Types of email addresses and aliases

With ProtonMail, there are four main types of email addresses you can use:

  • Free personal address: the personal email you signed up with (for example, alice.user@protonmail.com, or its short form, alice.user@pm.me).
  • Additional address (alias): based on a ProtonMail domain (like alice@protonmail.com) or your own custom domain (alice@aliceuser.com).
  • +Alias: unlimited extra addresses using the “+” sign.
  • Organization user address: for users in an organization with their own individual login and inbox.

Here we explain what these addresses are and how they differ from each other.

Free personal addresses

A free personal address is the original email address that belongs to individual ProtonMail users.

Everyone on ProtonMail can have at least two free personal addresses: 

  • One ending in @protonmail.com (like alice.user@protonmail.com), usually the original address you signed up with.
  • A short version of this address ending in @pm.me (alice.user@pm.me), which you can activate in Settings.

(If you joined ProtonMail before 2016, you also have a @protonmail.ch address.)

If you have a free account, you can only receive emails at your short @pm.me address. If you have a paid account, you can also send messages from your @pm.me address.

You can’t disable your free personal addresses. But if you have more than one ProtonMail account, you can merge their addresses into a single account to send and receive mail from the same mailbox.

Additional addresses (aliases)

If you have a paid plan, you can create additional email addresses, also known as aliases, to send and receive mail in your ProtonMail mailbox.

These email addresses can use any ProtonMail domain (@protonmail.com, @protonmail.ch, or @pm.me). For example, if Alice User has the free personal addresses alice.user@protonmail.com and alice.user@pm.me, she could also create aliases like alice-work@protonmail.com, alice-subscriptions@protonmail.ch, or alice_soccer@pm.me, if these addresses are available.

Custom addresses

If you subscribe to a paid plan and have your own domain name, you can create additional addresses using your domain, known as custom addresses.

For example, if Alice were a paid user and owned the domain name “aliceuser.com”, she could send and receive mail from addresses like alice@aliceuser.com or newsletters@aliceuser.com from her ProtonMail account.

Additional address limits

If you have a paid plan, you can create at least five additional addresses (including custom addresses) by default, depending on your plan, with the option of buying more addresses.

Note that your free personal addresses don’t count towards this limit. And custom addresses don’t count if they are disabled.

Learn more about creating and using additional addresses (aliases).


+Aliases are a kind of sub-email address based on one of your free personal email addresses.

You can create a +alias using the “+” symbol after the username in your email address. For example, Alice User (alice.user@protonmail.com) could create +aliases like alice.user+bills@protonmail.com or alice.user+wedding@pm.me.

You can create an unlimited number of +aliases for each of your free personal email addresses. Note that you can’t compose new messages from scratch using +aliases, but you can reply using the +alias to messages sent to that address.

Learn more about aliases and +aliases.

Organization user addresses

If you have a Professional or Visionary plan and a custom domain, you can create an organization. This enables multiple users to have an email address using your domain. Unlike regular custom addresses (aliases), organization user addresses have their own login and inbox.

An organization’s administrator (also known as an “admin”) can assign organization users one or more email addresses that use their custom domain (not a ProtonMail domain). For example, staffmember1@yourdomain.com, staffmember2@yourdomain.com, admin@yourdomain.com, etc.

By default, an organization user’s mailbox is “non-private”, which means any admin can read their messages and change their password.

An admin can also designate a user as “private”, which means admins don’t have access to their emails and can’t change their password. If a private user forgets their password, they must reset it using their recovery email.

Learn more about private and non-private users in an organization.

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  1. HC

    Up-vote for this.

  2. OG

    I still don’t have my protonmail account.

    But I would appreciate to have this feature ASAP. It should also be possible to reserve these aliases so that nobody can use them as usernames (I have some in minds for my own account)…

  3. Bob

    Please make this a priority (I’m glad that you recognize this as a major privacy issue).

  4. Bob

    Could you also consider integrating ‘other identities’ (i.e., the addresses of mailboxes with other providers)? If mail from other providers can be collected from ProtonMail, it would be nice (but many providers already offer the option of forwarding all incoming mail to another mailbox), and if ProtonMail offers other identities, it can be made the central hub for all email communication.

