Change your account language setting

You can change the language of your ProtonMail account in the web app and in the iOS and Android mobile apps. This article explains how.

How to change language in the web app

1. While logged in to your ProtonMail account at, go to Settings -> Account.

2. In the “Language” section, click the button to expand the list of language options and choose your preferred language. The account language will automatically update.


How to change language in iOS

1. Go to Settings and tap the button under “Language”.

2. Choose your preferred language from the list. Your account language will update automatically.


How to change language in Android

In the ProtonMail Android app, the account language is set automatically based on your system language setting. It is not possible to set an account language different from the language used for your device.

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  1. Keith DeSutter

    My Account, on my Android, has changed languages. Should I be concerned? My in box is now my Kotak masuk.

    How do I fix it?

  2. ProtonMail Support

    The app language on Android can be changed in Settings -> Custom App Language (or something like Pengaturan -> Bahasa Aplikasi Kustom in Indonesian).

  3. Anonymous

    I opened an account in your e-mail application. By default, it appeared in Catalan, OK.
    I checked which other languages were available and tried English, also OK
    When I tried to get back to Catalan, I found that I can’t, as it do not appear in the list of available languages, NOT OK.
    What can I do to have it again in Catalan language?

  4. ProtonMail Support

    Our main website, iOS app and Android apps are translated to Catalan. The web client translation should be coming soon.

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