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ProtonMail Android App

The ProtonMail application for Android gives you the ease of ProtonMail’s web app on your Android phone or tablet device. Custom built from the ground up, our Android application makes privacy the default without compromising on simplicity. Download ProtonMail for Android to stay up-to-date with push notifications and easily read, respond to, and organize all your messages.

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We test all updates for our Android app with help from our dedicated Mobile Beta group. This group gets access to all the latest ProtonMail features and communicates directly with the ProtonMail team, playing a important role in the continued success of our Android app development.

Join ProtonMail Beta for Android.

Access ProtonMail in an Android mobile browser

ProtonMail can also be accessed via an up-to-date browser on most Android devices by visiting ProtonMail works on most browsers, but you can check our list of recommended and supported browsers for more details.

ProtonMail and third-party mail applications

We don’t currently integrate ProtonMail with third-party email clients on Android. Third-party email clients for Android are not capable of the encryption and decryption processes ProtonMail performs.

If you have an iOS device, we also have a dedicated iOS app.

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  1. Chris

    I currently have used an app called Native Wrap to create a pseudo Protonmail app. It works well but I’m anxiously awaiting the native app.

  2. dave

    can’t paste clipboard content into email message, using Firefox mobile for Android

  3. pitot

    Chris, ‘Native Wrap’ is, according to their web site:

    ‘funded in part by the National Security Agency’

  4. Andrew

    Would be great if the eventual native apps for iOS/Play Store, would store content on phones encrypted so that it assumes the device is hostile. Login to app decrypts content for viewing. Maybe this is just a given anyway? im no expert.

  5. Mike

    Using a third party app to access a secure email app more conveniently defeats the entire purpose, like using 3rd party company keychains to remember passwords and you know little to nothing about the providers of the keychain except for what they publicize. Wait for a native app from the company itself, otherwise you should be happy with Gmail.

  6. Francois

    I am curious to know if the Android app will also run on a BlackBerry. Anyone knows?

  7. Marco

    Good moorning,
    do you think there will be an App for Windows Phone 8.1 or 10 ?
    Thanks a lot fo your help

  8. biteater

    Waiting for the android app, would be great!!

  9. nico

    I have a JOLLA phone which supports android apps, but I can not download the apps in google play because JOLLA does not have a working google play. So can i download the app directly from your site?


    Summer of 2015 came and went!!

  11. ProtonMail Support

    The app was released in Summer 2015, but in beta:

  12. TB

    Do you have an ETA on a Google Play Store version at this point?

  13. Z

    Will this be available on F-Droid, or at least usable without having Google Apps installed?

  14. George

    ====> Francois

    Tested in my Blackberry Passport, seems to work, the app asked me to install Google Apps, but I told No and worked, sent and email.

  15. s

    Was looking for Proton on F-Droid too, unfortunately no package available.

  16. Carmine

    Why protonmail use playservice?

  17. ProtonMail Support

    At this time, we utilize Google Play services to implement the push notifications. We will try to find other ways to support push notifications in the future.

  18. K

    All Android ProtonMail users want an apk. They all hate Google LOL

  19. Just a dude

    Apps without the store

    As others have mentioned, being able to get the mobile app through sources other then the App Store and Play Store is important to many in your target audience, as is being able to verify (through things like checksum) the received app.

    I think charging for the app is an absolutely appropriate thing to do! That said, (a) I’d actually prefer the stable version (i.e. not the beta) and (b) I don’t want it to be limited, in other words if I like it, I want to be able to recommend it to my friends. Your current model is shooting yourself in the foot.

    Please make it easy to buy a verifiable, stable-version of the mobile apps (I have a bias toward Android’s APKs ;-) ;-) ) without going through vendor stores and without quantity or time-limitations.

  20. Mark

    I have a Samsung Note 4, I use LastPass Premium. On my desktop, LastPass logs me in including the mailbox password, so all good. But, on my phone, Lastpass won’t feed the mailbox password. Does anyone have a solution? I’m heading on over to LastPass to ask the same question. Thought I’d leave this here just in case anyone finds it helpful or knows already and feels like sharing the solution they know of.

  21. ProtonMail Support

    At this moment the Password Managers are working for the login password only.

  22. F

    Hi there, I agree with K’s comment: is there any way to install Protonmail from an .apk? Or, even better, any chance to get an official release on markets such as Aptoide and F-Droid?

  23. Yatin

    I hope your app is also available in Silent Circle’s app store (so it works with Blackphone2 etc phones)

  24. e


  25. K

    Came across this page while trying to suss out whether there was a way to install the app without Google Play Store – just like a bunch of other people here, I’d love it if there was an APK available for manual download, or if it was on F-Droid. Hope you will provide such an option (soon) :)

  26. ProtonMail Support

    If you are a beta user, you can also download our Android application through Crashlytics. For more information please visit this link:
    We will consider making the application available on F-Droid in the future.

