Attaching documents to a message and limits

You can attach multiple files to an email in two different ways:


  1. When selecting the files to attach, select the first file, hold down control on your device, and select the other documents you would like to attach.

Add attachments in the composer

2. The other way is to use drag & drop from the file directory, directly in to the composer.

The size limit of the attachments it is less than 25MB (per email), and the total number of files that can be attached is 100.

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  1. Matthew Tooch

    Is there any plans on enlarging the send and receive attachment size? For instance Tutamail can send and receive 25 mb attachments. I’m considering switching because of the larger files size available, but prefer Protonmail

  2. ProtonMail Support

    The attachment size has been increased to 25 MB.

  3. DM

    Why is it with the ios app the only attachment option is photos? There should be a way to add basic office docs.

  4. ProtonMail Support

    The option to import another files is now available on our iOS app.

  5. Net

    Any plans to increase the size of attachments in the future, especially for direct transfer of emails inside protonmail?

  6. ProtonMail Support

    We have increased the attachment limit to 25MB.

  7. Surfer

    Will there be a way on the mobile app to send attachments other than just pictures? It would be very useful to be able to access Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. and add files from these sources to a Proton mail message (from mobile).


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