Introducing the ProtonMail Feedback Forum

We’re excited to introduce the new ProtonMail Feedback Forum where you can give us feedback and suggestions on new features that you want to see in ProtonMail. Since the beginning, we have built ProtonMail with usability as our main goal, and we’ve worked hard to make sure that each comment and suggestion is a part of our development process. Now you can vote, comment and post new ideas for ProtonMail to develop in the future through the Feedback Forum. FeedbackForumYou can access the Feedback Forum directly from the Knowledge Base through the “Request Feature” button, as well as on the footer of our Homepage. To give feedback, simply type out your idea in the “Enter your Idea” form. You can vote on ideas other users have submitted and see how many votes each idea has received. In general, we will try to build the features which are the most requested. In order to avoid duplicates, we suggest trying to search first before submitting a new feature to ensure that it has not been submitted already.

We’re happy to have found a new way to include your voice in our development and we look forward to getting your feedback. With your help, we hope to make ProtonMail even better and easier to use.

Best Regards,
The ProtonMail Team



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We are scientists, engineers, and developers drawn together by a shared vision of protecting civil liberties online. Ensuring online privacy and security are core values for the ProtonMail team, and we strive daily to protect your rights online.

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27 comments on “Introducing the ProtonMail Feedback Forum

    • Thank you for the comment. You can CC and BCC email recipients already, by clicking the “+” button on the compose page.

  • Is it advisable to store the 2 passwords in the browser, or is that a possible hacking danger?

    Thank you very much!

    • We do not recommend using password managers to manage your passwords in ProtonMail, due to potential errors from use. However, you can choose to if you would like to.

  • Hello,

    It is a very good service. I used it a couple of times to communicate with my friends who are still not on it. It is really nice.

  • If a request for a new proton email address was made within the last week. How long is the current wait time on getting a new account?? I am in a rush for my new email address and wonder what your server capacity is at the moment
    Thanks Daz

  • Any idea for the delay usually required for an applicant to receive his invite? Not at all a complaint, but I’ve applied over a month ago and waiting reminds me childhood feelings when expecting Christmas morning 🙂

    Need to mention I am definitely concerned with this new email frame? What a fantastic project!

  • I may be missing it but I would like to set my date format to dd/mm/yyyy, as in the more logical European system. I have tried to find a way to change from the US mm/dd/yyyy system but have failed. Please advise.

  • I really like to see an app for Macs for this and also a way to connect this email to my mail account on my MacBook Air!

  • It would be a good idea if PM can disconnect by himself after some time of non activity. By example My PC banking close after 10″


  • Is there a way to delete a secure message (protonmail to non-protonmail user) before its expiration data occours ?
    Recipient has recived the encrypted message and I want to disabile the related link.


  • Hi,
    Is there a way to delete an encrypted message I sent to a non-protomail user before its expiration data occours?
    Recipient has read the message and now I would like to disable the related link.


  • There’s too much chatter about security.. The Internet is a war tool.. Security is a wishful delusion.. Security can’t exist in our world, so stop worrying about it… The monsters own us… We are their herd…
    Me thinks if government wants to read your Internet activity, you Can’t prevent it..
    If they really really wants to see your Net business, they can order the IP service to connect them via double proxy to your system without you knowing, but annon software won’t install on a double proxied IP.. then everything your computer does when connected they get a copy.. and can even inject destructive software, and crash your connection any second they feel the libidic urge to cause them to release their libido ego’s package in bullying your life for their legalized demoralized fun and sport.. It’s how the cokefried demons have fun.. You are their pet and toy to break they believe.. My IP is double proxied, I am them their toy to break and destroy, which they are.. They are on my back because all newness gives them headaches.. and I am a scientific source of newness,, They desperately need to stop and prevent newness and change from ever happening, so they won’t get those mighty migraines.. They can’t think, but they try to learn everything new, in their contest to be the greatest in everything, above all, without a foundation, like ‘torn released kites in the storm’.. Thinking gives them headaches.. They terrorize and stifle science to silence their migraines.. I’m a target because 95% of the world’s activism is based upon my themes and ideas, as is 90% of the world’s flics, video-games, and cartoons.. I live on the wave-crest, one foot in the afterlife, one foot here in your hell.. All my new ideas, I send to the world’s best writer’s guilds, so I will get to see better moovies.. Did you enjoy my flying dragons theme..? Seems it gives the demons great erections to know they can abuse a great Innocent.. It makes them feel their greatest.. It’s a major facet of the global asylum, and of the war between good and evil.. The great evil is that the g’rillas are in constant motion pretending they are the great evil, failing to realize that we live here to, and we possess more rights to all life than they do to this life.. They are called ‘psychopathic narcissists’.. It’s the head of the zombie apocalypse in part.. It’s the cokefrieds running our world, ruining our lives.. devouring us like candy.. We can’t shake them yet, but what his lordship Mr. Trump does in a year and a month will Destroy them and their ways.. Mr. Trump is flushing the great toilet…

