ProtonMail BETA v1.16 Release Notes

ProtonMail BETA v1.16 is finally here! We’ve added encrypted attachments so you can send and receive attachments from ProtonMail users in a fully end-to-end encrypted way. We are also excited to showcase one of the most widely requested features for productivity: archive folder and custom “folders”. You will also notice a fresh look on our homepage and UX improvements on your inbox throughout. Finally, we’ve added a number of new settings including a way to customize ProtonMail’s theme if you know CSS. As usual, if you encounter any problems, please clear your browser cache or log out and log back in. Here’s a quick introduction to the new features:

Encrypted Attachments

Encrypted Attachments Blog

In the past, attachments sent and received with ProtonMail were not encrypted. Now with ProtonMail v1.16, attachments are now automatically encrypted and decrypted within your inbox. This has been one of our most requested features and we are excited to implement this feature now for all of our users.

With this new update, all attachments exchanged with other ProtonMail users are end-to-end encrypted! Attachments received from incoming outside emails or sent to outside are stored encrypted and cannot be decrypted except by you with the correct mailbox password. When you view your messages, you can decrypt stored attachments immediately within your browser by clicking download.

The Encrypt for Outside Users feature does not support end-to-end encryption of attachments yet; we will release this in the future.

New Folder: Archive

So far, all emails in ProtonMail reside in one and only one of 5 folders: Inbox, Drafts, Sent, Spam, and Trash.  You can think of these as physical compartments and emails can be moved from one folder to another. The Starred “folder” is actually not a real folder because it simply gathers starred emails that reside in the 5 real folders.


In v1.16, we are finally adding a widely requested 6th folder: Archive.  For those unfamiliar with Archive, it is mainly used to store emails that you don’t want in your inbox but want to keep.  This is particularly useful for inbox zero practitioners: you can now move email from Inbox to Trash if you want to delete it or to Archive if you want to save it.

Great, now what if you also want custom folders to organize emails into categories such as “To-do” or “Summer Vacation”? After much research and thinking, we came to the conclusion that the best way to implement custom “folders” is actually through custom “labels”.

Labels for Messages

The problem with folders is that an email can only be in one folder; this is very intuitive but also very limiting. Typically, when you delete a folder, you also delete all the emails inside it, leading to complicated re-organizations. Labels, on the other hand, are much more flexible and thus better for customization. This is why in v1.16, we built labels on top of the 6 real folders.


The way labels work is first, you create a label (in the Labels dropdown or in Settings).  For example, let’s create the label “Friends” with a blue color. Once a label is created, it will show up on the left sidebar below the folders and also in the Labels dropdown. You can now add the label to any email regardless of which folder it resides in using the Labels dropdown.

Clicking the “Friends” label on the left sidebar will take you to the listing view of all emails with the “Friends” label and feels just like a folder.  You can then remove labels from emails: this will NOT delete the emails or change which folder they are in.  Finally, in the Settings page, you can edit, delete, and even re-order labels.  Deleting a label does NOT delete any emails.

We hope our hybrid system of folders and labels will help increase your productivity and we will continue to innovate to make them easier to use.

Updated Homepage

New ProtonMail Homepage

In addition to the new UX improvements throughout the ProtonMail inbox, we have given our homepage several new design improvements. We took the time to improve our homepage to create a smoother experience for old and new users.

ProtonMail V1.16 showcases a new homepage that is faster and easier to load for all modern browsers. The login form is now streamlined directly into the navigation bar and pops up when clicked for easy access.

Theme Settings

New Theme Settings

Ever wanted to give your ProtonMail inbox a custom theme? Now you can with the newest Theme tab in ProtonMail settings. With this page, you can insert your own CSS theme code to customize the look and feel of your inbox, exactly the way you want. We’re excited to see what you can come up with using this new feature, so please tweet us screenshots of your custom themes! If you ever mess up you can still reset your theme.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Here are the detailed ProtonMail BETA v1.16 Release Notes:

New Features

  • Labels – You can now create custom labels to organize your emails
  • Encrypted Attachments – All attachments are now automatically stored encrypted and internal attachments are sent end-to-end encrypted.
  • New Homepage – Cleaner design to match our inbox.
  • Theme – You can now use CSS to customize the look and feel of ProtonMail.

