Plan events with friends and colleagues with event invitations in Proton Calendar

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Have big plans? Now that you can use the Proton Calendar web app to send and receive event invitations, you can share your plans with anyone. This feature works with Proton Calendar as well as other popular calendars, allowing you to collaborate with colleagues and share your plans with friends, no matter what provider they use. 

This new development is a major step forward for Proton Calendar. Planning a meeting or call is much easier now that you can send colleagues an invitation they can save in their calendar. And with Proton Calendar, your event details are secured with end-to-end encryption. Only you can access the details of your schedule.

While Proton Calendar will be made available to all users, including Free users, Proton Calendar beta is available immediately for users with Plus, Professional, and Visionary plans. If you don’t yet have a paid plan, you can upgrade now and start sending and receiving event invitations immediately.

If you have a paid Proton plan but haven’t started using Proton Calendar yet, you can access the web app by logging in to your Proton account at and choosing Proton Calendar from the App Selector. (You can also download the Proton Calendar Android app, which is currently in beta, although in-app event invitations are still in development.) 

Once you’ve logged in to Proton Calendar, don’t forget to import your existing calendar events from another provider.

Sending and receiving invitations in Proton Calendar

Proton Calendar makes sending and accepting event invitations quick and simple. With just a couple of clicks, you can set your agenda and make sure everyone is on the same page.

To send an invite, simply add the email address of the person you want to invite in the Add Participants field when you are creating the event.

You can also send invitations to events that you already created by adding their email address to the participant list for that event or uninvite them by deleting their email from the participant list. Once someone has accepted your invitation to an event, they will receive updates if you modify its location or time. You can invite up to 100 participants to a single event.

Learn more about sending event invitations in Proton Calendar

When someone sends you an invitation to an event, you will receive an email in your ProtonMail inbox with the event details. This email also lets you respond to the event’s organizer about whether you will be attending. You can choose Yes, No, or Maybe.

Once you respond to the invitation, Proton Calendar will automatically notify the organizer and add the event to your calendar.

For now, you can only send and receive event invitations with the Proton Calendar web app, but it will be added to the Proton Calendar Android app in the near future.

An encrypted calendar for all your personal moments

You entrust your calendar app with all your upcoming events: your work meetings, big family events, and parties with your friends. The fact that most calendar apps can access and monitor this type of data is invasive and degrades the right to privacy. Only you should be able to access your plans.

Proton Calendar prevents this type of surveillance by encrypting your events using the same end-to-end encryption that we use to protect ProtonMail messages. The title, description, location, and participants of each event are encrypted on your device before they reach our servers, meaning no one but you, not even ProtonMail, can see the details of your events

Help us build a more private internet

We rely on your feedback to guide our development team and to make the privacy-focused tools you want. Please share any suggestions and bug reports with our team. By using the Proton Calendar beta and supporting our work, you’re helping to make privacy more accessible for everyone.

This is just the first of many new features and developments we have planned for 2021. In the coming months, we will release a feature on the web app that allows you to share your calendar with non-Proton users and the Proton Calendar iOS app.

Proton Calendar is just one part of the encrypted ecosystem we’re building. These services give you control over your personal data, allowing you to communicate, plan your life, save important documents, and browse the internet in privacy and security. This is what an internet that puts people first looks like.

Feel free to share your feedback and questions with us via our official social media channels on Twitter and Reddit.

About the Author

Richie Koch

Prior to joining Proton, Richie spent several years working on tech solutions in the developing world. He joined the Proton team to advance the rights of online privacy and freedom.


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21 comments on “Plan events with friends and colleagues with event invitations in Proton Calendar

  • When do you think you’re leaving the beta for Cloud and Calendar for an official and stable version? I just don’t move all-in to a beta-test but like to make use of the features.

  • Can we get a technical article about how this works?
    Is it part of CalDAV or your own code?

    I switched from Google’s Calendar to CalDav many years ago and miss being able to schedule events.

  • Will the ability to share an entire calendar with another proton user be available soon? I’m guessing with this development it would be the next step. Need to be on the same page with my wife!


  • Thank you! This was the last thing I needed to make this my daily driver. Working flawlessly so far. You are pulling together an incredible product here and it is very much appreciated. I’ll be excited to see what is next!

  • But when is the iOS app out? We are waiting but love for Apple yet.

    Love Proton so excited for the new app

  • When my wife sends me an invite, the Yes, No, Maybe buttons are grayed out (not selectable). Hence, I cannot respond to the invitation. No mention of how to remedy this. I’ve spent over an hour trying to troubleshoot and research this issue without success.

  • Exciting… I know this a basic feature for most calendars but it’s good to see it on Proton. I must say, Proton software is well made and logically laid out.

  • It would be great to be able to attach a file(s) to the event in the calendar. Attaching any file from the proton drive to the calendar event would turn the calendar into a good calendar based planer. Thank you for your great products.

  • I know it’s still early days, but have you thought about integrating something for tasks in? I use my calendar religiously, but need the integration with my task manager (currently todoist). I’d drop the big G in a heartbeat for something like that.

  • Can I receive an invitation from outside Proton Calendar? Many people send me G invites, but can they send it from their G calendar to my protonmail address, and have it go to my proton calendar?

  • It’s looking good so far, but as is the case with everyone we are all waiting for different specific capabilities. The hook for me right now is figuring out how to get the accepted invitations added to the Proton Calendar, not to the default calendar on the phones. I know it is likely a problem on my end but I am having difficulty finding a default setting for the calendar. I’m running an android with /e/ OS, from (a de-googled OS). I’ll keep hunting while I wait for the invite function to be available in the app. Thanks!

  • When you invite someone, is the details of the event available for their email provider to analyze and process? If I understand this correctly, only the ProtonCalendar user’s event details is encrypted.
    As soon as you send the event out of the proton eco system, the information is not encrypted for the service provider?
    For instance: By inviting a gmail user, you are exposing your event details to google servers?

  • What I love about this is that you have included all the service workers to make it it a PWA! I can use it on iOS as an app (PWA) until the official release. So useful, and I’m so glad to be a customer of ProtonMail.

  • You can open it in Safari on iOS and use the “Share” then “Add to Home Screen” this allows you to use it like an app on iOS (a function of Progressive Web Applications).

  • I would love an integration with Calendly (or Zapier at least) so people can book a time in my calendar. Is this available now or soon?