ProtonMail BETA v1.15 Release Notes

We’re excited to showcase the variety of improvements we’ve made to encrypted messages to outside users and productivity in the ProtonMail inbox. As usual, if you encounter any problems, please clear your browser cache or log out and log back in. Here’s a quick introduction to the new features:

New Editor & Encrypted Reply for Outside Email Users

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 11.44.35 AM

Encrypted communications with your friends, business partners, and clients without ProtonMail accounts is now easier than ever. Any recipient of your password-encrypted message can reply within the same conversation without needing a ProtonMail account. They can simply click ‘Reply Securely’ after accessing the password protected message you send them and the reply will be delivered to your ProtonMail account, with full end-to-end encryption.

New Outside Encrypted Email HTML Message Design

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 9.51.30 AM

Have you seen our new HTML email design for outside encrypted messages? We’ve given this feature a fresh new look to compliment our new homepage design. Your friends can get to your secure message faster and more easily now with the button.

Email View Redesign & Quick Compose

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 11.46.11 AM

This update also brings a new look to our email view page in your inbox. With this new design, we streamlined our button interface to make viewing your emails an even smoother experience. We also added a new quick compose feature that allows you directly compose a new email to any recipient you see in your current message. Simply click their email address and click [Compose Email To] to draft a new message.

Quick Hotkey Shortcuts (Inbox only)


Now you can mark your messages as read or unread without clicking the button! Press [u], [r], or [s] on your keyboard while hovering over your emails to market messages as unread, read, or starred respectively. These new hotkeys make it even more convenient for you to organize your inbox.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Here are the detailed ProtonMail BETA v1.15 Release Notes:

New Features

  • New Outside Encrypted Email HTML Message Design
  • New Reply Feature and Editor for non-ProtonMail users who receive encrypted messages
  • Message view redesign & added quick compose feature
  • New Hotkey Shortcuts in Inbox

Bug Fixes

  • Removed odd UI spacing from the login page
  • An Auto-save bug was fixed
  • Fixed bugs related to printing multiple pages
  • Autosave drafts now updates for multiple attachments
  • Fixed a small percentage of attachments could not be downloaded
  • Fixed double / triple scroll-bars rendering for some browsers


  • New Welcome Email
  • Updated blockquotes and indented messages for message display
  • Improved advanced search slightly
  • Iframe scrollbar fixes for IE
  • Changed the way images are shown or not shown by default
  • Updated key generation – better support for IE11
  • Changed locks for message view and inbox views
  • Removed send message limit meter

Security Fixes

  • Fixed self-XSS by manipulating the signature in a quoted message.
  • Fixed self-XSS by manipulating the auto-save feature.
  • Fixed potential self-XSS regarding internal message signatures. (Credit Kacper Rybczyński)
  • Fixed unauthorized logout script attack (could be exploited to log you out without permission). (Credit dotchloe)

About the Author

Jason Stockman

Jason is a co-founder of ProtonMail. He works on building ProtonMail's user interface and websites. Jason has over 10 years experience building websites and applications.

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105 comments on “ProtonMail BETA v1.15 Release Notes

  • Have you gotten rid of the quota on the maximum number of sent messages per month a Protonmail user can send with this update?

    • Thank you for noticing! Yes we did remove the send message limit in this latest update, as the limit was there previously to protect against spamming while we developed in BETA. There is still a higher limit however, in the case an email account is abused to send an excessive amount of emails/spam, but most users will never see this happen.

  • Love you guys.. you are what is right with the world.. Days may get dark in future.. but them big sexy brains you all have going for you, maybe the best shot freedom has left… thank you for not using this as a money making, info gathering platform.. dont have to be perfect.. but your working for us as a people.. and i respect you all greatly…. gushing fan.. joe lol.

  • Nice work! Keep it up! When will we be able to purchase more space? Also, are you guys working on whitelisting for spam?

    Thanks for everything!

    • Thank you for noticing! Yes we did remove the send message limit in this latest update, as the limit was there previously to protect against spamming while we developed in BETA. There is still a higher limit however, in the case an email account is abused to send an excessive amount of emails/spam, but most users will never see this happen.

