ProtonMail at Swissnex San Francisco

Encrypted Email Service ProtonMail is hosted in Switzerland

Earlier this week, we were invited to speak about our free encrypted email service at Swissnex San Francisco’s “Ensuring Safety for the Future of Cyberspace” event.  As some of you may know, Swissnex is a part of Swiss embassies and consulates worldwide and has the mission of connecting Swiss technology and innovation with local communities.  At the event, one of our team members, Bart Butler, explained why and how we utilize end-to-end encryption to provide email privacy to ProtonMail users.

During our talk, we explored the encryption technology behind ProtonMail, as well as the physical security measures we take to ensure that user data is protected. During the talk, we also discussed details of OpenPGP.js, the front end cryptography library ProtonMail uses to encrypt emails. This library, which we are involved in developing, is completely open source and available for review.

ProtonMail uses open source cryptography library OpenPGP.js
A slide from our presentation showing how we implement encryption in the inbox with OpenPGP.js
ProtonMail Secure Swiss Datacenter Bunker
A slide showcasing the physical bunker our data center lives under

We also gave the audience a quick look at ProtonMail’s maximum security data center which is located deep in the Swiss alps. The facility is housed in a former military bunker designed to resist a nuclear attack. ProtonMail servers are located deep underground beneath hundreds of meters of solid granite rock in order to provide state of the art physical security.

  • We were excited to have the opportunity to share our encryption technology with the Swiss and American audience at Swissnex. ProtonMail has a fast growing international user base and it is always amazing to be able to discuss the future of encrypted and anonymous email with other privacy advocates from across the world. We look forward to sharing ProtonMail with you at other events in the future.

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