Við erum að byggja upp útgáfu af internetinu sem verndar persónuupplýsingar, og við byrjum á tölvupósti.

Við erum vísindamenn, verkfræðingar og forritarar sem drógumst saman vegna hugsjóna okkar um verndun borgaralegs frelsis á ennþá öruggara interneti. Þess vegna stofnuðum við ProtonMail, auðvelda og örugga tölvupóstþjónustu með innbyggða enda-í-enda dulritun og bestu fáanlegu öryggiseiginleika. Markmið okkar er að byggja upp internet sem virðir gögn einstaklinga og sé öruggt gagnvart netárásum og snuðri.

Við erum ákveðin í því að þróa og dreifa sem víðast þeim verkfærum sem til þarf við að vernda gögnin þín á netinu. Teymið okkar sameinar ítarlega stærðfræðilega og tæknilega þekkingu frá heimsins virtustu rannsóknastofnunum við sérþekkingu í að hanna notendaviðmót sem sé einfalt í notkun. Saman, erum við að byggja upp dulritaða samskiptatækni framtíðarinnar.

Skoðaðu öryggiseiginleikana okkar Lestu bloggið okkar

Andy is the founder and CEO of Proton. He has long worked to advance privacy and freedom online and has spoken at TED and the Internet Governance Forum. Previously, he was a scientist at CERN and has a PhD in physics from Harvard University and degrees in physics and economics from Caltech. Andy has lived in Switzerland, the US, and Taiwan.

Andy Yen

Founder & CEO

Bart is one of the first employees of Proton and has been CTO since 2015. He is responsible for technical vision and architecture. Previously, he worked at Large Hadron Collider at CERN and in the private sector. He holds a BA in Physics and Chemistry from Dartmouth College, a PhD in physics from Stanford University and was a postdoc fellow at Harvard University.

Bart Butler


Varun is responsible for user and revenue growth for the company. He is a growth leader with experience in tech, financial services, media & content, and healthcare. He has managed large-scale teams both at Fortune 500 as well as scale-up organizations, including Revolut, Google, YouTube, and Johnson & Johnson. Varun is an engineer from the University of Delhi and has an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management.

Varun Kabra


Edward has over 20 years of experience in technology and finance. Prior to Proton, he was head of product engineering for payments at Square and held engineering leadership roles at LendingClub, BlackRock, and Barclays Global Investors. He has a BA in economics from Rice University.

Edward Gonzales

VP Engineering

Samuele has a background in theoretical computer science. After 12 years at CERN building information systems for high energy physics, he initially landed at Proton to contribute to the backend team and every other tool that could have improved collaboration within Proton. Since November 2018, he's led the ProtonVPN team.

Samuele Kaplun

CTO, ProtonVPN

Nazgol leads Proton’s operations team and is responsible for ensuring smooth operations across our offices in different countries. She holds degrees in international relations and law from the University of Geneva and previously worked in the financial sector.

Nazgol Barkhordar

Head of Operations

Sebastien is passionate about innovative technologies and is engaged in team development and diversity. He has over 15 years of experience in IT systems, security, and management. He spent nine years at CERN on the networking team before moving to build networks at Proton. Today, he runs the team responsible for data centers and computing infrastructure.

Sebastien Ceuterickx

Head of Infrastructure

Max leads the development of our culture, processes, and tools to support the growth of individuals and teams at Proton. He has supported the scaling of fast-paced tech companies toward high-performance teams, including at Ubisoft and Capgemini. Max graduated from Sciences Po Paris, is a citizen of the world, and a promoter of diversity, care, and continuous learning.

Maximilian Kossakowski

Head of People

Kamila is the tech lead for the client core team. She was previously a CTO and a software engineer building web and mobile applications. She holds two master’s degrees in computer science and marketing and management. She is passionate about technology that makes our lives better.

Kamila Wojciechowska-Wajerowicz

Technical Lead

Albert deals with all things data at Proton. After spending more than ten years as a CERN researcher studying rare particle decays at the LHCb experiment, he currently coordinates the design, implementation, and operations of the company data platform, which helps Proton fight abuse and make better data-driven decisions.

Albert Puig

Head of Data

Jurgita heads Proton’s global public policy efforts. Throughout her career she has worked extensively on a wide range of tech policy and antitrust issues. Before Proton, she held positions in the private and public sectors including top-tier global law firms and the European Commission. She holds an LL.M. in law & economics from Utrecht University.

Jurgita Miseviciute

Public Policy and Government Affairs Lead

Mat is user-centered design and development evangelist with over ten years of experience in SaaS product management. Before joining Proton, he successfully launched and grew complex connected home software services throughout the world. He holds a master's degree in international management from the HEC business school in Lausanne.