  5. Gwen

    This would not only be a helpful feature on the user end, but could also potentially help ProtonMail use their resources efficiently. After all, if people take and keep for example 2 mailboxes (e.g. Jonathan.Doe@protonmail.ch and joe.private@protonmail.ch) this might mean 2 times the resources (e.g. reserved storage capacity). If Joe can use both addresses, but all comes eventually in one box, that means more sardines can fit in the same can.

  6. Victor

    +1 Please put support for email aliases, even just for additional ProtonMail addresses, high on your priority list.

  7. Rony

    Dear Admin,
    Sometime it seems very ugly to have such a long Domain.
    Can the domain be possible to make shorter in 3 to 5 letter ?
    It would be more easier to spell and inform the address some one verbally . Please take it in your consideration.

  8. Rony

    Dear Admin,
    Sometime it seems very ugly to have such a long Domain.
    Can the domain be possible to make shorter in 3 to 5 letter ?
    It would be more easier to spell and inform the address some one verbally . Please take it in your consideration. I have some suggestions like : …..@pmail.com, …………@proton.com

  9. Wolfe

    Thanks for considering this option. For those of us with our own domain it would be nice to use our email addresses set up through a domain so that the main mailbox address at protonmail is never seen. Dramatically lowers spam. Also it would be nice to have the feature where a notification is sent to a phone when there is mail in the inbox.
    By the way protonmail is not too long or hard to spell in my opinion – just the opposite… comical… and the suggestion ‘pmail’…. no thanks on urine connection and proton.com is already a registered domain… Rony… take a second to type in the domain suggestion to see if even available. ProtonMail is excellent, looks professional and tells end users what it is – mail.
    Nice job on offering this product at no fee, though a fee would be reasonable, great job. Like the interface, layout, colors and simple design.

  10. Stark

    I would like to use a personal domain with protonmail.

  11. Toni


  12. Joe N

    How long does moderation take, if I may inquire ?

  13. Alex

    I also vote for Protonmail aliases. This is a very high priority for me.
    Having the possibility of using my other email addresses is also welcome.

  14. Jon

    Yes, it is important. I would like to put all my firm’s workers in protonmail with the firm’s domain name. Will this be possible ?

  15. Newton

    Please make this a top priority. It would be nice to have a separate support alias for NSHN.

  16. Zsolt

    +1 for this. I would love to use my own custom email address backed by protonmail. I would pay for this feature as well.

  17. Chen Tian

    I can not add a new alias?

    or it is not be allowed function current?

  18. Flo

    Please make this a priority.:-)
    I would immediately use Protonmail as my default email service,
    if I could use my own domain email-address as alias!

  19. Kris

    While I would like the ability to use my own domain, I would love to have the ability to get a second alias with ProtonMail and use under this account. Linking multiple ProtonMail accounts would work, but that can get messy.

    Quite literally, I would pay a nominal fee to be able to get a true alias on my account.

  20. Yab


  21. Larry

    I like the idea of aliases under one proton account. My reasoning is that I can separate functions of my email addresses such as using one for shopping, another for banking and perhaps another for forum logins on sites that I frequent.
    I am assuming that having more then one proton account is discouraged at this point, especially in light of the waiting list just to obtain one.

    Thank you for your efforts in keeping privacy at the forefront!

  22. mike

    Im so happy and impressed, smooth all the way round, easy to use and familiar interface and lets not forget encrypted…. 8 out of 10 and that number is climbing. Oh ya up urs gov goofs!!!!
    Thanks guys

  23. Ken

    I too am waiting for alias feature to be upgraded before I start using protonmail in a serious way. It’s the best method for keeping spam out of the inbox by just dismissing an abused aliased site from which your hub account address is never used commercially. (I’m using this feature on a paid subscription mail server currently and have already made obsolete some aliased addresses when nasty spam starts filling the inbox–a lot quicker and more effective than trying to filter/whitelist and/or block spammers.

  24. Mr. G

    Up vote for the personal domain names. Would love to use my own domain name.

  25. John Ue

    It is good to have couple of alias to choose from. However, it would be more useful to have the alias with different domain for business use. (I guess you guys already have that in the future realease plan. I would love to know if it is..

    BTW I have introduced your service in Korean community with my blogs


  26. Larkins Dsouza

    Would love to use Protonmail for my custom domain. But you guys have long way to go. Please try to monetize as soon as possible so that you can move forward fast and create better service.

