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January 12th 2015 update:

As part of the version 1.12 deploy, we have improved our notification system.  You can now toggle notification on or off in the settings page while keeping the outside email for password recovery purposes.  If you have new unseen email that has not already been notified, the new system will send you a notification email about once every 24 hours.  However, if you access your ProtonMail account then leave (by signing out, closing the browser, and etc), the 24 hour waiting period will be reset and any new incoming email should trigger a notification within an hour or two.  Under this new system, infrequent users will not be spammed by multiple notifications per day, more frequent users will get timely notifications, and users who primarily use ProtonMail can simply switch the notifications off.  Currently, we still do not allow a notification for each new email due to the increased load and possibility of spam.

May 2014:

In ProtonMail Version 1.04, the notification email feature was launched. The notification emails can be set in the Settings page in your inbox.



Notifications behave exactly as one would expect, it sends a notification email to the listed email to inform you when there are new messages in your ProtonMail account.


ProtonMail’s notification email system is intelligent and will not spam your other email account with notifications. Notifications are only sent if

1.  It has been 24 hours since you last logged into your account.

2.  There are new messages in your account (messages that have already been read once but are then marked as unread do not count).

3.  Notifications are only sent once per day at maximum.

While notifications are enabled, we do know what your notification email is and if issued an enforceable Swiss court order asking us to turn over your notification email, we will have to turn over your notification email. Notification emails are permanently deleted from our system if you delete the notification email in the Settings page.

About the Author

Jason Stockman

Jason is a co-founder of ProtonMail. He works on building ProtonMail's webmail interface and front-end encryption. Jason has 10+ years experience building websites and applications.

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208 comments on “Notification Emails

  • Hello, will there be other domains provided than
    What about country specific domains like Thanks.

      • This should not be a huge problem. Domains can be registered from anywhere if the registrar allows registration from a external country.
        However: I think they will stick to the .ch to reenforce the switzerland-hosting to be displayed everywhere^^

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  • I agree with TroyDM. I will be logging into protonmail continuously more than my current email provider, thus negating notifications due to the 24hour rule.

    I believe the reasoning for email notifications assumes that the user will not be using the proton mail for other than important correspondence or communications with a human being (not a bot). Under that reasoning, I would prefer to be notified EVERY time I received a message, due to the importance of said conversations.

    Might I suggest that, yes, there is a notification option. But, allow us to pick the conditions under which notifications might be suppressed. Such as a check box for each item listed above.

      • Please make disabling 24 hour notification an optional setting if you make a change.

        I prefer to log in when (a) sending or (b) when an email arrives. 24 hour notification is fine for my purpose. Thanks!

      • Hi,

        As I am switching to protonmail I have set up 2 accounts. One that I use for my personal conversations and the other one that I use to communicate with the world/ to register at websites etc..
        It would be very helpful if I could setup “notifications” in such a way, that it sends out one notification (for each email) everytime I receive a new email.
        That would allow me to be most of the time online with one account and only check the other account if there is a new email.
        Although I can image that there are many more user who run more than one account for the same or similar reason.
        Therefore it might be even clever to have the “feature” to connect accounts together.
        So that you have in your account a button/notification-field that lights up as soon as the other connected email-account has received an email.

        Best Regards from NewZealand

  • Where do I go for more information of how to create an alias or two?
    And will the alias come up when I log in?

  • I would also prefer a more frequent notification period, or better yet one that would have a user selectable time period

  • Are there plans for mobile phone Apps and will it be possible to create folders within the e-mail App or web page? Examples are stored important e-mails and “orders placed”, etc.

        • Yes, please hurry on the folders or labels. I’d like to be able to locate a stored email when necessary. Otherwise, this could turn into a big mess with no way to navigate other than the search field, which requires explicit knowledge to find just the right email. Keep up the good work! I’m looking forward to being able to use ProtonMail as my primary email account.

  • Very good product! I have been using and very impressive. Great job!

    -Grouping of recipients for business model may be desired.
    -Smartphone app version as another crowd fund project with smartphone version using host server as interface
    -Ability to save formats (ie logo, etc) for business.
    -Notification by phone txt message of message arrival.

  • The real benefit of this function is to receive notification that an email has arrived. I don’t stay logged in all day, but I set this up so I could get notifications to do so on my phone. The 24 hour login rule defeats the purpose for me. Would be great to have settings that allow you to pick between “immediate” and “daily” notifications regardless of your last login to the system. Thanks!

