ProtonMail v3.7 Release Notes

Note: Due to the way we roll out new versions, ProtonMail 3.7 has not been released to everyone yet. If you do not see it yet, you will see it soon.

With ProtonMail 3.7, ProtonMail Visionary users will have early access to a new feature that allows for the creation of an organization under their account and enables them add members. These members can have their own subaccount with their own login and inbox. Sub-users are already supported in the current versions of the ProtonMail secure email mobile apps for Android and iOS. This feature is currently a technical preview for ProtonMail Visionary only, and will be released more widely later on.

ProtonMail does not show advertisements or abuse your privacy to make money. Paid accounts are our only source of funding. Please consider upgrading to a ProtonMail Plus account so that we can continue to operate the service and fund further development.




Visionary users who use custom domain(s) can now host multiple separate accounts on their domain. This will be especially useful for families or organizations that would like their members to have their own separate mailboxes and email addresses using a domain other than The Visionary account will become the administrator of the organization and is responsible for address setup and storage quotas. You can learn how set up this functionality on your account. If you are not a Visionary user yet, you can learn how more about ProtonMail plus. If you run into any problems, you can let us know through the “Report Bug” functionality found within the web and mobile apps.

Version 3.7 Full Release Notes

New Features

  • Sub-user support for Visionary Users
  • New action to log out all other sessions (Settings -> Security -> Session Management)
  • Select all options for the inbox checkboxes (select all unread, select all starred, etc …)

Bug Fixes

  • Several bug fixes and performance improvements


  • New settings page design featuring a sidebar menu
  • New design for checkboxes and radio buttons
  • New scrollbar design
  • Improved advance search component

As always, your feedback is appreciated. Please report bugs using ProtonMail report bug feature, or send us a support request here:

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Proton Team

We are scientists, engineers, and developers drawn together by a shared vision of protecting civil liberties online. Ensuring online privacy and security are core values for the ProtonMail team, and we strive daily to protect your rights online.

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73 comments on “ProtonMail v3.7 Release Notes

  • If I set up two different custom domains under one Visionary account, can I have different sub-user accounts under each of the custom domains? That seems logical, but I just wanted to make sure that’s supported.

    Thanks for working hard to get this feature in. After this, I only need import/export of mail and I’ll gladly become a Visionary subscriber.

  • Great job, keep moving! One question: is it or will it be possible for visionary users without a custom domain to create multiple accounts (i.e. sub-accounts or This would be very useful for families without a custom domain, and fair for visionary users simply using their or account. Thanks for your answer.

  • Hi !!
    I am a recent protonmail converted user and find the service to be really great, simple to use and efficient !
    As a non-professional customer I subscribed to the monthly billed Plus account to access the custom domain functionality. However I was eagerly waiting for the multi-user account management as I have multiple mail accounts on my domain.
    With this announcement, I am very disappointed to see that you’ve decided to restrict the access of this, IMHO, core feature to the ,IMHO again, overpriced for non-business users Visionary account.

    I hope that you’ll change this pricing choice in the future. Otherwise I’ll sadly be going to reconsider using protonmail as my main mail service because of its price and switching back to a classic PGP solution.

    • I agree with Acebedo’s comments on the multi-user domain pricing. I am happy to see IMAP support in the works, and the multi-user domains were the other piece I required.

      I’m happy to pay a premium for this using Plus user accounts for each domain member, but I don’t believe that for a family domain like mine the Visionary pricing fits with what I want, even if that is only for the administrator. Please consider a pricing model with Plus accounts.

    • I think they will release the family feature for Plus Accounts too. If you pay more you can test it first. There aren’t a lot of features (by now) that are restricted to Visionary.

      I’m using Plus since it’s released and I’m happy with the rollout of their features.

      Let us wait and we will be satisfied 😀

      • Same thing for me, I am using protonmail Plus because I think it is also important to pay for something good and for your hard work. I am also ready to pay more for an extra account under my custom domain but the difference between the two type is really huge for personal usage.

        I hope you will also reconsider your decision to give us the access to that feature.

      • Free is dying a death and barely useable … features rarely get this far in useable form..
        Which is a shame as I believe it slows user Base growth and limits who will use it
        (I think it is great, but would like to get more using it, especially those who do not Yet understand the benefits)

    • For reference, Google allows to add users at a cost of several additional dollars a month per user. Paying $30/month for a Visionary Account just to add another user is excessive, and is close to 10x more expensive than offered by other Email vendors.

      Otherwise, very happy with your pace and the capabilities of the system.

        • Glad to see that I will benefit of it as a Plus user since it is THE feature I was waiting for along with import/export (which will be kind of possible anytime soon with IMAP support I guess). You should definitely advertise this feature as a preview and make sure Plus users do understand that they will be able to use this feature soon. Good work guys! I’m glad not to be disappointed 😉

          • Any idea when this roll out will happen? very impatient to make my family benefit from ProtonMail and my own domain

      • Google also scans your emails to sell ads against the content found within your account. Those revenues subsidize the cost of GMail. If you like that cost-benefit so much then stick with GMail, for those of us who are happy to pay a bit more for privacy, we have ProtonMail

  • A message to the governments of Iceland and Ecuador:

    How about each country giving a million dollars to ProtonMail? Both countries have been internet-friendly. Ecuador houses Assange. Iceland kicked the FBI out, after they wanted to investigate Assange’s activities in Iceland.

    The ice is breaking. The elites are LOSING control!

    Pretty soon there will be more people for a free, anonymous internet than those who oppose a free, anonymous internet. Stake your claim in this new territory!

