ProtonMail Mobile v1.6.0 Release Notes

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Version 1.6.0, which was previously available only to members of our secure email mobile app beta program, is now available in the iOS and Android app stores.

You can get the non-beta version of the apps from the following links:

Get the ProtonMail Android App.

Get the ProtonMail Apple App

Note: If ProtonMail Mobile version 1.6 causes your iOS or Android app to show all messages as encrypted text, logging out and logging back into the mobile app will fix the problem.

It is still possible to register for the ProtonMail Mobile Beta Program. Not only is this a great way to support ProtonMail, you will be able to get early access to the newest mobile features before they are publicly available.

ProtonMail v1.6.0 contains numerous bug fixes and improvements to ProtonMail mobile to improve your email privacy and user experience. The biggest change is the addition of custom folders support!

Please consider supporting ProtonMail by upgrading to a Paid Account. Your support allows us to continue to develop ProtonMail encrypted email as free and open source software.

Custom Folders

android and ios folders

Folders provide the ability to store messages in different locations within your account. In the past, ProtonMail has had 5 fixed folders: Inbox, Sent, Archive, Trash, and Spam. All the messages within your inbox was saved in one of these 5 folders. In addition to these 5 folders, we provided labels to organize the mail within the folder the message was stored in. With the introduction of custom folders, you can now create as many folders as you need and store messages within those custom folders. Learn how to create and use folders.

The full release notes for Android and iOS secure email app v1.6.0 can be found below:


New Features

  • Custom Folders
  • plainText message support

Bug Fixed

  • Sometimes recipients in To not shown while To is collapsed (shown only when expanded)
  • Sometimes double Sent message is shown
  • Labels sometimes not correctly loaded
  • Fix missing Attachment icon after Search and Mark Unread
  • Search improved (Search is done first locally and expanded with API results if there is network connection)


New Features

  • Custom Folders
  • plainText message support


  • Fix app crashing when attaching an image from Photos library
  • Fix the hyperlinks within the body of messages not opening
  • Fix the time display issue with 12/24 HR
  • Fix deleting messages with the Trash icon
  • Fix address not displaying when replying or forwarding a message
  • Fix attachment size not displayed


  • Allow inputting 2FA recovery code with different keyboards
  • Autofocus cursor when composing a message
  • Change the error message when your Inbox is empty
  • Improved local cache stability
  • Improved message list timeout error
  • Message listing performance improved
  • PGP library bug fixes
  • Upgrade App icons

About the Author

Proton Team

Proton was founded by scientists who met at CERN and had the idea that an internet where privacy is the default is essential to preserving freedom. Our team of developers, engineers, and designers from all over the world is working to provide you with secure ways to be in control of your online data.


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24 comments on “ProtonMail Mobile v1.6.0 Release Notes

    • I really hope there will be a future version that does not require a google account so I can use it too.

        • I get ProtonMail from APKPure. I am running CyanogenMod / LineageOS and don’t have Google Play Services on my phone. The only thing which doesn’t seem to work is background syncing and notifications, and there’s an annoying message about requiring Google PS when you start the app. Otherwise it works fine.

          • I was one of the first supporters of Protonmail. I hoped for a true free open spirit. But after years a requesting just an apk version to be downloaded directly from their website I think it’s time to give up on Protonmail. I do not want to use Google services or some untrustworthy website for downloading apk! F-droid would be the best option, but even Signal has an option to download their apk directly from their website nowadays.

    • Why is it dependent on GSF! This is so sad. I agree this app should be on F-Droid!

  • plainText message support
    – what does it mean specifically?

    does it have something to do with parsing of plain text messages for proper rendering links instead of displaying links as a normal text effectively rendering them useless? (fingers crossed…)

    if so, is it going to be supported on web/bridge as well?

  • After this update, I get the ProtonMail splash page every time I open the app.

    Also, usually it asked me for Google Play only the very first time after I open the app (after starting my phone). Now it asks me every single time I open the app.

    I think it’s related to the splash page.

  • do I have to buy a smart phone to use 2FA?
    yes, my private phone is just a phone.

  • Does this app auto update yet?
    or do I still need to do this manually i.e. delete app re-install from google play.

  • I’m using the app on Android, and every version has done this so far. When I launch or re-launch the app on my phone, it very briefly shows my inbox, and then the PIN screen shows up.

    Although it’s only for a millisecond, it still seems like an unnecessary security lapse to have my unprotected inbox in view even though the app is locked by my PIN. Can this be fixed?

    • Damn. I almost thought I’d gotten a reply to my question.

      Anyway, I’ll try reporting a bug within the Android app. I was just hoping to hear if this was actually a bug, or an intended behavior of the app. I’d hope it’s not intentional, as it’s a decently-sized security hole.

  • Hey… updated and now having problem seeing any messages in my folders. Just says “no messages” when I click on a custom folder in the app… Have to go into All messages folder to see messages that are not in my inbox but custom folders instead. Kinda annoying tbh.

    Thanks for the service!

  • still waiting to have grouped conversation view in android’s app. It’s pretty annoying right now and it seems to be a regular feature on absolutely all email apps on the store.

  • bonjour,
    J’ai un smartphone avec Windows Phone 10. Puis-je installer protonMail sur mon mobile?