  • Your great work and efforts are making ProtonMail better everyday. No praise would do you guys justice. Perfection is an endless journey and your relentless work is greatly appreciated. Looking forward to folders and Mobile/Tablet Apps. Congrats on your journey so far.

  • Grateful to you for your hard work. Thanks for this very needed service, and your continual improvements.

  • Awesome work guys. Great to see Protonmail moving to fast.
    I like the way the HTML indicates how many unread messages there are but I find it annoying when I don’t have any haha “ProtonMail (0)”.

  • Looks good, but how about getting rid of icons in message view too? I still have problems interpreting which icon means spam and which one means reply.

    Looks like there aren’t any icons in inbox view anymore, which is very good. I can’t see why should one use symbols when you can just write stuff out with four to six letter words.

    Thanks for the awesome email!

  • This is excellent progress. Nice one guys. Now as soon as there is an Android client, I can start using my address.

  • Its a great feature, I was hoping for a delayed sending of emails (specific time) so I don’t get probed by anyone one in real-time while I’m signed-in.

  • Thank you so much for doing this. It’s a beautiful, functional application. Needs some work, but it’s great.

  • Well done! Thanks so much for your hard work. I’d very much appreciate inbox subfolders into which we can distribute our messages..

  • Dear ProtonMail,

    How can you be so awesome when Gmail and Hotmail/Outlook is so horrible? Keep up the great work!

    Kind regards,


  • Team Proton,

    Love the little touches such as the new message header look; hotkeys are fun. The only thing I get in my Gmail is e-commerce, solicitations and other junk. I’ve been 100% proton since November and never looked back.

    My wife is currently in the process of switching. It took her years to go from M$ to GNU/Linux, so she is not one to change on a whim.

    All my private and professional correspondence is now done strictly via ProtonMail and your new reply ability for those who receive encrypted emails is priceless.

    I know the product will keep improving and evolving. Having been with you guys since ~Jun 2014, I can only say the wait is worth it and cannot wait to see where you’ll be 5 years from now.


  • Sehr geehrtes ProtonMail Team,

    ProtonMail 1.15 macht einen sehr guten Eindruck.

    Verschlüsselte E-Mails mit Anhang sollten noch verbessert werden.

    Schickt man ein verschlüsseltes E-Mail mit Anhang jemanden ohne ProntonMail Account, sieht dieser sofort den Anhang. Gibt er das Passwort ein, bekommt er den unverschlüsselten Text. Den Anhang sieht er dabei nicht mehr.

    Einen Wunsch wäre noch anzubringen. Kann man das ProtonMail multilingual erweitern ? Im jetzigen Zustand kann es passieren, dass ein Empfänger der nicht Englisch kann und ProtonMail nicht kennt, das E-Mail ungelesen in den Papierkorb legt.

    Mit freundlichen Grüssen


  • Will you be including folders / subfolders in your rollouts anytime soon? I know that in a reply to a post someone made in December or January, you stated that it would be done in the beginning of this year. We’ll be closing out the first quarter of this year tomorrow.

    Minus the lack of folders and subfolders, the email is terrific.

    • Thank you for the support and the question! We’ve been working really hard on improving the productivity features of ProtonMail, so we plan on releasing this feature in the near future. Please stay tuned. Thank you for your patience.

  • I’d appreciate some “text tips” (or whatever they are called – those hints that appear when the mouse hovers over a link) for all those arrows in the upper right corner when reading a message. Some of us old farts have trouble remembering what arrow does what.

  • Looks cool and comfortable, especially New Outside Encrypted Email HTML Message Design.

    Next improvement, I wish I could access encrypted mail system/ site from every internet browser regardless of version :)

    When I try to access the site or check the encrypted mail from protonmail, I should use Chrome to use the mail service because the version of installed internet browser is 10.0.

    Consider about above matter!

  • Great improvements! When will see expanded options and notations available for the contacts list?

      • Any update on the time frame? In particular, the iOS app. Is this slated for an August or September release?

