calendar with only a couple of clicks.

Make every day safer with our end-to-end encryption

Millions of people around the world use ProtonMail every day to protect the privacy and security of their messages. That’s why we are using the same end-to-end encryption to keep your life events private, safe, and secure. 

When you create an event in the Proton Calendar, your event’s details, including the title, description, location, and people you invite, are encrypted on your device so no one, not even us, can see them. Whether you’ve scheduled a doctor’s appointment, a bank visit, or a meet-up with old friends, you control who gets access to that information.

Learn more about how Proton Calendar protects your data

Thank you for choosing Proton Calendar beta, and don’t forget to share your feedback.

Feel free to share your feedback and questions with us via our official social media channels on Twitter and Reddit.

About the Author

Richie Koch

Prior to joining Proton, Richie spent several years working on tech solutions in the developing world. He joined the Proton team to advance the rights of online privacy and freedom.


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47 comments on “Proton Calendar beta is now available for everyone who uses ProtonMail

  • You guys are so slow, I really think that if you guys do not have enough manpower, focus on the main product, not beta forever.

  • Hello,

    When will it be possible to share a calendar with other users (ex: family, friends, etc…)?

    Many thanks,

  • Will we see the iphone version of Calender in the near future? I LOVE the Proton Calendar, but can’t really entirely give up my google calendar until I can view the calendar on my iphone.

  • New proton calendar, new proton drive, new proton mail design.
    But still impossible to show conversion view in the protonmail app. It’s been years since it’s been asked and asked again.
    Make actual stuffs work before making me stuff pleeeeaaaaase…

  • Will there be a Proton Calendar app for iOS? I want Protonmail to be my first choice for Mail/Contacts/Calendar but without a mobile app it’s hard to switch. I am seriously thinking about getting a Plus account with VPN but only if I can use the full suite. If I am forced to use Apple services on the phone, it’s pointless to me.

  • How do you ‘Set reminders’ in Proton Calendar? All I can see is the ability to create events.

  • Please add
    1. ability to SEARCH the calendar
    2. passcode/fingerprint to open the calendar on mobile

    Thank you!

  • Did I miss something or is it impossible to share calendars between users of the same Proton organization?

  • Tested your calender… find it unpractical….

    When I open it, then I do not see my appointments unless I scroll down….
    I do not need a whole webpage in my display for my “appointments” between midnight and 3 am…..

  • Hi, I was using protoncalendar beta app I downloaded from apkpure. I have a de-googled phone running lineageOS. The app was great for a couple of months but now no longer works (says version is no longer supported). Is there a way I can get an apk and/or are you plannig to make this available for android outside the G play store? Thank you for your time, I love your products and have recently set up some family members with protonmail.

    Jack A Nanigian

  • Hello. I am very glad for the release of ProtonCalendar! Please let me know when this calendar will be available as an app for Apple users?

  • A release of the apk on FDroid or in direct download is planned for android systems ?

  • Will Proton Calendar and Proton Drive (when it comes out) be available on F-Droid? Thanks.

  • Does it synchronise with Thunderbird so that we can easily create and update events? Does it synchronise with the Samsung calendar so that we can see the day events in the smartphone widget on the main screen? Without integration, the calendar is useless.

  • Yes! A great functionnality :)
    Will it be possible to add other email accounts on the Calendar? For exemple, integrating my work calendar which uses the Exchange ActiveSync protocol?
    For the moment I host my own instance of NextCloud for the personal calendar, and then with the Huawei Calendar, I synchronize my work and personal calendar (for Nextcloud I use DavX to synchronize): It’s very useful to have both calendars at first sight.

    Best regards

  • Hello Protonmail,

    goid to hear that you make progress with the Calendar.

    I am an iOS user, I need an app to replace Google Calendar.

    What is in the basket for me?

    (please do not send me Android news).

    Kind regards,
    Olaf Klingeberg

  • Bonjour,

    Comment puis-je importer mon agenda existant sachant que j’utilise le calendrier d’Apple ? Remerciements pour votre précieuse aide et cordiales salutations.

  • I am very excited about ProtonCalendar. I am curious, whether proton calendar on android will have also a classical background widget. So that I do not need to open the protoncalendar app just to see all my events for the weeks/month. All other calendar apps usually do have widgets which allow to see the current month, is that something which is planned?

  • Fix the problem with web calendar notifications. How hard can that be? No notifications at all when the calendar tab is closed/suspended.

  • I see that I can sync my Protonmail Calendar across deviced but I cannot find out how to do this. I want to sync my phone calendar with my computer calendar.

  • If we populate and begin using the beta calendar, will we be able to move all content (calendar entries, meeting notices, etc) to the final version?

  • Hi, Nice to hear, that the calendar is now available to everyone. I use /e/ which is a de-googled distro of android. I think it’s a pity, that the app is only downloadable via google playstore, or with a apk extractor workaround..
    /e/ has an appstore of it’s own, but theres just an outdated betaversion available, which doesn’t work.

  • Hi I ike what i am seeing in proton calendar so far. But i would like to be able to printout my event and or task schedule on paper.
    I would also love it if proton where to create a proton todo list for personal tasks as well.