ProtonMail v3.3 Release Notes


We have added two major enhancements to ProtonMail’s secure email service: Desktop Notifications and Hotkeys/Keyboard shortcuts

One of the goals of ProtonMail is to make encrypted email easy-to-use.  This is why ProtonMail version 3.3 puts a heavy emphasis on the usability of ProtonMail by adding these two highly requested features. Below, we discuss these two enhancements to your secure inbox and how to make best use of them.

ProtonMail doesn’t abuse your privacy or sell ads. We rely entirely on revenue from ProtonMail Plus accounts to fund continued development. Please consider upgrading to support the project and protect online privacy.


Desktop Notifications


Waiting for an important email to arrive? Now with Desktop Notifications you do not have to continuously monitor your ProtonMail account in anticipation of the email’s arrival. Once Desktop Notifications has been allowed you will receive a popup notifying you of new messages, no matter what you are doing on your computer. Learn more about how to setup Desktop Notifications.

Hotkeys/Keyboard Shortcuts

Bouncing back and forth from your keyboard to your mouse can be time consuming as we try to read and respond to emails in our inbox. Keyboard shortcuts (also known as hotkeys) allows you to easily move around your inbox using the keys on your keyboard to perform the task you usually perform with the mouse. It is possible to view all the keyboard shortcuts ProtonMail supports by typing the question mark ? anywhere in your inbox. Learn more about how to use ProtonMail Keyboard Shortcuts.

If you have any additional suggestions for existing or new keyboard shortcuts, feel free to let us know in the comments below.

Full Release Notes:

New Features


  • Improved composer speed
  • Performance in the mailbox lists

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: error that sometimes prevent users from paying for overdue invoices
  • Fixed: “No Connectivity” error
  • Multiple composer fixes
  • Fixed: moving a message into trash while syncing
  • Fixed: auto logout after all incorrect pin attempts used
  • PIN required after editing contact
  • PIN required after adding new contact
  • Message details crash if no external browser found when link is clicked

Known Issues

  • PGP key export/import functionality still missing in version 3.x, will be done for a future release.

About the Author

Proton Team

We are scientists, engineers, and developers drawn together by a shared vision of protecting civil liberties online. Ensuring online privacy and security are core values for the ProtonMail team, and we strive daily to protect your rights online.


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84 comments on “ProtonMail v3.3 Release Notes

  • It’s great to see the email service get updated more and more! I must say that one of the major reasons that I am not yet using ProtonMail more is the lack PGP key export/import functionality, so very much looking forward to seeing that added =).

  • What about plain text message.I still waiting for it.Send message without HTML.I sent about 10 emails ask about it.

    • I have too, it’s all I’m waiting for. At least give us a code switch to embed ASCII-armored text or a text box with HTML disabled…

      It’s pathetic that something this simple has been overlooked for so long.

  • Thank you protonmail for the service and the work !
    But could you give us an update about the top voted suggestions of the feedback forum ? They are all in “planned” state for months now…
    Hotkeys were one of the least requested feature in the feedback forum…

    • I know for me, one thing that is stopping me from switching more to protonmail is the lack of filtering options. My current provider (Outlook) let’s me organize emails into folders. I understand that protonmail wants to use the label function, but right now, there’s no way to set it up so that if you receive an email from a specific address, it’ll be assigned a specific label and/or archived.

      To me personally, this would be more important than keyboard shortcuts, as it helps out with organizing emails.

      • Custom Filters in ProtonMail are now available for testing for all ProtonMail Visionary users. We plan to release this feature for all of our users in the near future.

      • Totally agree. Why isn’t this the top feature priority? I’ve been using PM for a year and my email is now full of crap. There’s nothing, even basic, that I can do about it. Friends have commented that they don’t use it as their primary email because it’s just too basic.

    • Keyboard shortcuts are also relatively easy to add compared to adding whole new features, since you’re basically adding a key trigger to existing JS functions.

      Also this was my #1 requested feature, so I’m happy hehe

  • Excellent work. The notifications and keyboard shortcuts work seamlessly for me. These are “convenience” and “efficiency” upgrades as opposed to improvements to make things look prettier. I’m all for that. Great.