Bug Fixes

  • Added plain view for better debugging
  • Fixed bug with bubbles not being able to be closed on mobile
  • Fixed bugs with contacts where menus would be hidden on mobile when trying to edit a contact
  • Bug fixes for viewing messages and scrolling on iPads and iPhones
  • Fixed various typos throughout the site


  • Reworked the storage meter to show the correct units (MB, GB)
  • Improved support for Firefox developer edition
  • Improved spam detection and prevention algorithm
  • Reworked how display names are shown. wider support for display names
  • Improved the performance of crypto library for much faster encryption and decryption
  • Optimizations for loading messages, for faster experience

Security Fixes

  • Thank you to Mazin for a comprehensive security audit (@mazen160)
  • Fixed potential IP leak using embedded SVGs and iFrames. (@dotchloe)

About the Author

Jason Stockman

Jason is a co-founder of ProtonMail. He works on building ProtonMail's user interface and websites. Jason has over 10 years experience building websites and applications.

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137 comments on “ProtonMail BETA v1.16 Release Notes

  • so how is the other users spose to get themes if not all of us know how to code ? But Great update team

    • You can just find a theme that you would like and copy the CSS code for it. Then paste the CSS code into the theme menu in settings.

    • From the looks of it anyone who wants to share their theme just needs to post the CSS they wrote, and you can copy/paste it into the box. A lot of forums use a similar system and you can get some really amazing looks redesigns from the user base.

  • I am very happy to see how this project is growing so beautiful. Congratulations

  • Even better than the previous version (v1.15)! Thanks and keep up the hard work!!

  • Excellent!!!

    I hope those who are very creative in the CSS department will share their ProtonMail theme ideas (at maybe?) so that the rest of us can see them and even use them ourselves!

  • “Attachments received from incoming outside emails or sent to outside are stored encrypted and cannot be decrypted except by you with the correct mailbox password.”

    Does this mean that incoming emails from outside email addresses are also now encrypted on Protonmail’s servers?

    • Thank you for the comment. Incoming emails are always stored encrypted. Now attachments are stored encrypted as well.

  • It just keeps getting better and better. Keep up the good work and thank you for the folder/labels. I’ve never worked with labels successfully, but color coding will help I think. I have no clue what CSS theme code is or where to find one, so I’ll leave my inbox alone. It is spring in the U.S. and I do believe that Protonmail for ios will be here soon. Looking forward to that and the bright future for all Protonmail products to come.

  • Sweet Jesus! This is awesome! I’m one of those types that likes clearing out the inbox ASAP and now I can do just that, label my emails as needed and archive everything. Thank you guys for all your hardwork and really looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with next!

  • Well Done! The Archive folder makes my experience so much better – I like the labels too.

  • Awesome !! Keep up the Great ! Work !
    Keep Pushing the Freedom to Speak without fear.
    I will continue to push Linux & Proton Mail.
    Kudos !
    P.s. do we have a private user forum ?
    Thank you.

  • Fantastic update! Very much appreciated.

    As for future updates, will it be possible to add labels and possible archive with filters automatically?

    • Thank you for the support and the comment! We’re working on filters for the next update. Stay tuned!

  • You guys are doing an amazing job with ProtonMail. Thanks a lot for all the great work!

  • Hi,

    Thank you for adding all these new features! Is there also being worked on filters to automatically add labels? I got used to this with Gmail and I can’t live without anymore…

    • Thank you for the support and the comment! We’re working on filters for the next update. Stay tuned!

  • hi,

    if an outside user replies to an encrypted email to them and attaches an attachment, is their attachment encrypted when it is sent back?

    thanks for the hard work and upgrades!

    • Thank you for the message. Outside users are currently unable to upload attachments to encrypted messages.

  • GREAT JOB TEAM!! A whole new precedent, established. I’m delighted to be a part of it.

  • great job! loving this service! longing for the eventual end-to-end encryption for outside users, but, until then, i am telling everyone i know to sign up for proton beta!

  • amazing update!!!!! the labels thing is really a great idea! :)

    I just hope for functionality that you are considering implementing aliases ,
    for I wish to close all other mailbox to use only proton!
    need aliases against spam when purchasing online….

    (hope also outside users will be able to attach encrypted attachments eventually)

  • Great update, thank you. Only one step away from complete migration – iPhone app !

    I’d love to see a twirly so I can hide the list of labels…also, sub-labels/nested labels ?

  • Well done again, Protonmail Team. The encrypted attachment is awesome. Looking forward to be able to send more than one attachment at a time in the future. Thank you for your unmatched creativeness, innovations and willingness to go the extra mile to protect our privacy.

