ProtonMail BETA v2.0 Release Notes

ProtonMail BETA v2.0 is finally here! This is by far our biggest update ever. Unlike our other updates, 2.0 is a completely new system, so we will only announce the big changes. There are countless smaller improvements that you need to see for yourself!

If you run into issues with ProtonMail 2.0, the older 1.x version of ProtonMail, is no longer available.

New Features Summary


The new composer has been implemented to allow improved efficiency while using ProtonMail. The composer allows for multiple messages to be under composition at one time. As well as being able to navigate through your inbox while composing a message.


Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 6.32.37 PM

We want ProtonMail to be the easiest email service you have ever used, with that comes customizations. With 2.0, you are now able to rearrange the user interface to your liking, as well as setting images in messages to display by default. This includes switching between the popup and maximized composer modes shown previously.


Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 6.36.16 PM Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 6.36.00 PM

Logging is an optional feature that offers ProtonMail users the ability to detect suspicious account activity. It provides details into past logins, including the time it occurred in Basic Logging, and the IP address of the login with Advanced Logging. This information will only be logged if turned on by the user. By default, ProtonMail does NOT log.

If you would like to support ProtonMail, you can send us a donation here:

Version 2.0 Release Notes

New Features

  • Updated Design – A fresh update on the classic ProtonMail design. Redesigned login, composer window, settings page and message view.
  • Drag and drop messages – You can now drag and drop messages from your inbox to the folders and labels in the sidebar to move them.
  • Signature Editor – You can now have custom HTML email signatures.
  • Contacts Manager – You can now export contacts, and search them quickly.
  • Encrypted emails to non-ProtonMail users now also encrypt attachments. Non-ProtonMail users can also reply to these messages and send encrypted attachments as well.
  • New Composer – Brand new composer window with 2 modes: Popup and Maximized. You can have multiple popup composer windows open at once and can minimize them.
  • PublicKey Export – Download your PublicKey for use in other PGP compatible services – For technical PGP users, you can now export your public key to send to friends and to verify messages manually.
  • Authentication logs – You now have the ability to log access attempts to your account for security reasons. This feature is off by default and must be manually turned on.

Bug Fixes


  • Many performance enhancements (rewritten in AngularJS)
  • Sync across multiple devices (mobile and web)

Known Issues

  • Custom themes no longer work. We will bring this back in a future release.

Finally, we’re happy to announce that iOS and Android mobile app beta will begin on August 20th, 2015. We will be making an official announcement soon so check back for updates.

About the Author

Jason Stockman

Jason is a co-founder of ProtonMail. He works on building ProtonMail's user interface and websites. Jason has over 10 years experience building websites and applications.

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279 comments on “ProtonMail BETA v2.0 Release Notes

  • Love the new update and can’t wait for the android app. But the it appears that there is still the limit on the number of labels (20 labels max). This is serious limitation. Please remove this limit asap.

    Once this limit is gone and the android app is available I can conceivable move to protonmail 100%.

  • Hey guys,

    thanks so much for the upgrades.

    I wanted to bring to your attention an essential feature that is missing from the platform – search for keywords within text of the email. This used to be available in very early versions, but has been stripped since v1.16. Unfortunately, v2.0 still doesn’t search within emails. It is hard to imagine a feature more important than the ability to search the content of emails. I hope you will bring the feature back in one of the next updates.


  • Hi,

    Please also add a Windows Phone App to your To Do list. Windows doesn’t have many email apps like android but Proton Mail could make one for WP to stand out from the rest.

    • Hi guys, I agree with the post of Sameer Manas..
      I use a Windoes Phone 8.1 and a app Proton Mail is useful

      (sorry for my elementary english)


    • +1 on winphone app.

      I am using ProtonMail as a beta testing capability for client confidentiality per NGA and state fiduciary service provider standards and best practices for protecting client medical and personal data under US HIPAA requirements.

