Announcing the 2020 Lifetime account auction and raffle – supporting a better internet and society

An illustration of all the organizations we are supporting with this year's Lifetime account auction and raffle.

On Nov. 19, we asked you which organizations our community should support with our 2020 Lifetime account auction and raffle. We received hundreds of excellent suggestions, and after carefully considering where our contribution would be most effective and thoroughly vetting the organizations, we are excited to announce the beneficiaries we have selected.

Given the challenges of 2020, our annual fundraiser takes on an even greater significance. These donations can significantly impact independent organizations’ sustainability and the scope of projects they can undertake, especially when the pandemic has disrupted so much public and private funding.

We believe strongly in giving back, so 100% of the funds raised will be donated. Proton will also make a matching donation equal to the amount raised, up to $100,000.

The Lifetime account auction begins today and will end on Dec. 27. Make sure you keep an eye on the eBay countdown!

New this year is the Lifetime account raffle, which will also end on Dec. 27. at 11.59 PM Zurich time. You can read more about the raffle below.

Lifetime accounts are a rare and special type of Proton account. You can find more information about Lifetime accounts at the end of this blog post.

Auction beneficiaries

You can bid on three Lifetime accounts this year on eBay. When the auction ends on December 27, the highest bidder on each auction will receive a Lifetime account. We will contact the winners via email once the auction is over. The auctions will support the following three organizations:

The Markup

Technology has shifted how power is exercised in our society in profound ways. The Markup’s slogan aptly describes its mission: “Big Tech is Watching You. We’re Watching Big Tech.” This mission is more important today than ever before.

For journalism to effectively function as a check on the abuse of power, it must also evolve. This is the animating idea behind The Markup, a nonprofit newsroom focused on pursuing data-driven news stories. It also shares the datasets, code, and methodology behind their stories, allowing other journalists, policymakers, and academics to perform their own investigations. 

The Markup also practices what it preaches. Unlike other news organizations that report on social media privacy scandals while relying on highly targeted and privacy-invading ads, The Markup collects as little user data as possible when you visit its site and does not show any ads. Instead, it is funded by donations, so it is not beholden to Big Tech companies. 


Noyb, or None of Your Business, is a privacy enforcement non-governmental organization founded by legal privacy activist Max Schrems. Schrems has already fundamentally altered how the European Union treats data and privacy. In 2013, he sued several tech companies for privacy violations, and after two years of litigation, he won. The 2015 Court of Justice of the EU ruling ended the “Safe Harbor” data transfer agreement between the EU and the US, preventing EU data from being transferred to the US.

Noyb has assembled a team of legal experts focused on using Schrems’s blueprint of bringing strategic litigation against corporations to highlight privacy violations. Its lawsuits have been instrumental in protecting private citizens’ fundamental right to privacy.

Thirst Project

The Thirst Project is a nonprofit organization that dedicates 100% of the donations it receives to drilling wells in remote communities in Eswatini, India, Uganda, El Salvador, and Kenya. Since 2008, Thirst Project has completed over 3,000 projects in 13 countries, supplying over 400,000 people with clean water. This is critical work as waterborne diseases, such as cholera, dysentery, and schistosomiasis, kill more children every year than malaria and AIDS combined. 

The money raised in the Lifetime auction will go directly to funding wells in Eswatini.

The auctions will end on Dec. 27. 

Introducing the Lifetime account raffle

In the past, we’ve received complaints that auctions are not the most democratic way to give out Lifetime accounts. Because Lifetime accounts are highly valued, they have sold for over $10,000 in previous years, putting them out of the reach of most users. This year, we’re addressing this by also holding a Lifetime account raffle. 

Raffle tickets will be available for $10 each, and on Dec 29, we will pick three winners at random. It is possible to purchase more than one raffle ticket to have multiple entries in the raffle. 

The Lifetime account raffle also begins today. You can buy tickets in the ProtonShop up until 11:59 PM Zurich time on Dec. 27. We will announce the raffle winners on Dec. 29.

We will donate 100% of raffle proceeds. This money will be allocated to the three organizations below in addition to the organizations listed above.

Read our raffle terms and conditions.

IFJ’s Safety Fund

Repressive regimes, militants, and cartels are increasingly targeting journalists with violence to prevent them from reporting the truth. The International Federation of Journalists’ Safety Fund is an emergency safety net, providing financial assistance to journalists who face violence, persecution, illness, or exile as a result of their work. It is the only financial aid fund set up for journalists by journalists, which means it is uniquely situated to address the difficulties reporters encounter in their quest to uncover the truth.


Tails is a portable operating system that expands the protection of the Tor network to your entire computer. You can download Tails onto a USB stick and then plug that USB into any computer and use it without leaving a trace, making Tails an essential anti-censorship and privacy tool for journalists and activists. 

As an organization dedicated to protecting our users’ privacy, we applaud Tails’s approach to privacy and security. Like Proton, it believes privacy is a fundamental human right and provides free services for those most in need. It has also made its code open source, ensuring that any potential vulnerabilities are quickly discovered and resolved. 


The European Digital Rights network comprises academics, advocates, researchers, and civil rights organizations that fight to protect all Europeans’ digital rights. They advocate for stronger privacy protections in legislation, challenge governments and corporations that abuse their power, and educate the public on their rights. EDRi members have taken Oracle and Salesforce to court for misusing millions of Europeans’ data, produced reports on how the unregulated use of new technology on Europe’s borders is exacerbating discrimination, and launched a movement against biometric mass surveillance.

