ProtonMail v3.4 Release Notes

protonmail filters

We are happy to announce the next version of ProtonMail’s secure email service. ProtonMail 3.4 adds two much demanded features, Custom Filters and Embedded Images

In order to make encrypted email easier to use, we have put a lot of focus this summer on adding features that exist in legacy email providers into ProtonMail, while maintaining the encryption that makes ProtonMail the world’s most secure email service. In particular, Custom Filters is a highly requested feature, garnering nearly 1300 votes from the ProtonMail user community. In this release, we are also launching support for embedded images in the ProtonMail secure email webapp. Support for embedded images on our top ranked iOS and Android encrypted email apps will come in a subsequent mobile app update.

ProtonMail does not show advertisements or abuse your privacy to make money. Paid accounts are our only source of funding. Please consider upgrading to a ProtonMail Plus account so that we can continue to operate the service and fund further development.


Custom Filters

Filters allow you to perform custom defined actions automatically on incoming and outgoing email. You can set filters by going to Settings –> Filters. For example, you can automatically Trash or Archive messages from certain email addresses, or automatically apply labels to certain incoming messages.

For ProtonMail paid plan users, there is no limit to the number of Custom Filters that can be created. Free users are limited to one custom filter. You can learn more about custom filters for your encrypted inbox here.

Encrypted Embedded Images

Encrypted Embedded Images

With inline embedded images you can get the convenience of drag and drop with the functionality of images right within your message, all while remaining secure and private with the encryption you have come to expect. This allows seamless composition of multimedia emails with images appearing directly in a message instead of buried in your attachments.

Our support for inline images also applies to emails that you receive. Now inline images will be displayed automatically when you open the message (previously, you needed to download them from attachments to view them). If you do not want to display embedded images automatically, there is an option to turn them off in Settings. Like before however, ProtonMail continues to treat embedded images as attachments so that we can fully encrypt them with end-to-end encryption. You can learn more about this feature here.

Embedded Images in Signatures

ProtonMail 3.4 also adds support for using embedded images in your email signature. Now you can drag and drop an embedded image into your email signature and have it sent with every email you send. This can be done from the signature field in the Settings page. For embedded image in signatures, there is a size limit of 200kB.

Encrypted Embedded Images Signature

ProtonMail Signature

ProtonMail 3.4 also introduces the ProtonMail Signature. This signature was selected after a Twitter poll in which over 2000 users participated.

protonmail signature

The ProtonMail signature can be adjusted in the settings and when it is turned on, it is added to all emails sent through the ProtonMail web client.

protonmail signature settingIn order for encrypted email to succeed in the long run, it is important to spread the news that there are more secure email providers out there. This is also important for ProtonMail’s continued growth which can allow us to bring in enough revenue to continue to support the free service. For this reason, for all new accounts, the ProtonMail signature will default to on and the option to turn it off will only be available for ProtonMail paid users. For existing free accounts, those already have some sort of ProtonMail signature (over 80% of existing accounts), the ProtonMail signature will be off and you will continue to be able to turn it on or off.


Version 3.4 Full Release Notes

New Features

  • Embedded Images

  • Custom Filters released

  • Paying for ProtonMail Plus with PayPal now supports additional currencies EUR and CHF

Bug Fixes

  • Composer optimization
  • Cache optimization

Known Issues

  • PGP key export/import functionality still missing in version 3.x, will be done for a future release.
  • Inability to turn off conversation mode in 3.x. Currently scheduled for Fall 2016.
  • Some mobile responsive issues remain

As always, you can report bugs using ProtonMail report bug feature, or send us a support request here:

About the Author

Andy Yen

Andy is the Founder and CEO of Proton, the company behind ProtonMail and ProtonVPN. He is a long time advocate of privacy rights and has spoken at TED, SXSW, and the Asian Investigative Journalism Conference about online privacy issues. Previously, Andy was a research scientist at CERN and has a PhD in Particle Physics from Harvard University. You can watch his TED talk online to learn more about our mission.


