What browsers are supported?

ProtonMail uses some of the most cutting edge technology that is only found in the latest browsers.

Please see our list recommended browsers.

We officially support these browsers and their newer versions. If you are experiencing any errors while using ProtonMail, please upgrade to the newest version of your browser:

  • Firefox: 34
  • Chrome: 31
  • Safari: 7.1
  • Opera: 26
  • iOS Safari: 7.1
  • Android Browser: 4.1
  • Chrome for Android: 40

You can see more about your specific browser at: http://caniuse.com/#feat=cryptography

If you see your browser on this list but are having trouble using ProtonMail, see Allowing sessionStorage

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  1. Steve

    Hi – Starting today (3/9/2015), I’m getting an error message when I try to access https://protonmail.ch from Firefox
    Secure Connection Failed – cannot verify identity. I had to access this help page using Internet Explorer. Any ideas on what’s changed, and how to get things back to normal? Thanks.

  2. David

    My emails aren’t scaling right when I log in from my Blackberry Passport browser

  3. Steve

    Still have this problem but it is only from SEPTEMBER 2015, not an extra 6 months ago.

  4. anon

    Impossible to access the login page from an Opera browser (32.0.1948.69) on Win10.

  5. Omer/Iraq

    I down load list of browsers that have a PRNG. still don’t pick up

  6. mariana


    Every time I need to download an encrypted attachment, I receive a messages this message:
    “Your browser lacks features needed to download encrypted attachments directly. Please right-click on the attachment and select Save/Download As.”
    I use Safari 10.0. When I right-click on the attachment doesn’t download. Could you please help me? thanks

  7. ProtonMail Support

    Every time an attachment is received by a ProtonMail account it is encrypted. Attachments are encrypted by default between ProtonMail and ProtonMail correspondence; however, from ProtonMail to non-ProtonMail correspondence it is not end to end encrypted at this time (coming soon). When a message from a non-ProtonMail account enters the ProtonMail system it is immediately encrypted with the recipients public key, ensuring it is stored encrypted with the recipient being the only person with a key to decrypt it.

    This process of encrypted attachments requires the latest browser technology. The latest versions of both Chrome and Firefox support this technology flawlessly; however, Safari does not. At this time, most safari users can right click on the attachment and save the attachment. The file name will not be saved and will show up in your downloaded files at “unknown”. Some attachments may have their extensions removed using Safari. We are working on making this process as seamless as possible; and, as always, we recommend you try a different browser if you are having trouble.

  8. fxop

    Firefox complains that “parts of this page are not secure such as images”, can you explain?

  9. ProtonMail Support

    This usually happens when there are inline images in the message body served over an insecure connection. You can read more about this warning here: https://protonmail.com/support/knowledge-base/connection-not-secure-warning/.

  10. Anonymous

    Tor Browser?

  11. ProtonMail Support
  12. CS

    Hi, why would I lose access to the log-in interface on a Mac book & Mac mini (Safari 9. 3.1 & OS X 10.5.9) after Google docs ran on those computers? It just loops with “loading” message, then never loads. Can’t access even using an alternate browser (Bing). The only way I can access my proton account is through my cell or a public computer. Please advise. Thanks!

  13. ProtonMail Support

    Some older browsers are no longer supported. Please update your browser.

  14. Anonymous

    If Proton Mail is so concerned about PRIVACY, why doesn’t it support the Tor Browser by default ? ALL of the other browsers Proton Mail supports, like Brave, Opera, Etc. collect and sell user information. The bottom line is if you have to use a BROWSER that collects your information then your experience is not PRIVATE no matter what “settings” you invoke on your browser. Basically, those “settings” are just placebos to make you FEEL secure when in REALITY you are anything but. To really be secure on the internet, you need TRULY secure browser + TRULY secure VPN + TRULY secure encrypted E-mail service. All of the browsers supported by Proton Mail pay lip service to “privacy” while at the same time stealing user information and selling it. The browser you use also has to be able to counter manipulation of FLASH, JAVA, RealPlayer, QuickTime and similar programs to protect you from having your data stolen and traffic analyzed.

  15. ProtonMail Support

    Please see https://protonmail.com/tor.

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