      Currently, neither Microsofts “business agreement”, nor Googles encryption, not to mention past errors and belated assurances for privacy violations meet those best practices standards, and many service providers from Drs to Insurance companies are being penalized for errors in compliance. As most here know, legacy products and networks with firewalls and VPNs are often clunky or incorrectly configured, which results in data loss or compromise. And Tor/Tails is not the sort of attention, nor amount of effort I need for my small business use.

      End to End encryption and ease of use across desktop and mobile platform, as an alternative to MS or Google products would be a huge benefit to me, as a small provider, and I would imagine, to many others, scaling up as needed, or as an alternate.

      Since WindowsPhone apps are supposedly sandboxed, and there are fewer gaming and other questionable users on that platform, it would be even more useful as a stand-alone app, than opening within the IE browser on winphones, which has a much higher installed base and more subject to intrusion on the mobile platform.

      Thanks again for your great work, and dedication to consumer privacy.

  • Agree with the other comments, it feels classy and definitely quicker. I also like the fact that it works seamlessly with TOR Browser, a big bonus.
    I tried Scryptmail and it definitely will not work with TOR Browser, well not in my case, and I am still waiting for an email that I sent 12 hrs ago to one of my other email addresses.
    Definitely using Protonmail more and more. I did make a contribution but did not receive any sort of acknowledgment, is this normal, was a bit disappointed.

  • Better and better…
    This is what I can say about you guys and the protonmail service, naturally.

    Blessings like rain,


  • Look good! Really. :)
    However, I still miss a feature wich allows you to paste e.g. printscreen without need to save it as a picture to a FS at first…. will it be? :)

  • Great! Thank you very much. I’m looking forward to try the android version and finally use protonmail as my main adress!

  • ProtonMail is my primary mail since I finally received an “invite” in february. We’ve gone through many changes since then. And 2.0 is indeed the biggest update, ProtonMail has never looked so beautiful before.
    Now we’ll just have to wait till 20th August.
    Thanks for everything, guys! You are still the best, and I hope will be forever!

  • Appreciate the great work behind your update.

    Hope you will design your system to allow encrypted emails that do not expire (as at present the max. time validity is approx one month) which I need for business communications.

  • Great new update and looking very forward to the new android app in a weeks time! I’ve mentioned elsewhere but will mention again here, a feature that I and perhaps other people would find very useful, would be the use of email rules to manage incoming traffic. Can you please advise if this on the road map?

  • Thanks for your effort and constant support. I am really glad there is a secure service like yours. Please create an app for Blackberry as they are secure as well, hopefully. :D

  • Fantastic update! Even the little things such as the Atom Symbol animation. I’m already well under way making Proton my main mail provider, using iOS Mail app for notifications. Once the iOS app arrives I’ll ditch Gmail altogether.

  • Looking good, keep up the good work :)
    One thing that is missing though is a logout button, the current drop-down menu is too cumbersome.

  • The logging is a really useful feature but how are the logs stored? Are they encrypted as part of your mailbox or are they readable by an admin?

  • Definitely a step forward! Another suggestion: can it be made possible that multiple attachments are downloaded at once? And that they are shown within the email as pictograms/downscaled versions of the original (especially in case of pictures)?

  • Hello, good morning people!

    A. It would be possible to create an option to move the tabs and so read the sender, recipient at a glance?

    B. It would be possible to move the order of the tabs as one wishes?

    For example, I prefer to see the messages in the first column by date,
    thirdly file size received and thirdly who sends that file

    First date, size, sender file, etc, etc …

    Thank you very much for all your work !!!


  • Great update!! Way much better!! Thanks a lot.

    It would be great if the text formatting tools could provide a choice of text color and highlighting, to be able to emphasize on certain important information in email texts ?
    Please consider this for a future update ?

  • Love the new changes. Protonmail just keeps getting better and better.

    Two things that would be great to have would be improved keyword searching within emails (already mentioned by others).

    One thing that I would love to see is the ability to add more details to a contact besides name and email, it would be good to see addresses, birthdays, phone numbers and multiple email fields. These are the 2 features I miss most from other providers.