  • Unable to load Protonmail onto Apple IPhone 5…am I doing something wrong? Otherwise I love Protonmail…great work…great product!

    • ProtonMail does not fully support mobile browsers at this time. We hope to publish a beta version of our iOS and Android mobile applications by the end of the year.

      • Any chance you are developing an app for BlackBerry 10? or have native integration into the BlackBerry 10 Hub? If not, please consider as I am sure any BB user would prefer this over using an Android port.

  • He probado el producto, y he encontrado el inconveniente que a direcciones de hotmail, no le llegas los correos de protonmail.., Por otro lado es excelente por el tema de la privacidad, solo me queda un interrogante:
    Dice que esto esta sujeto a la juridicción de Suiza.., lo que me hace pensar que los correos son almacenados( lo que me hace pensar que no es tan privado , se anula el acceso a tercero pero uds, lo almacenan) , quedando asi siempre expuesto a gobiernos que lo soliciten. (muy de actualidad y es lo que justamente se desea evitar)
    Solo serviria para que terceros inescrupulosos no puedan interrumpir el normal envio. Es algo similar a lo creado por un cientifico Argentino, del Conicet.


  • Hi,

    I want to make an account with proton mail. I thought we didn’t had to give personal information, yet on sign up they already ask my emailaddress…..

    What if i don’t want to give personal information like my emailaddress? I just can’t sign up for an account?
    I really wanted to make one, but not with giving my emailaddress for notifications. (even though you say i can delete it in the system when signed up)

    Can you make the option to sign up without to give an emailaddress?

    • Hi John, soon we will be implementing an invite system so if you get an invite code from a friend, then you will be able to get an account without providing an email address. Look for this to be launched in the next couple weeks.

  • If the point of protonmail is privacy and security, why would I use this setting if:
    “While notifications are enabled, we do know what your notification email is and if issued an enforceable Swiss court order asking us to turn over your notification email, we will have to turn over your notification email.”

    If this is an email account I use I’ll just check it like any other. Not sure why I need to risk the reason I use it just so I can be told I have a new message.

  • Why not provide a simple API for clients to use to check for new mail?

    1. Generate a unique ID (per account, an “API” key) from the settings panel.
    2. Issue an HTTP GET request using that ID as a specific parameter.
    3. Return the number of unread messages (only).

    Then, any client can be written/used to check for new email, without divulging any account information at all. Users could delete/recreate their API keys at any time. Internally, new email arriving could check for existence of a key, and if it exists, internally post an increment operation to it. Therefore, no keyaccount mapping need be done (other than being held securely in the user’s account settings), and if the key is compromised it only gets an attacker the current number of unread emails.


  • great service, thx !!
    maybe my question is really stupid, but will it be possible to receive and manage emails (encrypted) on a mail management program like thunderbird or others ?
    I guess these software already have encryption/decryption features, isn’t it?


    • We don’t support thunderbird yet because it doesn’t support ProtonMail encryption, but this is something we will try to work on later after we launch mobile apps.

    • Unfortunately we don’t have the resources to also develop for Windows phone. We will work on this if we have extra time in the future.

  • Concerning new mail notification: if the Proton Mail account is your only account you do have to log in frequently to check. And, if I understand correctly, the 24 hours counter is reset again, amking it somewhat ineffective (as mentioned here before).
    Would it be an idea to give users the opportunity to receive just “the number of new mails” information through POP3 or IMAP (SSL/TLS)? I’m not talking about full blown POP3 and/ or IMAP access so one can hook up for example Thunderbird. I’m just referring to the number of new messages in the inbox to start with.
    This would enable the use of an “mail watcher” or “new mail notifier” as for example shipped with many Linux distros (Xfce –, which would eliminate the need to check in frequently to check new messages, and reduce traffic on the server caused by these frequent “check” logins.

  • Concerning new mail notification: if the Proton Mail account is your only account you do have to log in frequently to check. And, if I understand correctly, the 24 hours counter is reset again, amking it somewhat ineffective (as mentioned here before).
    Would it be an idea to give users the opportunity to receive just “the number of new mails” information through POP3 or IMAP (SSL/TLS)? I’m not talking about full blown POP3 and/ or IMAP access so one can hook up for example Thunderbird. I’m just referring to the number of new messages in the inbox to start with.
    This would enable the use of an “mail watcher” or “new mail notifier” as for example shipped with many Linux distros (Xfce –, which would eliminate the need to check in frequently to check new messages, and reduce traffic on the server caused by these frequent “check” logins.
    Furthermore, the HTTP GET request with specific ID mentioned above also sounds like a good approach…

    Keep up the good work!