  27. Pablo A. Arrobbio

    I’d like to see some support for custom aliases, to use maybe a real name along with the protonmail domain in the address for business purposes. Keep up your excellent work!!!

  28. Stanley

    Along with custom domains aliases would make pm properly useable as a serious mail system

  29. ivy

    I wish I could stop the MadMarc company from sending me unsolicited promotional emails. It would be really useful to have a feature of blocking specific email addresses.

  30. grg

    As soon as this option will be available I will only use protomail for all my work related emails.

  31. SharkIng

    So there no way to generate a alias address by using your own domain? or at least some random domain name that will not shown ProtonMail address (so ppls will not know I am using ProtonMail)

  32. ceop

    Big up! I will use this immediately for my company.


    The feature where in I could set a timed / self-destruct function was available has been discontinued. could it be provided again please. it was useful for privacy in many ways

  34. qerwf

    Please consider providing an option for users to generate alias. i.e: MikeSmith@, MSmith@, MikeS@, MS04@…That all pool into the same main account for better security and privacy.

  35. sami

    please add the ability to send from non protonmail domains. i use this all the time and will not use proton mail until i can use it here.

  36. ik

    This is realy great, i like protonmail. Security is awesome.
    One thing i will suggest, if aliase can be shorter. When i need to say someone my mail adress its to long, for example if we can have pmail.com or pm.com. But this is small suggest from small user. I will use protonmail for a long time any way.
    Good job, very good job :)

  37. Genevieve

    The user comments here should leave no doubt that the absence of this feature is a deal-breaker for many of the very people who would otherwise be willing to pay a good price for ProtonMail’s service. Unfortunately, it’s not clear that the developers are tuned in. Why does ProtonMail keep calling this an “aliases” feature? Why does ProtonMail assume that it will be necessary to have “custom domains”? Yahoo.com used to call their feature AddressGuard, but they’ve stopped using that terminology and now call it by its generic name, the words that denote exactly what people are looking for: Disposable Addresses. ProtonMail doesn’t need custom domains in order to be able to offer Disposable Addresses (though custom domains might be wanted for other purposes, such as corporate accounts). All ProtonMail needs to do is designate a certain keyboard character (yahoo.com uses the hyphen), allow a paying user to select a dummy prefix (a character string that’s different from the user’s real ProtonMail address and that no one else has reserved yet), which will appear in front of that special keyboard character, and then allow the user to create a reasonably large number of suffixes. If my prefix is bfltzk and I want to communicate with Walmart, I register the address bfltzk-walmart@protonmail.ch and start communicating with them from that address. If they spam me even once, I zap the address. If I have to communicate with them again, I register a new address, bfltzk-walmart2@protonmail.ch, u.s.w., u.s.w. I’ve been using and paying for this feature at yahoo.com for 8 years, and it’s flawless. So, please prioritize this!
    Though I’ve been using ProtonMail since late 2014, I haven’t dared to give my ProtonMail address to anyone except a small number of other ProtonMail users. The only reason that I don’t use ProtonMail outside this small, trusted circle is my fear that my real ProtonMail address will become known to spammers. As soon as you offer Disposable Addresses, I will phase out all my other email accounts and use ProtonMail exclusively.
    By the way, I think that a c-note would be a reasonable price for your service, if you offered Disposable Addresses.

  38. Redhy Susanto

    My Email Account is activated…….thank you very much

  39. Jheronimo

    I can only agree with the comments above me, as soon as alias is upgraded i will use protonmail as my main account for now it is no option for me and will patiently wait for it, keep up all the good work you are doing with proton and you can give a huge blow to the big mail providers like gmail/outlook.

  40. QKoding

    Where is the other alias?
    For example, if I choose xxx@protonmail.ch, now, I only use this account. What’s wrong with the alias xxx@protonmail.com? Does anyone else can get this email address?
    As I know, most of persons had xxxx@protonmail.com and xxxx@protomail.ch, two email addresses.

  41. ProtonMail Support

    You can choose the domain .com or .ch when you create your account. Once the account is created, you only have the chosen domain. To use both domains you can upgrade to a premium plan.

  42. Anton

    I want to merge to protonMail to protectmy privacy. The problem is that I now have to check both Gmail and Protonmail at the same time. And for conveinience, I just keep using gmail.