  • Hey great i was a bit dissapointed at the beginning because the create Folder feature you did change to Label but i am used to it now and it’s okay with me. Nonetheless everything else looks pretty good and i am happy that my attachments now encrypted. Well done Proton-Team it’s a pleasure to use your services :)

  • Great update! This is looking better and better by the update! Keep it up! :)

    However I’d like to ask if it is possible to create nested lables? If you’re going for the Gmail style labeling, I’d really like to see the sub-label stuff :)
    Also, moar colours! :D

  • Nice update !

    It would be nice if we can couple the label to a contact.
    And an option to auto “save” mail from that contact with the label.


  • Thank you so much, great update!
    You dont know how awsome labels and archive is until you dont have it, great job, keep up the great work!

  • The new features are great, but new colour scheme and font layout makes the inbox a little more difficult to read than the older version. Please can you revert or at least do some A/B testing?

  • Thank you very much, it’s christmas every month with Protonmail!
    I am waiting for the openpgp integration to drop my old e-mail accounts.

  • Thank you so much for these improvements. In the future, will we automatically forward emails automatically according to certain rules?

    Small note: When we perform an action on a selected mailing list, we lose this selection after the operation performed. Too bad ….

    Good luck. Big thank you.

  • Hi there. Thanks for the update. Keep it up!
    Talking about updates, it would be great to have some kind of fonts control. Some times, when I copy some text from another place, it keeps its format and I can’t manage to make the whole email to have the same font and fontsize.

  • Thanks for the improvements!
    Although labels and archive folder sound nice, I must say I love the Back and Forward arrows in the right corner the most. Great UX change!

  • Well Done! Awsome Work!!

    Have a request and a question:
    – BlackBerry app or a method to receive/rely/compose emails from the BlackBerry Hub
    – Is it possible to use protonmail with PGP?

    Thank You

  • Great updates..thanks guys.
    So when do you guys predict that you will be out of beta?

    I am very eager to make this my primary email account and get rid of my other email servers, i just want to assured that you guys will be around and I not lose all my mail among others things mentioned below

    Here are the 3 things keeping my back
    1/ We need support for blackberry devices so that we can view messages in the blackberry hub. I understand that an android app is in development which will work on BB10 devices, but a blackberry native app would be much preferred or at least support for imap.

    2/ We need thread emails so that on going conversations can be organised as opposed to multiple line for emails with the same conversation.

    3/ Assurance that protonmail will be around for a long time.

    Also will there an option to have multiple proton email accounts (ex business and personal use) that can compose and reply from the same inbox?

    Great work guys I am very excited for this…screw gmail

  • This is absolutely amazing! really happy with the direction Protonmail is taking, protecting our data and building an amazing service. As a web developer I value customization and loved how we can make our own themes to enhance our e-mail experience. Please keep on working on that UI interface!

    By the way, does anyone know how can I add more space to my mail account?

    Thank you.

  • a) Does Protonmail have feature to detect and block Phishing emails ?

    b) Even though emails and attachments are encrypted, can Protonmail automatically scan attachments in inbound / outbound emails for malware, virus, suspicious files received from Protonmail / other email domains ?

    • We can scan incoming mail from outside email providers and we do spam and virus scanning on those messages.

  • Fantastic – just the right amount of functionality. Really excellent update. Mobile app next is my vote!

  • I signed up for proton mail and have not received anything. ??
    I even checked my spam folder.

    Thank you

  • Great work, thank you!

    When will the alias feature be implemented? This is the only feature I miss at the moment, as I don’t want to expose my real address to the outside world.

  • Thank you very much for your hard work, you guys are amazing. Are you planning to add a feature that allows an e-mail to be deleted after it is sent (like Pluto mail)?

    Thank you again.


  • We are anticipating the smart phone app. Not only iphone though, make one for Android too.

    (“iphone” is a registered trade mark of Apple Corp and should not be used to mean other smart phone systems)


  • GREAT! I was one of those who asked for the labels, can’t wait to use them!! Incidentally I also asked for the themes-colors, but I am also waiting to write in blue instead of black……please! I trust that’s going to come soon as well as an option for customized default for that. Also, if the stars could offer a few color-options, that would be very helpful in the need for prioritizing (see how gmail does it).
    Also an automated signature would be of great help…
    Another VERY helpful addition would be a calendar of events, not to talk of the luxury to be able to program the time when an email would be sent…
    Thank you Frank W. Kooistra also for your great ideas!!
    Many cuddos and endless Thanks dear Protonmail!!! I am THRILLED to be part of this! What a help!!! A true blessing!