  • Just wanted to see if there was any update on two of the feature’s Admin said would be implemented… Invite codes (it’s been more than “a couple weeks” since September 😉 ) and disabling/modifying the 24-hour requirement. Thanks!

  • Thank you protonmail, you are the best. Recent Court opinions in the US indicate our government, more specifically, little creeps that like to act out their peeping-tom tendencies under the guise of “law enforcement,” have been using the pretense of “fighting terrorism” etc. as an excuse to spy on their citizens.

    And so, this encrypted stuff seems a good way to communicate, especially important, highly sensitive, confidential communications between attorneys and their clients or between counsel, etc.

    It is wholly violative of the US Constitutional right and protections accorded for privacy and unwarranted invasion of such privacy. Therefore, your protonmail protects US Citizens and all citizens throughout the World in their reasonable expectation of privacy. And, I thank you. Keep up the good work and I cannot wait until you all figure out how to encrypt attachments too.

  • Hi,

    Just a suggestion! Protonmail invite notification email shouldn’t put actual username when sending to users that their email is ready to create!

    Since most of us are still using email like Gmail or Yahoo, it is still traceable using the username that Protonmail use in the notification for those users who requested for invite.

  • Isn’t it unsafe to provide possibility of password recovery? In this case everyone who may hack your outside mailbox can get access to private one

      • Hello.
        I’m agree with Serg, thas is recoreving just login password make one able to compromise an email address (the name of email box for recovering passord).

        Is there any way to delete notification email and make ProtonMail not to recover password through other mailboxes?

          • Thank you for answer.
            But I tried the method you mentioned, but nothing happened. May be I have done anything wrong.

            I went to menu Settings – Account setting.
            Step 1. I changed Notification Email / Password Recovery Email to arbitrary email and saved changes.
            Step 2. After that I changed Notification Email / Password Recovery Email to email which was used to register protonmail account, and saved changes.
            Step 3. I cleared Notification Email / Password Recovery Email (no email mentioned), and of course saved the changes.

            When a try to simulate situation “forgot password”, I press “need help?” in login form and chosen “reset login passoword”.
            After entering PROTONMAIL ACCOUNT NAME and RECOVERY EMAIL form step 2 (which was cleared in step 3),

            Sorry for caps. I belive it shows main points of this message.

            I would like to make my protonmail account unassociated with any other simple email account, even this make me unable to recover passoword.

            Tell me please if I have done anything wrond in theese procedures.

  • YOU WROTE ” I would think for security it’s best for the server to be in switzerland”

    Why is Switzerland a good choice for your servers to be located?

    If the authorities of another country (eg, U.S.A.) want to read our Proton mail, they could request that a Swiss Judge should order Proton mail to open up our e-mails, in which case I suppose you would have to comply.

    Is Switzerland in any way safer or more difficult for them to do this than, say, Holland, or France… or Iran… or China…? Swiss Judges have ordered banks to give out information, why would they not force Protonmail to open up?

    • The point is even if a Swiss judge forced us to open up the emails, all the email content that we do have is encrypted. As for whether a Swiss judge would order the disclosure of information, you only need to take a look at the numbers to see how high of a standard the Swiss courts apply. In 2014, only 18 cases were approved:

  • How secure is ProtonMail with the Australian Govt making it mandatory for all telecommunications , emails etc, to be checked out as of Oct 2015. Apparently, all ISP’s have gotta be able to save and transfer data to their ‘Big Brother’.

  • I just want to say to each member involved in the creation of the Proton System……THANK YOU ,THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! Much gratitude for ALL of your hard work, labor and time behind creating such a BEAUTIFUL interface !! VERY PLEASED & SATISFIED with the simplicity and MOST OF ALL the PRIVACY of using this so far. Everything about it so far, I’m extremely satisfied with. GREAT JOB EVERYONE!! I’m looking forward to becoming a full time proton user. I have several other accts that I’m planning on eventually transitioning for my business/personal email communication. I will be donating a lumpsum to support the expansion of your interface. Keep up the great work!! And HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL!!

