ProtonMail v3.2 Release Notes

protonmail 3.2

Below are the release notes for Version 3.2 of the ProtonMail secure email web client. This release bring several enhancements including improved spam filtering and improvements to make labels more efficient and easy to use. We are now actively working on a future 3.x release which will contain a complete filters functionality which will allow the creation of custom filters to be applied automatically to incoming emails. As usual, if you encounter any bugs with this version, please let us know via the report bug functionality, or through our support page.

ProtonMail does not show advertisements or abuse your privacy for revenue. Paid accounts are our only source of funding. Please consider upgrading to a ProtonMail Plus account so that we can continue to operate the service and fund the development of more features.

New Features Summary

Custom Spam Filters

Spam Filtering

Spam is the least desirable side effect of owning an email account. Spam filtering is a particularly challenging problem when it comes to end-to-end encrypted email because we don’t have the ability to read emails. ProtonMail utilizes a number of techniques to automatically detect and filter spam messages. However, when it comes to spam, there isn’t a one size fits all solution, and it may be some necessary fine tuning on a per account basis to get the filtering just right. With Spam Filters, you can now create your own unique whitelist and blacklist to ensure your mail is automatically delivered into your inbox and spam folder correctly. You can learn more about this feature here.

Improved Labels

How to quickly organize your ProtonMail inbox with labels

In version 3.2, we also improved labels to make them easier to use. The first improvement is that in the labels menu, the state of the ‘Also archive’ is now saved. Thus, for users that always use the Also archive functionality, there is no need to re-check it every single time.

Secondly, we added a quick label functionality. If you click on the left side icons shown above, you can directly apply a single label without clicking the check boxes or clicking apply. This saves one click when applying a label. If Also archive is turned on, using the quick label functionality will also archive that conversation.

Version 3.2 Release Notes

New Features

  • New tab in Settings to set Spam Filters
  • New drop down labels
  • Spoof warning in body of messages that may have been spoofed

Bug Fixes

  • Many fixes and features to improve ProtonMail Web view and Mobile view


  • New composer (faster and more stable)

Known Issues

  • PGP key export/import functionality still missing in version 3.x, will be done for a future release.
  • Some mobile responsive issues remain

Please report bugs here:

About the Author

Proton Team

Proton was founded by scientists who met at CERN and had the idea that an internet where privacy is the default is essential to preserving freedom. Our team of developers, engineers, and designers from all over the world is working to provide you with secure ways to be in control of your online data.

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53 comments on “ProtonMail v3.2 Release Notes

  • As always.. you guys/gals rock! Keep up the amazing work! I just keeps on getting better!

  • pleae to do 2 features:

    – auto mark email from xx@xx.xx sender as a labex yyy
    – user can choose: i want see conversations in group mode as now, or each mail alone

    Everything else is very very ok, and usefull

    • I agree. The first one (auto-apply labels based on source address) is extremely important. Without it, using Protonmail is an order of magnitude more time consuming that using Gmail, or any other email client that does folder/label filtering. This is probably the only feature that keeps me from completely dumping my Gmail account.

  • While I highly appreciate the constant improvements, I simply cannot believe users are still forced to put up with the threaded display of messages! Can you please make threaded (I believe you call it “conversation mode”) OPTIONAL asap!

    I actually consider this a serious bug rather than a feature.

    PS: I’m a paying Plus customer and have donated several times.

  • Hi I have an ipad2 thinking it was safe till a hacker found a loop in ios8.3.1 I have ios9.3.1 but I have a fan club using my iPad niqueunique username emails studying the same thesis they’re at an advantage coding whichI’m learning but I’m sure there presentation and content of arguements and philosophy will be lacking in the final draft so I want to upgrade account to plus but nothing I clean clothes on will bring up a payment schedule.

  • Great contribution, please add the option that mails more than thirty days eliminated in the trash as Gmail and double authentication
    Thank you

  • Please, please get rid of threaded conversation view messages in the inbox – or at least give us the option of disabling it. I know this feature is on the roadmap but until it’s released the desktop version is a pain (new messages related to older ones that have been deleted cause those ones to un-delete themselves, for example).

    Thank you for making ProtonMail!