  27. U

    Many thanks for that awesome work guys.
    Switching to ProtonMail was part of a global move to leave the G-ecosystem away. Therefore, I dare jumping in the coach and kindly ask for a FDroid apk. Have you any idea when such a good move could occur?
    Keep on the good work of keeping our digital lives safe.

  28. Michael

    I don’t have Google Play on my Android (Cyanogemod). Where can I download the Protonmail *.apk for installation?

  29. ProtonMail Support

    You can sign up for mobile beta and receive our Android app through Crashlytics:

  30. spotify not responding

    I might give them a try. I hope it would also work for me.

  31. DoubleMalt

    When will the ProtonMail App come to the F-Droid App store?

    As a privacy oriented service, there definitely should be a version that does not rely on Google Play Services.

  32. ProtonMail Support

    We cannot give you an ETA for this yet. The source code still needs polishing before it can be released as open-source.

  33. Tobias

    If I add my ProtonMail account to TypeApp, wich is an Android e-mail client, are my messages and inbox still safe and secured by ProtonMail?

  34. ProtonMail Support

    ProtonMail cannot be used with other email apps on Android. Please use our dedicated Android app.

  35. John

    Hello.I can’t sign in Inbox,only remember the old password,help me!!!!

  36. ProtonMail Support

    Please contact our support team at or using the support form at

  37. Loes

    Above, I read:

    “ProtonMail with a third party mail application. At this time Protonmail does not integrate with third party email clients (IMAP/SMTP) on Android due to the technology ProtonMail utilizes within web browsers to encrypt and decrypt your messages.”

    Should I get my hopes up at the “at this time”?

    I love the ProtonMail concept and its encryption possibilities (albeit slightly useless most of the time as most of my contacts use Gmail anyways), and I really appreciate the clean web layout and the fact ProtonMail allows users to pay for their services with money instead of data.

    However for professional purposes, I’m syncing two separate (Zimbra) exchange accounts to Android and obviously I’m not in the position to make the whole company switch to ProtonMail.

    So far I’ve been using my ISP’s e-mail services for personal purposes, importing all three accounts together in a third party mail app (K9), which allows me to just quickly check a combined inbox every once in a while. The only thing that stops me from using ProtonMail at the moment, is being forced to use yet another app (or web interface) to view and send e-mails. I don’t like a cluttered home screen!

    Any chance ProtonMail will either integrate with third party email clients via an Android version of The Bridge, or allow the use of other, less secure accounts (e.g. exchange/IMAP) *within* the ProtonMail app? Signal, for example, is a secure messager by itself, but it also allows the sending and receiving of non-secure text messages. I think when using the app, it’s quite clear (color coded!) which is which, so using a non-encrypted in ProtonMail shouldn’t necessarily cause confusion either.

  38. Richard Oliver

    I installed PM on my android phone. I’d like to turn off all notifications on my phone for PM….but each time I do so in “settings”, it does NOT remain ‘OFF’. As soon as another email arrives, it notifies me in both sound and vibration….which I don’t need it to do. How do I shut the notifications OFF PERMANENTLY?

  39. ProtonMail Support

    To turn off push notifications completely, go to Settings > Background Sync and turn sync off.

  40. Charmaine

    I can log on to protonmail website via a browser but not on android. With android in inbox and other folders it said can’t connect, I kept retrying but it wouldn’t connect. Had been working previously, hadn’t received any email for a few days. I uninstalled and reinstalled, that didn’t work. I updated the app, but then couldn’t sign in, with same error message “can’t connect”. It’s not the phones connection, because banking and another email app are working on the phone. Is there a folder or file I need to delete, or something after uninstalling, then reinstall? Or maybe there was maintenance work?

  41. ProtonMail Support

    If you are still experiencing this issue, please contact our support team at

  42. Tom

    Using the Android app, I don’t want to quote the prior email when I reply it.
    It’s OK for webmail or mail clients but a bit inconvenient for my mobile phone because messages could be too long.
    Can I turn it off?
    Or do I have to delete quoted messages every time?

  43. ProtonMail Support

    At the moment, there is no option to not quote the previous message when replying. To delete the reply, you will have to do it manually.

  44. Jordi

    Is there a way of having two inboxes/addresses within the same installation of the Android app?

  45. ProtonMail Support

    The mobile apps do not have support for logging in with multiple accounts at this time.

  46. S

    Why google play store to download the app? Why can’t it be on protonmail’s own website, or on f-droid or similar sites? If the app is available on other (trustworthy) sites, can we have the link to those sites, please? Thanks.