  • HI. Just one question: in “settings”, is the “current login password” mentioned in the “daily email notifications” section, the login password of my notification email ( or the login password of my account? Thanks

  • I would like an UNSEND option – I have sent a couple of emails prior to making that last most important revision and then ooooops – SEND.
    So, danke for all of your magnificent efforts.

    • I am having the same issue. In version 2.0, I received notifications, but after 3.0, even with the toggle enabled for notifications, I receive no notifications with email sitting in my inbox for days. I have stated this problem to admin twice with no response. As one who donated money to Proton Mail after deciding Proton Mail would be a good switch for my several email accounts utilizing the notification feature, to now lose that notification feature –– I sort of feel bait and switched. 🙁

      • I’m just a new user so I may be talking nonsense.
        The “Notifications” section in the “SETTINGS” page seems to require your Proton password in the first data field.
        Is it possible the notification feature doesn’t work without entering correct info in this data field?

  • Your proton email format is very confusing…I would suggest that it be modified to show the list of emails in the box on the left column and then then a pane which open the email content to be read and closed. and a thin line to separate the email coming from one person. right now I can see 10 emails coming and going from me to one person but the order is out of synch and when a new mail comes in, I see in bold but the order is not in the every bottom as it should…..but in the middle./.

  • Are these notifications encrypted in any way? If not, is it planned to encrypt them? A plaintext notification would reveal to an eavesdropper that the two accounts involved most probably belong to the same person, it’s very inconvenient.

  • This notifications by default are not clever. It allows Google on Gmail accounts to link old Gmail adresses to a protonmail account.

  • Hey Jason,
    we like the program , when I sign up and tried to email out it kept erasing my reciptient and when I put the address in the to line it kept bring down a red tab saying I needed a recipitent name on the to line? what is going on?

    • Hi Gloria,
      Sorry for the inconvenience. We have released new version with fix for this problem.
      Can you please try to log out, refresh your browser and log in again?

  • Hi Jason,

    It seems that email notifications are no longer working. I used to get some in the past but I’m no longer getting them. This forces me to log into my account to make sure I haven’t received mail; I’d rather log in only if I know that I have new messages.

    Thank you for everything anyway! 🙂



  • I cant change my login password it says login credentials. I cant change my mailbox either. I believe someone is using my email as theirs the account is additionally I am getting jobs contacts from new jersey which is weird. I have had someone using my intellectual property as theirs. in addition my phone number. I don’t have technical skills or computer aids

  • Is 1.12 the current version? (Dec. 8,2016) I can’t find the field to enter the notification email. Please don’t tell me it’s the recovery email address because that should be a separate address.


  • Hi, Jason,
    Thanks for the email notifications regime, quite extensive, but can you let me know, if there is a means to advise a sender of an email, if the recipient has received it, i.e. opened it?
    Has the encription been upgraded, in view of thew latest cyber attacks?

  • Hi Jason,

    I noticed you planned to implement a more frequent notification period in June 2014. Quite soon you wrote, but unfortunately not much happened since then. Any action to be expected in the regard?

    And like one other user suggested, how about (optional) sending a notification via Text messages? Works great and does not increase server load or increase misuse for spam. I’m even willing to pay for it. As a matter of fact, the reason why I still doesn’t have a paid account is just because of this ‘issue’.

    Right now I use hushmail which notifies me on each mail. Until you guys implement this (text) option too, I will gladly change to your service.

  • This is for your kind concerned that Rotary International District 3262 created so many mail I’d in the name of different Rotary Clubs. This is done for the purpose of e-voting. Is this is safe and legally correct? Can any one open a mail I’d without giving proper identification? Please reply to the following mail:

  • Hello !
    Can you please tell me if a ring tone can be insert when an email comes or an enveloppe on the screen ?
    Thank you. Kind regards,

  • Hello Mr. Stockmann,

    trying to view your image from the box “About the Author” above (avatar) I’m getting this page:
    404 Error
    The page you are looking for could not be found.
    Maybe this is a little too much of privacy? 😉

  • I use another email most of the time, and have notification set to on in Protonmail. However, in addition to receiving a notification in my other email (good!) I also receive it in Protonmail. That is fairly useless, as I don’t discover it until I actually log in to Protonmail. Can I set up Protonmail to only give notifications in my other email (also set as the recovery email)?

  • The user should be able to choose himself the notification frequency. And I would love it and go for a paid plan if I could customize the settings in a way that would make it possible to receive notifications immediately when I have emails from certain senders.

  • Notifications are still sent even though i disabled email notifications and check email daily. i want this to stop!!!