    Just the same I have made Protonmail my primary email over the past month and have not been disappointed.

    Looking forward to the apps in about 1 week.

  • Awesome job guys. Thanks for your commitment to privacy and quality. You’ve proven both can be accomplished. Nice work.

  • looks good, I hope the code is staying TIGHT for mobile use,slow connections.logging monitor is nice touch,good job guys.,thanks for Leaving the OLD sight active, too many upgrades other systems, don’t think BACKWARDS,glad you do, the old sight worked well,many,many,places,when other systems don’t., please leave it active

  • Not all updates are improvements.

    On my phone the new version sucks completely, it’s just plain annoying, not only ugly and unpractical lay-out. The new version is clearly not made for mobile so I guess your app will be ready soon. Please make it as good as Aquamail the only decent email app for Android.


  • Great job with the update! Would like to see a simple email notification in the tab though so I don’t actually have to click the tab to see if there is a new email received. Also look forward to having the custom css styling back.
    Thanks though.

  • no need to post that comment,should of emailed you guys.,looks good, just hope your keeping the BASELINE CODE,compatible so us Travellers can use the system,everywhere,when we don’t have the luxury of the rest of the 1st world, with Broadband…some people that NEED privacy,don’t have the luxury to sit in an office,desk,home reading Facebook., we Need security,and a system that works on all Mobile Devices,Browsers,and over SLOW GSM data connections,from odd countries…why., well its a big world…looks good, i’ll be testing it again,over slow in a few weeks. Really WISH, there was an Android version.,but technically,having the WEB, is more Versitile, as long as it Keeps working,on all mobile Browsers., I think for reliability, i may need to use the OLD version,i’m seeing bigger chunks of code in the new version,than the old.

  • This upgrade is amazing! I love it! One of the few IT improvements that actually made me physically happy. Especially the customization of the logging feature and mostly the ability to download the public key! Now my friends outside protonmail can send me encrypted messages with their clients!

    Great job!

    Now waiting for it to available on mail client (Thunderbird please).

    Best wishes,

  • Thank you so much for all your work, time, effort, nervs, grey hears, sleepless nights, missing meals and so on to make this secure email service available for free for all of us!!

    You can not imagine what this means for thousands if not millions of users here in Asia, Africa and the Middle East who are controlled and persecuted not only from the own government or dictators, but also from religious terrorist groups!

    Your secure email service actually is saving lifes – literally! THANK YOU!!!!!

    • It’s not just Asia or Middle East. I represent a blogger from Canada who’s persecuted for his views and beliefs. ProtonMail helps me communicate with him without the threat of further retaliatory action by the Canadian regime.

  • Is it just me but I do find the load time on this update to be much slower…the animations are cooling be the initial and inbox load times are a tad slow :(

  • Hi, I just filed a bug report. ProtonMail 2 constantly hanging and freezing on OS X using Safari. Had no issues with the previous version. Adding a label will trigger it, refreshing the page will trigger it, even checking for new mail will trigger it. It also seems random.

    Prior to this ProtonMail 2 these issues didn’t happen at all. When it works it is fast and flawless. However it works very few times I attempt to use it.


  • Thanks so much for all you do to defend privacy!
    Will the Android and iOS apps be secure at the same level as the web interface? Zero Knowledge?

  • Just wanted to share that ProtonMail has been shown in the TV Series “Mr. Robot”. It was cool to see it in a show about Cyber Security / Hacking.

  • Am I the only one having serious problems with this new release? It’s beautiful, but…

    1) …it’s slooooooow. Like, strangely, painfully slow. On all platforms. Login takes forever, server response is enormously delayed when clicking into an email (and everything else), and the list goes on. Damn near unusably slow.

    2) There’s no feedback when an email is clicked on. No color change, no nothing. I have no idea whether my “click” has registered or not.

