Account credit – what it is and how to use it

Account credit is credit in your account that has not been applied to a ProtonMail or ProtonVPN plan. You may obtain credit when you make a payment in Bitcoin or when you cancel or downgrade an active subscription with any number of days left. You can also add credit at any time using your credit card, PayPal, or by sending us cash.

Account credit can be applied in the currency of your last payment toward your next subscription. In this article we explain how to do this. 

How to add account credit

To top up your account credit, log in to your ProtonMail account at and go to Subscription -> Billing details -> Credits -> Add credits.


1. Choose your preferred payment method.

2. Select how much credit you want to add and in which currency.

3. Enter your payment details and click Top up when you are done. 

Note that adding credit to your account will not save the payment information to your account.

The credits can be used for purchasing a subscription. If you have an active subscription and enough credits on your account, we will automatically use them to renew your current subscription when it expires. 

Prorated credit is also added to your account if you modify or cancel an existing subscription. This credit can then be re-used towards a new subscription or for a future upgrade to your existing subscription. 

For more information about proration, please see Account Credit, Proration and Coupons.

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