    Looking forward to future improvements, even if they arrive only a bit at a time. It’s more exciting that way! 🙂

  • Once again OpenPGP interoperability is put off, indefinitely now it seems. It was “next release”, now, “a future release”.

    It’s looking more and more as though ProtonMail favors the ‘walled garden’ approach to subscriber acquisition.

    But we have hotkeys.

  • I am being stalked w my desktop, phone being hacked etc., I wld like to try ur program out, how much does it cost? Iv had to go into hiding. Whomever completely erased me off the Internet last year.

  • It’d be great if you guys could make a desktop program much like lots of other mail services have.

    Might even be more secure – you make your own program specifically for using Protonmail – not using a Google’s or Mozilla’s or Microsoft’s or anyone’s browser to do it. External links would be opened in their browser, naturally.

    Just a suggestion to put out there. I’d be using my Protonmail more if I could just launch it from the desktop, and I figure there’s a certain userbase that just prefers it that way.

  • Way too expensive, unfortunately. Also no PayPal support.

    E.g. I am personally interested in 100-200 MB storage + two custom domains.

    €7 every month I would have to pay for that at the moment. (Protonmail Plus + 2 custom domains). The prices are only interesting for business customers not for individuals.

    (For €7 I can set up my own VPS with an encrypted mail service AND Owncloud and I ‘d even have 50 GB storage and could link 2000 domains via mx record)

    • We do support PayPal. It is true for 7€ you can set up your own VPS, but with our service, we also provide reliability and security which comes at a cost. This is detailed at the bottom of this page:

  • Thanks for all the new enhancements! I’m a happy customer throughout if the PGP key will be sorted!
    The suggestion of a previous visitor would be amazing to get an insight on top voted features.

  • ProtonMail QUOTE We rely entirely on revenue from ProtonMail Plus accounts to fund continued development. Please consider upgrading to support the project and protect online privacy.UNQUOTE

    Me: Why not just add regular calendar and multiple email accounts? You will have a lot of business customers and no problems with funding. Otherwise ProtonMail does just not fit the purpose.

  • I can’t find the section that used to invite suggestions for extra features – It may not be worth the costs at present, but it would be nice if additional country or other domains could be available in future – eg etc etc

  • I am a long time supporter but perplexed by the development teams priorities. Although there should be a significant revenue stream from business clients there seems to be no effort to upgrade PM to being truly “business ready”.

    The inability to open all messages simultaneously in an email conversation on the desktop, limited search flexibility and no calendar are the top of our “not ready fro prime time list”. The third is a way to communicate with the developers in a manner consistent with developing business tools Vs a rambling blog focused on individual free mail.

  • Please add support for email accounts 🙂 If it could be encrypted with PGP like the email that’d be really cool. Though, unlike regular IMAP calendar accounts, that would also mean you can only use the Protonmail app for email rather than your favorite calendar app. So you better make sure it works well on the Protonmail app 🙂

  • Question. What is your focus / effort on spam filtering? My small company is looking at going beyond the trial stage but needed to know about filtering spam.

    Thanks in advance

  • When can we have the ability to set up multiple accounts using a business or enterprise registration … need sooner the later. My company will be happy to beta-test and pay the premium upgrade for each user.

  • Hi,

    There are a bunch of things I would even need before I’d consider switching the ProtonMail:

    – Support for 3rd party email clients. At least if I had this, I could work around ProtonMail’s other shortcomings.
    – Formatting/HTML messages. This is a must have if I’ll use PM’s webmail at all.
    – Importing from Gmail.
    – Importing contacts, and being able to manage them.

    These are only the basics of what I’d need if I wanted to switch to ProtonMail, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. At least if I had the first one, I could work around everything else. You guys really need to work on all these basic options and features.

    • Couldn’t agree more on this, especially about the clients. Ability to connect to Protonmail with IMAP/POP3/SMTP client would solve all the inconveniences. And each one could choose what level of security/convenience he would want to have.