    If I had the ability to add for example my hotmail address to my protonaccount so that those addreses would show up there aswell, I would have changed a long time ago. however this doesnät seem possible?

  43. Sandy

    Love ProtonMail but don’t understand the lingo, here.

    1)Can you label your ProtonMail alias account “JohnSmith@gmail.com”?

    2)Can you use “@gmail.com” at all?

    3)Does the non-ProtonMail email account have to exist at all, or can you just make up an email like “JohnSmith@7-heh67y4niknqod89;”””..<<9.com"?

    4)If you can already use an email account you've set up yourself, doesn't that defeat the purpose of making email anonymous, as the email account you've set up yourself is a way to track you?

    5)If you can't label your ProtonMail alias "something@gmail.com", why not? Can't you label it anything you want, and still have it appear in your ProtonMail inbox?

  44. ProtonMail Support

    These options are not available. Please contact us on contact@protonmail.ch or via the Report Bug button for more details.

  45. G_ozzy

    Any idea how much longer of a wait I have till I can get an account?

  46. Peter Pumpkin

    So what is the point of using an address like wally+123@protonmail.com when you sign up to something online? You can’t stop that address from receiving if you happen to get a lot of spam. And you can’t communicate using only that address (you can’t send), you’d have to reply using your standard address. I was hoping they’d be like hushmails aliases. Thanks for a great service otherwise :-)

  47. Antonello S. aka LiberCivis

    As pointed out by others (Genevieve and Peter Pumpkin), even in my opinion this form of aliases is pretty useless, because you can’t send with an alias nor it can be stopped from receiving spam. This can only help to keep tracks of who was at the origin of the spam, but that’s all.
    Instead, what you call addresses are actually aliases, ie “Disposable Addresses”, and even I do not understand why they have to be necessarily associated with custom domains. They can or could be, but why they “have to”?
    In addition there is certainly something else that escapes my understanding, because I see no reasons why for each address you generate a new key.
    Finally, I believe that this implementation of custom domains is very limiting. For example, I would like to use protonmail with all my family and with our domain (as currently it is), but still can not understand how I can setup this way different accounts necessarily independent.
    For the rest, great work and service! :)
    Hoping for a clarifying answer, my best regards.

  48. NC

    As Peter Pumpkin mentioned, you need to be able to deactivate an alias to stop the flow of spam coming from a previously used address. You also need to be able to send from an alias.

    Also, limiting aliases to the use of realaddress+aliasname@protonmail.com reveals your real address. Anyone who wants to spam your real account could figure out what your real address is and start spamming that.

  49. boomerstan

    I want to use my custom domain with multiple users/addresses. Can I do this now? Are there plans for this?

  50. ProtonMail Support

    This feature is not currently available. We are working on adding sub-users in the near future.

  51. Vlad

    “Also, limiting aliases to the use of realaddress+aliasname@protonmail.com reveals your real address. Anyone who wants to spam your real account could figure out what your real address …” – seems like this aliases could be useful in combination with labels and filtering rules in future. For example, you may have one PM account to collect service notifications from your resources ( sites, servers etc ) and apply labels or do some another actions.

  52. Edson

    If I have two free emails account, when I upgrade my account, can join both accounts into one single account with two emails address?

  53. ProtonMail Support

    This is possible, you need to contact us on contact@protonmail.ch or via the Report bug button for more details and instructions how this can be done.

  54. another.doe

    Hi, if i subscribe lets say for a year, and then i create 2 EMAIL aliases from my main email address, will they be deleted once my subscription expire? This could be a potential problem, because if i register web accounts from anywhere someone will then be able to create a proton address or even an address alias and then they will be able to take ownership of my mails? or instead will these email aliases remain bound to my account and be disabled? if they are disabled how the mails will then be handled? will they be received and remain inaccessible until i reactivate my account and then be void after a certain time? or they will just be lost?

    I need to know this before purchasing, and i wasn’t able to find this answer on the F.A.Q, i might not be alone wondering about this? thank you for your understanding, and for your future answering.

  55. ProtonMail Support

    In this case the aliases are disabled, and you can’t receive messages sent to those addresses. The senders will receive a bounce back message. Those can’t be used by a different user.

  56. Mike

    I am so ready to sign up for paid service if aliases can be inactivated to stop receiving messages.