Mathew Stastny

Head of User Experience

Marc takes care of legal and corporate matters at Proton. He has a bachelor’s degree in law and a master’s in economics law, both from the University of Geneva. Outside of work (and sometimes inside), he appreciates most of all having heated arguments over political, philosophical, or technological matters.

Marc Loebekken

Head of Legal

Zorica is a lead Android developer on the ProtonMail team. She graduated from the Faculty of Computer Science at UKIM in Skopje and her work adventure started at a small startup, much like Proton was. Now, apart from taking care of the ProtonMail app, she also takes care of an unhealthy number of plants.

Zorica Stojchevska

Android Lead

Dingchao leads the email and anti-abuse team that is responsible for ensuring good email deliverability and protecting users. He holds a degree in electrical engineering from Caltech and has a master’s degree in computer science from USC. He is also an adventurous outdoorsman and competitive chess player.

Dingchao Lu

Head of Mail Delivery, Spam, and Anti-Abuse

Sandro leads new-user acquisition activities at Proton. He’s a serial entrepreneur who has founded startups and driven their growth through the acquisition and exit stages. Outside of work, Sandro loves everything sea-related and is a passionate seeker of mindfulness.

Sandro Lonardi

Director of Growth

Antonio has a background over the past 25 years in Finance, Principal Investment and Start-up creation. As a Board member, he advises the executive leadership to deliver the mission and strategy of the company. Antonio also serves as director at FONGIT, a foundation supporting innovation on behalf of the State of Geneva and the Swiss federal government.

Antonio Gambardella

Board Member

Zuzanna helps product and development teams to stay focused on user wants and needs. She also keeps an eye on DesignOps-related topics. With degrees in human-computer interaction and education, her interests revolve around assimilating and accommodating knowledge and aiding this process when it comes to design.

Zuzanna Nebes

Senior UX/UI Designer

Kristina is a senior QA engineer at Proton. She started her journey on the ProtonVPN team and today leads QA within our core product engineering team. She has a master's degree in statistics from Vilnius and Ajou Universities. She loves growing trees and walking in forests.

Kristina Jurevičiūtė

Senior QA Engineer

Richard hails from France and leads the ProtonMail engineering team. He focuses on writing clean, elegant, and efficient code. His passion is building beautiful products and working with wonderful people. He has over ten years of experience building complex web applications.

Richard Tetaz

Technical Lead

Valentin leads the Proton Calendar engineering team. He is responsible for developing, maintaining, and promoting the product's technical vision. He holds a master’s degree in communication systems from EPFL. He is also an adventurous photographer and outdoorsman.

Valentin Bonneaud

Technical Lead

Claudia is a performance marketing manager, responsible for many of our user acquisition investments. After ten years working in performance marketing and analytics teams between Berlin and Milan, she decided to take a challenge at Proton to build something meaningful. She also loves being active in non-profit and fundraising initiatives.

Claudia Castellotti

Performance Marketing Manager

Laurent leads the ProtonVPN research and development team. He has over ten years of experience in software, system, and network engineering. He is passionate about working on challenging problems. Laurent is a computational science engineer and has a PhD in hydrogeology.

Laurent Fasnacht

VPN R&D Lead

Seb leads our business operations, including sales, business development, and strategy. He holds a bachelor’s degree in economics, a master’s in marketing, and an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth. Before Proton, he was a strategy consultant, an entrepreneur, and a sales & marketing professional.

Sebastien Pere

Director of Growth

Adrian started working on building distributed systems for experiments at CERN. He's focused on building simple and performant systems. After more than 15 years of building software for international experiments he's joined Proton to bring the best privacy-focused service to the world. Adrian works from Barcelona.

Adrià Casajús

Senior Back-End Developer

Irena is a part of the growth engineering team, which develops internal tools and software to support our growth initiatives. She has an M.Sc. in electrical engineering and information technologies and 12+ years of experience in various areas in web development, web animation, design, and prints.

Irena Zazoska

Full-stack Developer

Ján leads the storage team, which is responsible for safe and reliable storage of petabytes of user data. He graduated from Comenius University in Slovakia and spent nine years at Google before coming to Proton. He is a fan of science fiction and of playing some D&D.

Ján Senko

Head of Databases & Storage

Eamonn leads the machine learning team, which combats abuse and spam. Prior to joining Proton, Eamonn was a senior engineer at Facebook where he led a team employing ML and statistical techniques to combat internal and external threats. He has a DPhil in computer science from Oxford University and completed his postdoc at CERN.

Eamonn Maguire

Machine Learning Team Lead

Feng works on infrastructure, mobile, and designing cryptography libraries. He has over ten years of experience working at gaming and payment startups around the world. Feng is also an expert in mobile app development and software design.

Yanfeng Zhang

Lead iOS Developer

Marija works as a backend developer for the payments team. She is a software engineer with a master's degree in computer science and is a big fan of chocolate and puzzles. Like many others on our team, she also previously worked at CERN. She enjoys working on products that bring value to the world.