  • Hi — I have had protonmail a few months and really love it.

    I have one concern about the notification emails, however. Reading the info above, I assume that the current default for protonmail is that I’ll get a notification email if the conditions above are met — regardless of whether I want one or not.

    My concern is this: I switched from a Yahoo account after the news of the billion+ email addresses getting compromised. So the last thing I want to do is have a trail from that yahoo account (which I now only use for newsletters and spammy-stuff) to my protonmail account — in case Yahoo gets hacked again and someone got into the actual account and could see that I have a protonmail account.

    Is there any way to completely shut down the notifications of unread email in my protonmail?

    Thanks very much for your awesome service.

  • I have the notifications disabled and I am still getting them ! What can I do ? It is quite annoying to have to keep clicking the “not now” every time an email is sent or received. Thank you.

  • Not being able to get a notification every time I receive a new email is major failing and the main reason why Protonmail can never become my primary email.

  • Jason I admire people like you who have mastered difficult technical matters when people like me find the technical side of life a challenge.
    With your years of experience in designing websites can I ask a question I couldn’t answer. I am building the content of a website ready to hand over to a website builder who can fix all the bells and whistles for me including SEO. Is it possible (a) for you to recommend a website builder or two and (b) once a I have a completed website can it be used in conjunction with prontonmail?

    Associated with this I am going to promote a project that I am about to complete which contains 100 pages with 40,00 words which will have to be encrypted and perhaps sent as an attachment with e-mail. Is this a do-able proposition and can I employ in this endevour?

    Thank you for your time.

    Martin Varley (

  • Your secure email server is great. I have been looking for quite some time for a secure email and now I have found the right one.
    The US government are constantly infringing our privacy and now I can stick it to them even though I have noting to hide, It just makes me sick that my Google, Yahoo and other will share the emails information to the government.

  • Sorry, but I cannot get notifications. I just logged in now, 10am and I noticed I got an important email yesterday early afternoon but I did not get a notification yesterday evening or today.

  • Jason… regarding email notifications. I have many emails… all with email notifications. Most I use infrequent. Anyway… your notification hides the address with I********@ and since I have similar addresses… I cannot tell which email to go check. So, I end up checking most of them just to find out which one has email. This is a real nusance. Is there a way you can have a checkbox which allows us to unhide the full email address in the notification emails?

    This would be a great time saver for me, and save my carpal tunnel syndrome from flaring up so often…
    Regards, Leslie Allen at

  • I have been using Protonmail for a few years -free version then 5.00 per month, now have upgraded to 6.25 per month.
    I have also added two more email addresses that I would like to start using from that account. I am confused as to how to receive emails from those accounts and also how to go back and forth from the email addresses in that account.

    • Hi Lori,

      All of the emails will come to the same inbox if they are under the same user.

      When you write emails, you can use the dropdown to select which email you want the email to come from.

      If you have additional questions, you can contact our support team here:

      Thanks for your support!

    • You are getting notifications even if you do not receive new emails? That is strange. Can you please report this problem by opening a ticket here:

      Also, you can stop receiving notifications by navigating to Settings -> Account -> (Top right) Notifications -> Disable daily email notifications

  • I’m getting a scarce amount of the e-mails sent to me. In order for this site to work for me, I will need fast recovery of mail. I have sent three messages to my address in the last 12 hours, None have arrived.

  • Very so much thank you by protonmail. I’m new on this mail server and i love it. Great project, congrats for you. If i could donate, i don’t think 2 times. But if i can help to you, you can send me an message. I’m to order 🙂

  • Can i setup an account on my smart phone like my other e-mail accounts? What settings/servers. I dont care for the apps.
    Google is to intrusive.

  • January 21, 2018

    Hello: Jason

    I was wondering if their is any way to turn notifications for just 1 folder, I created the folder “Kanopy” and would like to know when they e-mail me. Also I took the e-mails in my inbox and moved them to my new Kanopy folder, and then deleted them from my inbox, but with out knowing it-it seems to have deleted the four emails from my Kanopy folder.

    Is there any way you can fix this, so when I transfer my e-mails from my inbox to my Kanopy folder they will not be deleted when I delete all the e-mails from my inbox. I believe that if you put a line of code in to keep them from linking a persons inbox from a box they create. I would really help, for now I have lost four emails from Kanopy, and do not wish to have this happen again if possible.

