New Features: PayPal Support and Signatures for Addresses

paypal and custom signatures

Since we released paid plans last month, many users have supported us by upgrading to paid plans. ProtonMail does not serve ads or abuse your privacy, so revenue from paid plans is essential for ProtonMail to continue operating. When paid accounts were launched, credit card was the only accepted payment method. Now for the first time, we are accepting PayPal for upgrades to paid accounts.

PayPal Support

ProtonMail has had a contentious history with PayPal, starting when PayPal froze funds during our crowdfunding campaign. Since then, we have been told that PayPal has improved their policies so we are willing to give PayPal another chance. However, the fees for PayPal are much higher, and we are still a bit wary of PayPal so credit card is still our preferred payment method. To pay with PayPal, simply select PayPal as the payment method from our payment page when upgrading your account.

protonmail paypal support

Signatures for Custom Domain Addresses

ProtonMail Paid account users have the ability to add custom domain addresses, or additional ProtonMail address to their primary account. Starting in version 3.1.4 we’ve added the ability to edit and customize the Display Name and Signature for each address in your account.

custom domain signatures edit

To edit your addresses, simply go to Settings –> Addresses and click on Edit Identity

Best Regards,
The ProtonMail Team

You can sign up for a ProtonMail account here.

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Jason Stockman

Jason is a co-founder of ProtonMail. He works on building ProtonMail's user interface and websites. Jason has over 10 years experience building websites and applications.

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26 comments on “New Features: PayPal Support and Signatures for Addresses

  • Thanks for your amazing job !
    I quit GMail for Proton thanks to you.
    Do you have any news about importing PGP keys (we can export in v2, and others can use protonmail public key but we can’t write to others outside ProtonMail with their keys).

  • Thanks for your amazing job !
    Do you have any news for PGP key importing ? We can export our PGP key in v2 interface, but there is no way to import others key and write to them with PGP outside ProtonMail.
    Thank you !

      • Perfect !
        And another question on PGP : when we export key, i notice two problems.
        The first time i exported the key, user id was not set, “UserId” was tagged. I regenerated the keys, then exported again. This time, my mail is tagged in the key as expected, but there is still no “name”, the display name is not tagged in key. Is it a (verry) little bug, or is it a feature ?

  • Thanks for the customized signatures :) \o/

    Two questions:

    1. Does it mean the iPhone app is around the corner? I mean.. really?! [I know, I know… I’ve seen all the drama and I am pretty sure this question is about to drive you guys crazy, but I like asking :p]

    2. More important question: My invoice is generated every 25th of the month. If I make another upgrade right now, will another invoice be generated today or on 25th of this month?


    • A new invoice will be created today, but we will pro-rate it based off of your existing plan. We’ll give more news about the mobile apps tomorrow.

  • Hi and thanks for adding custom domains! I have one question: will there be option to add multiple users to same domain? I’d like to have my family to use the same domain in protonmail and everyone still have their own private accounts.

  • The email aliases feature would be a lot more useful if you allowed the display name to be configurable for each alias…

  • How about Bitcoin payments via coinbase, etc.? I would prefer to pay my subscription using this method, and it seems that it would be lower fees and more secure.

  • perfect.
    i payed with bitcoins. But the long manual way.
    Could you also add something like Bitpay?
    that would be really cool, because Bitcoins are basically anonymous. Like the whole mail service should be..

    Also, whats the status of the PGP integration and the second factor identification?
    Also can you add new featuers into the app?
    Like extra PIN Lock, because the Login/Mailbox password are cached and i don’t want to type them in every time, but also don’t want it to be easily accessible for others, if i loose my phone or something.
    Also something like a prevention to take screenshots would be nice.
    That would be cool, because than it would be harder to record the screen by software of any kind.
    The app Signal has this feature i think.

    But i want to much. :D
    i basically just wanted to say, that’s a super service.
    You did a good job.
    I’m glad i switched and dumped all gmail accounts.

  • Quick question, why not integrate with Stripe / supports bitcoin out of the box / – I just do not use paypal. Thanks for this fantastic service !

  • After watching the CBS 60 minutes ( April 17, 2016 ) piece on the ability of hackers to get into any electronic device, just how secure is Proton mail? If street hackers can gain access, one would seriously have to wonder about the ability of well financed government agencies like the CIA and NSA to gain access with just as much ease.

  • it is posible to add html to signatures ?, i mean, directly the code button, cause copy – paste from another doesnt work as i want

  • I don’t have a paid account but would sign up if I could use PayPal to make payments.

  • This is over four years old and I still can’t validate my ProtonMail address as my primary PayPal address.