Want to test new ProtonMail features first? ProtonMail beta is back!

protonmail beta

Last March, ProtonMail launched out of beta. This March, we’re bringing back ProtonMail Beta so you can test new ProtonMail features before they are released.

Today, we’re announcing the immediate availability of a new site, beta.protonmail.com where we will be hosting experimental releases of ProtonMail. As many of you probably recall, ProtonMail spent over two years in beta before it was finally released to the world in March 2016. During our original beta, we worked closely with our user community to refine and develop ProtonMail into the world’s best secure email service.

As a community driven project, ProtonMail’s development path has always been driven by the user community, and the beta site will serve as a way for interested members of the ProtonMail community to provide feedback on new features prior to public release. Anybody can access the ProtonMail beta site, and beta.protonmail.com will qualify for our security bug bounty program.

Note, there is also an existing ProtonMail Mobile Beta Program, which will continue to be actively maintained and supported by the ProtonMail Team.

Release Notes and Feedback

At the bottom of this post, we will be publishing up to date release notes for the ProtonMail beta releases. The ProtonMail version can always be found in the bottom left corner of the web app. Feedback on beta features and beta versions can be provided in the comments below, or they can be discussed on social media:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ProtonMail
Reddit: https://reddit.com/r/ProtonMail
Facebook: https://facebook.com/ProtonMail

As before, requests for new features can be proposed and voted on, in the ProtonMail feedback forum:


Reporting Bugs

Note, beta.protonmail.com will be hosting experimental builds, which are more likely to have bugs, as beta builds generally undergo less strenuous testing. If you find a bug in ProtonMail Beta, please let us know using the report bug feature built into ProtonMail:

Get Updates!

If you would like to get updates by email whenever a new beta build is available, you can sign up for the ProtonMail Beta newsletter under Settings –> Account:

Theme Developers

For the ProtonMail custom theme developer community, beta.protonmail.com will serve as a tool to test your theme on new ProtonMail builds before they go public, so your custom theme can be tweaked to account for any new features or CSS changes. We will also try our best to detail any new CSS changes in beta builds of ProtonMail in the release notes below.

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We are scientists, engineers, and developers drawn together by a shared vision of protecting civil liberties online. Ensuring online privacy and security are core values for the ProtonMail team, and we strive daily to protect your rights online.


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28 comments on “Want to test new ProtonMail features first? ProtonMail beta is back!

  • hello/feedback
    labels/folders : it is a nice feature but i do not need these “+”
    customs themes : i have not found in the box some examples that i could try !
    i like colored folders (not yet designed) and this gadget is a more visual help than custom themes (i do not care of that) or moving messages with several label in another folder(s) : the label feature suits me.

  • Using Folders on the Beta site… will these show up on the Android Mobile site or will the messages / folders be hidden.?
    If creating folders on the beta site, again will these be shown on the main site.? if not how / where will they be.?

    • They will only appear on the beta site. But if you are part of the Android Beta program, they will also appear in the beta Android that is going to be released later today.

  • You’ve had me using labels for so long, I’m used to them now and couldn’t really get into doing the whole folder creation thing. I guess you trained me.

  • How is it going to work with Protonmail Bridge?

    So if you have added the custom folders feature I would prefer to have single inbox based on IMAP instead of separate ones for each e-mail address which may bring a much confusion
    (strict separation on the Bridge vs combined inbox on web/mobile where custom folders may be useful to organise mails for different e-mail addresses.)

    And what about update for the Bridge? I hope it will be usable this time đŸ˜‰

  • -folders & subfolders (i like labels “aka tags” for emails) but i like to organize by main folders and subs
    -migrate/import emails from Yahoo or Google into ProtonMail

    • I believe that i will be possible by using The Bridge – as soon as it’s ready. Just by moving messages between accounts in you preferred e-mail client.

  • FOLDERS a welcome enhancement, its so much easier to organise my mail.
    Just need to sort out the (Bizarre) Sent box behaviour and I can bin my other provider and make ProtonMail my only account.

    A big thank you to the Team

      • Is it what’s called Proton Bridge?

        There’s very little information available about it to us mortals (non-premium users), could you please elaborate. Would a Protonmail user have to run an application on his / her computer or will there be an instance running on Protonmail servers too? If it’s the former, would it be available only as a binary or would it be open-sourced?

  • You want us to.pay you to help you test software? Now that’s libtard thinkin for ya. Stupid brain dead libtards

    • Giants like Google and Microsoft brained washed you dude – NOTHING is free!
      Pay for email, pay for vpn, pay for OS, pay for storage (like own a synology) etc.

      If you don’t pay for the product, you are NOT! the customer, you are the merchandise …
      wake up!

  • Oh my gawd this email is so freaken awesome!! its so clean looking and uncluttered,, the colors are perfect and easy on the eyes..
    i used Yahoo mail and this is similar only 1000 times better then yahoo…man dont ever change a thing you guys hit it out of the park with this one,,id actually pay to use this email service its so nice.

  • Hei.
    I can not acsess or open attachment in my e-mail. I can not open my plane tickets in adobe reader.
    Do I need to upgrade to ProtonMail beta to access attachment.?

  • A quick look at v3.11.4 and…ok, it’s been a long day so I may be wrong, but are you using a different font? The webpage seems much cleaner…

  • I am new protonmail user but I am finding many issues in mobile app. Is mobile app version different for paid users vs free account users?