How to create an organization (ProtonMail for Business)

Once you have added a custom domain to your account you can create an organization. This enables multiple users to have email addresses using your custom domain. To create an organization:

1. Log in to and go to SettingsOrganizationMulti-user support.

Image for Mulit-user support

2. Click the Enable multi-user support button to create your first organization. You will then be prompted to pick a name for your organization. This name is for private internal use only, so it will not be seen outside your account.

Image for set name

3. Select your organization’s encryption key strength. This key will be used to encrypt all data in your organization user’s accounts (not your private user accounts), giving you access to the data while preventing ProtonMail from accessing it. Click Submit once you have made your choice.

Image for  set key strenth

4. Set a password for your organization. This is what protects your key from ProtonMail, so it is critical that you do not lose or forget this password. It is the only way you can access your organization in the future. 

If you lose this password then you will not be able to modify your organization’s settings. 

Learn more about organization password and organization keys

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5. Activate your organization key. Simply re-enter the organization password you just created and click Submit. If you see a message saying that the key is already activated, simply click Close to continue.

Image for activate key

6. Allocate storage space to your administrator account. The amount of storage space you have available is determined by your plan. 

Learn more about increasing your storage space

You can allocate your storage space among your organization users at a later point, but for now, you are allocating storage space only for the administrator account. This storage will be used for the administrator’s email contents and for files stored on Proton Drive. Click Submit when you are ready.

Your organization is now activated. You should now see its name when you go to OrganizationOrganization & Keys in either your ProtonMail settings or your ProtonMail account.

Image for orginization activated
The next step is to add new users to your ProtonMail organization

Below is a checklist of steps (plus related articles) for setting up an organization in ProtonMail. 

Step 1: Set up Your custom domain(s)

Step 2: Create your organization (you are here)

Step 3: Add new users to your organization

Step 4: Migrate your existing email messages to ProtonMail

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  1. Valentin Busch

    So when I add members to my organization, does that cost extra for each email account? So let’s say I have 4 employees. How much am I paying for us 5?
    If it’s included, how many people are included which each plan?

  2. ProtonMail Support

    The Professional plan comes with 1 user included. To be able to add additional users, you will need to upgrade your plan to include extra users. For more information, you can read our ProtonMail Professional Plan FAQ at the following link:

  3. Aashish Nagpal

    Could you help me understand this? I have an organization and I have 5 users in total but we also have a custom domain that we want to setup on Protonmail. I have tried to understand the total cost it will take for me to set this up but the information is scattered in your support questions so I need your help to understand it better.

    What will be the total cost of having a custom domain, an organization set up and adding in total 5 users (including me)?

  4. ProtonMail Support

    Please contact our support team at, or using the support form at

  5. Sanjay

    Hi Protonmail,
    we are planning to shift our official emails i.e [redacted] which are with hushmail now, first of all, we would like to know that
    1. How can we shift all emails backup to Proton email account?
    2. By creating the account for our domain emails with you, does any IP address clashes issue raise. whats the solutions?
    3. Do we have to close hushmail account?
    4.what if an account for example- [redacted] is still in hushmail and I create this email Id with Proton mail also does any Ip address issue comes and will email comes in both the account. or what.
    5. Which plan is suitable for us we need to create minimum 20 email account of our domain.

  6. ProtonMail Support

    Please contact our support team using the support form at, via the report bug button or at and

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