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88 comments on “ProtonMail v3.4 Release Notes

  • Thank you!
    Finally, with custom filters, I can upgrade to a paid account. Already convinced my girlfriend to switch to protonmail (from You rock! Looking forward to new features and hopefully being able to move my calendar to protonmail sometimes next year! :-)

  • Hey thank you very much for new features, and please keep it up! How can I upgrade my browser to the new version? I use Chrome and my version seems still v3.3 25

  • “Free ProtonMail accounts are limited to 1 custom filter”
    At least 5 0 10 but 1, ok.

    Thanks very useful for pay users.


  • Great update. Custom filters are going to make labels a lot quicker and more effective. The big one for me is PGP, but I’ll wait patiently until you get time to add it. I tell everyone I know about PM, and many of them are actually taking notice!

    • Once we get pgp key imports, there will be droves of paid accounts! I’m waiting for that feature please make it a priority.

    • Agreed. I don’t understand why core security features such as this one have such a low priority. What is the point of ‘secure email’ if non-users cannot even send me encrypted emails if I don’t have the key? The features added in 3.4 are nice, but my old email provider also had them. I made the switch because I want to make my email correspondence more secure. Come on, ProtonMail…

    • This. Seriously, I still can’t believe a self-proclaimed privacy focused e-mail service expects everyone to be connected to the internet 24/7 or to have a smartphone. I mean, these things are the exact opposite of what privacy-minded individuals would do.

  • Glad to see these long awaited features go live now.
    One problem i am having with the Filter rules is when I have added more then 3 it does not seem to load up the form to add anymore unless I close my browser and reopen it again, then it lets me add one more and the same happens again.
    Also if I try to edit any filters no forms appear to appear either.

    I’m running this from within Windows 10 using the latest Chrome.

    Anyone else seen similar issues?

  • Many of us have been waiting for the ability to turn of message threading/conversation view. I am sure you have taken that step given the number of complaints about that issue that always appear in these comments after an upgrade. Could you share how that can finally be done now that 3.4 is here?

  • Protonmail started out clean and secure; it is now evolving into a great e-mail service with more bells & whistles.

  • Are you guys still working on POP/IMAP support? Maybe some plugin for Thunderbird or similar?
    I can’t wait to ditch my current email provider, but thunderbird support is a must.

  • You wrote that over 80% of existing accounts have some sort of ProtonMail signature. Where and how did you get this information? I thought email signatures would be encrypted just like other account information.

  • Visionary user here…still desperately waiting for 2FA protection, just a no no that such a simple feature is not here yet.

    • The feature is not so simple unfortunately, but this is currently under development. We just need a few other changes to be rolled out first. Thanks for your support!

  • Under settings mine says v 1.4.1 Is this the new version? I refreshed the page but nothing happened. Google play sroresays its up to date. Im a bit confused about it all really. Help

    • The update was for the web version of ProtonMail, the mobile version will be getting its own update fairly soon.

  • I like the feature enhancements but am still waiting on the business version which, according to ProtonMail, was supposed to roll out in “… early summer, 2016.”

    Although I know that these time-lines are an overly ambitious estimate from those who have never heard of the adage: “Under promise; Over deliver,” we’re approaching a boiling point here.

    I have been holding my anxious employer off for months now – they are ready to go with Google for Business – with the anticipation of a potentially better product from ProtonMail, but still no service, and even worse, no progress updates… as far as I can tell.

    Long story short, I am beginning to look like a jerk, and I really don’t appreciate that.

    So… where is the business solution? I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only jerk waiting for an answer. My employer is ready to give his money to Google, and I can’t hold him off much longer.

    • Hi Ken, this is a high priority project for us so we are working on it. It is quite complex to implement securely however so we want to take our time to make sure it is done properly. We now anticipate it before the end of this year, but we hope in the next month or so.

  • I just want to Thank Andy Yen and associates for creating Protonmail! In today’s society, privacy (especially in America) is a priceless treasure!!