    3) The tick-boxes on mobile went away! Now I can’t delete more than one email at a time on my phone or tab, nor can I delete anything before reading it. I sincerely hope this becomes a non-issue when the Android app comes out.

    I absolutely adore PM, but for me, this upgrade essentially broke my email. Frustrating and sad.

    • We had a performance problem earlier today, we have fixed that now. It seems a lot of people were interested in the new release so they temporarily swamped our server :-/

  • If somebody sends me email from their ISP, PGP encrypted with the key I downloaded from Protonmail, it doesn’t work (either PGP/Mime or PGP/Text). So, what is the PGP key intended to use for?

  • Sadly, this requirement to enter Two passwords, and in two differerent pages, is a real pain.

    please come up with a faster, easier method to log in

    Especially since there are no alternatives for email access

    • Anon, you *can* save your first-page login information in your browser (set it to save password information; use a master password, though, to protect that password from easy access). Then you just have one password to type, essentially. Less secure, perhaps. A lot faster, certainly.

    • There is a good reason for this and it is explained somewhere on the Protonmail website.
      I would just say the contrary, thank you for keeping the 2 step login.

    • Do you want security or convenience? Have you ever used US DoD secure email? Real security comes at a cost – many companies are increasingly using some form of 2-factor auth for better security.

      If you’re really concerned about security, the two-step log-in wouldn’t be an issue and definitely not a “pain”.

    • A bit late for the OP but for those browsing the thread:
      LastPass (and probably other P/W prompters?) works fine and ‘gets you in’ practically instantly.

      You right-click the Login field, select Autofill, and you use a first entry for UserName and Login; then the Decrypt Mailbox screen appears, open context menu again for that field, and select a decrypt entry for that function. Labels are: ProtonMail 1)Login; ProtonMail 2)Decrypt. The numbers make the context menu sort in the same order as the prompts appear.

      For those who have had this set-up for some time, note you now have to edit the URLs to change .ch to .com — or the P/W prompter will tell you it can’t find the target site.

  • Magnificent work. I hope you will reconsider creating an app for BlackBerry. There is a bunch of users out there.

  • Anonymous: I don’t find it that painful. I kind of like the feeling.

    What I did was pick a tough password for the first login then just like a pin-code for the encryption. Like any bank-account type security. ;)

  • Aloha! And great work! I’m finally happy that you we have a secure end-to-end encryption email system and does attachments. So we can HIPPA compliant

  • If you can combine the ease of use, features and functionality of gmail with the privacy that you promise then that is so super awesome! I will definitely pay for that!

    New release looks awesome

    • Our cryptography is PGP compatible. We will be rolling out PGP integration one step at a time over the next couple major releases.

  • Seems to me that in 1.X, while you were reading a message, you could advance to the next message in the Inbox without having to go to the Inbox page first. Now that is gone? At least, I can’t see it. This would be a shame, as I used that a lot.

  • Like many, I’m tempted to lobby for the handful of features I would like to see included next, but instead I just want to thank you all for putting together such a capable, clever — and privacy-enhanced — email system for the world. The enhancements will come in time, I’m sure. But you’re fighting the good fight now. It is appreciated.

  • The two passwords is 2 factor authentication. Without it it would be like every other client.
    Yeah, how does the PGP key work? Is there a how-to

  • Two options would be great to see as well.


    ‘Undo’ for the Sent e-mails. For how many seconds is it possible to…?!


    ‘Undo’ option during the e-mail compositions.

  • This is so great! I’m doing my very best to spread the word, these improvements wont make it harder, really looking forward to the mobile beta!


  • Further to the suggestions mentioned so far, I wanted to bring it to the developers’ attention that since v2.0, the ability to progress back and forth from one email to another has been stripped. Now a guy must always return to the Inbox in order to review another email. In previous versions, there was an option to go to the next and previous email with arrows. I would love to see this back.

    • Yes, we plan to bring this back in the future as well. We didn’t have time to put it into this version prior to release.