  • I use Proton for all my secure needs. I am constantly recommending it to coworkers, friends, and family. Thank you for your continued hard-work. I wish everyone ran on your business platform. Privacy is a necessity.

  • Great news but it didn’t work properly, though. I mailed my wife and she got the mail on her Samsung Android Gmail app. But when she tried to reply the page was just blank. She tried with Chome, Firefox and the Samsung default browserapp but the outcome was the same.

  • You know what would be really, really AWESOME and so, SO useful? Folders. Mail folders. Any chance of those anytime soon?

    • Thank you for the comment, we’re already planning on implementing this feature in the near future. Thank you for your patience!

  • Thank you very much! I am a very happy user, and I love seeing the new updates. Keep up the fantastic work, and we will continue to spread the word! :)

  • Also when will the android app be made, because I really need notifications for new emails.

    • We’re planning to release an Android app in the near future, thank you for your patience.

  • Loving Protonmail. Can you at least tell us which month the iOS app will be likely to come out. We won’t hold you to it but I can’t sleep at night not knowing..

    • We’re working on the iOS app right now! We hope to get it ready for release in the next few months. Thank you for your support and patience.

  • Hello Team,

    Grateful to you for your hard work, I’m proud to see you are building an email service with more security and privacy for all around the world. More security is never overdone, whereas it is essential… There is one date for the implementation of the verification in two-steps? Thanks a lot for all!

    Best Regards,
    Otávio Júnior.

  • I, like others, really need notifications. Either some workaround with PushBullet or perhaps you could add an an option to your daily notification section of every 15 minutes or something similar? Once this is complete I’m ready to make the switch permanently. LOVE this email client.

    • Thank you so much for the support! We’re actually working on mobile applications right now that will have active push notifications. Stay tuned for updates as we develop them!

  • Great, now can you please stop using your encryption system and start supporting PGP like normal people?
    And add IMAP/SMTP support so that we can actually use Protonmail.

    • There are security limitations in POP/IMAP that currently limit support for ProtonMail’s end-to-end encryption. We may explore other options to solve this problem in the future. Thank you for the comment and your patience.

    • There are security limitations in POP/IMAP that currently limit support for ProtonMail’s end-to-end encryption. We may explore other options to solve this problem in the future. Thank you for the comment and your patience.

    • There are security limitations in POP/IMAP that currently limit support for ProtonMail’s end-to-end encryption. We may explore other options to solve this problem in the future. Thank you for the comment and your patience.

  • Nothing that you wouldn’t already know but..
    desperately need :
    (1) Folders
    (2) iOS app
    I would imagine folders and mobile app to be easily your top two new feature still on-hold? Do you plan on publishing a concrete roadmap for Protonmail?
    Thank you for a great and reliable service,
    Lifetime contributor

    • Thank you for the comment, we are currently working on implementing folders and an iOS app. You should see these in the very near future. Folders and filters are coming in the next update. Thank you for your patience.

  • The new encrypted reply is an amazing improvement. Thank you for your clear, and easy to understand, description of this enhancement (and previous ones as well).

  • when you start making an app for protonmail can you PLEASE! make a windows phone app… iv got a windows phone and there are only like 2 apps for it but i would really really like to have a protonmail app


    • Thank you for the comment, we’ll take this into consideration as we continue developing mobile applications for ProtonMail.

    • We’re working on a filter feature that will be coming in the next update, thank you for your patience.

  • When will folders be adde to organize ones e-mail? This has been promised many times for months as being “very soon in coming”

    I’m starting to wonder if such basic features will ever come. I signed up last year and still haven’t been able to use pronton as my main e-mail due to lack of basic e-mail features.

    • We are working the feature at this moment, it will be implemented within the next update. Thank you for your patience.

  • Actually a timestamp of the last successful login will suffice.

    A login timestamp is a robust security feature that many big banks use. It would be nice to see it in ProtonMail as well.

    • We plan on implementing 2FA in the future. We’ll announce more details as we get closer to implementation.

    • Thank you for the comment and the support! We plan on releasing an Android app soon that will be compatible with Blackberry 10 devices.

  • Awesome update!