  • Thanks guys for all the hard work and consideration. I’ve made a donation now to help the cause, although coming from South Africa the exchange rate is terrible, but hope it helps keep the ball rolling just a little bit more.

    Have you considered different rates for premium membership for countries with poor exchange rates? Premium membership is a pittance for Europeans and Americans for instance but quite serious dent in the wallet for South Africans.

  • Still waiting for the mail folders for Protonmail, is that coming soon? My inbox is getting very full and it is frustrating to use filters etc. to group different project messages.

    • You can use filters to automatically label and then archive messages. This will give you something that behaves very similarly to folders.

      • …except that “archived” messages still stay in the same folder in addition to being “archived”. Its just a mess….

  • Thanks for the update and the service. Can we have a download/export message to disk feature in the next release?

    • We are working on this, but it takes a while because if improperly implemented, this can add too much load to the servers.

  • Hallo, danke für Protonmail. Ich bin sehr zufrieden. Leider nicht mein Bruder. Er stört sich daran Links erst kopieren zu müssen und dann in einen Browser einzufügen. Abgesehen davon will er vergangene Woche mehrere Mails verschickt haben, die nie angekommen sind. Er hat Protonmail deinstalliert und neu installiert ohne Ergebnis.

    Jede gute, neue Sache braucht Zeit. Weiterhin viel Erfolg. Gruß el Oso

  • I must say, you guys at Protonmail really make the difference when it comes to anonymous online mailing. At the moment i cant really afford paying, so will stay with the free account at the moment. Keep up the good work

  • I know a lot of users are waiting for the possibility for making groups of contacts, so when sending a mail to 10 persons you won’t have to type 10 adresses, but instead just type a group name, which contains these 10 adresses. When will this feature be available?

  • Just keeps on getting better and better…Love Proton Mail and have been slowly moving all my email to my new account. Really like all the features and mailing options. Thanks

  • Hi,

    this is a really nice and needed feature. However, I noticed that custom filter also goes through the spam messages. For example, I’ve created a filter that automatically assigns the label based on certain keywords. And this custom filter assigns the label even for the messages in the spam folder (an I have unread message counter for that label), which I want to avoid. I don’t see a way to create a condition to ignore spam folder.
    I’m a paid customer and I would really like to use this feature, but for me it’s not really a feature to automatically label or archive a spam message.

    • Thanks for the suggestion, our team will look into this. But it might not be possible because another use for filters is to automatically prevent some messages from going to spam.

  • Thanks for the update! An option for an automatic answer (“Travelling” etc.) would be what would allow me to only use Protonmail – is there hope for this kind of feature in the future?

  • When will it be possible to print off emails in ProtonMail? This the one feature that holds me back from using ProtonMail as my standard.

    • This feature is already available. When you open a message, it is in the dropdown next to the forward button.

  • I was playing with email signature on my free account and can not seem to edit the original image. I have set the block to null (erased everything), yet when I compose a message to old image and name appears on the form. It can be removed with a the delete/backspace function but will reappear at the next message.
    The account setting have a different set of data than the form when I press compose.

  • I recommend that you please improve the functionality of the embedded image such as your blue logo with the words “ProtonMail, End to end encryption based in Switzerland” that we can attach to our sent emails so that it may act as a beacon so that we can get a time stamp when the recipient opened our email. This would be very useful.

  • Which OS (Android, Mac OS X, iOS, Windows, Linux) does Andy Yen use? Would be nice to know because he’s one of my role models.

    You guys are doing a great job! Looking forward to next updates!

  • Am I missing something here? What is the point of having custom filters if you cannot create folders into which you can direct the mail?

    I think it’s smart to limit free users to 1 filter, then it gives them an incentive to go to a paid account. But with no folders the feature is of very limited value.

    I see people asking for all sorts of advanced, esoteric features but I think Protonmail should concentrate on those features which enable a person to make Protonmail their primary email address; and thus pay for an account. Filtering to a folder is a basic, essential feature.