      • You guys are great, thanks. Further to the above point, it would be great if you all could incorporate a feature whereby you automatically advance to the next message after deleting a message. This is slightly different from simply being able to switch between messages. Thanks!

  • Thanks for this update! You guys and gals are amazeballs! This new version is even faster on my BlackBerry 10 browser. I don’t think we need an app for ProtonMail, but if you guys get around to it, BlackBerry 10 would love you back!


  • Lovely update, great work! Making the entire service FOSS is extremely important!

    When will the custom aliases feature be implemented? I’m waiting patiently for this, it’s the only thing preventing me from using Protonmail as my one and only email service.

    Thank you!

  • Muito bom o projeto, parabéns a toda equipe do ProtonMail. falta só a alteração de idiomas…. Português Brasil!

  • I’m about ready to switch all my important email to ProtonMail, leaving Gmail for notifications and subscriptions. One thing that would speed that process is aliases.

    Per your suggestion, I have a second ProtonMail account for my business. Being able to manage both those (or more) from one interface would be extremely useful. Being able to do so from the Android/iOS app would be a great first step.

    I look forward to custom domains, but I also look forward to the day that a ProtonMail address is considered more professional than Gmail. :-)

    Thanks for all the hard work!

  • Hello! New 2.0 version doesn’t show number of new letters in browser tab (as ealier). Only words _Inbox – ProtonMail_ Please add this feature!
    I use Chrome and Firefox.

    Thank you!

  • Regarding entering two passwords, try using Norton’s ID Vault that automatically pastes the initial sign-in for you. All you have to do after that is to enter the second password which, for encrypted mail, is not too much to ask. There are other safe pasting login sources that save having to enter the intial sign-in manually each time. For people interested in security they should be using pasted sign-ins, anyway.

  • Why doesn’t Protonmail support the protocols of SMTP & IMAP so that Protonmail can be settled and used in other mail-clients?ie, thunderbird, k9mail, Claws Mail, etc.
    Are you going to release the restriction of exporting private keys and public keys?

  • Sorry if this was already addressed here, but I think one of the more useful features would be filters, so that you can apply tags to emails coming from specific senders, and so on.


  • I sure hope that the Android app will also run on the BlackBerry 10. After all, it only makes sense that you would want to run that app on the most secure phone out there.

  • First of all THANK YOU all at and asociated with Protonmail for the excellent work! Really looking forward to the Android and iOS apps. But I just have one concern: downloaded my public key and noticed it is 2048 bits, why is this not at 4096 bits? I know most normal people do not care about this kind of thing, but I really think most security and privacy minded and concerned folks would take the 2048 bit thing into account, and probably would not be very happy or mabybe better said comfortable about it.

  • What happened to the ability to control the amount of time an email sent to an external email address can be read? I dont see any configuration settings to manually set the expiration time for emails sent to external email addresses.

      • It appears that one email I sent to a non-protonmail user will expire in 28 days while I don’t remember having set an expiration date (just opened the controler box to see what it looked like). I don’t know if it’s a bug or a personal failure but I came to the point of thinking that it would be interesting to have the ability (if technically possible) to modify the expiration date of an email already sent but not yet deleted (give it 2 days more for instance). Just sharing the thought.

        • Yes, there is a default expiration of 28 days in place. In the future, we may find a way for those emails to be retained indefinitely.

  • Works great so far. Awesome work team! Now keep a little mind on either making an app, or getting some integration with, Blackberry 10’s email client system. That would top the cake. Secure meets Secure. Thanks again, Proton Team.

    Twitter @Shady_Nights

  • What an amazing update in every way! I love the new look and the composer functionality most of all. Great job team!

  • This is a great update I have ever seen so far. Although the product still needs some other (optional) features like two-factor authentication, the new feature in Gmail, unsend message, DANE protocol, and many other stuff…

    I can’t wait for the official app to be released for smartphones :D

    Keep up the good work!

  • Great Service!!!!
    Very happy.

