ProtonMail v3.16 Release Notes

Protonmail 3.16 features illustration

The latest version of the ProtonMail webapp includes three new features for improved security and convenience.

ProtonMail version 3.16 now offers elliptic curve cryptography, an optional link confirmation warning to guard against phishing attacks, and an “undo move” feature for those moments you accidentally send an email to the trash or the wrong folder.

Elliptic curve cryptography (ECC)

ProtonMail joins a growing number of tech services offering elliptic curve cryptography. ECC is a more modern alternative to RSA that allows you to use smaller keys while accomplishing the same level of security. If you choose to upgrade your mailbox to the new ECC keys, you may notice slightly shorter encryption times.

Because of the unique nature of elliptic curves, ECC saves processing power (allowing you to log in, load, and send emails faster), memory (freeing up space for other apps), and energy (longer battery life), especially on mobile phones.

Link confirmation

Link confirmation is a new security feature in ProtonMail version 3.16 that can help you identify possible phishing attacks. While link confirmation is enabled, whenever you click on a link in an email, a window first pops up asking whether you’re sure you would like to visit the URL. Phishing emails are the most common method for hackers to deliver malware or gain access to your account. Link confirmation helps you avoid accidentally landing on a malicious webpage.

You can learn how to enable and disable link confirmation in the webapp, Android, and iOS.

Undo move

Here’s something that’s mildly annoying: when you hit “move to trash” but you meant to click on “move to archive”. We’ve added a new undo move feature for just such occasions.

Instead of hunting for it in the incorrect folder and moving it, it’s now easy to undo the action by clicking on the UNDO button at the top of your mailbox. The button works when you send an email to any folder and restores it to the previous folder. For example, if you move an email from your Spam folder to your Inbox, you can quickly move it back to Spam. But click fast: the button disappears after a few seconds.

We’re excited about these new updates and we look forward to hearing your feedback!

Best Regards,
The ProtonMail Team

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About the Author

Ben Wolford

Ben Wolford is a writer at Proton. A journalist for many years, Ben joined Proton to help lead the fight for data privacy.


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48 comments on “ProtonMail v3.16 Release Notes

  • What is new here? All these features were in the variour iterations of 3.15. There doesn’t seem to be anything new here at all, this is very confusing.

  • The most important feature is auto loin after xx mins and enable prevent take screen shot by default is not available

  • Undo move is a nice feature, but I think the real issue is a design mistake: the archive button shouldn’t be in between trash and spam. It should be over with “Move to” and “Label as”, or separate altogether.

  • ProtonMail, I support you a lot, I’m a paid user and have no intention on moving away.

    But I really feel like you should listen more to the community.

    ECC has been such a relatively low priority in terms of what people are asking for.

    Also an “undo” function and “open external url” warning, … I mean it’s nice but it wasn’t anywhere near top priority either.

    I’m not here to tell you what to work on, but I hope you listen more to the community, because there are a handful of features that I can think of, that people keep asking for. And literally none of them were in this update.

    That said, I do thank you for all your hard work. It is greatly appreciated.

  • Is there in plan to change the layout between the messages? Like the compact view of gmail?


    • We are already working on Version 4.0 that will be available soon. Thank you for your patience.

    • Our calendar is under active development right now. It is very challenging to build in a completely encrypted way, that is why it is taking longer. We will have more to share about this later this summer.

  • These features are fantastic. The undo move has been wonderful, I put things in the trash by mistake way too often :-). When will we be seeing a protonmail calendar? I need to get away from gcal asap.

    • Our calendar is under active development right now. It is very challenging to build in a completely encrypted way, that is why it is taking longer. We will have more to share about this later this summer.

  • Will you add a new High security elliptic curve like M-511 or E-521 to ~256 bit level of security or at least Ed448-Goldilocks to ~192 bit level of security? Any of these curves should be secure like the X25519 but offer a even higher level of security.

  • When I click “All mail” I don’t want to see items in the trash. It makes “All mail” cluttered.

  • Hi, I think it is essential to have the functionality of dimensioning the inserted images.

  • I’m looking forward to the day when we will have Bridge for linux working decently. I’ve sent several reports without getting any answer from the support team, moreover with the last update I have the app crashing after few minutes. I tried to use the previous version, but I was forced to upgrade to the buggy latest one…

    I hope Bridge for linux will soon get some love from the developers, otherwise I will not renew my subscription for such a crappy service.

    • Hi Mattia! We apologise for the inconvenience. Our team has informed us that they have followed up on your email. Please check your mailbox.

  • Our calendar is under active development right now. It is very challenging to build in a completely encrypted way, that is why it is taking longer. We will have more to share about this later this summer.

    su much looking forward to this.

    • ProtonCalendar is under active development. We will have more details about when the calendar beta will start later this month. Thanks for your patience.

  • Recently joined Protonmail and so fat I like it.
    What I am missing is:
    * calendar
    * drive/ such as Google Drive
    * more storage, at least 15 GB for PLUS version

    Could you share what you are currently developing, what is being planned for the near future and what other plans you have. Is there a way to give users a say in the priorities of what will be developed first?

  • Hey, I really like ProtonMail, and I was very happy when I saw that your are working on a calendar. That would be a great feature. Will the calendar be available already this year?

  • Will be considered the possibility to have an icon regarding the kind of file in attached? On this way is very easy to open the correct email instead to check everyone: especially if there are a lot email from the same sander.

    Thank you.

    Good job :)

  • While you’re thinking of undo, I would also recommend an Undo sending that stays for ~5s.

    I would think that a much higher priority feature would be for the Mobile App to correctly sync with the online version… This has not worked for a while (e.g. deleting the email through the webapp, the mobile app still keeps the notification up…).

    • Thank you! Yes, an undo feature is planned. And we apologize for that UX problem. We’re aware of it. If you refresh your inbox by pulling down, or clear your cache in Settings, that should resolve the syncing issue for the time being.

  • who are “early access users” referenced on Sept 16th? and can you be more specific about when this year?

    I am using plus and digging it but using it for business so I could really use a calendar to track my schedule. I am currently depending on my old google account and don’t want to fully transition until I have a calendar sorted out. Also- If you have any interim suggestions that are better than gmail please let me know!

  • iphone app fonts are too small. This is a deal breaker. You need to add a font size adjuster to settings.

    • We’ll make an announcement on our blog when the beta version is available. At that point, paid users can log in to their accounts at and click on the calendar icon in the top left of the webapp to open the calendar.

  • Elliptic curve cryptography is really good servive for everyone. It’s really important to protect your data, cause information security gives you an opportunity to save it from other people.

    • Hi Ilya,
      I believe this was just a temporary lapse over the holidays. The repository is now update. Thanks for your patience.