ProtonMail v3.3 Release Notes


We have added two major enhancements to ProtonMail’s secure email service: Desktop Notifications and Hotkeys/Keyboard shortcuts

One of the goals of ProtonMail is to make encrypted email easy-to-use.  This is why ProtonMail version 3.3 puts a heavy emphasis on the usability of ProtonMail by adding these two highly requested features. Below, we discuss these two enhancements to your secure inbox and how to make best use of them.

ProtonMail doesn’t abuse your privacy or sell ads. We rely entirely on revenue from ProtonMail Plus accounts to fund continued development. Please consider upgrading to support the project and protect online privacy.


Desktop Notifications


Waiting for an important email to arrive? Now with Desktop Notifications you do not have to continuously monitor your ProtonMail account in anticipation of the email’s arrival. Once Desktop Notifications has been allowed you will receive a popup notifying you of new messages, no matter what you are doing on your computer. Learn more about how to setup Desktop Notifications.

Hotkeys/Keyboard Shortcuts

Bouncing back and forth from your keyboard to your mouse can be time consuming as we try to read and respond to emails in our inbox. Keyboard shortcuts (also known as hotkeys) allows you to easily move around your inbox using the keys on your keyboard to perform the task you usually perform with the mouse. It is possible to view all the keyboard shortcuts ProtonMail supports by typing the question mark ? anywhere in your inbox. Learn more about how to use ProtonMail Keyboard Shortcuts.

If you have any additional suggestions for existing or new keyboard shortcuts, feel free to let us know in the comments below.

Full Release Notes:

New Features


  • Improved composer speed
  • Performance in the mailbox lists

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: error that sometimes prevent users from paying for overdue invoices
  • Fixed: “No Connectivity” error
  • Multiple composer fixes
  • Fixed: moving a message into trash while syncing
  • Fixed: auto logout after all incorrect pin attempts used
  • PIN required after editing contact
  • PIN required after adding new contact
  • Message details crash if no external browser found when link is clicked

Known Issues

  • PGP key export/import functionality still missing in version 3.x, will be done for a future release.

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