ProtonMail BETA v3.0 Release Notes

ProtonMail Secure Email version 3.0

ProtonMail BETA v3.0 is finally here! Instead of waiting until next week, we decided to release our new webmail interface to existing users today. This release has all of the functionality of the 2.1 version of ProtonMail along with column view and threading. The rest of the features in the 3.0 pipeline will be released in subsequent updates.

We are also updating our SSL keys at this time, and moving the webmail to a new subdomain: These changes should be largely automatic and invisible to our users. For those interested in more details, we have a dedicated blog post on that topic.

Starting today, 3.0 will be the default version of ProtonMail, but if you run into issues with ProtonMail 3.0, the older 2.1 version of ProtonMail is still available here: If you prefer to connect to connect to ProtonMail from a .ch domain, is also available.

ProtonMail Secure Email 3.0 Inbox

With column view (above), it is now possible to easily read your mail while scrolling through your inbox. The ability to read, reply, and organize messages are all just a click away.

If you would like to try different layouts, you can do so by visiting the Appearance tab under your Settings. For users with smaller resolution monitors, we recommend using Row view.

ProtonMail secure email 3.0 settings

To improve finding messages within a conversation, ProtonMail now features threading. When people reply to an email, ProtonMail groups responses together in a single conversation with the newest message at the bottom. A conversation breaks off into a new thread when the subject line changes.

At this time we do not have a way to disable conversation view in version 3.0. If you prefer to not use conversation view, you are welcome to access your inbox through version 2.1.

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