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ProtonMail Security Contributors

At ProtonMail, security is our highest priority and something that we work on day and night to improve. We have been very fortunate to have several individuals and organizations step forward to assist us with security auditing. We are a small group that is largely supported by donations and grants so we typically do not offer financial incentives to security contributors. While we do have an unofficial bug bounty program, most of the contributors listed below have donated their time and effort because they believe in online privacy and the right to anonymous email.

If you would like to help audit the ProtonMail code, please reach out and let us know! And if we forgot to mention you below, let us know and we will add you right away, we actually don’t know who some of you are because ProtonMail users are anonymous.


Cyberkov – Cyberkov is a professional IT security services & consultation firm, providing highly targeted set of security services, including but not limited to: Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessments, Security Assessments, Digital Forensics, Incident Response, Source Code Analysis, Security Awareness Training and others. [Audit performed, May 2014]


M.R.Vignesh Kumar (ம.ரா.விக்னேஷ் குமார்) – Security Researcher, தமிழ்நாடு

Brian Browning

Mike Cardwell

Thomas Roth – Security Researcher

Matthew R Price

Camilo Galdos AkA Dedalo

Stanislav Eremin

Eric Rafaloff

Adam Andersen

Ivan Krasin – Google Inc

Maxim Rupp –

Mar Adrian Belen

Mazin Ahmed [Audit performed, July 2014]

Prakhar Prasad

Osanda Malith Jayathissa

Kacper Rybczyński


Alexander Antukh

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  1. I can’t get an invitation to sign up with you guys. Your email address is not recognized by my email account. Can you guys help me?

  2. Merci, J’ai pris plaisir à parcourir ce post, je m’offre la liberté de faire un lien sur mon blog car cela fait bien que je voulais un papier sur ce thème.

  3. Lots of rumors that you folks are very busy collecting email addresses while being hounded by what-or-whom-ever is testing your server loads. I would love to see a review, by someone credible, who is using your service successfully.
    I have applied for an account, and given you my true email address. Not even so much as an auto-responder has contacted me. I have no control over who looks at my correspondence. I am not tech-wise.
    Your silence roars in that part of my mind which hears suspicion.

    1. Hi, we purposely do not send out an auto-responder because we are strongly against spam and do not send out messages unless absolutely necessary. We are sending out invitations daily now so the line is moving and we hope to be able to soon completely open up signups again.

      1. I waited months for a sign-up invite, as I expected to. I got an invite last week. Everything works completely as described. I’m very happy. My thanks go out to all involved.

  4. You guys should not have difficulty raising venture capital and still remain autonomous. I would be willing to pay $5-$10 a month for your encryption service with the protection you say is real. Big Brother is real and scary. Lifelock was a dream that is now huge. You guys MUST seek a financial wizard to continue. You are GEEKS !! Concentrate on Proton. Get a money-man.

  5. I have to give credit to gmail for one thing, and that is their ability to filter spam .I haven’t seen much written on your site about that. I’m interested in signing up, can you fill me in,?


    1. Hi Phil,

      The spam filters are described in the Data Use section of the Privacy Policy. GMail’s/anyone’s spam filters are only as good as the users who mark mail as spam worldwide. Plus, you have to trust Google not to allow corporations to buy their way out of being considered “spam” – I have no idea whether this is currently a policy or even a possibility with GMail, Yahoo Mail or any other provider but some providers have probably thought of it already. Frankly, I trust the people behind ProtonMail more than any other free provider.

    1. There are strong privacy advocates at google and most other major companies. Even the NSA has strong privacy advocates like Edward Snowden. So we are happy to accept assistance from anybody that wishes to further our mission.

  6. After a couple of months of waiting, I finally received my invitation. I could not be happier. The email service works exactly as advertised. Wonderful job!!!

  7. I’m impressed with the Beta version and am using it daily. I believe it will only get better with time. I really feel quite fortunate to be offered an invite so soon after reading others comments on waiting months. I do miss my folders I store mail in on my gmail acct, but I’m sure your full version with optional storage increases will incorporate this capability. I can’t wait.

    1. We’re going to implement our newest folders feature within the next few weeks. Thank you for your patience and support!