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ProtonMail BETA v1.071 Release Notes

This mini-update builds upon the major update 1.07.

Bug Fixes

    • Fixed an issue that prevented IceWeasel users from being able to login.
    • Fixed an issue that prevented users of the TorBrowserBundle from being able to login.
    • Fixed a bug where special characters in the Display Name could break the Settings page form.
    • Fixed a bug in IE where the Compose Expiration Message was considered invalid by default.
    • Fixed a bug where some users were able to visit the site in NON SSL mode.

Known Issues

  • Multiple attachments not properly supported.
  • Mobile and Tablet not yet fully supported.
  • Attachments are not encrypted.
  • Non UTF-8 character encoded emails not fully supported.
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About the Author

Jason is CoFounder of ProtonMail, which offers easy-to-use end-to-encrypted email.


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  1. Dear ProtonGuys,

    I like your project, but one essential thing is still missing. Once you send out an encrypted email to a non-ProtonMail user, he/she is only able to decrypt and view the message, not to reply.

    I would like to see a reply function on the decrypted message page so the non-PM can communicate in a secure way back to the sender. I also like to see (Google) two-factor authentication for login.

    Do you have a developers site with a list of features you still want to build or some kind of whishlist? Maybe this feature is already requested a dozen times :-)

    Regards and keep up the good work!


  2. I issued a problem on Wednesday and it got solved with this “mini” update. Great response time ! I love your service and have already recommend it to several friends !