    Please, in a near future could you make an implementation of 2 step authentication.
    I will be great.


  • Great update… I have 2 email sites that my Safe In Cloud Password Manager extension in Firefox no

    longer works on !!! Up until the recent version, Tutanota was the only site that gave me grief. Have been

    using the Firefox extension since beginning of June on the 1.6 version with NO ISSUES.

    When you start using 20+ character passwords on every site logging in manually is a PIA !!!!!

    Please fix ASAP….sent bug reports to Protonmail and Safe In Cloud.

    Other than this issue I really like Protonmail.

  • V2.0 is a much faster and smoother experience. Thank you.

    My only suggestion relating to continued development is that if the composition window is retained in future versions that it be adjustable, at least in the horizontal. We all seem to be moving up in monitor size and having it over in the far right corner can be a walk of the eyes when the browser is maximized.

  • A little inconvenience for the extra security, is a no brainer. works well with my blackberry z10, and z30. Keep it up, and THANK YOU

  • Thank you for all your efforts. And congratulations for the new ProtonMail, I hope the next step in the future is an official mobile app, or an official desktop client.

    Again congratulations and thank you for what you are doing, keep up the good work! :D

  • I am not seeing an easy way to move from one email to the next without having to go back to the main list. I am probably missing it somewhere!

  • Hi! Super excited about this update! I am loving Protonmail so much. I was curious about whether there are plans to host a calendar service/app/section to Protonmail and/or it’s release date (approx). Thanks!!

  • Chapeau bas et parfait travail à toute l’équipe du CERN (entre autres) et leur fondateurs Jason Stockman, Andy Yen et Wei Sun . Une alternative bien plus sécurisée que HUSHMAIL ou STARMAIL de surcroît payantes . A tous songez-y : un geste financier à la hauteur de ce résultat novateur est de mise !
    Bien à vous .

  • Hey guys!

    Thanks so much for this great update! Thanks for listening to your users and being so reactive!

    Can’t wait to have the App.

    One more feature is missing before I’m ready to make Proton Mail my main (and only) personal email address:
    The grouping of emails in conversations!!

    I’m sure this has been raised before, and for me it is THE single most important next improvement to make.

    Thanks in advance for all the work that’s ahead of you guys.

    Kindest regards,


  • Loving it. Any word on an app though?

    While it isn’t too complicated to always go to the web interface, an app would be wonderful for quicker access. :)

  • Great update – but if you could allow the composition window(s) to be “unpinned” and moved around the screen or even over to a secondary monitor – that would be much more convenient.

  • Great update – but if the popup composition window(s) could be “unpinned” to allow movement around the screen or even to a secondary monitor – that would be much more convenient.

  • You are truly incredible! I just can’t tell you how much I’m delighted about your service. It really looks so good and professional. Amazing job! I hardly can wait for Android app.

  • On behalf of all the security conscious Protonmail users i just want to say thank you all the Protonmail team who are working hard behind the scenes, thank you for such an awesome service you you are providing. we are looking to ver 3.0 hopefully it will integrate with Blackberry 10 email service or the Blackberry 10 pgp system.

    i have also noted that a lot of users are requesting a mobile app or desktop app however in my humble opinion, if an app will compromise Protonmail security, please DO NOT make the app.

    my BlackBerry 10 browser is super smooth already.

    Kind regards

  • Great work guys. I love it to see to effort you took to make this one of the best encrypted mail programs we have now today. And the good thing is that you keep on polishing it to stay the best.

    Thank you very much for that.

  • THANK You , guys !

    Protonmail is a service I’ve looked for since almost an year !

    I tried it for a while now. For few of my emails -it is OK.

    The only reason I’m unable to move compeltely to it, is that I cannot have a copy (copies) of the emails (Received and Sent) sorted on my PC or in a mail client.
    Any sugestions/improvements on this shall be appreciated.

    With My Very Best Regards

  • Excellent guys!!! Big step forward! Thank you so much and will support you guys all the way.

