ProtonMail BETA v3.0 Release Notes

ProtonMail Secure Email version 3.0

ProtonMail BETA v3.0 is finally here! Instead of waiting until next week, we decided to release our new webmail interface to existing users today. This release has all of the functionality of the 2.1 version of ProtonMail along with column view and threading. The rest of the features in the 3.0 pipeline will be released in subsequent updates.

We are also updating our SSL keys at this time, and moving the webmail to a new subdomain: These changes should be largely automatic and invisible to our users. For those interested in more details, we have a dedicated blog post on that topic.

Starting today, 3.0 will be the default version of ProtonMail, but if you run into issues with ProtonMail 3.0, the older 2.1 version of ProtonMail is still available here: If you prefer to connect to connect to ProtonMail from a .ch domain, is also available.

ProtonMail Secure Email 3.0 Inbox

With column view (above), it is now possible to easily read your mail while scrolling through your inbox. The ability to read, reply, and organize messages are all just a click away.

If you would like to try different layouts, you can do so by visiting the Appearance tab under your Settings. For users with smaller resolution monitors, we recommend using Row view.

ProtonMail secure email 3.0 settings

To improve finding messages within a conversation, ProtonMail now features threading. When people reply to an email, ProtonMail groups responses together in a single conversation with the newest message at the bottom. A conversation breaks off into a new thread when the subject line changes.

At this time we do not have a way to disable conversation view in version 3.0. If you prefer to not use conversation view, you are welcome to access your inbox through version 2.1.

About the Author


We are scientists, engineers, and developers drawn together by a shared vision of protecting civil liberties online. Ensuring online privacy and security are core values for the ProtonMail team, and we strive daily to protect your rights online.

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240 comments on “ProtonMail BETA v3.0 Release Notes

  • This is really awesome! Great job!
    Adding threading improved confort and usability a lot!
    Tyvm for all the hard work on it!
    You guys are the best!

  • What I would really like to see is adding features to compete with other webmail services, specifically things like HTML composition, and filtering.

    Also, at what point will all of the 3.0 features be released?

  • Bravo!
    Protonmail keeps on getting better and better.
    The v3.0 theme is much more aesthetic than the previous one. Keep up the good work. Thank you for keeping our communications safe. ^^

  • The new UI looks amazing but I don’t see a lot of new features, for instance automatically labeling emails based on some rules.

  • Wow…so disappointed that the threading feature can not be turned off…I really hate threading…for how long will v2.1 be available? Please don’t do away with 2.1 until threading can be turned off….please!!

  • Hey there
    The emails do not appear in column design, I passed in browsers Fire Fox and Iron SRWare Iron (Chrome fork).

    Sorry for my English

  • Great Great!!

    You are getting better each version. Try to keep it that simple. I have a few questions.for you.
    Is their coming up a feature to download mail with extern mail programs such as Outlook or MacMail?

    Do you have a App Version in the pipeline for tablet´s too?

    At what point all Beta users can access the mobile app?

    Thank you so much and keep pushing!

    You are doing great stuff!

  • Row view would be much better if there were a message viewing pane under the list of messages. Clicking on a message would show it in the pane below while the user could still see the list of messages above. Switching the entire window to the message upon selecting the message you want to read seems cumbersome.

  • I think you’re doing a fantastic job in general, but there are a few design choices here that I find a little frustrating compared to v2:

    1) Wasted vertical space. The two rows of buttons at the top of the screen take up about 50% more space than before. I was very fond of the old design for its neatness – it didn’t obstruct the reading of my email any more than necessary.
    2) The ‘Show Details’ button on a message. Related to 1), this button really doesn’t need its own line, and I’d like an option to show the details by default, as it was in v2. What with phishing scams and all that, it’s important to see who the message is actually from.
    3) Emphasised subject over sender in inbox. When scanning my inbox I tend to look for sender first, so this is a bit distracting – perhaps it could be an appearance option.

    Positives for me include the new compose button, advanced search drop-down menu and the ability to switch between column and row views. Also, the onyx theme is lovely – please keep it available!

    I hope I’ve managed to highlight some things that hadn’t been considered – and not come across as too pedantic in the process! Little things can have a great impact on user experience, of course. Thanks for your work, for doing the world a great service.