    • Custom Filters in ProtonMail, are now available for testing for all ProtonMail Visionary users. We are planning on releasing this feature in the near future.

  • Great! Thanks you so much for adding keyboard shortcuts!
    Do you think it is possible to make j/k work as the arrow keys right now? Or make j/k and arrow keys to work as they do in Gmail, so both the current behaviors depending on context? And add ‘o’ for opening a message in addition to enter? I guess all this could be solved by making the shortcuts customizable.

    Thanks again!

  • Hello. Great service. Thank you.

    I realise I can delete emails when viewing trash, but I can’t delete from a search. I only have the option to trash, even though the searched emails are already in the trash. There may be just a select few that I wish to delete, but because I can’t delete from a search, I’m faced with the prospect of going through the trash page by page manually selecting and deleting individual emails.

    Solution – Having performed a search, give me a “Delete” icon along the top like the one that appears when I’m in the trash folder, so emails can be permanently deleted.

    Thank you

  • I appreciate the updates that ProtonMail is sending out frequently. I have been using ProtonMail as the primary mail, and I agree with a few of the comments here. I understand some features might be more important and some features might be easy to implement. I am not sure how the features are being prioritized. It might be best to perhaps release the list of things that are being worked on and asking the general population to vote for the features. I know it might sound overkill, but also understand that some of the people are not using this email systems because some easy functions are not being implemented yet.

    Saying all that, I would also like to thank you for the service. I mostly use the mobile version of the app, and I’d like to also see the mobile app enhanced a bit more. If there is a published list of features that are coming soon, I could at least see what features I have to wait for and how long.

  • Can we have these short cuts as part of the labels. So when I put the mouse on top of the trash can, it says “Move to Trash“. Instead, can the icon say something like this – “Move to Trash (t)“, that includes the shortcut that you have implemented. It will help the users remember the shortcuts slowly and use it more often.

  • Does ProtonMail plan on creating a Tor .onion hidden service for accessing webmail? If so, any details on when that might happen?

  • for the love of God, please add multiple user email accounts for plus users. You guys keep focusing on fun and useless things. I’ve never known a single person to use hotkeys in a webmail interface. I have know everyone to appreciate their own email folder for their accounts.

  • I don’t understand something about all this encryption thing. Please ilustrate my ignorance, hehe:
    If I open an account in Protonmail and send an email to, say, an Openmailbox account (or whatever other non encrypted mail provider); or, in the contrary way, I receive an email from, say, Gmail. Will my contact on Openmailbox be able to read my mails, and shall the mail sent by my other contact on Gmail be encrypted, at least when it reaches my Protonmail inbox?


  • This offers a great convenience in secure email checking. A lot of time is wasted in waiting for those urgent emails, and workers are having a trouble with checking those emails step by step. With the notifications, one would not check the emails often, as this often cause great discomfort. The hot keys and shortcuts save loads of effort. Great work on the improvements.

      • You cannot seriously be considering NOT to allow searching within the e-mail bodies?
        That will be a dealbreaker for me, and I believe many others.

        Why not offer is exclusively for paying customers?

        Kind regards

        • We are building a workaround to enable some form of full body search. This is still in active R&D right now, but we will have an update later on.

  • Lots of users including me are still waiting for the import / export feature of emails, to take periodic backups etc.
    I still have to use Google as my primary MX server to be able to have my emails backed up, that is exactly what i am trying to avoid (sending things to google).
    Please focus on this issue.