    Excited about the app! Can’t wait to try it.

    Two features I’m patiently waiting for are keyword search and consolidating convos. Look forward to new features in the next version!

    Great job and keep rocking!

  • feature request:

    along with being able to upload or download my private key so that i can use one key or manage my pgp keys myself, it would be good to be able to insert a receipts pgp public key to encrypt outgoing messages to non protonmail users, but who already have pgp set up. it would also be useful if my public key was then embedded in that email, but i could always just copy it into the text.

    thanks! great work.

  • Hi, I am still experiencing an “object Object’ error upon logging into the ProtonMail platform using Cyberfox and Firefox. I do not observe such behaviour whatsoever on the 1.0 platform.

    The error doesn’t allow any login into the platform but returns me to the first password stage, after letting me pass through it once, showing the error after entering the second (Inbox) password. I like the ProtonMail work and recent developments but since the ‘old platform’ website will be down and since I could only log in on the 1.0 platform and in the above browser’s safe mode, I’d unfortunately be forced to look for other similar providers.

    Could you let me know what may be causing this error and why there are no login problems whatsoever on the 1.0?

  • Thank you protonmail team for this great update to v2.0!
    Could you add the international date and time format 31. Aug 2015 / 31.08.2015 and not only support the US imperial date format.

  • Hello,

    Is not today released the beta version?
    Is it accessible to all (for Android anyway)?

    Once the android app is available I can conceivable move to protonmail 100% and talk about it into my network

  • 20th LAUNCH day for iOS app – right?

    Been checking app store for days already.. 3 .. 4 .. 5 times day.

    Nothing.. So whats happening with the iOS app?

  • Keep up good work people. All of us who can’t contibute financially should be able to help by suggesting this secure mail to other rich folk who can dole money.

  • Hi guys,

    Fantastic work.
    Just one question – in case it wasn’t there before, could you add/reintroduce ‘Ctrl+ENTER’ keyboard shortcut for sending messages?



  • HI,

    Is it possible to change the texts of the interface with the CSS Theme Code please ?
    Inbox –> Réception
    Drafts –> Brouillon
    Sent –> Envoyé
    etc ….

    Thank you

    • Hi valroja,

      You can try this way:

      #inbox-li > a > span:nth-child(4) {
      visibility: collapse;
      #inbox-li > a > span:nth-child(4):before {
      content: “Réception”;
      visibility: visible;
      #topMenu > li:nth-child(2) > a > span:nth-child(3) {
      visibility: collapse;
      #topMenu > li:nth-child(2) > a > span:nth-child(3):before {
      visibility: visible;
      content: “Brouillon”;

      first path hide the real text.
      second (same path with :before pseudoclass) adds a new content before the old one.

      You can try to get the paths using chrome Developer tools\Elements view, right click on the element and select “copy CSS path”

      if the both texts won’t fit and will create an overflow to the next row, you can add this
      width: 0px;
      height: 16px;
      to your first path.
      This will collapse the element finally.
      But you should adjust the height to fit the previous line height.

      This is not a good and recommended way to do internationalization, but it works for me in chrome and firefox (both latest).

      Thank you

  • I love you guys :P No seriously, I’ve used PGP for years but couldn’t get my friends to follow… Tried proton mail at it’s beginnings and really promising but I missed the ability to export my public key, so thanks for adding this feature!!!

  • I am still using version 2.0 because I can not use the conversation view. Is there a way to format the inbox in column view? Perhaps adding a custom theme?

    • Unfortunately, you cannot change the layout to column mode on v2. We are working on implementing an option to turn off conversation mode.

  • Hi i dont know where to ask so i will ask here

    When i put my html as a signature he behave like normal picture(e.g. .jpeg), in other words i cant click on linked part of html? Is there a way to put linked html?

  • The app version Playstore offered & I downloaded is 1.9.2. I want the latest version. How do I upgrade? There is no such information on the website, my email page, app info or Playstore.