    A user

  • trying to clarify i dont want to be able to reset my password with my notification email( alternate email or whatever you want to call it]

    • Yes, you can. This can be changed from your iPhone’s settings. Please navigate to Settings -> Notifications -> ProtonMail -> bottom of the screen -> “Show Previews” -> “Never”
      You will now see a badge/ banner notification on your screen when locked, but it will only say “Notification” and no details will be shown. 🙂

  • So here it is what I do not understand:

    I have disabled the daily notifications option, but I still receive them! Therefore I have moved this messages to the Spam Box! Furthermore, even when I receive these notifications saying I have new messages, it is not correct! I do not have new messages! So, why the notifications? Unless they mean the messages I receive in my Spam Box. Or the notifications messages which I have not read!

    This is why I would like to ask to remove every notification message, please.
    I already have the protonmail app, which lets me know when I have a new message, so I do not really need this notification system.

    Kind regards,


  • You, Jason Stockman, have contributed to this groovy and happy end-user’s positive email experience.

    Cool. Thank you.


    • ممكن حد يساعدني الاميل بتاعي مقفول وعوزه افتحه بس مبيجليش اشعارات علي البرنتو:<a

  • Jason

    even with the notification disabled I still get them but not to an alternative email address but to the protonmail address.



  • Hello
    I have daily email notifications disabled, however I still get email notifications informing me I have new emails on my Proton account but when I log in there are no new emails.

    • That is very strange. Can you please open a support ticket here: Thank you in advance!

  • Jason-
    Does Protonmail do a desktop notification when you’re not actually running Protonmail? Do I also need to have notifications enabled in Windows 10?
    Thank you

  • Hi Jason!
    I am planning to set up a few additional email accounts (say one for person emails, one just for my financials, etc). Will I be able to see notifications from each of these accounts on the same page/place on my android phone? Please advise on how this might work. Thank you!

    • Hello! At the moment we do not support multiple accounts on our mobile apps. We will make this available in the near future.

  • I would like to be able to turn off the notifications to my phone how do I do that? I keep getting notified of new e-mails every 2 minutes it does get a bit annoying. I should not be complaining because after all I am on a free account with you, and by the way thank you very much for making that possible for us not so ‘rich’ folks (LOL). Anyways, thank you again and to the whole team of Protonmail workers and developers I give my most sincere and warmest regards!!!

  • I read in Popular Mechanics, if you had trouble with your emails, you should try ProtonMail. And so I did. Thanks!

  • Is there a way to receive a notification in another email account once an email arrived in m Proton mailbox?

    Am using multiple mail-accounts. Once an email arrives in Proton, then I would like to get just a short text mail in, for instance, my gmail account advising me accordingly. I entered the other mail address in the Reset/Notification box (account settings) and sent an email to ProtonMail. Didn’t receive a notification.


    • Hi! The notifications are created in a smart way that do not spam your alternative account. You will receive a notification if you have not signed into your ProtonMail account for more that 24h. Also, the notifications will be aggregated and sent only once a day. Please read more about it here:

      Note: If you access your ProtonMail account then leave (by signing out, closing the browser, and etc), the 24 hour waiting period will be reset and any new incoming email should trigger a notification within an hour or two.

  • In the process of trying Proton and very annoyed that notifications were sent to another address which is a fall-back address. I joined for privacy not for my notifications to be sent to the above Too late you have..Notifications should be to

    I dont think i’ll be continuing based on this experience in the first few days. arkieofarabia.

    p.s the reason i didnt write a book followng my Sojourn ( the only person whom has done this alone out of 7billion persons now) around 139 Countries 1969 to 1975 back in the days of USSR now 27 separate Countries. Yugoslavia now 8. making my total 174 out of ( 195 )193 Sovereign Countries is a like my privacy.( other two are Palestine and Holy See )

    Every Tom, Dick and Harriett writes a book if they go down the fish and chip shop,. they make a mini tv series if they go twice .DUH

  • Hy!
    Someone told me “:good things”, about this mail.

    Many people have one eye on me… To much and a kind of dangerouse one.

    Right now I’m not completely hiden, but I’m near by or – better – I’m work for that
    At least I try to do so.

    I think I’m near the “good guys”, if someone can say this.

    So, since now, thanks and let’s hope for the best.

  • I am getting notifications in my gmail that I have proton mail. I have it disabled. Still happening. I deleted my reset email. But I’d like not to have to do that? Any ideas?

    • Hey!