  57. RJ

    Hey Admin,

    It would be great to have the ability to switch the original ProtonMail address, especially if we’ve chosen for the time being to downgrade and one of our additional aliases was in fact the main address we’d like to keep. Moreover, I’d like to echo something other users have written: protonmail.com and even protonmail.ch are both really long domains. What about proton.ch? It’s got more of a ring to it—unfortunately, protonmail.com sounds really clunky and could actually keep people from adopting encrypted email.

    My two cents.

  58. ProtonMail Support

    The addresses you add can only be used while you are on the premium plan. The default address can’t be changed. Regarding a shorter domain, we will look into this, and check if we can add this option in the future.

  59. Shaya

    Hi, I am considering to move to the paid Proton. Do I understand correctly that I will be able to create two different email adresses with two SEPARATE inboxes? I would like to create this for me and my wife, each of us having their own one.
    thank you

  60. ProtonMail Support

    At this moment you can’t have different login credentials for the addresses you add. All messages sent to those addresses arrive in the same ProtonMail inbox. We are working on adding this feature in the future.

  61. Anonymous

    Support for Reply to addresses for those of us who set up our private domain addresses as forward accounts.

    I have my domain email forwarded to my protonmail account, yet I can’t set that address as a reply to address in ProtonMail, so all subsequent mail contains my protonmail account as the reply to address. Not my preference. I need none of the other premium features, just a custom reply to address. Would be nice if this was exposed as it is in gmail, etc.

  62. Anonymous

    “At this moment you can’t have different login credentials for the addresses you add. All messages sent to those addresses arrive in the same ProtonMail inbox. We are working on adding this feature in the future.”

    So these are just aliases, not custom domain addresses. This was not not disclosed in your documentation. So what did I just pay for with the premium account? I thought I was getting separate email boxes with separate encryption passwords for the same custom domain. Not happy with ProtonMail right now.

  63. ProtonMail Support

    We will be adding sub-accounts probably by the end of the year. Please contact us if you want to get refund or keep the credits for when this feature is available.

  64. MG

    Hi! Any news about the sub-accounts? I’ve connected my personal domain to my account but only I can use the email function as I have the only login & password info (I cannot share that with my co-workers). Really need to have those accounts separated otherwise what’s the use of having a personal domain with only 1 email account ?

  65. ProtonMail Support

    We’re hard at work on this and should release it in the coming months.

  66. Kfir

    I would like to set my default email address as .Ch. I was only given the option of .com. What would I need to do in order to enable .ch

  67. ProtonMail Support

    You have to upgrade to ProtonMail plus and you will be able to add the .ch as well.

  68. Anonymous

    Is it possible to have one custom domain address like family@domain.com being linked to several accounts – or at least to forward it to the other accounts by filter?

  69. ProtonMail Support

    A specific custom domain can only be added to one ProtonMail account and automatic forwarding is not supported in ProtonMail. You can also set it up on one account and share the login credentials, but this is generally advised against, as it increases the risk for account abuse.

  70. freek

    Ok, some questions. I want to go “plus” but this sounds strange to me:
    “Please note: Additional ProtonMail addresses can be disabled/enabled; however, they can not be deleted from your account unless you delete the entire account”

    Does that mean I have to delete my entire account just to not want an inbox anymore? I assume you mean I have to delete the email address only, right?

    Second: The extra addresses, they are just inboxes right? With their own username and password I assume, not aliases. I mean now with bridge my wife can have one of those addresses and email independently of my account, right? And if I don’t want here address any more I can delete it without deleting my protonmail account?

  71. ProtonMail Support

    On the Plus plan, all addresses share the same Inbox, there is no separate username and password for the additional addresses. ProtonMail domain addresses (protonmail.com and protonmail.ch) cannot be deleted, they can only be disabled. Custom domain addresses can be deleted and created at will.

  72. Anonymous

    Hi there,

    I would like to switch my default email address to one of new addresses I created after I switched to the PLUS plan,
    because I want to hide not only my password but also my log-in ID, even though I have already used my default email to communicate with others.

    I think hiding both the log-in ID and password provide better security.


  73. ProtonMail Support

    To update your default sending address, go to Settings > Account, scroll down to Address Priority and use drag and drop to set a new default address. The top address is the default address.

    To update the default address on the mobile apps, follow the instructions here: https://protonmail.com/support/knowledge-base/default-sending-address/.