  • Love the latest update especially the labels. Will it ever be possible to archive to an external (from yourselves) location i.e. maybe to a home archive device which could then be reloaded if one was searching for something historical?

  • Thx, When do you plan to integrate the management of our own domain name? This is very important and I think it would add a lot of users.

  • Thanks so much for everything and the awesome service that is ProtonMail! Like many other posters, I eagerly (albeit patiently) await the Android app, which will allow me to truly utilize ProtonMail as my primary client! Love it.

  • Protonmail , great job so far, I have only one request. Please would you add more information fields in contacts , as more emails, phone and address. In cvs import, multiple files don’t import, because have phone in the archives. Thks !

  • Great Work guys!!!

    Bravo Bravo!!! Keep in mind also the rules and alias variety…aka custom alias

    Thank you very much

  • I have my protonmail back!! THANK YOU for whatever you did to help remedy the ‘redirect loop’ issue with chrome! You guys are the cat’s meow!

  • Great update!

    I’m currently working on a CSS theme for Protonmail, I’ll make it available to everyone once it’s done (in a week or so, I hope).

    Some remarks about the CSS while I’m at it :
    – It should be loaded after all the system CSS has been loaded. This way we’d avoid adding random <b!important directives and thus saving characters when writing our custom CSS.
    – Some symbols like <, >, [, ] or = get filtered from the CSS, probably for security purposes. However, these are needed for some CSS properties. There are workarounds but it’s not always possible. Would there be a way to add those back?

    Thanks again for your hard work!

  • Great work, little bugs were fixed quickly. I hope the android app will work on my BlackBerry too. ;)

  • Very, very good. The addition of the ‘archive’ folder together with labels suddenly makes Protonmail much more practical.

    IMAP/SMTP support would still be very welcome — but already the notifications that are sent when new mail arrives are a great help.

  • Nice work! Just a comment on labels, when you have to pick which label you want to add or subtract from an e-mail the box appears gray in color to show that you made that particular selection. The box is white to show that you did Not make that selection. It just seems a little difficult to see the grey box and somewhat counter intuitive since most of the time when using various programs a gray box mean that the selection is NOT available or NOT used. Just an observation. Thanks so much for the great work!

  • The list of labels on the left side of the main screen does not scroll. I’ve created more labels than fit in the list. I can’t find a way to use the labels that aren’t displayed to pull up all the emails to which the labels are attached. There’s no problem in creating and assigning labels; the issue is in using them to select emails. I must be missing something but I don’t know what it is.

  • GREAT!! Finally some security in this world we pay to support but cant trust. I cant wait to get my account!!
    I hope you are getting ready for FTL speeds using antihydrogen fusion converting antihelium to high energy photons to encrypt. I dont know how the little pictures will be transcribed onto photons but our brains do it <3

  • Receive the following error on right clicking to download since v1.16 update

    The message received is.


    Your browser lacks features needed to download attachments directly. Please right-click on the attachment and select Save/Download As”

  • Guess what.. Just got invite to LAVABOOM.

    Interface – Nice.

    Security – Hmmm was able to log out and jump back to inbox page. Then still send an email and read the title of emails just not the content. Despite the page complaining it didn’t have the decryption key.

    Key management – Terrible, saving keys files that work with that browser session. Nightmare. Saving keys as backup. A pain. Just horrible stuff.

    So Protonmail is the clear winner ! :) by a million miles.

    * We want that iPhone app sooner than ‘a few months’
    * Need to be able to log into two accounts in the same browser or some kind of easy switching.
    * To Do list with date reminder (not a complex calendar) and Notepad to store my top secret notes please. That will be easy to add :)

  • Great!! It’s getting amazing!

    2 important things still pending in my opinion:

    1. Add GPG pub key as default attachment. That would be amazing to allow interchangeable secure communication among other mail clients (Thunderbird with Enigmail etc);

    2. Use your own domain. I’d love to use it as my primary email server if I could use my own domain name.

    Best regards e congrats!

  • Hello,
    First of all, thanks a lot for your amazing pioneer work.
    I wanted to ask you if it would be possible to link two ProtonMail addresses, or maybe, will it be in the future…?
    Thanks again for all those great updates. Can’t wait for the iOS app!
    Keep it up!

  • Everything’s awesome!
    Can I ask if there would be also a Windows Phone 8,1 / 10 App, just asking, because I thought of finally moving this days to Nokia Lumia from iPhone 4S?

