Adding and importing contacts

In this article, we show you how to create new contacts in Proton Contacts and how to import contacts from a CSV or VCF file. 

Add individual contacts

To add a new contact to your contacts list:

1. Sign in to and go to ContactsAdd new contact.

Add an individual contact

2. Fill in the new contact’s details and click Save

Importing contacts

If you wish to add contacts from a different email provider or contact list, you must first obtain a CSV or VCF file that contains the contacts you wish to add. See Exporting contacts from other mail providers for a guide on how to obtain this file.

Once you have the list of contacts you wish to add, please ensure your file is formatted in UTF-8 and follow these steps:

1. Sign in to and go to Contacts → Settings tab → Import contacts. 

Import multiple contacts

2. Drag the contacts file to the import window or click the Choose a file or drag it here button and locate the file using your system’s file management software. Click Import.

Image of importing contacts
3. A window will open showing how our contact import algorithm will automatically map the header fields from the contacts file to the VCard header fields that Proton Contacts uses. You can manually adjust these if you wish. When you are ready, click Import.


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  1. Phil

    Great software but a bit of work to do yet :-)

    I created a csv file with one data column the email address – failed to load

    I created a second name column then tried again – failed to load

    I drag and drop the file as requested; when I drop the filename is added to the drop area but nothing happens when I drop it.


    Please specify column format required for csv file

  2. Sandy

    I would like to see more areas for contact information like:

    Phone number(s):
    Alternate email:
    PGP Key:

    Why not allow all the fields from android/iPhone import files, and adding on PGP key info?

  3. Brinke

    tried to upload a CSV from Yahoo Mail- all names came out as ‘undefined.’

  4. ProtonMail Support

    Please contact us on or via the Report bug button.

  5. sg

    the limit is 2000 contact its far too less

  6. John Doe

    Can’t I create a contact directly from an email address in a mail I have received?

  7. ProtonMail Support

    We will consider implementing this in the future.

  8. Kevin Priest

    This is no use at all, I don’t want to add two records for one person with two email addresses. Can’t add other details such as address. phone number to one contact so I’ll be deleting my account immediately

  9. Mike

    So far I have found Proton Mail excellent. easy to use but I do agree with the need for a little more info adding into email contacts like Sandy Said.
    Phone number(s):
    Alternate email:

    cheers great job keep it up.

  10. ProtonMail Support

    We are currently developing option for adding more info on the email contacts.

  11. sfh

    +1 for more fields for contacts

    The lack of the ability to add all of my contacts’ information is the ONLY reason keeping me from upgrading and paying for my account.

    This is a basic feature, kind of sad that it was overlooked. :-(

  12. Susie

    Hello,I’d like to buy it,could you tell me the price?

  13. ProtonMail Support

    At this moment we do not sell any domains. We will consider hosting in the future.

  14. Maria

    After using the app for the first time, I noticed a bunch of contacts in the contact area. These were really old emails from people I haven’t been talking for ages. Where do they come from? I did not sync anything manually on my accout and my protonmail is not connected to any other account?

  15. ProtonMail Support

    Are you using the Android or iOS app? Can you please send all the details to

  16. Paul

    I am unable to add a new contact to my contact list

  17. ProtonMail Support

    Can you please contact us at Are you using the web or the mobile application?

  18. Brandon

    When will we be able to have more info than Name/Email for contacts? I want to store at least:

    Email 1
    Email 2
    Phone #

  19. ProtonMail Support

    We are working on improving the contacts, but we do not have an exact date when this will be available.

  20. Anonymous

    Trying to move from Yahoo to Proton and my challenge is i cannot upload all my contacts at once. Do i have to upload them one by one?

  21. ProtonMail Support

    You can upload contacts from .csv or .vcf file. If you need assistance please contact us on or via the report bug button.

  22. Anonymous

    Thank you team for your swift reply. Transfer from yahoo, including contacts, has been completed. Please include Folders for the inbox management and I am going for the Plus package :)

  23. Tim

    Hi there,

    Do you have an indication when the contacts feature is being upgraded to add more fields?
    I do want to fully swap from Gmail to ProtonMail. When the Calendar and Contact features are more implemented, I will subscribe.

    regards Tim

  24. ProtonMail Support

    Yes, this feature is coming in the next couple months.

