Updated SSL certificate, plus dedicated security email


First, we have gotten a new SSL certificate from SwissSign which is our certificate authority (SwissSign is largely owned by the Swiss government). This new certificate allows for wildcards so subdomains like www.protonmail.ch no longer throw invalid certificate errors, and there is no more certificate errors when using negotiating TLS connections with mail.protonmail.ch.

Our end-to-end encryption model of course does not really rely on SSL, but having a certificate that supports subdomains does enhance the user experience, especially for people who type www.protonmail.ch instead of protonmail.ch when visiting our site. <!–more–>

We have also set up a dedicated security email address, security@protonmail.ch, for all security related issues. This way, we can better track security related queries and respond faster to them. security@protonmail.ch is meant for communicating with ProtonMail security contributors so we ask that you use contact@protonmail.ch for other inquiries.

We are of course working day and night on improving ProtonMail so we can support more users. In the past week, we have doubled our server capacity and are now taking people off the waiting list daily. Thank you again for your support and patience!

P.S. Regarding TLS 1.2, we will update to support this once we get our new servers.

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