Importing Contacts into ProtonMail

In ProtonMail v1.11 and up, we support the importing of your existing email contacts from other email service providers (ESPs).

The process takes just a few minutes and is outlined here:

Export contacts from Gmail

1. Log in to Gmail.
2. Go to the “Contacts” page.

Click the “Gmail dropdown” button right above the “Compose” button. Choose “Contacts” from the dropdown menu.

3. Click “Export”.

On the Contacts page, click the “more” button. Choose “Export” from the dropdown menu.

4. Choose a format.

Choose the format you want to export. We recommend Outlook format.

Once you have exported your contacts to a file, visit your ProtonMail Contacts page to import your contacts.

We only have a guide for Gmail for now. We will update this post with additional ESP later.

About the Author

Jason Stockman

Jason is a co-founder of ProtonMail. He works on building ProtonMail's user interface and websites. Jason has over 10 years experience building websites and applications.