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The IT security experts at ProtonMail share their tips for securing your business's devices and network.

IT security is crucial to success in today’s economy. A data breach can cost you time, money, and your customers’ trust. Yet, due to a lack of funding, time, and expertise, most small- and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) are unprepared to deal with basic cyber threats. As a result, most victims of data breaches are small businesses.

We understand — and we want to help. ProtonMail is a pioneer in encrypted email, and we have worked with thousands of businesses of all sizes to help them secure their email communications. This experience gave us insight into the unique IT security requirements and constraints that SMEs face.

In the past, we have helped small business owners avoid phishing attacks and train their staff on IT security basics. But given the depth of expertise our team has, we felt we could do more. Our internal security team is responsible for securing the data and emails of thousands of businesses of all sizes. We decided to pass our knowledge on to other businesses and increase online security for all.

So, our IT security team has created a simple, actionable guide for business owners.

It describes in clear, everyday language the steps you need to take to develop your own IT security policy, train your staff, and identify which tools would be best for your business. Ultimately, the information in this ebook can help you avoid a costly data breach. 

If you’re a business owner or manager who needs help with IT security, this guide gives you straightforward advice from the staff of a recognized leader in cybersecurity.

ProtonMail’s mission is to make online security and privacy available to everyone. Therefore, we are donating all the proceeds we earn from the sale of our ebook to Access Now, a nonprofit organization dedicated to defending Internet access and digital rights worldwide.

However, you can download four chapters from our handbook for free. These four chapters explain how to:

You are just one click away from improving your business’s IT security!

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The ProtonMail Team

You can get a free secure email account from ProtonMail here.

We also provide a free VPN service to protect your privacy.

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About the Author

Richie Koch

Prior to joining Proton, Richie spent several years working on tech solutions in the developing world. He joined the Proton team to advance the rights of online privacy and freedom.

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18 comments on “Get the ProtonMail IT security ebook for small businesses

  • I can not thank the visionary team behind Proton Mail enough. Their Vision for the future is incredible. I highly recommend all Small and Medium sized Business’s (SMEs) or any end user who values Email Internet Security to get on board with Proton Mail. To the Team Behind Proton Mail, keep up the outstanding ground-breaking work. I look forward to getting fully on board in the near future.

  • Good idea.

    Also I like how your hoodie-cliche cover art is ambiguous. That’s easily an overworked management type on the way back from coffee, wondering what he’s to do about all this cybersecurity natter lately. If you’ve carried that through into the content you should get an award.

  • It is sad that a publication like Latterly is winding down. I’m glad that Richie Koch can continue his good work by supporting Proton.

  • I just purchased this e-book. Though may I ask why I was forced to provide my mobile phone number as the delivery address? I have a Visionary account and have never been even been forced to give my number to you, but buying your e-book it was mandatory to give you lots of personal data.

    Bit cheesed off really, does this mean that your shop host ‘Shopify’ (a company within the 5-eyes) have my mobile number, name and address details or are you guys keeping somehow managing to keep my data safe from those scoundrels?

    You guys probably won’t even allow this message to be put up, but it is quite clearly of legitimate concern.


    • Hi there, I’ve asked the team about it, and if that’s indeed the case we’ll consider switching to something non-invasive the next time. Thanks for your feedback.

  • We would be glad to have this content in _Spanish_. Major contribution use to be in English and we know, it isn’t easy to translate to every language required. But a translation to the main colonial languages, Spanish, French and Portuguese, would be an outstanding approach to the Third World needs. If you believe in a better relationship with Africa, Arabic and Swahili would be a giant step.

    Thanks a lot, anyway!

    • Localization of our content is a top priority for us, but it’s a slow process and we’re working to build up our capacity. Thank you for your patience.

  • Hey Protonmail team,
    Last week I bought your PDF of the Protonmail Guide to Small Business IT Security. Great short read. I got an email today saying you’ve updated it to version 2, but it’s not clear to me what has updated. Do you have a change log somewhere? Thanks!

    • Thanks for reading! Unfortunately we do not have a change log, but we will update the blog post if there are major changes. This revision was simply to correct the city where Threema has its headquarters. (It’s Pfäffikon, not Zurich.)

  • As a new ProtonMail User and soon an happy Customer too, i like to say you thank you very much for your top service and support for a better privacy and security level.

    Best regards.

  • I have just purchased your ebook. I then saw these comments and share the same concerns as the person who posted last in November 2019. Isn’t your whole deal privacy and security? Why do you ask for my personal information? You certainly do not need any of the information I had to fill in, especially when I paid with PayPal. Please explain how this ever got put in place , and more disturbing, why has it not been rectified ? You should be setting the example no? It’s been 7 months since you were made aware of this…why has it not been changed? Definitely a case of someone dropping the ball.
    I appreciate what you are trying to do and the work you undertake, but you have to do better at being the example.
    Your own site security and privacy should be beyond reproach.

    • Hi Dan, this is indeed a problem with Shopify and e-commerce platforms generally. We agree it is not ideal. Please write to and we can work to get Shopify to erase your data.