ProtonMail BETA v1.11 Release Notes

We are happy to announce the release of ProtonMail v1.11. As usual, please clear your browser cacheย or log out and log back in if you encounter any problems.

New Features

  • Added a layer of redundancy to prevent incoming email loss in the event of a server crash.
  • Added ability to import contacts.
  • Added basic swipe support to mobile.
  • Added additional security layers to backend and API systems.
  • Added Auto-Save of messages to Drafts.
  • Messages that expire will fade out in real-time.
  • Real-time countdown for expiring messages (on icon hover).
  • Updated fetching of latest messages for performance.
  • Updated style of loading icons.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed typos site-wide.
  • Fixed minor UI inconsistencies for more polished UX.
  • Fixed a bug where composing a message would generate a 404 Error.
  • Fixed a bug where certain message titles were not displayed properly.
  • Fixed a bug where extremely long messages broke the UI on smaller screens.


  • Improved handling of messages with non-standard encodings.
  • Improved email parsing to better display HTML emails.
  • Improved ability to handle invalid email formats.
  • Improved the Update page for incompatible browsers.
  • Reworked UI panel for message expiration.
  • Reworked loading of Compose page for performance.
  • Reworked mobile UX for improved experience.
  • Reworked printing for better support of foreign languages.
  • Reworked backend for performance
  • Reworked Contacts page.

Known Issues

  • Multiple attachments not properly supported.
  • Mobile and Tablet not yet fully supported.
  • Attachments are not encrypted.

Security Fixes

  • Fixed a reflected XSS attack that where users could hack themselves by searching with a malicious string.
  • Fixed a vulnerability where users could hack their own accounts using a specially crafted iframe XSS on the Compose page. (credit:ย M.R.Vignesh Kumar)
  • Images in html emails are no longer automatically loaded to prevent tracking.

About the Author

Jason Stockman

Jason is a co-founder of ProtonMail. He works on building ProtonMail's user interface and websites. Jason has over 10 years experience building websites and applications.

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78 comments on “ProtonMail BETA v1.11 Release Notes

  • So I exported my contacts from Google (Click contact, more, export, select group “my contacts” select output: “Google CSV format (for importing into a Google account) “) and imported into protonmail and I get: You chose an invalid Gmail contact csv.

    I have not cleared my cache I have to admit.

    • When you are exporting, please select the: “vCard format (for importing into Apple Address Book or another application)”. Thank you for trying the new feature!

  • Why did you deleted the “email checker”, it was a great feature to prevent spoofing (even if some real e-mail was not recognized)

  • In the release notes above it’s included an item that talks about the mobile app.
    It’s possible to try this “beta” app? I know that it’s not yet released on Google Play, but perhaps you can send me a link to download the apk.
    Or the mobile app it’s only for your internal use and test so far?


      • Please don’t forget blackberry compatibility — there are still a lot of us around despite what everyone seems to like to say — and most are security conscious. This would be terrific for secure personal mail on a BB10 device that is also providing secure work mail.

  • Hi

    I’m Sophie a bug hunter by profession. I’ve found a security issue on your last release and I’d like to know if you have a bug bounty program or if you offer monetary rewards for reporting bugs?



  • Do you have an idea how soon invites will be sent out for new accounts ?
    Is 1/2 months a realistic time frame or much more than that .
    looking forward to signing up


  • I absolutely love ProtonMail…. Is there a android app by chance? I know I can just use the web browser but I’m sure an app would make things easier from the phone.

    Thanks for a great service!!!

  • A follower and contributor to this project, well done. I look forward seeing the known issues resolved as they are hot ones. Please keep up the good work. Can you post an email everytime there is a new release? Thank you.

    • Thank you for your support! We are looking into sending emails with updates, we have a firm anti-spamming philosophy so want to make sure we do it right.