    Thing is, if you’re running windows, it has engineered exploit holes that bosses can enter with ease, bypassing all the security.. Your device is a open book, and there’s nothing you can do about it in hell.. Hell owns us.. There is no such thing as privacy on this planet the way it is right now, unless you have a billion dollars.. and even then a third of your privacy has been cracked and infiltrated if it goes through public services, and is stuck to your life like a huge swamp leach stuck to your ankle.. Demonocracy believes it owns us.. It was supposed to be our government, just doing what needed to be done to protect and nurture our lives and living.. It turned around to be eating us… How do you fix that mess..?

    If you wish a solid OS that the ah’s can penetrate, get Scientific Linux 6.5 for your older machines.. It basic and clean.. Add Ubuntu 12.04.. You can make one hd, and plug it into any tower, and it starts right off, except in most asus hardware..
    Check out their demos and tutorials on Youtube.. Checkout: Sourceforge, DistroWatch, Audacity tutorials, Gimp tutorials, FocusWriter demo..

    Toughest part in running a Redhat-based Linux OS Distro, is to learn how to use ‘terminal’.. You struggle and struggle with it, alost wanting to fling the computer through the window.. then you gets that all you need do is click-up terminal, type in ‘su’, enter, pw, enter, ‘yum update’, enter.. and wait and watch… bzztbzztwhirrr Done….

    The kooks can cause a little damage in getting their nuds off in destroying your life, but usually a few restarts into previous layer fixes it.. If it doesn’t, pull off the few valuables to the external hard drive, which you do all your work on, nothing but easily replaceable trivia is ever left in the computer.. *Pull All external media usb plugs, pop-in the DBAN CD, ‘autonuke’, enter, DBAN Erases the hard drive, Be sure you have pulled the usb’s, or suffer them instantly erased when DBAN starts its killer-run…
    Burn the two OS ISO’s.. A ten year old could do it.. Linux is loveworld.. C’mon-in Brothers and Sisters.. Join Life.. We are here for you.. We are the family of mankind, the brotherhood of humanity, the good part…

  • When trying to create a Protonmail account through ProtonVPN,, I got the message below even though I was not using TOR and more importantly it required a SMS message for validation. Can you explain?


    Too many ProtonMail accounts have been created from your connection.

    Thus, we are requesting additional verification to ensure you are human and not a spam bot.

    Because Tor is frequently abused by spammers, this check may be triggered because of the Tor exit node you are using.

  • RE: ProtonMail -> Contacts -> Address

    Please change the Address output to represent USPS standards.

    (1) USPS Publication 28 – 2 Postal Addressing Standards [contains an example]
    (2) USPS Publication 28

    Why? Because the address can be used to create an envelope for mailing.

    Better yet, add a print button next to the address. 🙂

    note: USPS is correctly registered/associated as a dot com domain. It has not been a branch of the U.S. Government for some time now, however, that could always change in the future.

    • Thank you for the suggestion. At this moment we do not force any format for most fields because different countries have different requirements. We may consider changing this in the future.

  • Im so happy from ProtonMail!!
    I use it already like 3-4 years and i will write noe what I like in this enCRemail:
    -No spam in Inbox!
    -Encrypted: *Login, *2 passwords, *messages + option to look into your encryption key
    -Its the only one eMail encrypted i found that people can use for free
    -Helpful Support
    -A lot of Languages
    -Well developed settings page
    -Clear appearance
    -The ability to sort messages
    -Black and White list
    -List of contacts
    -VPN option

    Actually I dont found in my head anything that I dont like in Proton.
    Im giving 10/5 stars!!

    For that well maded job I will recommend you to everyone I can!

    P.S to Support: keep doing it because you do very good JOB!!! F**k the spying!!

  • Allow for the changing [and saving] of default settings, specifically font size. It’s terribly inconvenient to have to constantly make the font size change as font size returns to default numerous times during the composition of a single message.