      • Good day,

        A – The “Show (message) Details” option

        1. only appears to show additional but trivial information like email addresses next to “friendly name” of sender/receiver. Where are the full details of the actual email header information?

        2. Please expose this option as an icon, keyboard shortcut or context-sensitive menu without having to first open an email or change to email preview mode, something like Ctl-U in Thunderbird without turning on the preview pane. Malicious phishing email scams can easily trigger a “call home” beacon which could as a result unintentionally let in unsolicited SPAM messages.

        B – Null
        22. January 2016 at 10:08 AM

        Please don’t follow Google as an example of how to develop software. This whole business of releasing new versions that remove established features and then “adding them back in later” has got to stop!”


        Thank you for listening and continue to do the right thing. Great job kudos to the Protonmail Team!

    • I agree as well on all 3 points above. I’d like to add that with this new version we have lost the ability to save passwords (in Firefox). It’s a very usefull feature that would be nice to have again.

      • FWIW, FF’s password database is terribly insecure. What would be the point of using this service for email if using FF’s built-in password manager?

        That said, Lastpass does work with this service and is far more secure than FF’s password manager. I would assume that KeePass would also work and again is vastly superior to the FF password manager.

    • i second the call for less vertical padding. At the moment, every piece of text or button has padding above and below it equivalent to about once text-height. That’s too much in my opinion, particularly in places where vertical padding means that there’s less content on one screen (inbox view). Reducing the padding to 50-75% of the text-height would do tremendous favors imo. This might also be true to some extent regarding the actual message content btw.

      It doesn’t look too bad atm, since a sane font size is actually used, but the interface could still be vertically squashed by quite a margin.

      Also, is there a repository of css stylesheets somewhere?

  • Looking great! The lack of conversations was a huge usability problem and making me regret switching to proton mail. Now I have no regrets. Keep up the great work!

  • Keep up the great work! Can’t wait to pay for more storage and be able to totally switch over to ProtonMail as my primary email provider.

  • Great work. Thanks to all the team at Protonmail.
    Any news when the App will be available?
    Just need a quick fix to turn off threading Please.

  • Such a wonderful surprise! And to think that a superb product like this will get better on every release! Thank you so much for your very hard work—email development is one of the toughest things to do in software, nowadays. Much appreciated!

  • Thank you so much the protonmail team for your dedication and commitment to this project. However, are you ever going to develop or integrate with native Blackberry 10 email system?


  • The UI looks so much better than the “old” one.
    Looking forward to creating new aliases so I have all mails in 1 inbox but with different emails.
    Also being able to turn off threading will be nice.

    Keep up the good work and keep the updates coming for a better and secure email.

  • Well, thank you for new version. I like protonmail, but new threading feature is realy bad. Imagine you have about 1000 emails from one sender and you must sort it in 3 different labels to have some order in it and now all that labels (no matter that they have different colour and shorten name) are mixed together in one total confusion. We have time sorting too, so that 1000 emails you have mixed together and packed to some time periods. And then try to find there something. Search bar is good, but sometime you must use visual search and you must go thru this individualy. I call it nightmare. I realy like protonmail, but this is something what build borders among some users and your service. I hope this will be fixed, minimal to some user change choices. That makes this feature completely useless.

    I am not fun of labels, but when I finaly used to work with that, I get this and it realy makes my day sad.
    Still a would like to thank you for your hard work on this project, it have future. So try to minimalize bad decisions. Thank you

  • I got a domain name with our family name and all the family members are waiting for own domain support in Portonmail to use our new email address. Can you confirm that this feature will be available on 26th Jan as advertised ?

    • I’d love to see this, too. I’m a little disappointed it’s not in v3.0, not to mention this will be a paid feature. So, ProtonMail, we love you, please take my money, just make it happen 🙂

  • It’s getting better and better !
    I will be nice to have a desktop background for the entire interface. Additional Themes are a little bit complicated.
    Thank you again for your good job.

  • Congratulations guys!

    This looks amazing!

    I just suggest to change the header color because now look something is disabled.

    Maybe changing

    header#pm_header {background: #838897 none repeat }
    header#pm_header {
    background: #505061 /*You don’t need to use none or repeat because is a color*/

    Thank you so much for your work!


  • I like the new changes. What I like even more is that you can really see the progress being made with the constant stream of updates.

  • I really like the 3.0 interface and am really looking forward to the Android app being released. ProtonMail just keeps getting better. Keep up the great work!