  • Oh, I forgot another more question: Does Protonmail allow the creation of alias? I think other providers call it identities, or so. Well, with “alias” I mean those secondary email addresses that can be used to not reveal the real one and can be deleted without removing the account. Oter providers like Autitici, Openmailbox and even Yahoo and Hotmail provide this feature. It’s very practical and useful, but I haven’t seen anything about that in your info.


  • Thanks for the great work! One quick question: will the storage size of 100MB be eventually increased, or will it be a pay feature? (or are you still working it out ? ๐Ÿ˜› ) cheers!

    • Yes, the 100MB free storage will be increased once we are out of Beta. If you start running out of space, let us know and we will look at increasing your limit. You will definitely be able to purchase as much storage as you wish, once we are out of Beta!

      Thank you for your support as we build out ProtonMail!

      • Dear admin,

        thank you for your answer. Yes if possible it would be great if it was possible to increase my limit, I’m transfering some files right now and it’s looking already half full… Thank you!



  • Over time, I hope protonmail will provide all the things that Gmail provides, including address-book and calendar and sync to phone. I think there a are lot of people like me who would rather ask Google: Hey, how much do you earn by selling my privacy? Please, let me compensate you for that and keep everything to myself. I hope you guys will be the party the gives me the freedom to pay with money in stead of private data.

    Who knows, In time you may release a paid-for phone operating system that runs on the nexus-models for example. I would gladly pay!

  • Hi – I’ve already ‘downloaded’ ProtonMail but just can’t find it / get into it in order to use it (!)

    Can you help in any way – it would be much appreciated!!


  • How about being able to send as if from another address (like sending from the Protonmail interface as if it’s from my FastMail account)? Or even sending through my Fastmail’s SMTP servers? That way I could make my home in the Protonmail account & interface but still send mail “from” my FM address to those recipients who are used to that one. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • The work you folks are doing is incredibly important, especially in light of the government abuses of privacy rights in the US. Are you still taking contributions to the research & development? I haven’t seen any more efforts since the Indiegogo start-up, but there are many of us, I am sure, who want to see you guys succeed. We want to back that with our pocketbooks. Please make sure everyone knows how to keep pouring money into the company!

    Thanks … Gerry

  • I am really looking forward to being able to create my own folders. That feature will allow me to leave Gmail for good! Keep up the great work! Can’t wait to see what you guys have planned for the future!

  • Are you planning on an integrated Calendar & Drive storage app like Google? I would pay a yearly subscription for this rather than use Google…


  • Well done for giving the user the option to display images (or not), when viewing an email. This stops those nasty email tracking tricks, which some phishers/scammers, and companies use to track email opening/usage.


  • Dear Admin,

    The proton mail service is far excellent but the inconvenience is we cannot read/compose the mails in HTML formats. Please try to fix the issues according to your convenient.

    Hats off to the developers of Proton Mail service. Appreciated.

    Thiru Yadav

  • Glad this project is moving along.
    From the comments and responses, it seems that what I personally need to make protonmail my default email and get away from gmail is in progress.
    1. An android client
    2. The ability to send mail from my domain i.e.
    3. the ability to forward email to protonmail that is destined for

    All that being said, great work so far. Love this.

    • Unfortunately we can’t support this because Thunderbird can’t do encryption/decryption of ProtonMail encrypted messages. We will eventually build a plugin for this, but we are giving priority to our mobile apps.

  • I would like a feature where you can set a range of time and date when the email can be viewed. And an option to disguise your email address so the person you sent it to can’t see it or reply.

  • Hey guys, awesome work. Any chance of getting the servers and ports I need to input to configure my ProtonMail account to work with Apple Mail on my Macbook, and my mail app on my Android phone?
    Has this feature been implemented and have I somehow missed it?

    Thanks for all the hard work.

    • Thank you for your support. At this time we do not support third party email clients. We are working on making this possible in the future.

  • Hi,
    I’ve noticed several times you’ve stated that the android app would be released in Jan 2015. Well it is now almost end of March and still not sign off android protonmail app?

    • We plan to release the iOS and Android apps within the next couple of months. Beta testing for the iOS app is planned to begin soon.