ProtonMail Login Problem

UPDATE 5/23/2014 – It has come to our attention that at least for some users, the problem was because they included when trying to login. The username should be ‘username’ not ‘’. If this is indeed the cause of your login problem and you have already emailed, we recommend sending another email to so we don’t un-necessarily reset your password.

Dear ProtonMail beta testers,

We are aware that there is a login problem impacting a small number of users. The causes for this vary widely, but include

  • Incompatibility with certain browser extensions
  • Setting up accounts with unsupported browsers
  • Creating accounts during times when the servers were overloaded

The symptoms however are usually the same. After logging in once during account creation, subsequent logins fail on the first screen with a message about bad username or password.

We are working now to improve the reliability of our login system, however, this will only fix future accounts that are created. If you are currently locked out of your account, please send an email to with your username and we will try to respond and unlock your account as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience.

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We are scientists, engineers, and developers drawn together by a shared vision of protecting civil liberties online. Ensuring online privacy and security are core values for the ProtonMail team, and we strive daily to protect your rights online.

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29 comments on “ProtonMail Login Problem

  • Thanks very much for this information. I was greatly puzzled why I couldn’t log in any more after just setting up my account.

    By the way , regarding browser compatibility, I’m using Firefox 29.0.1 and is being told that it is not compatible?

    Thanks again,


      • Thanks for the reply. I tried Firefox safe mode with all extension disabled, but still are having the same problem?

      • My log in problem still continues. New accounts created are all met with the same fate. Meanwhile, emails to Support has not even produced auto receipt acknowledgement?

        Log-in page produces “not compatible browser” errors with Firefox even with all extensions disabled in safe mode. What gives?

        • It should not be possible to create new accounts right now, it is only possible to add yourself to the waitlist while we scale up capacity. Regarding the browser issue, make sure you are using the latest version of Firefox, and that about:config | is set to TRUE.

          • “Regarding the browser issue, make sure you are using the latest version of Firefox, and that about:config | is set to TRUE.”

            I am not perfectly knowledgeable on this, but I have been strongly advised by someone ,who definitely is proficient on browser privacy/security, to set the to FALSE, exactly for privacy reasons. Should I now give up this gained privacy in order to be able to log in to my ProtonMail account – whilst ProtonMail’s foremost reason of existence seems to be… Privacy?!

            Thanks for an explanation and/or a workaround, i.e. can I somehow both use ProtonMail and keep the to FALSE? (And why not…?)

          • This HTML5 feature is required for us to keep your private key in your browser so we don’t have access to it.

      • Dear Admin,
        I am trying to log in to my proton mail using my android browser or opera mini browser on the phone but its impossible, yet I accessed it recently on chrome. Have you disabled access via certain browsers?

        • Hello,
          I use Opera 4 USB

          Can not log in, get errorcode “ProtonMail requires Javascript. Enable Javascript and reload this page to continue.” I’m sure Jacascript is activated. Please help.

    • never mind it works! For the login I was using the full address including, but I finally tried without that part and it works now. Weird thing is that I thought I was using the full address before… I guess I would like it if you didn’t post either of my posts.

  • I’ve written twice this week, and tried to call today because I’ve been having this same problem. I’ve also asked for help on fb. I was able to login last weekend right after I first signed up. Since then, all I receive is the error message that I have entered the “Wrong Username or Password” even though I know that I’m using the correct information. I just sent a third e-mail as instructed above. I’ve been searching all over for an answer to this problem without luck until now. I hope you can unlock my account – you are providing the world a wonderful service!


    • We’re sorry for taking a while to respond to you, but we WILL get back to you even if it takes a while. We are prioritizing scaling our architecture and further improving security first.

    • I’m experiencing the same problem since this morning. It’s unbelievable and I also cannot reset the password cause it says username or password uncorrect. Awful.

      • Hi Francesco, please email us at and we can fix this for you. If you are using a password manager, that could be the cause of the problem, many common password managers are not compatible with ProtonMail yet.

  • Was able to access my account last week … can no longer log in. Sent an email to protonmail account: bounced back as “user doesn’t exist”. Checked for username availability on the _request an invite_ page: “Username taken”.

  • I tried setting about:config | is set to TRUE. This still would recycle the page stating that my browser was not compatible.

  • Hello,

    I had the same issue with firefox and can confirm that setting to “true” solved it. Of course I had to allow protonmail in NoScript as well.
    I have only a few addons but they are mostly privacy related: https everywhere, adblock edge, disconnect, noscript and betterprivacy. The latter has been the culprit in my case.

    Good luck to everyone!

  • I am unable to sign in to my email address today but I signed up yesteday and i am putting correct password and email. I really am. My firefox browser is compatible… I really need to check my email. This is making me sad

  • I can’t create a new account because of disappearing of reCaptcha button… Well, it’s not the main problem, because I can’t even use E-Mail or Phone number verification… I’ve trying to use both of them, but it looks like I used them already (even with a new phone number)… Please, fix this and allow reCaptcha for VPN and Tor… With respect – Privacy fan <3