      • Have you seen the comments on that “folders post”? You have 80% of people asking for folders as many people do not like labels like gmail forces. For me, I donated early on but have never considered a paid account because I don’t see steps being taken that would allow me to move my mail out of outlook. I need folders and labels doesn’t cut it. What’s better than making a rule to send emails form Paul, Michael and Ted to the “important” folder? Or making a rule to send anything with a certain word or addressed to a certain email group. Then you get to your email every day and there is everything neatly stored in folders. If I am rushed, I open and check my important folder and I can take of and not have that nagging feeling that I missed an important note. While I understand that labels are your preference and if they were a majority of users as well… then I would assume I am not understanding the structure and benefit… But when I don’t see how labels can be better and I jump over to your post to see 80% of people agree with me… then I see no reason to think paying for an account would be a smart move at this time.

  • I believe I have posted this request and constant source of frustration before, but here goes:
    You need to implement a way to search the mailbox globally for content located within the body of e-mails.
    This really is an elephant in the room, and just thinking about the extent of and potential from using this feature in Gmail makes me head for a depression. It is not that I am willing to sacrifice my privacy for this search feature, but still:
    not being able to search my e-mails is a seriously limiting factor. I cannot find half of the e-mails I know to be stored somewhere on Protonmails servers.

    • We are working on a solution for this. It is not easy, but there should be something within the next 6 months.

  • Unable to refresh page to update to 3.1version. Says I have 21 days + or – …… Have an iPhone SE
    Thanks for your time and attention!

  • Hello
    Thank you so much for improvements. What i miss most and would deeply appreciate is:
    The ability to customize print in the form of:
    *increasing the size of the font
    *inputting in alternate colors
    *perhaps a few different fonts.

    While I am not a paid member, I intend to offer a donation.
    Thank you.

  • I don’t understand the ability to embed an image but not the ability to changes font type or font colour ???

      • Hmm… did I have a dream?
        I’ve seen the conversation option yesterday evening (european time) with v3.4.2 but it seems it’s gone this morning.

        • Not a dream, we roll out test versions to certain subset of users to check stability before the bigger rollout. Now this is available everywhere again.

    for finally allowing conversation / threading to be turned off.

    Now, how about NOT showing archived and deleted messages in the SENT folder??? Or at least a way to control that behavior…it is SO annoying to archive or delete something from the SENT box only to have it continue to be shown there…what is the point of archiving with this behavior?

    • Yes thank you for Conversations OFF Toggle, Totally agree with Rob about emails in the SENT folder, messy, messy, messy.

  • Finally someone on the right side of Privacy! Way to go Andy! Please don’t ever stop doing this vital work.

    We all have a right to protect our privacy, even from the prying eyes of corporations whom try to weasel their way out of the fact that they’re exploiting us by extorting our personally identifiable information in exchange for free use of a product or service.

    Privacy is intrinsic to the concept of liberty and should never, ever be bargained in the first place—ever!

  • Hello, as a long-time (well, August 2015, I think) occaisional user, I am not happy with what I read about “we will turn on this signature line, and only paid subscribers can turn it off”. I also read that, as a continuing “free” subscriber, I won’t be affected (I can leave it off). Along with the obvious problems one could have with the “forced” option, you don’t seem to recognise people like me who are (1) not “paid” subscribers but (2) make occaisional contributions. So, I think you should rescind this policy. You certainly won’t attract new (free) users when they learn that they will be forced to carry your advertising in each email they send. And you need to recognise people who make contributions, but who are not “paid” users.

  • Will there ever be a feature in ProtonMail that would support the import of Evernotes or other similar programs?

    • At this moment we are not working on this, but we will consider adding that feature in the future.

  • You guys are the best !
    I’m really fond of ProtonMail and it’s really really nice to see you guys work on improvements.
    I’ve recently switched from hotmail to protonmail and I’m more than satisfied.

    It would be really awesome though if I could link my email account to my Blackberry Classic. (Blackberry 10 OS)
    Also I know that you guys are working on it so it’s not a complaint or anything. :)
    I’ll wait patiently !

    Keep up the good work and always stay true to your principles!