Android Keystore issues

Proton apps (ProtonMail, ProtonVPN, Proton Calendar, and Proton Drive) on Android use the Android Keystore system to encrypt your passphrase, and other sensitive login assets to keep them secure. This system should work 100% of the time, but in less than 1% of Android devices the Android Keystore is either […]

How to remove users from an organization

This article explains how to remove users from an organization. To do this, you must have administrator rights. How to remove members and secondary admins from an organization 1. Visit and go to Settings → Go to settings → Organization → Users & addresses.  2. Click the arrow next […]

Search message content

ProtonMail uses zero-access encryption to store all emails at rest, and emails sent between ProtonMail users are fully end-to-end encrypted. This is good for privacy because it means we cannot read the content of your emails.  You can search the content of your encrypted emails without giving ProtonMail access to […]

Import reports

Import reports are generated by our Import Assistant tool. After each completed, failed, or canceled import, you will receive an email with a report attached as a CSV file.  This report includes a list of all the successfully imported folders, a list of the emails and folders that failed to […]

How to check encryption status using lock icons

All messages in ProtonMail are labeled with a lock icon that tells you their encryption status. In this article, we explain what they mean. A lock icon is shown next to every email in your inbox and custom folders.  The encryption status of sent and received emails shows you how […]