We’re upgrading all ProtonMail accounts to 1GB of storage!

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One year ago, we launched ProtonMail Beta to bring easy to use private email to the world. We never imagined that our project would gather so much support from all around the world. Thanks to you, ProtonMail has grown incredibly in the past year. To celebrate our first anniversary and to thank all of our early supporters, we are making a big change to our free encrypted email service.

We’re excited to announce that we are upgrading all existing ProtonMail accounts to 1GB of storage within the next couple days, up from the current limit of 500MB.

Furthermore, any ProtonMail accounts requested by June 17, 2015 will have 1GB of storage when activated. If you have not signed up for a free email account, you can get one here.

We recently expanded our data center so we expect to be able to offer 1GB of free space until June 17, 2015, which is the 1-year anniversary of our record breaking crowdfunding campaign. Accounts created after June 17th will only come with 500MB of storage. Since free accounts now have 1GB of storage, this means that we will be offering our crowdfunding contributors between 2-5GB of storage in a future update!

When we launched our beta in May 2014, our free encrypted email accounts provided only 100MB of storage. With this latest upgrade to 1GB, we’ve been able to increase email storage space by 1000% in the past year, along with adding many new features.

ProtonMail Private Email Inbox in 2014 (Left) and 2015 (Right)
ProtonMail Inbox in 2014 (Left) and 2015 (Right)

We’ve made a lot of progress in the past year thanks to our amazing early adopters – without your support, none of this would have been possible. When we started, over 10,000 contributors raised over $500,000 in our record-breaking Indiegogo campaign to support free, private email. This was despite PayPal blocking our fundraising efforts. It was with this critical early support that we were able to develop new features and make ProtonMail even more secure and reliable for our users.

We were able to raise a further $2 million from supporters such as the Foundation Genevoise pour l’Innovation Technologique, a non-profit financed in part by the Swiss Federal Commission for Technology and Innovation. Thanks to this support, we’ve been able to grow our team from 3 to over 10 and have the resources to continue developing quickly.

Private Email Compose Page from 2014 (Left) and 2015 (Right)
Compose Page from 2014 (Left) and 2015 (Right)

Our small community has grown a lot in the past year and we are now providing email to nearly 500,000 users worldwide! Those of you who have been on the journey with us know that the ProtonMail of today looks nothing like the initial releases. You can now customize your inbox theme, create custom labels/folders to organize encrypted emails, use .ch or .com as your ProtonMail alias, encrypt attachments, and much much more.

ProtonMail iOS App beta for private email
The upcoming ProtonMail iOS Beta App

We are happy to announce that we are close to the final stages of testing for the alpha version of the ProtonMail iOS and Android apps. If you were one of our Indiegogo ProtonMail Mobile supporters, you will soon receive an invitation to try out the beta mobile app before we do a wider public release.

For those who missed our crowdfunding campaign, it is still possible to support the project through our donations page. Thank you again for supporting us as we develop ProtonMail. With your help, we are turning into reality our vision of more secure email that respects privacy. We will continue to provide updates on our progress on our blog and on Twitter. If you have suggestions, please let us know on our feedback forum or just email us at contact@protonmail.ch to let us know your ProtonMail story.

Thank you,
The ProtonMail Team

About the Author

Proton Team

Proton was founded by scientists who met at CERN and had the idea that an internet where privacy is the default is essential to preserving freedom. Our team of developers, engineers, and designers from all over the world is working to provide you with secure ways to be in control of your online data.

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57 comments on “We’re upgrading all ProtonMail accounts to 1GB of storage!

  • I signed up back in MAY 2014. I know I signed up because you have my email address on file (when I tried to sign up for an invite again today your system said my email address was already on file). And yet, now one year later, you’ve still not granted me an account. Why not? Do you have everyone still on the waiting list after one year? Or am I the lone person who has waited 12 months in vain?

    Suffice it to say, my initial excitement about Proton Mail has pretty much withered and died.

  • You made me remember that not only can a small dedicated group of people implement an idea into something with global significance, but, that is almost always the only way it can be done.

    Thank you, your work has facilitated the return of freedom of unpopular speech and has provided us a place to assemble. If I sound like I am an old fashioned Constitutional American, I am.

  • Wow! Finally great news about mobile Apps! And thanks for 1Gb. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PROTONMAIL!

  • Awesome progression, trust on your team completely justified.
    Keep on doing such a great job!
    p.s.: swiss are proud of you!

  • This is one of the best thinghs and best email service ever. Happy birthday and I hope for next good news in the future of PM.