      This should not happen if the notifications are disabled. Can you please check here: if your recovery address is connected to another ProtonMail account than the one on which you have disabled the notifications? If the issue persists, please open a support ticket here:

      Thank you,

  • gmail has a setting that sends me a text every time i receive a gmail. i think it has to do with a “on vacation” setting. does protonmail have a setting that will notify me everytime i receive a protonmail email?

  • Except that the notification service doesn’t work well. It sends notifications but then when you enter your inbox there are no new email although there should be

  • why does so much of this email system (especially the app) go through the evil Google??? Disturbing. I want to get away from Google as much as possible.

  • A notification that one got a notification makes – in my opinion – no sense. Since a while I only get these notifications and can not get rid of it.

  • I need help with some batch mailing I’m trying to do from my protonemail address via a third party, “Constant Connect”.
    Constant Connect customer service told me I have a dmarc p=quarantine which is causing my email to appear unverified?? And that apparently causes spam filters to pick up my emails. They said protonmail need to insert a “key” to verify that my emails are indeed from Protonmail…
    I am not very teck savy. Is it possible somehow to get phone support to sort this out?

    • Hi! Please open a support ticket on the following link and someone from our customer support team will try to help you solve this:

  • Have a one year subscription which i don’t see myself renewing solely because of the notification process. As alluded to in other users previous messages i use protonmail just to get the eyes of google off me. I just want a clean straight forward email that is not being trolled by third parties. But across my phone, desktop and laptop this current notification process is a complete fail. I need to be notified in a way more timely fashion then this current configuration. Why is it not the users choice?

  • Dear ProtonMail team,

    thanks for your service and the recent Black Friday offer. Still I would kindly ask you for an improvement.

    What is annoying me thoroughly already, it is not solved instant emails’ notification for more accounts.

    To explain, I am using two ProtonMail accounts. One is paid with own domain linked, using few mailing addresses for business. Perfect. This one I use with your mobile app. Instant notification works fine.

    However there is another PM account (free), which I am using exclusively for personal purposes. At this one I’ve set Reset/notification email (the first one), which ensures I get notification (but only once a day) about an email incoming. This is annoying me, since often I respond lately. Most of the daytime I am out of the office (PC, laptop), using your mobile app.

    Well, there would be three solutions in my estimation:

    1. notification to the reset/notification email address for each and every mail incoming in a real time (however your smart way of notification, that do not spam, doesn’t support it – I respect it)
    2. automated (optionally) forwarding incoming emails to the reset/notification email address (you don’t support it either – and again I highly respect it)
    3. the most convenient way would be linking of few PM accounts to your mobile app, ensuring instant notification for all of them in a real time – such as unfamous g.g.l. does (however according to your response above “At the moment we do not support multiple accounts on our mobile apps. We will make this available in the near future.”)

    Therefore could I kindly ask you had a look on it just a bit sooner than “in the near future”, please? 🙂

    Thank you indeed in advance.

  • I do not understand what you know regarding notification emails. If I use notifications does that mean you know the content of my emails or does it mean that you know that a notification was sent to me and you know the content of the notification? Thank you for this clarification.

    • Notification emails will just alert you that an email has been received in your ProtonMail inbox. We will not see the contents of your message.

  • Thanks Jason for providing me with an email that is encrypted ! Here in the US I had run into trouble as I had run out of money and in some case to stay warm was on property that was not mine as such an art building in Anacortes, on the outdoor “Porch” under the roof overhang I slept with my sleeping bag, as it was between snow and slush and rain and I did not want to sleep out under the “stars” or cloudy sky as not to get wet !
    Well I was found sleeping there by an Anacortes Police Officer who then tore my shoulder attachment in my rotator cuff and I had to not apply for work for a Month and had to start all over again with my Bench Press at 85 lbs. !
    This was done at the Y in Mt. Vernon !
    result of sleeping under the roof overhang, trespass, in the 3rd degree !
    I am still warranted for this event and the police always decide not to transport me as it is too far back to Anacortes !
    A warrant out in America means that the police can search your email !
    weather it be to your relatives or to officials or to employers, potential employers !

    Thanks again and in an common interest in particle physics and secure email, Ron O Stewart !

  • Just a thank you for an excellent service. It is my primary email handler, as I do not have a land line and connect through Wifi. It has proved invaluable to me over the last year and as a senior cit. the free service means a lot to me and has behaved flawlessly ever since I signed up.