ProtonMail now in Public Beta!!

UDPATE 5/19/2014: Due to very high demand, we have had to temporarily halt new user signups as we increase server capacity and security. For more information, click here.

The long wait and anticipation is finally over! Today, we’re happy to announce the launch of ProtonMail’s public beta. Now, any member of the general public can get a ProtonMail Beta account instantly. No more waiting for an invitation.

We will continue to work hard on further developing and improving ProtonMail from both a security and usability standpoint and would like to thank all of our several thousand users so far for their help and support. Every bug report that has been submitted has helped us to improve the product. You can keep up to date with our progress on Twitter and also by viewing our Release Notes.

As our users from China, Iran, Russia, and other countries around the world have shown us in the past months, ProtonMail is an important tool for freedom of speech and we are happy to finally be able to provide this to the whole world.

Take back your online privacy now by creating an account here.

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We are scientists, engineers, and developers drawn together by a shared vision of protecting civil liberties online. Ensuring online privacy and security are core values for the ProtonMail team, and we strive daily to protect your rights online.

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38 comments on “ProtonMail now in Public Beta!!

  • Good project guys,

    But something doesn’t work for me. I have created an account, everything was succesfull.
    After i logged out and wanted to login again, i received the comment that password or username
    is not correct. After numerous efforts i have decided to leave the whole thing and focus on PGP.

    Kind greetings

  • A potentially great service but concerned about your paid model, as you have described it. Hiding security features behind a paid account undermines the integrity of both your free and paid accounts. You need to have a business model; no issue with that. And you can charge whatever you want; welcome to the free market where supply and demand will need to find an equilibrium if you are to be a sustainable service.

    Put as many additional non-security features in to a paid account. Go for it! But, please keep any security and encryption features equally available to all users. Otherwise, you are undermining the entire intent of your service.


    • It depends on how we implement the two factor authentication. If we go with tokens that get mailed to the user, then there is a cost there for us that we would have to charge for. Software solutions could remain free.

  • I was speaking about the plan to lock multi-factor access behind a paid account, for those who missed it. Multi-factor authentication is a pretty basic prerequisite for any security-minded service.

    • Yes, we will be incorporating this very soon. ProtonMail is still in beta so there will be new features being added almost every week.

  • A paid model is necessary for a ROI. But if you keep the individual user free and company or employer on a per user or site license the individual users will bring you the ROI. A good example of this business model was a PC based Zone Alarm security system. It was the free-use individuals who brought their employers. Most recent is Waze GPS APP. With more than 35 million free users (advertisement allowed), Apple acquired them since their MAPS was a disaster. However, had Waze decided to charge 1.99 for the APP they would have immediate received a substantial ROI.
    You will not be alone with a paid model and can expect competition shortly due to the high demand for personal privacy. If you deliver a free option with paid advertisement (no data mining) you will attract large advertisers and migration from G-mail. The paid model may be for professional and corporate users.

      • 5 27 2014
        Dear Admin, That statement is good to read. However, I am willing to pay for your service due to the government issues that other organizations have not addressed.
        Be well, keep coding.
        Thank you for your efforts!
        Cordially, Virginia

    • Basic accounts will always be free, but we will charge for accounts with additional storage (to cover the cost of the free accounts).

  • I reside in Switzerland, I do not know anything about computer programming but I am strong believer in citizen privacy. If, you need additional help with administrative work in your office, I’ll be more than happy to help your team as a volunteer. Just let me know! =)

  • Reserved a name several weeks ago. Have not heard from you. Just contributed to your campaign. How do i sign up. Or do i have to wait

  • This is just plain sexy.
    Many congratulations on a simple thing done well and good luck for the MassChallenge finals!

  • Dear Team
    i have filled request invitation proton email form but i have not recive any invitation email
    what ever your charges i will pay you

  • Paying for your app to access our email would be positive cash flow. What are the chances of that even if it was a $1USD for the beta app.

  • Dear ProtonMail,

    I cannot add ProtonMail to the saved email accounts on my phone. Perhaps this is a security measure, but I wanted to confirm.

    Thank you,

  • Hi protonmail. The features provided by you are really great. However, unable to find how to block a specific mailer from mailing me. Any suggestions please?