  • Excellent news. I will start working with it now. I will be migrating critical communication to ProtonMail as soon as possible.

    Since the official release is next week, could we please get an update for the Proton+ users?

  • 1) THANK YOU for having conversation view with the newest message at the BOTTOM. Having it at the top as some clients do always seemed counter-intuitive to me.

    2) I can’t access my inbox. In FF it’s all grayed out. I can navigate menu and folders and settings but no messages appear in the inbox (though the FF tab says I have 13). I have filed a separate bug report but thought I would mention this here in case anyone else is having the same problem. 🙂

      • The good news is your suggestion worked. Thanks!

        The bad news is zooming out creates an *additional* column (completely blank) on the left side of the screen, the same width as the folder list, thereby severely reducing the reading area. 🙁

  • Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication to making Protonmail better and better! Really appreciate your skill, talent and willingness to work so hard for us. 🙂

  • In previous version I could click and drag by mouse for example to move any mail from Inbox to Archive… Where is that option?

    I’m waiting for improve it.

  • Excellent work guys, loving it, the iOS app is not available in apple store. or? Could not find it.

    I am hoping you would keep going and this whole thing will not end up like Lavabit.

  • Some suggestions:
    • Please add a border between the message list and the content area (#pm_view { border-left: 1px #e3e5ec solid}). It just adds a lot more structure.
    • Reconsider the background colours for read, unread and selected messages. It is confusing to me that unread messages are white as well. I think read messages should be white, unread grey-purple and selected purple. That’s how it makes more sense to me.
    • Increase the contrast in some areas, like the search bar, the button icons below it and the “No Messages” label in empty mailboxes.

  • Hello, good afternoon.

    They said have the ability to add more tags

    It will soon be added?

    Thanks for all !!

    18. September 2015 at 11:06 AM

    Hello good day !

    Have you thought about the possibility of adding more than 20 labels?

    Many thanks for everything


    22. September 2015 at 3:09 AM

    Yes, this is coming in version 3.0

  • Will the .ch webmail portal ( still be available for 3.X versions (and further) ?

    I remember your post about the added security with the .ch (, and now that you seem to switch permanently to .com domain(s), I wonder if it will make a difference for those who’d like to keep some “extra” security.

    And congratulations for your amazing work with 3.0 !!

  • Thanks for the great update. I particularly like the fact that themes are back (Onyx is easier on my eyes, personally). And I’m looking forward to upcoming features of the v.3 road map, including a Notes field in Contacts.

    I’m a little surprised to hear criticism that PM, after just a short time, doesn’t have every feature that Gmail has. To those critics I’d just say: Gmail doesn’t have one very big feature that ProtonMail has: privacy. If that doesn’t matter to you, enjoy being watched and profiled by Google. Your choice.

  • I congratulate you with the update! But it seems to me that the theme of version 2.1 is better than 3.0 because it’s more clearly identifies control elements and important information. The colors are very pale in 3.0.

  • Threads make my life more happy!!!

    I’m super excited to see how the rest of the 2016 roadmap turns out

    Thanks so very much for all the hard work and dedication!

  • Thank you for the chance to see V3 early! Cannot wait for all the other updates to go live. It’s going to be a beautiful new relationship. In the mean time, I have some comments re existing features. Hopefully, the feedback is useful.

    I would love the pop-up window to be movable. So if I want to move it anywhere else on the screen, I can just do it by dragging it. I would also like to be able to change the dimensions of the pop-up window manually to suit my needs.

    In the ‘Column’ view, I would like the rows column to be ever so slightly narrower so that the bulk of the space is taken up by the body of the emails to the right. At the moment the emails just seem to be a bit squished to the right

    In the threaded view of emails I would like the newest email at the top, please! Or at least the option to set it to the top. I do not want to have to scroll down to the bottom of a long thread in order to reach the newest email.

    Thanks, ProtonMail team! You are seriously the best!

  • Any news about POP3/IMAP support, so that users can use third-party clients (e.g., thunderbird+enigmail) ? It shouldn’t be so difficult to implement, people have been using PGP for decades.

    • That’s exactly what I’m waiting for too. I’m not switching entirely to protonmail until it doesn’t let me use a common third party client. I just don’t like the very concept of webmail.