  • It should be clear by now that the main goal of Protonmail is to offer affordable and free uncompromised privacy in email, obviously at the expense of some other features found in less secured and more popular and wealthy email services, (who obviously don’t put privacy above convenience, or we wouldn’t be so interested in using PM)

    But some of the demands I read about here are seem to be from some people who value special features and convenience in processing (large) amounts of mail above the stated main goal of PM. A few bloggers claim that once those features they look for are brought in they will switch to or pay for an account (although I am sure that a number of customers asking for certain improvements have paid PM accounts).
    Still, from a number of the comments and criticisms offered, some of them are of the opinion that as long as they can’t get better features in their present service providers at the expense of heightened privacy they will continue to use those instead of PM.
    In all fairness, I don’t think they have thought some of their demands through, and perhaps they should continue to use those other services instead of being harsh in the PM team, whose stated main goal is to protect the freedom and privacy of those that value it. Or if you know of a service offering a high degree of privacy (even for free) and that also have all the fancy and convenient extra features, please enlighten us. (Please don’t peddle the ‘great’ email services we all know about and that we are trying to be free of)
    I don’t mean to troll here or to start a debate, but just to defend the top quality job and service Protonmail is providing to privacy minded people (even presently at the expense of some desirable and more convenient features). Especially for me, as un-paid user, of which PM I am sure have a number of, those criticisms seem somehow out of place.
    If you value features, stay put where you are and wait for them to arrive to Protonmail at the time they can be produced and PM can afford them and introduce them.
    I don’t mean either to discourage PM efforts to find paid users that would help to support the development of PM, but it seems that a number of the comments do, or present an unfair view of a great service, especially, as I said when the comments come from people that openly admit they won’t use until it is exactly the way the big providers are.
    It seems that PM’s mission is about privacy above all, and then about making it more attractive, useful and open to all.
    If you are not even using this great service, perhaps you should stop complaining (especially if you are not a paying user), mind your own business and continue to use those services that you value so much, even at the expense of your own privacy.
    No offense intended.
    Thanks Protonmail. I value your highly valuable service and hope you will continue with your unique mission, even –why not- in a profitable way.

    • Jone,
      I could not have said it better myself, I want to thank you for wording that so well, something needed to be clarified in regards to what Proton mail’s mission is and what proton mail actually is so as to give an idea on the differences, which by the way are not foo foo eye candy, but serious security related features, and you said it in the post!!!

      I believe once the general public that are interested in a secure {or should I say, secure as the envrionment we are restricted to} because nothing is 100% totally secure, that those in doubt or those in more of a defensive attitude will change those that refuse to acknowledge the differences will never understand…

      Secure email is just that, secure, it is by no means speedy, pretty, gloated with features. it is designed for one reason and one reason only, to Protect our Privacy or as Phil put it “Pretty Good Protection/Privacy” and the reason it can be done is it is done overseas where the laws are different and overseas doesnt have to abide by United States wishes or rules as much. thus the encryption technologies that otherwise would not be allowed in the United States can be used and enjoyed here it the wonderful U S of A. or (Under Statement of Anarchy)…
      having a point to point encrypted service is by far the only way to go as far as I have researched. there is no middle point of entry to the system thus next to impossible to penetrate and decry pt surreptitiously .

      That is all of my soapboxing
      Thank you once again Jone for your input
      have a nice rest of the week
      Rob C aka

  • Sent email now showing up in Sent Folder even after Archiving. WHAT A MESS
    This should be an option, just like the implementation on conversations should have been.

    Sorry Guys, ProtonMail Isnt for me

    • We have made some changes to how the messages are sorted, due to many requests from our users. Many complaints were received from users who said their sent messages were missing, when in fact they were moved to the Archive folder. Now the Sent messages and the Drafts are always located in the respective folders, no matter if you move them to Trash, Inbox or Archive.

    • If I put a message in the archive, the last thing I want is to see it remaining in the folder where it was originally…what is the point of archiving if the message stays in the original folder? This is a BIG MESS as Colin stated. Looking for alternatives and super sad that PM has gone the g-mail route…there was so much potential…sad to see it wasted.

  • I miss:
    1) drafting an email requires more word-like softare utilities. manage word styles, bold styles, etc… alike the ms-word.
    2) to save the attachments all in one click
    3) to save the attachment on my own computer file system not on download file.
    4) view email on screen size mode, not on that narrow vindow
    5) need to type on new contact full “extensions” as “” “”, etc….

  • Please, PLEASE keep the idea of developing a Proton Calendar on the front burner. Desperately want to get away from Google cal, but love every bit of its functionality, color coding, notices, etc.