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Update: This article refers to the 1.0 version of ProtonMail so this article is now outdated.. Themes in ProtonMail are being revamped, so stay tuned for updates regarding themes in ProtonMail 3.0.

We’ve added built in themes so you can customize your ProtonMail experience with themes made by our team and our world-wide community.  The other exciting news is that we are now approaching the ProtonMail 2.0 release which will contain some major enhancements. We are also happy to report that our iOS app has now been submitted for App Store approval!

ProtonMail Themes

To find our new themes, go to the Settings page and then click on the Themes tab.

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 6.15.18 PM

ProtonMail currently supports 4 themes, including a dark green theme from ProtonMail user _csalmeida.

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 6.15.30 PM

Anyone can submit a theme if you know CSS at our official Theme Tumblr page here:

Note that themes are still an experimental feature and only the default theme is supported 100%. Custom themes might not work on all browser and all operating systems and platforms (like mobile and tablet).

Stay tuned for more updates!

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Proton Team

Proton was founded by scientists who met at CERN and had the idea that an internet where privacy is the default is essential to preserving freedom. Our team of developers, engineers, and designers from all over the world is working to provide you with secure ways to be in control of your online data.

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74 comments on “ProtonMail Themes

  • Perhaps it is a matter of habit. Default theme convenient, transparent and more pleasing to the eye.

  • Keep up the good work, I’m loving it! :-) Just curious.. have you (protonmail) been approached by anyone from the NSA, FBI, etc. already to make a deal with you? You are getting noticed with this nice, privacy-minded solution and history tells us that no secure provider seems to be safe from being ‘put to the test’ at some point in time.

    Many thanks!

    • We have a transparency report which we update with information about whether we have received any requests for information.

      • This requests should not have any impact to you though. It is my understanding that your data farm is located and company incorporated in Switzerland. Swiss law requires a court order for any authorities to be able to request the release of private records.

  • Wow, thanks for awesome news :-) I’m looking forward to iOS app, because i’d like tu use protonmail as my main mail account.

    Many thanks and hold fingers cross with Apple approval process.

  • Great news about ios app. Many thanks for your hard work! And what is the status of the Android application?

  • Can’t believe nobody has commented on the iOS app now awaiting approval.

    This will compel me to move over to Protonmail 100 percent. Brilliant news. Checking the app store hourly.

  • Please add status page something like
    I wasn’t able to get access to my mailbox yesterday.

  • Awesome – great to have a bit more variety re: theme!

    Not sure if it’s just mine, but when I choose “Frost”, the navigation panel at the side disappears; might be a Chrome thing or just a glitch. Green Lume is nice though!

    Awesome news re: iOS app…hopefully not too long now until the Android is submitted?

  • Yey! Can’t wait for this iOS app … I’ve been waiting this for so long! :D, one step closer to set us free from g.oogle.

  • When is android app coming? Lack of it is the only thing that stops me from ditching gmail in favour of protonmail.

  • I hope you will consider a calendar. When I first transitioned to gmail back in 2004, the two biggest compelling things that made gmail indispensable was email and calendering (particularly at the time with SMS reminders). You guys are building a compelling case for unplugging from Google and dropping the advertising-base model – there are just some things that kinda need to go with it, in order to make the leap…

  • Awesome to see further progress being posted!

    If I may ask; is their a Android app coming out anytime soon?

  • The Default Theme is still the best, IMO. I do like, however, the Frost Theme as the next best, yet I found it to be missing something. It is missing the Storage Indicator. If that would be added into the theme, then I would definitely use it. Otherwise, I am still sticking with the Default Theme. Thanks ProtonMail Team for making it easier to use different themes!! Keep up the hard work!!!!

  • Excellent news!. Like other people iOS app will make it my main account (if its not already). You are doing a great job, filling the gap to the lack of privacy nowadays.
    When 2.0 is released, please upgrade to 1GB the active beta accounts that didn’t receive the last upgrade as a gift :D pleeese…

  • You guys are AWESOME!!!

    Please consider releasing the Android application as a download apk from your not make us use Google Play some of us have thrown Google out of the Window. Besides, your product is the anti-google ….and we really LIKE IT!!!

    You may also want to consider making available your Android app on the Blackphone.

  • Just switched to Green Lume. Love the monospace font and terminal-themed design. Thanks ProtonMail and @csalmeida!

  • Hi,

    Does Protonmail have feature of “Self-destruct email” ?
    For example before sending an email, user has an option to decide whether he wants to destroy the email he had sent permanently (1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, Never, etc…) irrespective of whether the email is read or not read by recipient.

    If this option is not there in current version, requesting Protonmail team to include this feature in your roadmap or to do list (if possible)

    Keep up the great work :)

  • Please distribute the Android app through F-Droid so we don’t need to deal with Google Play Store! :)

  • What should I be searching for in the Apple app store? I’m not getting any results for Proton Mail.
    I suppose it’s possible they’re still reviewing for approval?

  • Hi Protonmail Team,

    I use latest version of Google Chrome browser.
    I reported this below mentioned below issue to on 3/18/2015

    Login via. = I keep getting this error message “Wrong Username or Password.”
    Login via. = Login is Successful

    I tried different browser but I get the same error. Even after multiple follow-ups with protonmail support team this error is not fixed.
    Please fix this issue.


  • Is encrypting metadata in your roadmap and if this feature is implemented in protonmail, will it work for mails that are sent from protonmail ID to any other emails domain IDs (i.e. other than protonmail) ?

  • Any update on the iOS app? I saw that you submitted it. Curious if there is any more info about timing of its release. Thank you and bravo to you for such great work! :)

  • Hello, I have accidentally changed my (blue/purple) default theme to the classic one and I can’t really find how to rollback this or where is the code to get the first theme back. It was really beautiful! Could you help me? Thanks.

  • Your themes information above is incorrect. There is no “Theme tab.” All there is there is some HTML window to put HTML, CSS, or whatever, which precious few of us know. There are no options to simply select from even a few basic color themes as mentioned above. Security is priority, but it would be very nice if we could have at least a few such options. Thanks

  • Noted in the browser version that if I just write CLASSIC in the theme panel and save a couple of times, the code appears in the panel and it is editable. I can replace for example Verdana with Segoe UI or else. I like this!

  • I find the dark purple color used in the default theme extremely difficult to see on the black background and I don’t like your label colors. Since all other themes are not supported and may cause issues, is there a way for me to just edit the protonmail theme to to add additional colors and change anything that is purple to a different color? Thanks!

  • Not sure when this was posted as you didn’t date your work, but this does not work in the current version. I only get the option to load the Classic theme or to reset.

  • where do I find settings? In my settings I have two choices for themes. Dark or the other one. White on black gives me migraines. Where do I find the choices above?

    • Hi Marcy. As we note at the beginning of this article, it refers to the 1.0 version of ProtonMail so this article is now outdated.

  • I have version 3.16.52 of ProtonMail,, but there is no “themes” tab under the settings. If I go under “appearance” and scroll down there is a section titled “Additional Themes”, but there is nothing listed under it except the classic theme. Where can I get more themes?! I hope to see lots more choices in the near future! :)