    • It’s not PGP. It’s not decades old run-of-the-mill email. This leverages today’s hi-powered browsers, not “decades old” email clients. They are working on mobile, give them some credit. Last, if it’s not so difficult, code it up so we can all use it. Otherwise, let them get the absolute secure part of this perfect before allowing weak outside clients to penetrate the bubble and generate Unintended Consequences.

      • You clearly have no technical knowledge of the topic, sorry it’s not football.

        “Hi-powered browsers” (!), as you call them, have a structurally larger attack surface. A browser does many more things than simply accessing a webmail service, and each of these things means more code, and more code means higher probability of security holes to patch over the long term. That’s also one reason why Google itself added POP3 and IMAP access to Gmail after an initial webmail-only approach.

        Plus, there’s no need to “code” here: if Protonmail will let users export their private keys, as it is stated in a recent roadmap, then ANY standard PGP-enabled mail client should work without any additional coding (ZZ mentions thunderbird+enigmail, and there are also many others), they would just need to set up very standard POP3/IMAP/SMTP servers.

        Unless, for some reasons, Protonmail is somehow interested in keeping users on their website: maybe one day they’ll start showing ads…? I hope not.

  • Hi there, it is a very nice this version..

    But, is it not available the option to download the public key? I cannot find it.

  • Is there a way to Disable email/conversation threading, at all? Or, at least, change the order of them… Somehow? Examples: Old -> New OR New -> Old.

      • The only problem for those of us that will use V2 because of the threaded conversations is that it is no longer available on the .ch domain. Could you please enable us to access PM V2 on .ch by chance?

        Thank you for creating this wonderful service.

  • Personally, I cannot stand column view, and have already changed back to previous layout, I can only hope you will leave it as an option permanently?

    Thank you for your great work!

  • I have an ipad air. Photo attachments used to open fine with the previous release, but now they don’t open? Is there a setting change required?

    • Could you contact is through to give us more details? Also, you can still use in the meantime.

  • Once I’m able to install the APP version of this on my mobile devices I’ll be able to make the switch from Gmail to Protonmail official!
    Great job guys! Love it!

  • This is a pleasant surprise.

    Nice design and good ideas.
    At first glance – I personally liked this version.
    It’s great, for example, that you can scroll your inbox and in the next column see the content of selected message.
    I like colours as well.

    Bravo for ProtonMail team! 🙂

  • Hi guys,

    Fantastic work!
    However, I have got two questions.

    1. Keyboard shorcuts , i.e. Ctrl+Enter for sending, not working. I assume these will be added for the ‘full’ 3.0 later on, as promised?
    2. After clicking ‘Compose’ and typing email address, a dropdown list of matched email addresses is populated. However, as you move down with keyboard arrow, as soon as you get outside of the displayed entries (5 in my case), the list is not scrolled down as you keep hitting the arrow key.
    To see the rest of the list, you have to use the scroll bar on the right.


  • Thanks for the hard work guys, a few hours earlier I noticed that the 3rd version has been loaded into protonmail, the design is really nice and I see some new features that makes it easier to look at and use.

    For an hour or two I’ve been experiencing issues with my existing labels consisting of more than 5-6 characters, as they have gotten shortened out with some “…” dot marks, and that’s been quickly fixed as well.
    So far I’m really liking the new version, although some of the texts got a bit smaller than they should have in my opinion, I modified their CSS and applied it in my settings at the moment.

    Lastly, I noticed that the labels only appear with their first three letters in portrait mode and even landscape mode – also, when the menu is being reached and scrolled up or down, it scrolls the entire screen with the emails as well, but I’m assuming these are only temporary things that will be fixed.

    All in all, I wasn’t going to let you know about these observations in the Bug Report menu, because mainly I wanted to congratulate you for all the hard work you have put into this site and project, and wish you all the best this year.


  • Logs, contacts, attachments should all be encrypted using your public key the same way emails are. So that they remain encrypted and can only be viewed by the user.
    (Users can turn logging off/on for more privacy, but you might aswell just encrypt them with their public key once a log entry is made so only they can view it)

    Also the decrypting mailbox animation is very sluggish compared to the v2 version (like 3 frames per second, in firefox)

  • Un grand merci pour ce travail. Une fois la gestion des alias en place je migre définitivement chez vous. L’interface est très agréable et je n’ai pour l’heure aucun bug à faire remonter. Vivement également la sortie officielle de l’appli android.