  47. ProtonMail Support

    At the moment, it’s only available through the Play Store. We utilize the Google Play Store to avoid fake “ProtonMail app” being distributed. The Play Store provides security functionality that only allows the owner of an application to publish updates to the application. This keeps our users safe from malicious apps that may try to impersonate ProtonMail.

    We do plan on offering it directly on our website in the future, and possibly on F-Droid once the app is open sourced.

  48. Thomas

    How can I get the android mobile app’s inbox to to “stack” recieved and sent emails of the same subject? I have to keep switching from inbox to sent-box to refresh myself on conversations.

  49. ProtonMail Support

    Conversation support is not supported in the mobile apps at the moment, but it will be in a future update.

  50. Anonymous

    Pretty crazy that a privacy-oriented service app isn’t open-source from the beginning. Getting this open-sourced and available on F-Droid should be a very high priority.

  51. Dennis

    Is it possible to be logged into more than one account at a time? I have two separate ‘user’ e-mail accounts created for a custom domain and I want them both logged into protonmail on Android – so that if either account receives an e-mail I get it. Is this not possible? I’ve scoured the options and I cant seem to find anything. I created it under a seperate user because I want to share that e-mail with my wife, but if that e-mail is part of my main user group the password will be the same as my primary – correct?

    So I either need to be able to login to two accounts at once using the android app – or be able to set a different password for individual e-mails that fall under my primary user group.

  52. ProtonMail Support

    At the moment, you cannot login with multiple accounts at the same time. We’re working on adding this feature in a future update to the mobile apps.

  53. anonymous

    When someone is searching for privacy friendly email service on their android device, it means they want to get rid of google services. Probably they have already flashed a custom rom on their device without google’s proprietary apps. In such case, having an open source mail client using a privacy friendly email service is favored.

    I’m currently using tuta because it is secure, privacy-friendly, and most importantly has a fdroid apk package.
    While I’m interested in proton mail, I will use it once it gets available in fdroid. (don’t want to use the beta version).

  54. Jnaneshwar

    How can I add my second proton email to my android app?

  55. ProtonMail Support

    At the moment, you cannot login with multiple accounts at the same time. We’re working on adding this feature in a future update to the mobile apps.

  56. Sol

    I have android with fake Google Play Services(MicroG) to get “Google Play” functionality, but I don’t have any sort of google account logged in and no play store, i download from 3rd party app stores or .apk. Such dependence on others as the sole means of distributiom is not good, we must break the mold!

  57. ProtonMail Support

    The ProtonMail APK is available at

  58. linco

    Do you have other download for Protonmail APP?
    I don’t use google ,because i am form china

  59. ProtonMail Support

  60. guest

    I created a ProtonMail account on my computer. I also downloaded the smartphone app and wanted to log into it with the login and password of the account that I have on my computer, but I get a message that incorrect login details have been entered. A warning appears on your computer account that someone tried to log in and gave you the wrong password while I was definitely entering the correct password. Then I tried to log in to my account via the website on my smartphone, but the effect was the same. I want to ask if it is possible to login on the smartphone to the same account ProtonMail on the computer?

  61. ProtonMail Support

    Yes, you can log in to the same account on multiple devices. If you’re still experiencing issues, please contact our support team:

  62. Anonymous

    Please please get a move on with having two accounts in the app. I pay for a personal subscription to Protonmail, and my business pays for another. It’s ludicrous that as a paying customer I can’t have both accounts on my mobile!

  63. ProtonMail Support

    We are working on adding this feature to the mobile apps as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

  64. oliver

    Please provide a download of the .apk for android users that have chosen to avoid googles “services”
    It seems to me very counter- intuitive to chose a private email service and then compromise ones privacy in countless ways just to download an app
    I understand that google offers a very convenient way to roll out updates etc…. but then google offers a very ‘convenient’ maps, cloud-storage and… service too. But protonmail exists, and is supported for a reason…right?

  65. ProtonMail Support

    You can download the APK from

  66. Paulo

    When opening e-mails, I get an error saying “Impossible to load content. Please enable Chrome”. I don want to install Chrome on my device, any way around this?

  67. ProtonMail Support

    Make sure you have Android WebView installed and enabled.

  68. Severin

    How can I checck the integrity of my downloaded Android-app prior installing it?
    I caan not fond any information on hashvalues.
    My apk-package is “ProtonMail Encrypted Email_v1.12.2.apk” and has the following values:

    SHA256-Hash: 1579878e6dfbb356a7058f5932f932cb350226e084a1ff797366138d8b182f3e

    MD5-Hash: d6d82bf22a46e92e1415c2454a378435

    Am I safe to install? And do you havve a link for confinming hashes on future releases? Thank you!

  69. ProtonMail Support

    Only install the app from the Play Store or from to avoid fakes.

  70. Matěj

    I’d like to be able to access other e-mail accounts in this application with IMAP and SMTP. I would like to access some from my phone and I need an additional application for that.

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