State of the ProtonMail Waiting List

Dear Early Adopters,

When we released ProtonMail Beta to the public on May 16th, 2014 after nearly a year of development, we were expecting maybe a few thousand users to try out our system over the summer.  However, within 2 days, we shot past 20k users and were overwhelmed by the global demand.  In order to keep our servers and ourselves from getting crushed by the influx of traffic and user requests, we had to turn off instant access and funnel new sign ups onto our waiting list.

To speed up the development of ProtonMail and bring privacy to people faster, we wanted to make it possible for the team to work full time so we launched our crowdfunding campaign on June 17th.  Our goal was $100k, but once again, privacy conscious individuals from around the world joined our cause and we blew past our goal in 3 days.  More and more people realized the importance of privacy and learned about our unique project. When the campaign ended in July, we had raised over $500k and our waiting list stood at over 200k.Below is our schedule for inviting users.

September 2014: 10,000

October 2014: 10,000

November 2014: 100,000

December 2014: 100,000

Over the last few months, we have been working hard to improve ProtonMail and scale up to meet the global demand.  Some of you have asked us why it is taking so long.  When will I get my invite?  As much as we would like to give ProtonMail to everyone, the reality is that we are not an established internet giant with server farms and thousands of engineers / support staff.

Our focus on protecting our users’ privacy means we cannot use cloud services such as AWS even though that would be much easier.  Instead, we must buy our own servers and install them in datacenters in Switzerland, which is a time consuming and costly process.  In addition to getting the hardware and software to scale, we must also grow our engineering and customer support teams.  We require new members to not only be smart and capable, but also are trustworthy and live by the highest ethical standards.  These things all take time but we believe in the long run, it is important to get right.

For those who are still waiting for ProtonMail invites, the light is shining brightly at the end of the tunnel!  We are doing additional infrastructure upgrades and plan to send invites to most of the current waiting list starting in mid-November.  By the holiday season, everyone who has been waiting for more than a month should have received a secure and private Swiss email account.  Over the next several months, we will put the remaining crowdfunding contributions to use building the ProtonMail mobile apps and many new features to make ProtonMail complete.  Thanks for your support and patience!

Installing servers near Zurich.

Best regards,

The ProtonMail Team

About the Author

Proton Team

Proton was founded by scientists who met at CERN and had the idea that an internet where privacy is the default is essential to preserving freedom. Our team of developers, engineers, and designers from all over the world is working to provide you with secure ways to be in control of your online data.

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37 comments on “State of the ProtonMail Waiting List

  • Thanks for the approximate time line, that makes the wait more palatable. Keep up the hard work devs, who without none of this would be possible.

    • ::UPDATE::
      The list is on the move, just a few days after my post I was cordially invited to setup my account and I must say the wait was worth it.
      As soon as paid accounts for individuals is available I plan on purchasing as a “Thank you” and in my online circles I am spreading the word about Protonmail far and wide.
      You RoCk Devs.

  • Got mone today, so hang in there. I am proof positive that the devs are working their butts off to make this slice of heaven available to all. PeAcE

  • I applied for your waiting list many months ago. How do I get the invite if you do not use the email? I currently am using same ipad that I used to contact you but it is borrowed. Will it matter when I start using new computer? Thanks cannot wait as I get a lot of problems with mail to and from patients.

    • You should receive an invite in the next couple months. It will not matter what computer you use the email on, the email is accessed through the browser.

  • Great to hear, and I look forward to my invite in November or December. Any chance of an ETA for custom domains?

  • It’s good to see that someone out there is taking mail privacy seriously. I’m looking forward to get my invitation soon! Best regards guys!

  • Hello guys, yes, joining the previous comment, would be nice to know about the current status of the waiting list. I’ve been waiting for almost a month now :)

  • Just checked… I just received a “pre-invite” to register my account today and looked back to see when I originally requested it. I got a “Your ProtonMail account is almost ready!” note 06/18/2014. So, from then it was almost exactly six months. I assume that things are moving along much faster now as they grow the infrastructure and capacity. So, couple of weeks, couple of months… so long as it happens sometime.

  • I have set up our new company, and I whole heartedly await my invite.
    Our company is on secure / encrypted servers, and I would like to maintain an individual account of a completely different system.
    Protonmail… Please hear my call.

  • Hi Guys from what I have read I can’t wait to to get my invite to use this service

  • Santos! You have turned a light on in a darkening world… helping us bewildered and enraged citizens fight back against the forces / the fools who want to own it all and control it all (read: the internet).

    This brings cheer to my little black heart.

  • I made a request and didn’t get an invite yet. I’ve been waiting for like 2 hours, is this normal?

  • is there an estimation of how long it takes to get the invite in Summer 2015? I made a request on July 20th and I am waiting for mine to finally ditch gmail.

  • I applied for a ProtonMail account back in March of 2015, about six months ago.

    Should I have gotten an invite by now?

    Do you (ProtonMail team) have info somewhere guiding us account applicants as to how long the account-invite wait should be? I’ve looked but not yet found anything helpful.

    My dilemma is that I’ve no idea if my prior account application is happily sitting in your queue and I should just sit tight, or if there’s a problem that needs attention and the wait will be endless.

    This seems like an issue Maria Spiropulu may have interest in.


  • Will donating 73 euros on the mobile-invite page improve my wait-list priority? Will donating to protonmail improve my priority?