  • Great,
    cannot login v2 or v3 using FF 43.0.2 saved passwords.

    Have to type Username and PWs manually.
    Gee, what have you done…

  • I join with those who detest that message threading cannot be turned off. Hope this option will be expedited.

    Also looking forward to POP.

    Please keep things plain and simple, with an on/off switch for as many implementations as possible for those of us who prefer simplicity.

    Thanks for all you’re doing. There is much to love.

  • Hi! I am frontend developer from Moscow, use your mail service since its foundation and really glad to see the new released version. Please, tell your designers and programmers, that they are amazing guys. Definitely ProtonMail has become the best mail service on the market 🙂

    Hope I will try to get an interview in your company in the near future.

  • I expected a lot from 3.0, but after accessing my mail through my phone’s internet browser (not app, on Samsung S6, both Opera as the standard internet browser) i must say i am terribly disappointed.

    Almost nothing works… add label to a message… not working. Adding attatchment (image) to an outhoing email… whole message becomes invisible. Top menu bar with icons for labels, trash etc… broken in two. Login background and colours… aweful, even Hotmail looked better in 1990.

    I understand its a work in progress but releasing a new version like this is insane. The previous version worked fine and looked sleek and the decrypting trotating image looked like sonething from sci-fi. But 3.0… aweful. Plain awefull. I hope you guys fix this soon, or i will have to look for aother email host. Too many problems with Protonmail the last few months.

    • May the blessings of the Great Almighty remain with you and the rest of the TEAM. May Satan pisses on the Peeping Toms and Pickle and Cremate them there after. THE PROTON TEAM ARE THE BEST of THE BEST!!!

  • Checked out protonmail today, noticed one thing straight away which I absolutely love.. the new grouping system you have for emails! Excellent stuff. Keep up the good work.

  • 1 Thank you ProtonMail Team for Version 3. The new look at Login is not only beautiful but it is also reassuring as we know we are now logging in at the ProtonMail server. Even Firefox has no access and has stopped asking whether to remember the Login or not.

    2 If anyone wishes to revert to Version 2.1 how long more will it be available?

    3 Threading has been added and a thread is supposed to be a series of messages that have been posted as replies to each other. The problem I have is that messages from 2015 are now grouped in the same thread with messages in Jan 2016, which have no relation to the 2015 discussion. How do I segregate these messages? It will take a lot of time and effort.

    4 One minor question: If ProtonMail does not keep our Mailbox passwords how does it organize the Threads in our Mailboxes?

    5 When can one send more than one attachments?

    6 Thank you, ProtonMail Team, for your creativity and hard work to give us our privacy.

      • 1Thank you. Right now I notice that the threads in the ‘Inbox’ and ‘Sent’ are identical, which means it doubles the bandwidth, which is a waste of resources, as we only have 1G total at the moment.

        2 Also it is now not possible to send to Archive a single email as it will archive the whole thread. How can this be resolved?

        3 I agree with other posters. Please don’t follow Gmail or Yahoo’s format. Please be original as the ProtonMail Team has the creativity quotient to dominate the standard.

        • “1Thank you. Right now I notice that the threads in the ‘Inbox’ and ‘Sent’ are identical, which means it doubles the bandwidth, which is a waste of resources, as we only have 1G total at the moment.”

          Very good point. We definitely need the option to turn threading on/off.

          • The messages appear in both places, but they are not counted twice in computing the storage space used.

    • 4 One minor question: If ProtonMail does not keep our Mailbox passwords how does it organize the Threads in our Mailboxes?

      Very good question indeed, and certainly not a minor one. I thought we the users were the only to know what’s in our mailbox? Isn’t that true?

  • Please don’t follow Google as an example of how to develop software. This whole business of releasing new versions that remove established features and then “adding them back in later” has got to stop!

    Regarding message threading, I personally like it but any new feature should automatically come with the option to turn it off and revert to old behaviour. It’s simply not acceptable to say “we’ll add it later”. The option setting should be coded simultaneously with the new feature. That’s always the easiest way to do it, rather than try to add in an option setting later. The code should be written from day one with the philosophy of everything being optional.

