A better internet starts with privacy

We believe in an internet where
privacy is the default
Secure your online activity with a suite of
encrypted products that puts your privacy first.
A free and uncensored internet should be available to everyone.
That is why we offer a free version of all our products.
A trusted place on the cloud to securely
store and share your files.

End-to-end encryption for your important files and folders

Quickly upload files with drag and drop function

Streamlined, modern user interface
Simple, private file storage
with Proton Drive
We encrypt your messages so that no one besides
you can access your messages, not even us.
Intuitive, customizable inbox

Apps for all devices: mobile, desktop, and web

End-to-end encryption and zero-access encryption

Open source code
No ads, ever
ProtonMail, your private
email solution
Open source and audited
Exclusive SecureCore servers

Built-in anti-tracker and adblocker protection

Over 1200 Servers in 54 countries

Strict no-logs policy

Speeds up to 10 Gbps

Streaming and P2P support
Protect your online privacy with advanced
encryption from a VPN you can trust.
Secure your internet
connection with ProtonVPN
Keep your schedule private and secure
with Proton Calendar
Easily move your messages and contacts
to Proton using the Import Assistant