What are the benefits of a Lifetime account?

Proton Lifetime accounts grant the owner the top tier paid plan for all Proton products for a one-time upfront payment. Currently, the top-tier paid plan is the Visionary plan (€288/year), which includes both ProtonMail and ProtonVPN.

Lifetime account holders also get the top-tier paid plan for all future Proton products, including Proton Calendar, Proton Drive, and all other products we introduce in the future. Lifetime users are also the first to get access to Proton services before they are released to the public. 

Lifetime accounts are transferable and can be resold to other users. Because Lifetime accounts are so rare, Lifetime accounts have typically sold for over $10,000 in recent years. 

Today, the only way to purchase a Lifetime account from Proton is through our year-end charity fundraiser. 

Together, we can bring about change

Your donations create meaningful, lasting change. In 2019, our Lifetime account auction raised over $60,000 for NetBlocks,, and the Web Foundation’s Women’s Rights Online project. Our 2018 auction raised over $45,000 for Charter’97, WireGuard, and the Reporters Without Borders (RSF) Berlin Scholarship Program. 

The Berlin Scholarship Program trains journalists who work under repressive regimes or in conflict zones on how to protect themselves against digital threats. Our community’s funding meant that RSF was able to support an additional fellow. We spoke with four journalists who were RSF fellows in Berlin in 2019, and they told us about how the training they received will help them report the truth while staying safe.

Even Proton itself began with a crowdfunding campaign in 2014. We strongly believe that grassroots efforts can change the world, and this year’s organizations are doing critical work to build a better internet and a more equitable society. 

Thank you to everyone who participates in this year’s auction and raffle, as well as to all Proton users who have enabled us to build an internet that puts people first. 

Happy holidays!

P.S. Don’t forget, the auctions and raffle end on Dec. 27!


Feel free to share your feedback and questions with us via our official social media channels on Twitter and Reddit.

About the Author

Richie Koch

Prior to joining Proton, Richie spent several years working on tech solutions in the developing world. He joined the Proton team to advance the rights of online privacy and freedom.


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  • Never made a bid before on life time account, this time I think it is worth it, been on back channels of the ether an know PROTON is good an means exactly what it says, rest assured no doubts here, I’m bidding an even if I don’t get it I’ll still be with proton.

  • Hi guys,

    This is great. I was about to purchase tickets but credit cards are disabled for some reason, and Paypal uses predatory USD / EUR conversion rates. Will you activate credit card purchases?

    • Hello, credit cards are enabled for purchases, we think you may have just encountered a temporary glitch. Please try again. Cheers.

  • I became frustrated with free protonmail when I entered a passcode to open emails & it wouldn’t, couldn’t, & shouldn’t work. I tried 4 times, minimally. A mystery, wrapped in a puzzle box, inside an enigma or a systematic glitch or a combo platter of the two. Recently, protonmail reported was experiencing technical difficulties receiving incoming mail. There’s a 50/50 chance that was erroneous. Connectivity challenges with protonmail when sending certain emails, though no real connectivity problem. As for protonmail’s advocacy of private enforcement agency NOYB, questionable. Nevertheless, friends in need (even foolish ones) can’t & won’t be ignored by this protonmail account holder.

  • With I could participate but apparently even though I’m bidding on a non-tangible item, the fact that you won’t ship to the US means I can’t bid.
    I mean I’ll go help a couple of the worthy orgs you picked but it would have been quite the bonus to have a life time account- it even be in the running.

    • Hi Ezra,
      I’m sorry that bidding is not working out for you. I will bring this up with our team. In the meantime, if you’d like an opportunity to win a Lifetime account, you can always buy tickets for our raffle ( Tickets are $10, all the money collected will be donated to one of the six organizations mentioned, and each ticket gives you a chance to win a Lifetime account. Good luck!

  • As a long time Proton user, I would have liked to see other charities listed as well, such as the Innocent Lives Foundation which is fighting to combat exploitation of children. This is similarly a righteous cause to the privacy and security of the most vulnerable, children. Please consider adding them.

  • I would love to donate / participate in the auction. I can donate up to $100 USD. But I don’t see any place to do so. There are these e-Bay bids – but OMG. I can’t afford to pay thousands of dollars if my bid wins!! I have to be missing somethiug big here.

  • I wanted to purchase raffle tickets, which the email said are unlimited in quantity, but it says it is sold out! What’s up?

    • Hi Russell,
      You are right, there was brief outage of tickets but we have since restocked them. We apologize for that and wish you the best of luck in the raffle.

  • Hello, I bought a raffle ticket but I’m confused. I was sent a code. Where do I go to redeem this code for the raffle ticket?

    • Hello,
      Your code is the ticket. If your code matches one of the three winning codes we draw, you will be the winner.

  • i gave my all and now am locked out. Now i have had to take a backward step. At least the original one still works until i can afford it at least

  • Hello
    I missed this biding/auction.
    How can I support one of these org ?
    Thank you.

  • I’m a 77 year old pensioner and I like very much what I have read about Proton Mails ethics.
    I hope you never succumb to ‘having a price’ as the saying goes, as so many appear to be doing at present.

  • Things, which are happening in Belarus are orchestrated by WHO and IWF. You should know this. Belarus can t be compared with China. What about women demonstrating in white dresses in the USA because of the last election? Why are these coloured demonstrations ONLY happening in States who reject the Global Agenda.
    Don `t make protonmail to a tool of Big-Data and One-World-Government!!!