Marija Predarska

Back-end engineer

Alain is heavily involved in establishing Proton’s design system and designing products. He holds a bachelor’s degree in interaction design from Zurich University of the Arts and has more than ten years of experience in designing user-centred digital products for both mobile and web.

Alain Groeneweg

Senior UX/UI Designer

Antonio ensures that planning, specifications, and user experience of the ProtonVPN apps are aligned to best serve the Proton community. He has a background in software engineering and IT management. Previously, he worked at CERN for three years building information systems for high energy physics. He is also a former jiu-jitsu fighter and a motorbiker.

Antonio Cesarano

Product Manager

Rob launched the original iOS & Mac ProtonVPN apps, before taking the plunge into product management. With a focus on delivery, love for simple and elegant solutions, and an appreciation for well-structured code, Rob leads the core product team in solving complex problems with the aim of delivering the best UX to users.

Robert Patchett

Product Manager

Irina has a background in events management, graphic design, and brand experience. She is Proton's first marketing hire, and has contributed to our culture, community, and communications. Today, Irina runs brand design, campaigns, and special projects. In her free time she listens to podcasts and experiments with different mediums for making art.

Irina Marcopol

Brand Manager

Giovanni facilitates decision-making across all teams and products, turning data into actionable insights in a privacy-first way, while supporting a cause he deeply cares for. He is a former CERN physicist with a passion for traveling, cooking, and understanding how things work.

Giovanni Veneziano

Senior Data Scientist

Serge has over 20 years of experience in IT security and incident response. He is an internationally recognized expert and a member of the board of directors. Serge holds a PhD in theoretical astrophysics. Serge is passionate about building a better internet where users are safe from crime and surveillance.

Serge Droz

Head of Security

Daniel is responsible for the encryption and security of our users' data. Before joining Proton, he created, an encrypted document solution. Recently, he also volunteered to be the new editor of the Web Cryptography API specification. In that role, he will work to make the web a safer place both for our users and for everyone else.

Daniel Huigens

Cryptography Lead

Santi spent too much of his childhood reading about astronomy and misusing the JDK. This is probably what led him to a PhD in mathematical physics. He joined Proton to show that, unlike what is now the norm, data science can be used to promote and defend privacy. He enjoys building data tools and then figuring out creative ways to break them.

Santiago Codesido

Senior Data Scientist

Marco builds cryptographic protocols into privacy-oriented product features. He has a PhD in cryptography from the University of Bristol and a master’s degree in mathematics, which is why he likes to jump between theory and practice of computer science. He enjoys talking about tech and science and has a good record of delivering speeches at public events.

Marco Martinoli

Cryptography Engineer

Gerren is a full-stack software developer based in the US, specializing in all forms of payments processing from cards to cryptocurrencies. He has over ten years of experience in technology and finance. Gerren has an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Gerren Scoon

Back-End Developer

Marija is passionate about talent acquisition and hiring talented people. As a talent acquisition partner, she is involved in recruitment for infrastructure and software development positions for all of Proton’s offices. Marija holds a master’s degree in intellectual property law. When she is not at work, she enjoys hiking and moka coffee.

Marija Ristova

Talent Acquisition Partner

Jan sér um að byggja gagnaverin okkar, vefþjónakerfin og öll vöktunartólin. Hann var í rannsóknastöðu við CERN og nýdoktor við MIT þar sem hann vann við CMS-tilraunina (the CMS Experiment). Jan er með doktorspróf í eðlisfræði frá Caltech og með diplómagráðu í eðlisfræði frá RWTH Aachen háskólanum.

Jan Veverka

Senior Database Engineer

Delong helps our teams build products our users will want and love. He translates user needs into actionable insights for product, engineering, design, and growth teams. Before joining Proton, Delong worked in finance and technology. He holds a MSc in management, technology and economics and a BSc in electrical engineering from ETH Zurich.

Delong Lu

Product Manager

Ralph operates our mail systems and develops the anti-spam systems we have engineered ourselves. Prior to joining Proton, Ralph worked at NLnet Labs, where he developed industry-leading open source software and contributed to the development of internet standards at the IETF. Ralph holds a master’s degree in systems and network engineering.

Ralph Dolmans

Anti-Abuse Engineer

Marina leads localization for all of our products and languages. She holds B.A. and M.A. degrees in journalism and international literature from FU Berlin and an M.A. in global affairs from IDC Herzliya. Her career started in multilingual journalism. Before Proton, Marina drove localization projects at Google and other tech companies.

Marina Choikhet

Localization Manager

Simone has a master's in computer engineering from Roma Tre University specialized in big data technologies. He maintains the data architecture and all the tools and services used by our data scientists and data engineers. Before Proton, he worked at CERN for three years in the IT department. In his free time he loves to go out on his motorbike.

