Introducing Contact Groups, an easy way to reach more people in ProtonMail

Ever coordinated a social event, a parents group, or a team of colleagues at work? For those moments when you want everyone on the same page, you want a feature like Contact Groups to help you stay organized. Today we’re happy to announce Contact Groups as part of ProtonMail version 3.15.

Contact Groups is a feature for paid users that allows you to create and name groups, add and remove contacts from your groups, and quickly send emails to everyone in a group.

You can create and edit your groups from the web within the Contact Group section

contact group interface 1

… or from the contact details view, where you can assign the selected contact address to a group. You can add up to 100 contacts in a Contact Group.

contact group interface 2

When you want to send an email to a Contact Group, just open your Composer and start typing the name of the group in the “To” field. It will appear as a suggestion. Then click on the group, or press the “Tab” or “Enter” keys.

contact group interface 3

If you then decide to remove one or more users from the group, you can do so right from the Composer by clicking or tapping on the group. From there, a window will pop up showing the members of the group, where you can deselect those you wish to remove.

Note: Any contacts you deselect in the Composer will not receive the current email but will remain in the group.

contact group interface 4

From that same popup window, you can check whether emails to a Contact Group are encrypted and/or signed, depending on the lock icon that appears next to the email address. Contacts not using end-to-end encryption will not have a lock next to their email address.

contact group interface 5

A final thing to note: If you create Contact Groups as a paid user and subsequently downgrade your account to free, you will still be able to see your groups. But you will not be able to edit them, send messages to them, or create new ones. (Unless you upgrade again.)

Contact Groups is one more way we’re making email privacy and email productivity go hand in hand.

Thank you for your support as we work to develop new features and bring online privacy and security to more people around the world.

Best Regards,
The ProtonMail Team 

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About the Author

Ben Wolford

Ben Wolford is a writer at Proton. A journalist for many years, Ben joined Proton to help lead the fight for data privacy.


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13 comments on “Introducing Contact Groups, an easy way to reach more people in ProtonMail

  • Hi there:
    If I send an email TO or CC a group, what would the recipients see in the TO & CC fields of the email they receive?

    • Yes, they will. You can also send BCC email to groups. If you wish to conceal the other recipients, please use the BCC option.

    • Can you please be more specific regarding your request? You can add non-ProtonMail addresses to your groups.

  • Hi there, currently one is able to add contacts with many details other than an email address, such as a name, number, birthday, notes, photo etc. When adding contacts to a group however, this can only be done if the contact has an email address associated with them (unless I am missing something). I think this contact group feature would be much more useful if you could add contacts to groups regardless of whether or not the contact has an email address associated with them (these contacts would then obviously be left out of contact group mass emails but still be present in the groups). Just a suggestion I think would be useful.

    • It’s expected to add an email address for the contact in the Contacts group since the message needs to be sent to the group. This is a new feature and we are looking closer into improving it. Thank you for your feedback.

  • I am curious if contact groups can be shared across user accounts? Say I purchase this feature and create a contact group for my club, will other club members on protonmail also be able to send to the group? Or do they have to pay and create their own group?

  • I agree, Andrea.

    I feel like a dope and unprofessional when I have to send an email to myself and BCC my customers.

    • Hi Gary. In tho V3 interface, select Contact Groups, then click on the Delete button to the right of each group in the Manage Groups window. In the V4 interface, click the Manage your contact groups icon to the right of “Groups” in the sidebar -> Actions -> Edit (group) -> Delete.