Creating or editing CSV files

ProtonMail uses CSV files to import and export contacts into your ProtonMail account. Spreadsheet programs like Microsoft Excel make it easy to create and edit CSV files.

Your CSV file should be formatted as a table and must include a header, or first line, that defines the fields in your table. ProtonMail accepts many common header fields (name, email address, etc.). If you’re updating an existing file, you probably won’t need to change your header field names; if you’re creating a new file and need some guidance, please follow the example headers below.

Here’s an example of a sample file that can be created using Microsoft Excel: By saving this table as a .csv file, and importing it in to ProtonMail, one entry – for Joe Smith – is added to your Contacts list.Once you’ve entered all of your contacts into a table, save the document and select CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv) as the type of file you’d like to save.

header           = Name E-mail Address
contact info  = Joe Smith
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