Enabling storage session on firefox

If your Firefox browser does not pass our compatibility check due to session storage and you are already using the latest version, here’s how you can enable it.


You can enable it as follows (on Firefox) :

1. Go to your address bar, type “about:config”, hit enter


2. Click on ” I’ll be careful, I promise! ”


3. Search for “dom.storage.enabled”, right click, hit “Toggle” to set the value to “true”


Et voila ! Your session storage is now turned on.

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23 comments on “Enabling storage session on firefox

  • I still do not know what I am doing! Please explain what this procedure does. I take such warnings very seriously.

  • So that get more privacy by using ProtonMail I would have to enable dom.storage. which happens to be one the main tools for business etc to track me around the web.


  • Are you currently having compatibility problems with Pale moon?
    I’m stuck at the “Loading ProtonMail…” message.

    Proton’s compatibility page claims dom storage is disabled, though it is set to true in config.

    Other details: Win7x64 – Browser version 26.2.2 – Scripts/cookies allowed – All add-ons disabled aka ‘safe mode’.
    Possibly useful – screenshot of config options noted in troubleshooting info: https://i.imgur.com/Bs6hnyJ.gif

    I have previously been able to log in using pale moon (possibly an earlier version).

      • Ok, this is odd.
        The login is loading correctly now, and the compatibility page is recognizing my dom.store settings. I haven’t changed any settings or updated my browser since my previous comment. Actually *nothing* on my OS is even set to auto update by itself.

        I’ve checked the site over the past 3-4 days and this is the first time it’s functioned correctly. Is it possible a server-side tweak made earlier today could have affected this issue?
        I can still file a bug report if it would be useful to you in any way, otherwise I’ll have to wait and see if I encounter this problem again.

        • We haven’t changed anything recently on our side, it is possible your browser was cached with an older version of the site for a long time and the cached finally expired?

          • I have my browser set to clear cache data on exit, so I’ll assume that rules out a random glitch in the cache entries.
            I’m not sure I can provide any meaningful troubleshooting info beyond this; I can’t think of anything else I’ve done that would have affected the site functionality.
            I’ll keep an eye on it and let the support guys know if I find any other issues… thanks for responding in a timely manner (I mean, good luck actually getting a response from any other major email provider these days :/ )

  • Still not working on Pale Moon – stuck in “loading” forever.
    Compatibility check is okay – everything needed is on.
    PM v. 25.1.0 (all previous versions worked, this version worked until the last few weeks)
    Win 8.1

    The problem is identical on my Ubuntu machine – Xenial, PM version 25.3.1
    FF does work on that machine however with v 50.1.0

    • ( Really late reply, but need to add this here )
      Hi, I was also having the stuck loading screen glitch on palemoon, even when trying all the normal troubleshooting actions (add-ons disabled, private mode, about:config settings)

      If you have special settings for cookie permissions(i.e, you use the “Ask me every time” option and have it remember what sites to allow) MANUALLY ADD AN ‘ALLOW’ ENTRY for protonmail.com and/or mail.protonmail.com using your cookie exceptions list.
      The loading screen does *NOT* cause palemoon to show the dialog box asking you to set a new cookie, but the loading animation WILL NOT COMPLETE UNLESS THAT COOKIE PERMISSION IS ALREADY SET!
      This glitch will likely happen when setting up new browser installs, or anytime you reset your cookie exceptions list.

  • can’t use with TOR, even with it set to accept cookies from protonmail
    that’s a problem

  • Is this problem related to my use of Spotify? PM worked before I installed Spotify.

  • dont want to use firefox want to use epic ithis so called email service workedfine on epiclast week,if ihave to use firefox CANCIL my account and support.

  • I hate to ask this question, but I must: Is Google >>>actively blocking<<< access to your service, or am I being "paranoid?" Every time that I attempt to read ANY information (even on Wikipedia) regarding ProtonMail, a message shows, saying "…may have changed…address…or moved permanently." How is that possible?? Even Wired magazine articles about PM are being censored! What's happening?

  • I want to use the Brave Browser, please communicate with them on what improvements they need so that your users can use them.