Simone Brundu

Data Operations Engineer

Like others on our team, Eduardo is a former scientist, has a PhD in string theory, and fits right in at Proton. He is a frontend engineer with a focus on cryptography, particularly when applied to complex products like Proton Calendar. Outside work you will most likely find him outdoors escaping the routine.

Eduardo Conde Pena

Front-End Developer

Kristina helps to build strong and meaningful relationships with various partners including media publishers, VIP partners, and influencers. She holds two bachelor’s degrees, one in engineering and one in business management. After ten years in commercial projects, she took the direction where freedom is a core value. She is passionate about sustainability and veganism.

Kristina Janavičiūtė

Partnerships manager

William is a mail backend engineer, with more than 12 years of experience in software engineering. He has a master's degree in computer science and worked at PayPal for seven years as a tech lead. Besides work, he's passionate about finding the best food and wine pairings to treat guests.

William Gotti

Back-End Developer

Jonathan was a Proton customer before joining the team. He obtained his bachelor’s in physics and computer science from McGill University, where he met friends with PGP keys and became hooked. After working on diverse projects in Canada and Europe, he joined Proton as a backend developer working on Proton Drive.

Jonathan Villemaire-Krajden

Back-End Developer

Alexandra is a talent acquisition partner and is based in Geneva. She graduated with a master’s in international management, and she joined Proton in 2020. After three years in the tech and start-up ecosystem of Paris, where she specialized in hiring software engineers, she now looks for the best talents to support Proton's growth across our seven locations.

Alexandra Le Gras

People Partner

Abel has worked in SRE/DevOps for the past 20 years and also has over ten years of experience from mail/DNS service maintenance in Taiwan. He has a rich background in troubleshooting and diagnosing problems. Since he joined Proton, he has been working on improving our mail security, reliability, and monitoring.

Abel Yang

Anti-Abuse Engineer

Jennifer is a social media manager with many years of international working experience in digital and social media marketing. As part of the social team, she builds Proton’s credibility and influence via our social channels so that we can become the leading authority for privacy on the internet. She holds a master’s degree in marketing and management.

Jennifer Tsai

Social Media Manager

Stephane is a senior network engineer at Proton. Previously, he worked for large public institutions as a network and infrastructure security architect. He has an engineering degree in telecommunications from INSA Lyon (France).

Stephane Poignant

Senior Network Engineer

Lucia is responsible for the learning and development agenda at Proton. She has experience from large companies in building onboarding, managerial, and talent programs. She is a strong believer in continuous learning. And she also loves hiking and traveling.

Lucia Pukancikova

Learning & Development Manager

Gael has eight years of product management experience in scale-up unicorns (Expedia, ManoMano) and decided to make the move to the privacy world by joining Proton, where he helps lead the Calendar team.

Gael Ledun

Product Manager

Alexis lives in France and has landed at Proton to build the security team and contribute to the overall security of the company. Since joining, he has mainly focused on the technical part that he enjoys the most and works to enhance our security monitoring and infrastructure security. He holds a master's in security and a master's in engineering.

Alexis Coupé

Security Engineer

Mario works with business customers to develop processes that ensure our product meets their needs. Over the years, he has onboarded some of the world's largest organizations into the Proton ecosystem. He has an MSc in marketing management and an MSc in computer science and engineering from Politecnico Di Milano.

Mario Kostoski

Customer Success Project Manager

Hung-Yi works as a software engineer in the anti-abuse team, improving the stability of our machine-learning backend. He has a background in biophysical chemistry, and has master’s degrees in chemistry from Harvard University and National Taiwan University.

Hung-Yi Wu

Anti-Abuse Engineer

Margarita manages operations in the Vilnius office and contributes to overall operations at Proton. She has been looking after the Vilnius office from its inception. She has a master’s degree in law and an administrative background working for tech companies. She is happy to work with so many like-minded people, who value privacy and love the outdoors.

Margarita Rudyte

Operations Manager

Richie is a writer for Proton, where he covers the intersection of privacy, human rights, and technology. Before joining Proton, he worked on tech solutions in developing countries and has a master's in international political economy and development from Fordham University. He is an avid traveler and reader and a recovering distance runner.

Richard Brian Koch


Bastien has contributed for many years to the PHP community and open source privacy-focused web applications. He joined Proton as a backend engineer supporting the ProtonVPN team. He's also an expert in the practice of the light-saber.

Bastien Miclo

Back-End Developer

Kristijan works as a team lead for the customer support team. He coaches teams to solve complex user issues and liaises with the product team to provide the best possible customer experience. He has a master's degree in business administration and marketing. In his free time, he is also a gamer and a blockchain/cryptocurrency enthusiast.

Kristijan Panov

Customer Support Lead

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