  • really like the option to encrypt attachments, also looking forward the android app.

    great work team, keep it up!

  • Looks like there’s a fixed limit as to how many labels we can create. Will that number change? Thanks for all the hard work guys!

  • Thanks for the wonderful job that you and team are doing. I can’t wait for the next release and the paid features. The biggest feature for me though, would be the ability to send GPG messages or some sort of arrangement with the spate of encrypted services that are cropping up post-snowdern (Tutanota, for example) so that messages can be sent encrypted to them.

    Looking forward to what is next.

  • Signed up to ProtonMail on Sunday and am already loving it.

    I love how seamlessly everything flows and am now taking advantage of the labels and archive box!

    If I wasn’t in the process of buying a house, I’d apply for a job at ProtonMail as I definitely think that in a society which is becoming more and more intrusive, a service like ProtonMail is a day-to-day commodity.

    Thanks PM!

  • Just wanted to second those who said – those of you who are familiar with CSS, if you theme your mailbox please post an example for the rest of us…

  • Keep trying to access my Mailbox, but still it says my password may not be right, even though I’ve even written it and copied, trying also many others I knew in order to be absolutely sure.

    Would you mind to explain?

  • How to download the attachments on an iOS powered platform,such as on iPhone or iPad?

  • Only a few things preventing me to use protonmail as my main mail:

    1. Android App with notifications etc;

    2. Custom domais: I really don’t want to inform thousand of contacts to change my e-mail address in their address books. I did it once when I migrate from GMail to my own domain but 4 years later and I still need to check my GMail regularly because a lot of people are sending messages to it. I now have my own domain and my own e-mail and I hope to use it until my last days.

    Thanks in advanced,

  • You guys are doing a hell of a job. Keep up the good work.

    Will you have a BlackBerry app? If so, how soon.

      • Though I can imagine you have other priorities, I hereby gently second Paisa’s request for BlackBerry support, if you see any chance of doing this.

  • I have an adage question to recite: “What do you expect for free, you’re money back?” I am stating this because you will not see me request or suggest any additional enhancements to be made to your service. The reasons: Because it is awesomely and perfectly suitable for my individual use AND it is FREE. What an excellently-usable layout as well! I am sincerely grateful you responded to my invite, leading to the setup and usage of ProtonMail. Thank you so much and Best Regards.

  • great system first of all, but I am looking forward for a mobile application as it would be the real push for more accounts

  • Hi,

    Protonmail You are my favorited encrypted email service website .. Keep it up guys we will always be here for you

  • The best stay the best through innovation, Proton Mail knows this and should wear its crown proudly ! Keep up the awesome work dev’s :)

  • Guys I need the Android App. Any estimates in how many moths will it come.. and which is going to be fitrst iOS or Android app….???

  • ProtonMail kicks ass! Finally something solid, that might help to get rid of these surveillance agencies reading our emails. Thank you!

  • Excellent concept, excellent work! It´s great with security and privacy. Thanks a lot! :-)

  • ProtonMail already looks very, very good, and the latest additions (esp. the labels) have made it much more practically usable. A huge thank you!

    On this excellent basis, I was wondering whether you could add the following features, some time:

    REQUEST: The option to not only forward messages, but also redirect them.

    REQUEST: The option to collect mail from mailboxes with other providers. (This is not a priority among my requests, because most email services provide the option of forwarding mail to another mailbox. This other mailbox could of course be ProtonMail.)

    SERIOUS REQUEST: Other identities. Together with the previous request (mail collecting from other providers) ProtonMail can be turned into a user’s central hub for all email communication.

    VERY SERIOUS REQUEST: Aliases. These are a highly convenient privacy-preserving feature.

  • Another small request, which should be simple: the option to request return receipts and / or delivery status notifications from the addressee of an email.

  • can I use them as my bank account mail,as they are still in beta version,when will the final stable version be released??

  • Voting for development of a Blackberry 10 app – hopefully soon. Awesome service you’re doing for all who love freedom with privacy!

  • First off, many thanks to all involved in making this great email service. I didn’t expect any less from CERN scientists, to be honest. ;-)

    Regarding additional feature, I’d like to make these two suggestions :
    – More than one e-mail address per person (e.g. work, home, etc…) would be very handy.
    – Mails and replies arranged in collapsible discussions as in Gmail would be great as well.

  • Can I connect my protonmail into my iphone Mail app? or you guys have a protonmail app on AppStore?