    Finally, why are you concentrating on how everything looks rather than on the core functionality? Get everything working first and make it looks pretty later! For this to be taken seriously we need: 2FA on login, full GPG key import and export so it works with other non-PM users, IMAPS access with GPG plugins for Thunderbird and other common mail readers, and most importantly support for personal domains. Yes, I know these are all on the road map but they should surely have a higher priority than messing about with the theme and adding threading, column view, etc. Nobody cares about those make it fully functional first!

    And before anyone says I’m complaining about a free service, I fully intend to become a paying customer next week when the personal domain facility goes live.

    • Fully agree with you. I’m one of PM’s Indiegogo lifetime supporters and I’ve been asking for 2FA and full GPG support since the early days. I just hope the wait won’t last much longer.

        • As I said, I’m aware they’re on the roadmap. But surely real actual functionality should have much higher priority than eye candy?! I mean come on, message threading and column view? From the comments it would appear more than half don’t even want message threading, so getting that working was time wasted that could have been better spent on something that actually provides additional functions.

          I agree with a comment on another post – there doesn’t even seem to be that much difference between 2.1 and 3.0 except for features REMOVED and other things made worse like the theme colours.

  • Please please please:
    1) enable message threading as an option (on/off)
    2) I want definitely can create my custom folder!!
    Labels are like post-it: sticking these on a monitor and after only 2 days are fallen down on the floor……. 🙁
    3) don’t follow Gmail, but follow YOURSELF!!!

  • Beautiful new interface. I just loaded it for the first time and although I haven’t used it yet, it looks absolutely beautiful! Great job 😉

  • I’m new so not sure if this ever came up, but one major headache has been composing emails w/ multiple contacts. Esp. composing multiple contacts as bcc’s. This has to be done individually. It would be a great if the contact list would pop up to allow for this, and for additional contacts to be added after the email has been composed.

  • Any plans to add a pop-up contact list? Right now, can only add group contacts prior to composing, and cc/bcc’s can only be added individually.

  • Hello,

    You guys are doing fantastic work, and I love using Protonmail. However, I was wondering if there’s anything being done to make it so that I can log in to Protonmail while using Safari in Private Browsing Mode? Currently when I try to log in, I enter my Mailbox Password and the screen gets stuck on “Decrypting…”

    I understand that you currently recommend using Safari outside of Private Browsing Mode, but I can log in to PM using similar modes on other browsers (e.g., Incognito Mode in Chrome) and other webmail services with Safari in Private Browsing Mode, so I was just wondering if there’s a fix in the works for this scenario.

    Thanks, and keep up the great work!

  • I just noticed that the small padlock icon that used to be present indicating whether a particular message was encrypted or not is now MIA. Any plans to bring that back or maybe I have something set wrong…

  • You guys should develop a client application for windows and os x users. A good portion of email users I know use email clients to access their mail. Perhaps you could push existing clients to support your encrypted mail service or perhaps develop your own 😉
    Sadly, it seems as though only tech-savy people know what encryption is. If you were to develop or push existing mail clients to support this service, you would truly reach more people who don’t know the danger they are in with communication they use every day.
    Great job. I love the new interface. It is now much easier to keep track of conversations. Looking forward to the future of the internet and the future of email. Protonmail is clearly delivering the future of not only email but the internet itself.

  • It would be nice if I could create groups to email as opposed to putting in each individual name. I am a member of several different groups so I have a lot of contacts and it’s a pain to put each individual name into emails.
    Also, it would be nice if I could mark an email a certain importance level.

  • Hi there, just another suggestion. I would be really grateful if, when I set something as spam, all future emails from that sender get marked as spam. This would avoid my inbox getting cluttered by the same sender and me having to manually set each email as spam. Thank you!

  • I personally like the new design very much and haven’t encountered any problems so far. Really excited to see all the new features from the roadmap to get implemented.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Hello,

    You guys are doing a fantastic job with Protonmail. However, I was wondering if there’s any work being done to make Protonmail compatible with Safari’s Private Browsing Mode, as this is my preferred browsing method. As it stands now, Protonmail hangs on the “Decrypting…” stage after entering my Mailbox Password.

    I understand that you currently recommend using Safari without Private Browsing Mode enabled, but it would be nice if this was fixed since Protonmail works with Chrome in Incognito Mode and other webmail services work with Safari in Private Browsing Mode. Thanks, and keep up the good work!