  74. Isaac

    Hello, I am a visionary customer. Can one of my other users (who is also an admin), create a protonmail.com address? I am able to, but the option does not appear to be available for the other user. Any recommendations or help? Thank you.

  75. ProtonMail Support

    ProtonMail domain addresses cannot be assigned to sub-users, only to the main ProtonMail user. Sub-users can only use custom domain addresses. Since ProtonMail domain addresses cannot be deleted, you would not be able to manage your users properly. We are working on finding a way to support this in the future, however, we cannot speculate on an ETA.

  76. D

    I already have a paid account, but need much more control over my email identity, since I use unique email addresses for every service that asks for one. I need to be able to “send mail as” various identities @ a couple of domains I own. I do not want to change my MX records to protonmail as I use some of those identities at other mail services. I set forwarding to one or another email address through my hosting service (eg., email lists here, banking there, social media somewhere else, professional activities to proton mail).

  77. ProtonMail Support

    Please contact our support team at contact@protonmail.ch, via the report bug button or using the support form at https://protonmail.com/support-form.

  78. gk questions

    Thank you for sharing such valuable info.

  79. Real Aliases Needed

    You might want to mention that you can now reply to emails sent to user+alias@protonmail AS user+alias@protonmail – seems to be a new undocumented feature as of 3.1x.x sometime. It allows you to confirm emails, but doesn’t do anything for primary address privacy, the fact that + isn’t accepted at a lot of places, or being able to cut off spammers…

  80. I agree about real aliases being needed

    I’ve just tried to use aliases a couple of times but it didn’t work either time. Of course, I can’t be sure if the sending me the emails was even attempted by the other party, but I imagine so as one of them in particular was a fairly prominent retailer. I have to assume it didn’t work because of the “+” symbol used in the address. There’s also the privacy issue you mentioned.

    Maybe it would be possible for each user to choose a short string of characters which could be used in place of the “+” symbol e.g. using 3 characters for example I could choose “xyz” as my alias string, so instead of an alias such as example+myalias@protonmail.com, it would be examplexyzmyalias@protonmail.com.

    Of course it might lead to some problems with existing email addresses and aliases clashing, but I suppose it would be possible to prevent alias strings from being used if they already occur in your email addresses, and to prevent new addresses from being created if they coincide with your chosen alias string.

  81. Deepan Shah

    Can i set up a second address, does it get it’s own inbox or is it a shared mailbox? I understand the shared storage, but can they be a totally separate mailbox so that the emails can’t be seen from one address to another? (ie allowing someone else to use a mailbox from a single account?

  82. ProtonMail Support

    Aliases share the same mailbox as your main address. To add separate users, you will need to be on the Professional or Visionary plans.

  83. Martin

    To clarify my previous comment a little: I don’t have a custom domain, I just want to have additional email address that all go to my same primary ProtonMail Plus account email address’ message inbox. Problem is when I try to receive a messages sent to the one “alias” I added, they arrive but can’t be decrypted. I don’t want different login credentials for the addresses I add, so don’t understand why it’s apparently trying use a different one.

  84. Martin

    For what it’s worth, the problem with the alias I added has apparently gone away all by itself after several days and now appears to be working. If there’s some kind of delay or waiting period after defining an alias before it “kicks in” and becomes usable, this should be documented. I suggest Protonmail add that when the current already very out-of-date documentation is redone, as it sorely needs to be.

  85. Sashikanth K

    if I have a ProtonMail Plus plan , then can i configure 5 different persons to use protonmail with one main account. (4 different accounts , 1 main acc)

  86. ProtonMail Support

    Using the ProtonMail Plus plan, additional addresses share the same mailbox as the main address and there are no separate login credentials. To add more users to one account, you will need the Professional or Visionary plans with a custom domain.

  87. DuQu

    Simple question: How do I setup my account to have the address: protonmail.ch and NOT protonmail.com? Thanks to anyone who shows me how to do this.

  88. ProtonMail Support

    You choose the domain extension when signing up for your account. The .ch address with your username is reserved for you and nobody else can create it. You could add it as an alias to your account by upgrading to one of our premium plans. For further assistance, please contact our support team at contact@protonmail.ch, support@protonmail.ch or using the support form at https://protonmail.com/support-form.