  • Congratulations and many thanks!

    Perhaps future iterations can include emoticons and a variety of new font types and colors?

  • I am far more than excited about ProtonMail’s development : I am deeply concerned and highly interested.

    I understand many feel as I do and have applied for the email account, requesting an invite due to the high number of applicants.

    Please do not consider my words as a complaint but rather as a simple question : I have applied for an invitation over a month ago. Does ProtonMail have any information regarding the delay usually required for a user to obtain this invite?

    I’m truly looking forwards to join this new era of email frame. Thanks for this great project.

  • Impressive how protonmail treats its contributors like garbage. Almost a year after my indiegogo contribution, I’ve only received the rest of my perk (upgrade to 1GB) when inquired Protonmail directly (they claimed they had forgotten). One day after (with some surprise) they decided to extend 1GB of storage to everyone, putting the contributors and non-contributors in the same bag. When I outlined the injustice in this, they ignore-me and did not bother to answer…

    All in all I regret having supported PM, when they most needed, if I knew what I know today would have never given a penny to them – they will not fool me again



    • We will be increasing the storage further for crowdfunding contributors to somewhere between 2-5GB.

  • Nice, once that’s online (Android) then I can make my Protonmail account a full time one.

  • This basically means, those who sign up later than june 17th will get less space / a different kind of free basic service / no more free basic service at all, after you left beta phase? I am curious regarding future pricing of your services.

    • After June 17th, storage will revert to 500MB. In the future, premium accounts will provide even more storage (somewhere between 2-5GB) and be priced at around 5 CHF per month.

  • The pace of progress on this project is astonishing. There are a lot of bigger, better funded companies out there who could learn a lot. Well done.

  • Thanks for the heads up; discovered your service today and immediately decided to submit a request for an e-mail account. I hope that custom-domain feature arrives soon, even if only as a premium feature; all in all – good work;

  • I just received my email address through Protonmail today and I am EXCITED!!! One question though…..If “someone” from a government agency, or any other agency who wishes to look at email communication, finds out that someone has a Protonmail account, wouldnt that person become a “targeted” individual because they are “probably hiding something”? I live in the USA and with all the hidden stuff our government is doing to spy on its citizens without them knowing Im sure that they would not be happy (and do everything they can) to find out why one of their citizens is using a secure, encrypted email service.

  • Incredible… Truly a gem in human privacy rights. Don’t let nothing deter you from your goals. Thank you all

  • I’m waiting for calendar, agenda and storage to leave Google forever! Goog job, guy, what a change from old Telnet..

  • I really wish you guys would charge for at least part of the service for multiple reasons. Everyone knows that running a SAAS company (like this) costs money, and to do it well usually costs a lot of money. Thus nobody will fault you, instead trust even more if there are paid tiers. Charging for service gives us more confidence that you will be around tomorrow or a year down the line. Charging would enable you to expand faster – I’d rather pay for a good service than wait for ages to get a free account (have a team that I’d like to evaluate protonmail for, but there’s no chance to do that in any ways, so now thinking alternatives that are available right now and paid). Also charging for accounts would let you to offer larger space (1G for email is not that much these days, especially not work related, can finish it with ~1 year normal use at a normal sized organization).

    I’m rooting for you guys! Please take good care of your options, so you can be around for a long time.

  • Fantastic news!… Thank you so much for the hard work and dedication to this project.

  • Hi, Thanks for 1GB upgrade and labels. Welcome additions to features. Any chance of using own domians in,say, 3 months?

  • If i could i would come work with you guys tomorrow…as a talk to the public person cos I’m not as clever as half of one of you! You obviously recognised the need for our freedom of speech to be regained and I fully applaud all that you have done. Thank you

  • Great work team! This service is very much appreciated. I talk about it and recommend it to people whenever privacy comes up. Can’t wait for the app :-)

  • Hello—great news! Is there conversation-style messaging in the works (similar to Gmail)?

    Thanks and keep up the great work!

  • Hi, I requested a free account a little while back without using the provided url for the anniversary thing. Would this affect anything?

    • Thank you for the comment. It should be fine, you will still receive the 1GB storage upgrade.

  • You guys are awesome! I can’t wait to use the protonmail app! Sooner or later I will gladly be ditching gmail/outlook/icloud for you. i had too many email addresses and i can’t wait to have them all under 1 safe roof!

  • According 2 this note above all proton-mail users would receive an upgrade to 1G storage.
    Why does my account still have a storage of 500M?

    • Hello,

      As mentioned in the article, accounts created after June 17th, 2015 come with 500MB of storage.