  • Sorry the new Update is pretty good looking but totally useless its 10times slower almost not useable => Newest Firefox 10GB Ram….

  • I’m wondering: will those with free accounts be able to have aliases (even just one additional alias beyond the primary user account name) ? Or will this be implemented as a premium-only feature?
    I worry it is the latter but I do not see this discussed in the support section of the site or in the blog posts.

    Addendum: some of us would like to become premium members, but we cannot get over the privacy implications of using PayPal (tied to a real credit card / name / address / etc.) and find Bitcoin too technical to implement. A third option that was dead simple and allowed users to keep their privacy would be greatly appreciated (just one example: Paygarden, which accepts prepaid gift cards, which can be obtained offline with cash, to be exchanged online for an established currency like USD for the purposes of paying online fees).

      • But will aliases be available for free accounts? I’m currently moving all of my email over to ProtonMail and it would be good to know if I will be able to get a free alias to use for various newsletters I’m subscribing to.

          • Bummer. Can you offer an approximate ETA for aliases? That’s the one thing I’m most looking forward to. 🙂

  • Still hoping you develop a way to “un-pin” the smaller composition window and allow it to be dragged to a second monitor.

    • This is a bug with Tor browser, if you use the latest version of Firefox, this problem won’t be there. We are working on fixing this.

    • I got this error with the latest version of Firefox, as well. I had to disable all add-ons (HTTPS Everywhere, uBlock, Better Privacy, etc.) and reopen the browser in safe mode, but I was able to login to Protonmail afterwards.

  • Slow, buggy, and ugly, the new version has been an enormous disappointment. To the point of considering dropping ProtonMail. Get your shit together! Fast.

    • What the Dickens are you talking about. The login background is beautiful and reassuring as it shows we are on the Protonmail server. My version 3 is very fast. It could be your hardware issue.

      If you dislike ver 3 you can always go back to ver 2.1 or leave and go back to Gmail or Yahoo with their many back doors.

  • protonmail! please stop changing the email design with every new version! Invest your donation-money in SAFETY not in design!

  • v2 was way better in terms of UI. v3 looks nastily big even on a fullhd. can’t use it without scrolling now. all people are not blinds yet? 😀 as well lost ability to save passwords in Firefox which is kinda irritating.

  • I know your working on a “Conversations Toggle On/Off” setting.
    ProtonMail is now my main Email account and I’m struggling with conversations. Have you got an estimated time frame for a fix PLEASE

  • It looks great, but does not receive all emails, when I switch to version 2.1, the body of the emails are delivered (or found it you will); I’m anti-threading but very much pro-proton!

  • Hello,

    I had protonmail in my android phone but unfortunately I lost my phone some days ago, now I have got another android phone so could you please send me the instructions on how to configure protonmail in my android. I do not remember how to add protonmail in adroid.
    Thanks in advance,

  • Great work – something I would like is API support to allow custom client development e.g. browser notification plugins

  • Hallo guys, I’m not sure this is the right place for leaving feedback, but I am unable to find it without putting more than 5 minutes, so I’ll write here.
    The “conversations stack”-thing – I find it really useful and kind of expect it to be there, but is really buggy! I got emails stacked in conversation that don’t have anything to do with each other, which is really creepy some times! The labels are getting messed up quite often, which is also incredibly annoying.
    Also, I’m getting the impression of overall site performance being a bit slower than on v2. Its not a big difference, but it’s another little annoyance.
    Sorry for listing only negatives. I love what you are doing, but I feel like I have to give you honest feedback.

  • I have a UI suggestion. It would be really helpful if there was an up/down arrow toggle so that we can quickly scroll through emails. (Instead of having to individually click each email)

    For both the web browser and mobile app.

  • I would like to be a paid user but the only payment method is credit card which I don’t want to share, why don’t you add BTC as a payment if you want all of us to have privacy?

  • Hello!
    A friend told me that it’s possible to have a “.ch” username, but I was’t able to find it. I found only the “.com” field with no other alternative. Is it really possible? If so, what can I do?


    • Getting a .ch address is possible if you upgrade to ProtonMail Plus, then you can add a .ch ProtonMail address to your account from the addresses tab.

  • Please implement a way to disable conversation view. Don’t understand why all the clients try to push this as a default. There are many of us that absolutely hate conversation view. At least give us the option to turn that off.