  89. Artizen

    As a premium member I understand I can create an orphaned address with my current domain. The only time I change my domain is if I have a DNS or IP address correct? Say I created my orphaned address from my current domain and selected the incorrect encryption for the pertaining device. Needed the faster one.
    I wanted to update those settings. I was able to disable it. It has never been used by the way.
    Thus, I wanted to see if I can remove it? But that was not an option. How, can I start it over or how can I go back to the orphaned address settings for that address to chose the higher encryption rate for faster based devices? Thank you!

  90. ProtonMail Support

    If you remove a custom domain from your ProtonMail account, all addresses from that domain will be orphaned. If there are no messages associated with an orphaned address, you should be able to delete it from Settings > Addresses/Users, but you cannot add it again without reactivating the same custom domain.

  91. Jac Watson

    I have PLUS for 2 accounts…it says clearly we have 5 aliases, and other things, but I CAN”T FIND WHERE TO ADD THE ALIASES< ETC????
    Help pls

  92. ProtonMail Support

    To add alias addresses, please log in to the ProtonMail web client, then go to Settings > Addresses/Users and click on the ‘Add Address’ button. This will display a pop-up that allows you to choose your desired username and domain, select Submit, and enter your Login Password. Once you have selected your new email address, choose the key strength you would prefer and select Generate Keys.

  93. m

    I have just upgraded from a basic to a plus account. now i would like to integrate two existing email addresses from other basic accounts to my plus account. unfortunately i cant figure out a solution to that. please help – thanks!

  94. ProtonMail Support

    Please contact our support team at contact@protonmail.ch, support@protonmail.ch, via the report bug button or using the support form at https://protonmail.com/support-form.

  95. Mickael

    I have a Protonmail Plus Plan with 2 aliases. What will happen if i downgrade to the Free Plan ? Will i lost my aliases ?

  96. ProtonMail Support

    Downgrading to the Free plan will disable your alias addresses and you will no longer be able to send or receive messages using those addresses. However, you will still be able to read all existing messages for the disabled addresses.

  97. Luc

    I just recently upgraded my account in order to be able to use the pm.me much shorter version.
    However due to human error I misjudged some settings while putting up alliasses which ended much longer agian then I wanted.
    So, I ended up having 4 addresses where as only one ( actually 2 with the original @protonmail.com included ) is suitable to me. Even here I had a typo but I can live with it.
    So my question is, is there a way to erase the (not wanted ) created addresses which I don’t want to use ? So that basically some xtra addresses become available again…
    Thanks !

  98. ProtonMail Support

    Please contact our support team using the support form at https://protonmail.com/support-form, or send a message to contact@protonmail.ch or support@protonmail.ch.

  99. Rambaud

    My adresse Email has changed!!!! from “[redacted]” into “[redacted].
    How can you explaine that?

  100. ProtonMail Support

    In ProtonMail, the symbols ., - and _ are treated as “transparent” to help avoid phishing/impersonation. Also, the local part of the address (the part before the @) is case-insensitive. This feature exists in many other providers as well.

    For further assistance, please contact our support team at https://protonmail.com/support-form.

  101. Mikej

    Can several email recipients use the same alias “realaddress+aliasname@protonmail.com”?

  102. ProtonMail Support

    The “+aliasname” part can be the same for multiple recipients.

  103. Baur

    I want to upgrade to ProtonMail Plus to join 5 addresses into one inbox. I have read that this can be done, but… what would happen with these 5 addresses that I manage today separately if I return to manage my ProtonMail account through a free plan?

  104. ProtonMail Support

    Our Support team will be able to assist you in that case: https://protonmail.com/support-form.

  105. florian


    I would like to use different Alias with my prenium account but without the possibility to log in to my proton mail account with this Alias as username. Is it possible ?

    Because what I understand so far is that’s possible to log in to your account with your Alias email as username + your password.

    Thank you in advance for your answer.

    Best regards

  106. ProtonMail Support

    This is not possible at the moment. We may consider changing this in the future.

  107. Gerre Oliveira

    Olá, configurei um dominio e criei duas contas de e-mail porém não consigo entrar nelas separadas

  108. ProtonMail Support

    Please contact our support team: https://protonmail.com/support-form.