    I should have received an invite, but I think it has been lost. Could I have it resent to me?

  • My account got ready few hours ago, I changed my email on some sites to test.

    Result: I receive my mails instantaneously and I don’t have any “lost” mail, compared to my previous email provider. The double login makes me feel a lot safer.

    I got a question: Is ProtonMail enough stable to permit me to use my account as primary e-mail?

    Thanks to the ProtonMail team to provide a such great service!

  • Keep up the great job you are doing, guys!

    Is there still a limit to how many addresses you can send to in one email? I ran against a limit when trying to organize something with my running group :(


  • So great
    Bring in folder creation and more space (paid of course) and i’ll be able to migrate all my comms. entirely.

    Anyways great work with the update don’t GIVE INTO the ever prying pressure of the government hacks under premise of national security.

    We are ordinary citizens resenting the evermore prying invigilation techniques of the global corporate controlled government

  • On the waiting list go get an email for our Blacksmith group. Hope to be on-board sometime soon. This is wonderful. Finally a no “control freak, illegal snoop-able” email service that protects our rights.

  • Also looking forwards to the Android version – using it from is Dolphin is OK but a bit fiddly.

  • When will their be an option for threaded emails? Currently I have multiple emails for the same conversation.

    Also any timetable as to when you will be out of beta? Looking to make this my primary service.

    Thank you and great job.

    • Thank you for comment and support, we plan on implementing threaded emails later this year. We are working hard to implement new essential features to improve ProtonMail in the next few updates, so we anticipate to be out of beta soon. Thank you for your patience.

  • Thank you guys for the great work!

    Do you have plans of making a desktop client like Thunderbird? which is only devoted for protonmail! It will be a lot easier than opening the browser and safe as well!

    • Thank you for the comment and your support! This is a great suggestion, we may look into this solution in the future.

  • Awesome work on the updates!

    Also looking forward to your android app release as this is the final piece of the jigsaw that makes Protonmail usable as my primary email address

  • Hi would like to know when we will be able to use protonmail with our own domain name.
    We would really like to leave definetely and forever the actual mail service privider of our company as soon as possible and move everything right away on protonmail, but we would need to use our own domain :)
    Great Job we all support your work at Protonmail to enhance our privacy protection!

    • Thank you for the support and the suggestion! We plan on implementing custom domains in the future.

  • Thank you so much for the updates and kind replies to all our questions!
    I have one of my own: you mentioned mobile apps, but no Windows Phone. Should I abandone all hopes of a Windows Phone app, or is it planned at some point?

    • Thank you for the suggestion, we’re currently working on iOS and Android applications. We’ll look into your suggestion in the future!

  • Now if I could just get this email service into my BlackBerry I’d be in digital communication heaven!

  • I’m on BlackBerry 10 and an android app would be a big step toward my using protonmail exclusively. Please make sure that the protonmail android app and/or POP/IMAP support has full BlackBerry Hub integration.

  • Do you know when you’ll be adding more users so I can sign up? Been waiting a while now.

    • We send batches of invitations to new users everyday. However, we have a large waiting list, so there is no expected waiting time for new users. Thank you for your patience and stay tuned to your inbox.

  • Hi Jason, do you have an approximate idea of when e-mail aliases will be implemented? Also will there be a feature to backup/export mail?

  • Could definitely do with email folders, and, crucially, the ability to set email rules so that mails end up in the correct folders, much as they do in my Hotmail account.

    Brilliant service; works perfectly, even on my Android tablet. Privacy in communications is an essential. You have to use some email service to sign up to webpages etc, and I realised long ago that it led to my Hotmail being spammed. I never quote my email addresses other than Hotmail on the Web, but I have still had occasional spam into them, especially since reading them using webmail portals. Data leaks, there’s no doubt about it. Your encryption is the best defence.

  • Beautiful interface. One feature I’d like is an “add link” button or an ability to switch to html to add anchor tags myself to send urls. Am I missing something or is this coming sometime?

    • Thank you for the comment and the support. We plan on improving our email editor in the future. In the meantime, you can easily paste pre-formatted text into the compose page. Please stay tuned!