ProtonMail’s Import-Export application has exited beta and is available to all paid users

All users who have a paid plan can use the Import-Export app to easily transfer emails between accounts or download your messages to your device. 

This app lets you import your entire inbox from another email service provider, such as Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook, to your secure ProtonMail account. You can also export your emails from ProtonMail to your hard drive so that you have backup copies. 

The Import-Export app has been one of the most requested features in our community feedback forum, and it is now out of beta and available to all users who have a paid plan. 

Reasons to use the Import-Export app

The Import-Export app simplifies moving your messages from an unencrypted email account to a secure ProtonMail account. With only a few clicks, you can migrate your inbox or your organization to ProtonMail.

This helps your business secure its employees’ inboxes, prevents damaging data breaches, and shows your clients that you take cybersecurity seriously. It also simplifies compliance with the GDPR and HIPAA, both of which have high data protection standards. 

Like all Proton apps, the Import-Export app’s code is open source, which allows anyone to verify its code for themselves. This level of transparency is necessary so that users can be confident their privacy is protected. It also makes it easier for cybersecurity experts to perform checks and audits of our apps, increasing their overall security. 

See the Import-Export app’s code on GitHub.

How to set up the Import-Export app

The Import-Export app is reserved for users with a Plus, Professional, Visionary, or Lifetime account. If you are currently using a Free plan and want to download your messages, you can export your messages directly from the ProtonMail web app. Or, you can upgrade your plan and access the app by logging in to your account at and going to Settings > Subscription > Manage Subscription.

If you already have a paid plan, you can download the Import-Export app today. It is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux devices.

Download Import-Export app

Once you have installed the app, you are just a few clicks away from importing all your personal messages from your privacy-invading email service to your secure ProtonMail inbox.

For more details, you can read our guide on how to import messages into ProtonMail

What’s next for the Import-Export app

We plan on eventually making the app available to all users, including those on a Free plan. Stay tuned to this blog and our social media channels to get the latest information on the Import-Export app and Proton’s other products.

Thank you to the Proton community for your support. And let us know what you think of the Import-Export app on Twitter, Facebook, or Reddit!

You can get a free secure email account from ProtonMail here.

We also provide a free VPN service to protect your privacy. ProtonMail and ProtonVPN are funded by community contributions. If you would like to support our development efforts, you can upgrade to a paid plan or donate. Thank you for your support.

Feel free to share your feedback and questions with us via our official social media channels on Twitter and Reddit.

About the Author

Richie Koch

Prior to joining Proton, Richie spent several years working on tech solutions in the developing world. He joined the Proton team to advance the rights of online privacy and freedom.

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18 comments on “ProtonMail’s Import-Export application has exited beta and is available to all paid users

  • Dear Richie!
    Such a wonderful introduction to the whole idea of this app. I will try it for sure! I code only for few weeks but I am planning to read your posts in the future! Thank you for your time and effort putting it all together… Sending some love from Sunny Amsterdam! :D

  • After now almost successfully importing one gmail account step by step (importing all thousands of mails proved to be not that successful) I’m left with some puzzles:
    how can I mass re-label? (to make sure to take baby steps in importing I’ now left with a couple of labels I would like to merge but selecting them by groups of 50 is painful).

    how to get rid of duplicates? :)

  • This doesn’t seem to be an app but rather software…I can’t download or use it on my phone. Is it in the Play Store for androids?

    • Hello Aileen,
      At the moment, the Import-Export app is only available on Windows, macOS, and Linux devices. It is not in the Play Store.

  • Some of the info regarding the import-export app says “import your entire INBOX history” or “import your entire INBOX from another email service provider” while elsewhere it states “move your messages from an unencrypted email ACCOUNT”. Which is it – inbox or account? I’m a very longtime user of gmail with many emails organized into many folders. Will the app allow me to migrate everything or only those messages still in my inbox? This is an important distinction. In addition to responding to my question here please also update your documentation so it is clearer and more consistent. Thanks.

  • Hi,

    My university requires the use of Outlook. Problem is that I can’t always respond using another service. Even if I spoof the return address, this is detected and blocked. It would be good if I could shadow the Outlook email on ProtonMail. In other words, as well as an inbox transfer, it would be good to have ongoing shadowing of all email.

    OK, its a tall order, and could be impossible, but why not ask.

    Yours, Peter

  • Thank you, Proton!

    I have a lot of old email on my hard disk, from a Eudora account I had from when email first started to become known. I’ve never been able to port that to any online account elsewhere. Will you have a Eudora from-disk import feature for Proton Mail?

    • Hi Tim,
      Yes, if your Eudora files are on your disk, you should be able to import them using our Import/Export app.

  • Please also post your info on Parler & WeMe, alternatives to the invasive facebook and twitter.

  • Please, put the spanish lenguaje opción on your Web, web are a lot of usar on the plataform and I think that is necesary to the correct understanding

    • Hi Anonymous. To access a non-English versions of our website, click EN-English at the top our web page, and select a language. Spanish is also fully supported in all our apps.