  109. R

    Hello Support Team, I cant find an email to contact you however I made a mistake and related an amazon account to a mispelled adress ( r*****.mb@proton instead of r*****.b@proton ), and I cannot access my amazon account for it needs a security check with a code sent..on the wrong adress. Is there any way for you to catch it up or to help me please ? Many Thanks for your return, Kind Regards. R.

  110. ProtonMail Support

    In ProtonMail, the symbols ., - and _ are treated as “transparent” to help avoid phishing/impersonation.
    This means that if a message is sent to address.xx@protonmail.com, but your address is addressx.x@protonmail.com, you will still receive the message.

    If you need further assistance, please contact our support team: https://protonmail.com/support-form.

  111. AJ

    Hi there, I’m still trying to understand the use case of the +alias set up. Why would you use it. The only case I see is for filtering which is great, but is there any other reason?

  112. MDD

    If I set up multiple email addresses under multiple custom domains, can I direct the incoming mail to separate folders, so each email address has its own folder?

  113. ProtonMail Support

    Yes, you can do this with Filters.

  114. El

    can not delete user for custom domain, because he has mail. But he is private mode and I can not log in to clear it out. Help me please

  115. ProtonMail Support

    Please contact our support team: https://protonmail.com/support-form.

  116. Remco Noordermeer

    (Have just updated my account in order to gain more folders / labels.)
    Would like to customize my domain name, however: does this mean my regular emailaddress remconoordermeer@protonmail.com is not existing anymore (or is the new domain name an alias on the existing one)?

  117. ProtonMail Support

    Your ProtonMail address will remain active and you can add additional addresses as aliases. For help on setting up a domain, please see: https://protonmail.com/support/knowledge-base/set-up-a-custom-domain/.

  118. Oluwatoyin Olumeewo

    Please I encountered some internet problem when singing-up for : [hidden]@protonmail.com and [hidden]@protonmail.com and since then have not been unable to sign in . The response was that I fielded in wrong details .
    Kindly help reset your website to enable me log in to these addresses which no one in the world bear .
    Thank you for your anticipated cooperation .
    Oluwatoyin Olumeewo

  119. ProtonMail Support

    Please contact our support team: https://protonmail.com/support-form.

  120. Ivan

    I signed up for Free plan, and my question is can I pay for extra addresses or extra storage space without switching to Plus plan? In https://protonmail.com/pricing, below pricing table plan it says ” Extra Storage: € 1.00 / month or € 9 / year per GB”, ” Extra Domains: € 2.00 / month or € 18 / year per domain” and “Extra Addresses: € 1.00 / month or € 9 / year per 5 addresses”, but as far as I can see I can’t pay for that if I am on Free plan.

  121. ProtonMail Support

    Hi, the addon pricing is for adding additional items to the Plus plan. You cannot add addons to the Free plan.

  122. JT

    As a feature, it would be cool if I could “Super Blacklist” an address, so every time they send something the server kicks back a “mailer deamon” email as if the email address no longer exists. Spambot would recognize this, and (hopefully) remove it from their listings. This goes along with shutting down a +Alias email, so (potentially) the spambots would no longer use it.

    Question: If a +Alias email becomes to bogged down by spam, can it be revoked to stop forwarding all together? Or is the best I could hope for sending it to my SPAM filter?

    For example: I created a “junkmail” alias in my account. Let’s say I join a gaming forum, provide the email “junkmail+gamingforum@protonmail.com” as my sign in. It get’s spammed to hell. I no longer use that forum. Deleting my forum account doesn’t stop junkmail+gamingforum@protonmail.com from getting spammed.

  123. ProtonMail Support

    While it’s not possible to return a MAILER-DAEMON bounceback right now (we might consider this in the future), you can use a Sieve filter to discard all messages coming to an address (or alias). Please see our Sieve filter page: https://protonmail.com/support/knowledge-base/sieve-advanced-custom-filters/.

  124. Bryan Davis

    How do we setup separate logins for each of our team members so that each team member only has access to their email account? And is there a way to assign certain team members access to two or more email accounts?

  125. ProtonMail Support

    Hi, you will need a multi-user subscription and custom domain to add additional users. Please see:

  126. isuru

    Why is it not possible for me to have ~@mydomail.com ?

  127. Justin

    How can I delete an created protonmail.com address?

  128. ProtonMail Support

    If you want to delete an unused alias address, please contact our Support Team: https://protonmail.com/support-form.

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