How to use Contact Groups in ProtonMail

Contact Groups make it easier to get in touch with large groups of people. Instead of adding email addresses manually in the To field each time you want to email multiple people, you can create a Contact Group with up to 100 contacts, allowing you to quickly and easily send emails to everyone in that group.

This feature is available to ProtonMail users with Plus, Professional, and Visionary plans. You can create as many Contact Groups as you like, and give each one a unique name and an assigned color. Within your groups you can also include multiple email addresses from the same contact, and each contact can be added to more than one group.

For example, if you organize a meetup with your friends once a month, you can create a Contact Group called ‘Meetup Friends’ that includes them all, then simultaneously send the monthly invitation to everyone. 

This article explains how to create and manage Contact Groups, and how to send emails to your Contact Groups.

How to access Contact Groups

Log in to your account at, and go to Contacts on the top toolbar of your ProtonMail account. Then select Groups from the tabs that appear in the pop-up menu. If you have already created Contact Groups, you will find them here.

How to create or delete Contact Groups  

Use the Add new group button to create a new Contact Group. A new window will open, where you can name the new group, assign it a color, and add contacts to the group.

To delete a group, click on the group you wish to delete. This will open the group in a new window. Use the Delete button in the right hand corner of the window, and click Delete again on the confirmation window to remove the Contact Group from your account.

Deleting the Contact Group will not delete the email addresses assigned to it from your contacts.

How to edit Contact Groups

To edit a group, or the contacts within it, click the group to open it in a new window and click the Edit button.

In the edit window you are able to change the name and color of the group, as well as add or remove group members.

How to add or remove people from Contact Groups

To remove a contact from a Contact Group, click the Remove button next to the contact’s name. The contact will be immediately removed from the Contact Group.

To add a new member to a Contact Group, type their email address into the Add email address field. If the email address is already in your contacts, it will appear as you start typing. Then click Add, or press Return on your keyboard to add the user to the group.

To save the changes to your Contact Group, click Save.

How to send an email to Contact Groups

To send an email to a Contact Group, start typing the name of the group in the To field of your composer. The name of the group will show up as a suggestion. To select the suggestion, click on the group or press the Tab or Enter keys.

Please keep in mind that you can send a group email to a maximum of 100 recipients (including To, CC, and BCC recipients) and that sending limits can prevent you from sending emails to excessively large groups.

To remove certain contacts in a group from the list of recipients for your email, click on the  group name in the To field. In the new window, deselect the contact(s) you don’t want to receive the email you are composing.

The contacts you deselect will not receive the email you are composing. However, they will continue to be members of that particular Contact Group.

Note: If you create Contact Groups as a paid user and subsequently downgrade your account to free, you will still be able to see your groups. However, you will no longer be able to edit or send messages to your existing groups, or create new ones.

Shared Contact Groups

Want to centrally manage your Contact Groups within your business or share your Contact Groups with some team members? This functionality is currently on our roadmap — reach out to the sales team to be notified when it is available.