ProtonMail v3.12 Release Notes

ProtonMail Encrypted Contacts Release Notes

ProtonMail 3.12 adds support for encrypted contacts, plain text sending, and ProtonVPN for businesses.

Note: Due to the way we roll out new versions, ProtonMail 3.12 has not been released to everyone yet. If you do not see it yet, you will see it soon.

We’re happy to add another critical feature to your secure inbox, encrypted contacts with additional fields. Paving the way for full PGP interoperability, encrypted contacts allows you to protect the details of your contacts with zero-access encryption.

Encrypted Contacts

Contact information, in particular, contact details can be very sensitive. With Version 3.12, we are introducing a full contacts manager that is vCard compatible and can support additional fields. While previously, ProtonMail contacts only saved the name and email address of your contact, our new contacts manager allows you to save additional fields such as phone numbers, addresses, and even custom fields.

Any details saved inside the advanced contact fields (inside the box with the lock icon) is encrypted such that even ProtonMail cannot access this data and can never share it with any third parties. We have also added digital signatures to contacts so that you can verify the integrity of the contacts data.

Encrypted Secure Contacts

Improved Contacts Import and Export

It is now simple to import your contacts from other email providers, such as Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo! Mail, into your ProtonMail account. ProtonMail supports imports of CSV as well as vCard files. When exported, contacts are downloaded in a vCard file containing all the existing contacts.

Import-Export Contacts ProtonMail

Download All Attachments

Downloading many attachments within a single message can become laborious. Download All, allows you to download them all with one click. Please note that all attachments will be downloaded as a .zip archive. This feature only works for attached files, if you see attachments that are actually inline images, they will not be downloaded.

Download All Encrypted Files when multiple files are sent to you in a message

Plain Text composing and sending

Plain text sending now provides the option to send messages without any formatting. Simply select Plain Text from the drop down within the composer.

Composing a plain text message in your ProtonMail account

Advanced Editor

We have also enhanced the ProtonMail composer to support more advanced functionality. Now it is possible to change the font, font size, as well as the the font color and background color. This functionality is also now present in the editor when you are editing your email signature.

ProtonMail advanced text editor

Improved composer auto-save

ProtonMail has supported auto-save in the message composer since the 2.x release, but in this version, we have improved it so that when you are writing in the composer, the time of the last auto-save will be displayed and automatically updated each time the composer auto-saves the email while composing.

Added ProtonVPN for businesses

Back in June 2017, we launched ProtonVPN, the world’s first unlimited free VPN service. Along with the free VPN service, we also launched a paid VPN service with higher speeds, enhanced security and privacy features, with support for file sharing and more devices.

With ProtonMail 3.12, we are extending ProtonVPN to businesses who already use ProtonMail Professional to secure email for their organization. Now, when you select a ProtonMail Professional plan, you can also add a customized ProtonVPN Plus plan. Whereas the standard ProtonVPN Plus plan includes support for 5 devices/connections, ProtonMail Professional users can now select as many connections as desired.

You can now add up to 100 ProtonVPN connections to your ProtonMail Professional plan, and account admins can allocate these connections to individual users in your organization. This way, not only can you have encrypted email for your entire organization, it is also possible to offer VPN protection to every person on your team.

Select number of ProtonVPN connections in ProtonMail account

ProtonMail does not show advertisements or abuse your privacy to make money. Paid accounts are our only source of funding. Please consider upgrading to a ProtonMail Paid account so that we can continue to operate the service and fund further development.

Release notes

New Features

  • Encrypted Contacts
  • Download all attachments as a .zip file
  • Plain Text composing and sending
  • Advanced composer
  • Show auto-save time/notification
  • New translations (added support for Portuguese)

Bug Fixes

  • Trim input value for email autocomplete
  • Better support for UK zip codes
  • Add delete action in Spam folder
  • Load embedded inside a draft if user has already loaded them
  • Fix translations on the dashboard
  • Fix several French translations
  • Fix how missing embedded images are displayed in the composer


  • Improvements in the ProtonMail Dashboard for selecting ProtonVPN plans
  • Upgrade favicon
  • Allow url images in an Autoreply
  • Add confirmation popup before unsubscribing to mailing lists




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44 comments on “ProtonMail v3.12 Release Notes

  • Just imported contacts and can’t add or edit phone numbers – that feature is reserved exclusively for privileged users :)

    • In order for ProtonMail to continue operating, we need to reserve some features for paid users. Thank you for understanding!

      • The bigger problem here is that users created by Visionary account owner also don’t have access to this paid feature. In this case, only my admin user (owner of Visionary account, used only for administration) is able to use this feature. Bummer.

  • I love the address book features.

    Now add some “Empty Spam-folder” and “Empty Trash-folder” buttons on the main screen.

  • 似乎越来越多的功能是面向付费用户的,未来是否会取消免费用户使用权?十分担心。

    • Free accounts are forever. We will never cancel them. However, we need paid features in order to have funds to continue developing ProtonMail.

      • I’m delighted from this response to learn that you still have plans to allow for the complete migration of a mailbox and its messages and folders from a third-party to ProtonMail. I was told by one of your support personnel via email about six weeks ago that you hoped to have this functionality available within the next month. That functionality is still not available. Can you at least give us a general idea of what the target release date is for this improvement? Many thanks!

  • Plain text composing should be configurable as default in “settings.” In my humble opinion it is not only the foundation of standard email, it is also most secure.

    • Unfortunately, many emails are dependent on formatting and remote content because of the nature of email being a work communication tool. However, we do protect our users by not automatically loading any unwanted content.

  • Extended Contacts are something I’m really happy to have. Excellent. I’m equally excited to have the advanced text editor.

    Any thoughts on the future possibility of including an image or document viewer in addition to allowing for download? That would really streamline my workflow on Protonmail.

    Thanks for the great work. You never disappoint.

    • Sorry you feel that way! We’ve got complains about the ProtonMail favicon not being visible in night-mode themes across different browsers. This is a compromise we made in order to have it visible no matter the colour of the browser.

      • I’ve been able to find binaries for Windows and Mac, while Linux implementation is labeled as “Coming soon”. Is there an understanding of how soon? Also will the source code of these applications be published?

  • I’m sad now. I was really hoping for POP in this release. The moment POP is enabled, I will make ProtonMail my daily driver (and likely send some money towards a premium account).

  • Well, give the all functionality around contacts and message editin ProtonNotes seems like a natural continuation :)
    Put the Evernote to rest with encrypted notes :)

    • ProtonMail Bridge allows full-body search due to the fact that the emails are being stored locally.

      Bridge is available in BETA to all paying customers. If you are a paying customer and haven’t received your invite, please write us an email to, subject line: Bridge Beta Invite