  • I have 2 small suggestions:

    1. When you include blog posts like this for version updates, it would be nice if you included the link to the source code for ProtonMail. This way, people can check out the source code, send PRs, or check out the commits you have to see which bugs were actually fixed and all.

    2. When you navigate to the mailbox, I noticed the trash can button is on the left side, but if you navigate to the trash can, the delete button is on right right side. It would be nice if you could rearrange these so they are in the same spots.

    Other then those, loving ProtonMail. Been using it for quite sometime now.

  • I greatly value your service, and this new release is awesome!! But I can not stress strongly enough that all my security issues arise from built in web browser vulnerabilities, rogue VNC screen reader type attacks, and upstream ISP cache poisoning of the scripts. I can not ever use mobile devices period.

    Last fall, I discovered that being a Sauron Project target has created additional password ex-filtration issues for me. My most secure computers do not have web browsers installed. I look forward very much, to problem free, pop/imap in the near future with Thunderbird email client access on Linux to my Swiss account ! 🙂

    It would also be grand if Protonmail also offered DNS hosting capability. I worry about my US/Canadian DNS provider being hijacked, and my email diverted.

    Otherwise keep up the good work !!

  • Thank you for your work and the new features coming with this update.
    Please roll out the sub-user-support to plus accounts soon, I (and as can be seen in the comments) have been waiting (and in essence: paying) for this vital feature for so long!

  • Does this require the sub accounts to each be signed up for visionary as well, or are they included in the price? Or is there a different sub account price?

      • What level is each account,
        Do they all use admin allocations.
        Are these detail available anywhere. Difficult to commit to visionary costs without this info

        • Each sub account have all the features of ProtonMail paid accounts, which are on a per account basis. The only thing that is shared and using the admin allocation is the storage. All accounts will will share the same overall storage quota although you can individually set quotas for each account.

  • If i get this right.. I can use 2 passwords (for proton and for mail box) + 2FA..?

    1. Now, protonmail recomend to use 2FA. So i ask you “protonmail” (maybe some1 else can explain to me) is it safe to use authy?
    It stores everything online on the server.. How safe is that?
    2. If i use 2FA, and have protonmail app for android, will it be always loged in? or i will have to do same procedure on smartphone2. Any explanation, tutorial? Advice.

    • Once you log in with 2FA, unless you log out, you will be logged in for quite a while on your Android app.

      Authy should be safe to use.

  • Each person at my company handles their own email — most via gmail — by setting up a forward with our domain name registrar to their (for example) gmail accounts.

    I’d like to use protonmail, but I don’t want to force anyone else to migrate also. Can I setup a forward to, and be able to send email so it appears from

      • This is a major feature – being able to NOT use MX record on custom domains.
        I recall getting warning messages that custom domain not set right and would be disabled.
        Pls confirm…. custom domains do Not require MX record to be set ?
        ( happy user 🙂

          • Unless the SPF is email address specific rather than just domain, once the SPF is set as you outline, anyone with a Protonmail account can send email on behalf of said company. They may not be able to receive, but they will be able to send. Surely an open invitation for spammers.

          • How do we edit existing custom domain to remove the mx record – wizard does not respond.
            (To delete and recreate would mean destroying all email etc)

            (Regarding spam use following spf record setting – AIUI only protonmail accounts verified by dns txt record will be allowed to use custom domain for sending)

            PMail getting better all the time 🙂

          • Using this method, if for instance there are 3 members of the same company i.e., with user 1 and user 2 using Protonmail, and user 3 using Pop via the company email server.

            Would Protonmail recognize any emails between user 1 and user 2 and encrypt end to end? bearing in mind the incoming email would be via a forward from the Pop server.

  • Awesome! I was getting my family to move over to Proton anyways, but this makes it a lot easier when you’ve got half the family living abroad and can just setup a family account like this. Thanks!

  • PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, Introduce Folders.
    Can we also have the option to turn off (Toggle) all sent mail being shown in the sent box (Messy)
    Other than that really pleased and excited about how ProtonMail is developing.
    Keep up the good work.

    • Yep I Agree
      Folders would be a big big plus, a much needed feature.

      I too don’t’ like all sent messages showing in the sent box after they’ve been assigned a label..
      An on/off option not to show Labelled emails in the sent box, would be neater.
      (That’s how it used to be, until it got changed)

      As Colin says, Great effort by the team. (Hear Hear)
      Especially looking forward to IMAP functionality

  • My comment is not related to the subject though…
    Why ProtonMail advertises (sort of..) G+, FB and Twitter on top ?
    These three are a treasure box of all kinds of info for CIA and all other “security” spies.

  • Hello
    recently i have been reading an article more on leaked documents talked about on WIKI LEAKS some of the comment said the documents contained info stating that some security are actually bypassing encryption altogether as it is to difficult and bypassing security, by focusing on vulnerability on apps which have left loop holes in them before apps have a chance to be patched and attacking by passing all models of hardware and software smart phones, all major brands and all system platforms so are we all really safe any more, seems cannot even send a simple email our tv is used for a listening device and so are our cell phones all our emails can be read or intercepted and changed, this is really a very sad place to live now

  • i want to use non free plan , and i like , that contacts are encrypted too, but im businesman , and my customers have much more information, then 1email , i need to ad in contacts additional emails , phone numbers etc. Also i need calendar and notes in one service . The main my goal is to have contacts , notes, emails , in one super security app, and be sure , that all thise ifno dont be huching and resel .