  25. cal

    how do you remove contact lists, I don’t want to accidently send someone an email from my regular contact list. I just want to remove the contact list entirely and don’t seem to be able to…thanks.

  26. ProtonMail Support

    At, you can delete all contacts and turn off auto saving contacts in the settings.

  27. fanou

    Comment supprimer certains contacts ds la liste contacts qu e j’ai importée d’une autre messagerie…….je ne vois nulle part l’icone “supprimer” ?

  28. ProtonMail Support

    To delete a contact, select the contact by checking the checkbox and click on the Delete button above the contacts list.

  29. CR

    There really needs to be an “Add as Contact” button somewhere in emails; having to cut/paste info over is archaic.

  30. Mario

    I am unable to add my “Contact” list from my MAC computer to protonmail contact list. In my phone App, I can search my phone contact list and add to composing email only but it can not add to protonmail contact list.

    I need help adding my contacts from a MAC Contact program. Otherwise it limits the funtionality of protonmail for my work.

  31. ProtonMail Support

    Try exporting your contacts to VCF (vCard) format as explained in this article:
    After that, you can import the VCF file using the Import function in ProtonMail.

  32. Chris

    Quick vote for Contact folders please.
    It would be good to be able to associate contacts by group/business etc.

  33. William Freeman

    Is there a way to make more than one (1) contact list ??? I would like to make a second contact list with fewer contacts than my main list……l.

  34. ProtonMail Support

    Contact grouping is planned for the future, however, we don’t have a timeline for this feature yet.

  35. Brian

    I think that this should be a reasonably high priority enhancement

  36. Wanda L Whitney

    It’s essential to allow all users to have addresses, phone numbers, birth dates, and helpful to have the Notes section. I cannot fathom why you have not had this already addressed prior to opening the email. It is a definite faux pas not to have corrected this before now.

  37. ProtonMail Support

    Extra fields are available to paid users only.

  38. Big Derf

    Hi and thanks for this great software!

    I’m on a free account and considering to upgrade. First I have two questions:
    1. Does the contact management fully complies to the vCard standard? I mean: are all the vCard fields available or is there a list of the available fields that I could see somewhere?
    2. The Android app does not detect the phone contacts that have no email address. Do you plan to change that behaviour?

    I would actually love ProtonMail to be my only contact management place, but those 2 issues could prevent that.

  39. Proton Editor

    Yes, all fields used in the vCard standard are supported.
    At the moment, there is no timeline to add support for importing contacts without addresses to the Android app.
    If you need any further assistance please contact us at, via the report bug button or using the support form at

  40. Andrew Maxwell

    It’s a bit of a pain creating a contact when i have it there on an email I have just been sent (i do not wish to automatically add all contact to my list).
    Would you be able to implement and ‘click to add contact’ button next to an email address which is not yet in the contacts list?

    Thank you.

  41. ProtonMail Support

    This feature should be available soon.

  42. Anonymous

    In other mail systems (e.g. Yahoo!) when you compose mail it will autocomplete any address that appears in a received or sent mail, even if it is not in the address book. Would you be able to add this feature?
    Thank you

  43. Anonymous

    I found that I can’t see who’s calling me if the contacts are only in your encrypted contacts. And I hope you can add the feature that implement caller ID. Thank you.

  44. Max

    Hi, the web app is telling me that I need a payed plan to add or import contacts (I’m on a free account). Is that normal?

  45. ProtonMail Support

    Contact importing is not limited to paid accounts. Please contact our support team using the support form at, via the report bug button or at and

  46. Ed Therrien

    I have a profound hearing problem and cannot receive information over the phone. Do you, or will you have a chat line sometime in the future?

  47. ProtonMail Support

    Possibly, but we can’t guarantee it. You can always contact our support team using the support form at

  48. Jessica

    Where’s the sound? It would be helpful to have someone talking me through this.

  49. ProtonMail Support

    Are you having trouble importing contacts? There’s no sound there.

    You can contact our support team using the support form at

  50. TA Roy

    not able to import contacts from AOL. All I get once ‘imported’ is a list of ‘unknowns’. I followed your instructions for importing from AOL.

  51. ProtonMail Support

    Please contact our Support Team so they can look into it:

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