    • Thank you, but until you get rid of conversation threading I will remain with V.2, and I will not upgrade to Protonmail Plus. You have been saying for ages that you are working on making threading optional, but update after update shows that you probably based V.3 on a model that doesn’t allow for the removal of threading, so I guess you really have no way of removing it, otherwise you would have done so by now.
      I am losing confidence in Protonmail. You keep saying you are working on the threading, but nothing happens, but in the mean time you do strange things like adopting FINGERPRINT TECHNOLOGY, which everybody else is now abandoning because the FBI can force you, dead or alive, to give a fingerprint, but they can’t force you to give a password.
      Please man up and be honest and tell us if you are incapable of making threading optional, instead of keeping building false hopes.
      Thank you.

  • Really awesome!

    Btw, by any chance is a “ProtonChat” on the plans?
    Or, at least, maybe, even just a XMPP server?
    It would be really helpful.

  • HI, so just spam filters? what about regular filters? I want filters to perform different actions: move to archive, add this labels, etc.
    Just whitelist do not help in mail organization. Are you not implementing this?

    • No, but they will be supported in the custom filters we will be adding in version 3.3

  • Is there a plan on when message threading can be turned off in V3? I’d like to use the new features and wave goodbye to V2 especially now that message filtering is available…

  • Another good update. I would like to see the ability to auto label emails as they come in.

  • Two statements:
    1. Your “French” option for this site just doesn’t work !
    2. I can’t find where to download your eMail server.

  • Hi,

    I would suggest to introduce other payment options besides credit card.
    I might be willing to pay in the future, but i lack an credit card. ;)

    gr r3ev

  • Great Job and good news hear that filters are coming soon…., is near the cloud storage? or are working only on Protonmail?

  • Well thank you for spam filter, but what I waiting for like crazy is ability to turn off message threading. This is something so cruel for users that I will not use 3.x version until this will be resolved. In secure email I expect and prefer simplicity and clarity, with message threading you forcing users to make mistakes with their key emails (message and conversations unwanted deleting, loosing view of single emails – you can easily loose that there is another old email in conversation; looks like conversations threading is something like magic random – what I expect to be threaded its not and vice versa) Its CONFUSING!. I still waiting for this and I will not enter to protonmail plus (What I planing for so long…with wainting for another version…where this will be solved) until this horible thing can user turn off. I understand that you want enhance platform for mobile devices and it takes time, but dont forget that there are still people here, that prefer standard desktop browser version.

    Except this, protonmail is ideal choise for secure email and for this I thank you, Protonmail.

  • Hello,
    Good news for this new release with very helpfull adds.
    Would it be possible to add a comment field in a contact card to record the security password when sending a secure email protected by password?
    In this new version 3.2, the space contact has not changed.
    Thank you in advance.
    Best regards.

  • As a Plus account user, I sure would love to see the ability to turn off “Conversation View” in version 3, so I can get off of version 2. :o)

    • We are working on this, but it is quite difficult and we have to push out a couple other feature first. This is on our radar however. Thanks for your support and patience!

  • Thanks for your service. It would be great if there was a feature to download messages to clean up the inbox. Currently, I forward messages to another email to then download from there. Thanks and regards.

  • Nice release of 3.2 with new features! In your next update or release can you add another security feature with the Nexus Imprint fingerprint recognition for the Android App? Your development team is amazing and I love your service!

    Thank You,

  • Fantastic work, guys. I’m looking forward to getting the custom filters in 3.3…! Keep going. :)

  • Nice features! Please add an undo button (is the 4th time that I discard a draft and I lose everything) and an autosave features when writing a draft…

    • There is an auto-save for drafts. If you accidentally discard a draft, it will go into your trash folder, it isn’t lost forever

  • Nice to see you guys are censoring messages that you don’t like. Makes me feel real good about the service.

    • We have messages on manual approval to avoid spam messages. We don’t censor, it just sometimes takes a while to get messages approved since somebody needs to manually check through them.

    • I wrote here few critic attitudes mainly about threading conversation and all my messages was aproved by protonmail. I dont think messages here are censored. Took few days? Yes, thats definitely something to work on it for protonmail, but I understand that if there is no manual spam filtering, situation would be much worse. I realy dont like to read stupid hate unproductive messages.